The MOOniac's Guide to the Galaxies: Master of Orion II pre-FAQ

V1.0203 (Feb-9-97) - verified for MOO II, version 1.2
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authored by Michael Gaul from Marburg( thank you, Michael!),
maintained by Peter Schaefer ( <> )
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PART I: INTRO - Purpose, History, Necessities
PART II: FAQ - Background, Problems, First Steps
PART III: DATA - Lists, Charts and Tables for the Emperor
PART IV: STRATEGY - Hints, Tricks, Tactics, Strategies
PART V: BUGS - Bugs, Manual Corrections, Suggestions

In case you have trouble downloading the document, I have broken up the document in two parts. The following table links to these documents.

PART I: INTRO - Purpose, History, Necessities
PART II: FAQ - Background, Problems, First Steps
PART III: DATA - Lists, Charts and Tables for the Emperor
PART IV: STRATEGY - Hints, Tricks, Tactics, Strategies
PART V: BUGS - Bugs, Manual Corrections, Suggestions

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PART I: INTRO - Purpose, History, Necessities

-1.1 Why a FAQ?
-1.2 Why a Pre-FAQ?
-1.3 Purpose and Contents of this FAQ
-1.4 Version History
-1.5 Other Sources of Information
-1.6 Contributors
-1.7 Disclaimer - legal stuff
-1.8 Abbreviations

1.1 Why a FAQ?

Master of Orion II was on the shelves in Germany on Monday, the 16th of
December. I had it at home on Tuesday. My flatmates did not see me again
until Thursday - no, not Thursday the 19th. I'm talking about Thursday the
2nd of January, when I crawled out of my room, tired and hungry, because my
food resources were depleted and these freighters just wouldn't show up.
This really IS one addictive game, and it really WAS worth one year of
waiting, teethgnashing and phoning my retailer thousands of times.

However, after playing it for some hours, I ran into certain problems. The
first was that the manual, which did a very good job in explaining the
interface and introducing me to the game, was not very helpful afterwards.
It withheld a lot of the more interesting information (like how the chance
to hit in combat is calculated), it ordered some information in a way that
it was diffcult to find what I was looking for (like the technology list),
other information was simply wrong (e.g. fighters have totally different
specs from those mentioned in the manual), and finally it had NO index.
(Microprose, how can you publish a 164 pages manual of a complex strategy
game WITHOUT an index?). The second problem was that the program had a
number of bugs. The patch to version 1.2 fixed some of them but not all.

Because of these problems I began to write down the information which I
needed to run my empires: A list of planetary buildings, a compressed and
corrected technology list, a list of all things that affect production, and
so on. I also wanted to gain a deeper understanding of how the game worked,
so I experimented a lot, deducted some formulae that neither the manual nor
the online help did mention and found some more errors. So I then went over
my lists again, checking every bit of information, ordering them in a
sensible way and completing them. (This way I missed the 31st of December
because I simply forgot it.)

Now I have some lists that proved to be very useful, at least for myself, in
understanding the game, running my empires and developing new strategies.
Since I put a certain amount of work and time into them, I decided that I
could as well put them together and offer them to other people who probably
ran into the same problems. So this FAQ emerged.

Of course, writing a FAQ always involves the problem of software piracy -
people might use the FAQ to learn playing illegal copies of the game without
the manual. I want to make clear that I DO NOT want to support piracy.
Master of Orion II has the potential of being a great game, and the people
who designed it make their lives from the money that they get from the
people purchasing their work. They are people like you and me, not same
anonymous robots who do not feel anything when you betray them. So, if you
are playing an illegal copy, GO AND BUY THE GAME!

By the way, you also WILL NEED the manual. First, as I said, although the
manual is not much help when you play the game it does a very good job in
explaining the user interface and introducing you to the different aspects
of a complex game. Second, this FAQ assumes that you have read and
understood the manual. Many explanations in this FAQ are very short, in
order to save space and make them fit into the tables, and if you do not
know the precise meaning of the words (for example how the game uses the
terms "category", "field" and "technology" in the research section), you
will not understand them. And third, if you had no manual, what would you do
with the "Manual Corrections" section of this FAQ?

1.2 Why a Pre-FAQ?

I will not really call this document a FAQ because many aspects of a good FAQ
are missing. Up to now, it has no background information about the game, not
much of a strategy section only some contributors. All that it does is
correcting errors in the manual and in the online help, and providing some
tables which you may find helpful when deciding what to research or build next.
There remain many open questions - e.g. how does spying work exactly
- and so far there are no really advanced tables - like a chart that shows how
much damage any weapon does to each shield class in relation to its cost and size.

Despite these lacks I published the FAQ because I had the feeling that right
at the moment there are thousands of MOO2-players around the world thinking
about the same problems and having the same trouble, and I wanted to do
something against that. If this Pre-FAQ is a success - which will be
measured by the amount of MOO2-related mail reaching me in the near future -
I will turn it into a real FAQ. Of course I WILL need your help to do that.

PS: I have changed the name of this to 'a FAQ' because I haven't found a better
source of information on the net yet. Keep contributing, and it will deserve
the name.

1.3 Purpose and Contents of this FAQ

Basically a FAQ can have two purposes: First, it can be made to help new
players to get into the game. Second, it can give experienced players inside
information about the game, helping them to perform even better.
Unfortunately sometimes these two approaches contradict each other: the
former would demand long, explicit explanations that are easier to
understand, whereas the latter calls for short, precise, systematically
ordered information to have all the information about one aspect at hand
when you need it. So every FAQ maintainer has to make a decision which
approach to take.

This FAQ has a small section that explains the game and helps you getting
started (2.4), but it focuses on tables, strategies and inside information.
The information contained there is very dense sometimes and you need to know
the basics of the game in order to use it. This approach was taken because
the manual explains the basics quite well, but is severely lacking in nearly
every other respect.

The FAQ starts in Part II with a short explanation of what the game is
about, then continues with some solutions for hardware problems and a little
help on how to build an empire.

Part III contains a tech chart, a full tech list, a list of all buildings
and one of all ship systems, as well as more than thirty tables which
explain how the different aspects of the game affect each other. A section
explaining some game-internal rules follows. There is a lot of redundancy in
this part - e.g. the effect of an Astro University will be described in the
tables for food, production, and research, because it affects all three
aspects - but this way you will have all the information on one aspect at
hand when you need it.

Part IV is the strategy section. Here you will find hints and tricks,
people's favorite race specials and ship designs, tips for combat, and
global strategies as well as strategies for specific situations. This part
is still developing, and at the moment I'm not quite satisfied with it. I
hope this will get better in the future.

Part V is a list of bugs, which will help you to prevent ruining your
empire, and a list of errors in the manual. This is also the place where
suggestions for new or improved features are collected.

The FAQ ends with some stories about extraordinary games and events in Part

For this first issue of the FAQ I concentrated on Part III, because I felt
that correct and usefully ordered information about technology, buildings,
systems, game rules and internals is needed first. However there still
remain many open questions (which hopefully will be solved in the future),
especially in the "rules" section. Part IV and VI will grow over time, as
more games are being played and new strategies develop. Part V will
hopefully shrink, although I fear that this might be wishful thinking. Part
II was collected hastily because I wanted to get the FAQ ready (many people
told me they waited for it); I will probably rewrite and expand it for the
next issue.

I'm also planning on better cross-referencing and an index for future
issues. However I suspect that the structure of the FAQ will undergo massive
changes depending on what the readers want and which information I get, so I
will add these parts only when I think that the FAQ has found its permanent
structure. I also think that the FAQ has grown _too_ large. When I started
collecting information, I wanted to leave the original postings as unchanged
as possible to give their authors the credit they deserve. I quickly found
that I had to shorten, rephrase and reorganize many postings to put some
structure into the FAQ. Now I'm thinking I might condense all postings about
one topic into one paragraph, with all the contributors listed after it.
This might make the FAQ shorter. Please give me your comments on this.

In any case, if you have any idea regarding this FAQ, please mail me. I put
some effort into it (although admittedly a lot of time was spended
collecting and organizing other people's work) and it would be very
frustrating if I didn't get any feedback. Also, I plan to give out new,
up-to-date issues of the FAQ at least once in a month, so this is your
chance to tell me what you want and customize your FAQ.

1.4 Version History

added notes about planets made by Peter de Vries and stopped the silly business of calling this page a pre-faq( note, however that I called it 'a' not 'the' faq ). Added section on Multi-racial colonies. Changes are not propagated to other versions of the fAQ.

various updates and corrections to all parts

added Parts II, IV, VI, and section 3.3. Expanded Parts I and V.
First official version, which was never really officially released
because I finished v0.0002 before we overcame the technological
problems of presenting an ASCII FAQ via HTML ... ;-)

wrote Parts I, III, and V.

1.5 Other Sources of Information

Usenet: - this is a very active newsgroup where
games like MOO2 are discussed

World Wide Web:
/ - official Microprose homepage ( - Microprose's FTP server)

/ - another MOO2 FAQ same faq as above, new location

/ - information on customizing your galaxy, some customized races

/ - FAQ, tech-list, customized races

Gamestar used to host gaming infos
Peter, the evil overlord


Most information in this FAQ was taken from the usenet. I usually shortened
and sometimes edited and rephrased the postings, so before you flame someone
for something (s)he wrote, please flame me, it might be my fault. Only when
I _massively_ shortened and/or rephrased a posting, I noted that behind the
original author's name.

Usually the author's name appears at the end of his/her statement, and it
marks the last paragraph and everything above it up to the next marked
paragraph or heading as belonging to this statement. If an author's name
appears in a statement which is put in round brackets, than only the
bracketed statement was contributed by this author.

Unmarked statements and statements signed with "MCG" were written by me. I
am Michael Gaul, and my address is>. This
address may expire at the end of february. Until then I hopefully know my
new address and can include it in future issues of this FAQ.

Peter Schäfer: I don't know how to contact Michael, and will do any minor changes you wish to see to this faq.

The list of contributors:

Adam Littman <>
Alan D Kohler <>
Aleksi Ahtiainen <>
Allen Wessels <>
Altman Yuval - Vax <>
AMRobinson <>
Anthony Kirilusha <>
Barry Gaudet <>
BillErikCo <>
Bob Bingham <>
Brecken H. Uhl <>
Brian Wirt <wirt@WOLFENET.COM>
Brock Wood <>
Bruno Wolff III <>
Bryan Ericson <>
Cereal <>
Chip Morris <>
Chris Jason Richards <>
Christian Seitz <>
Christopher Holko <> <>
Craig Wood <>
CurtAdams <>
D. B. Brown <>
Dan Tomso <>
Danno <>
DarkKnight <>
Dave Osborn <>
David Levin <>
David Michael Kass <>
David E Todd <>
David Ramsey <>
David Turriff <>
Dean <>
Dean Gilbert <>
Doug Jacobs <>
Doug Johnson <>
Doug Walker <>
electric RAIN <>
Eryk Nielsen <>
Eugene Wong <>
Ex Mudder <>
Falcon <>
Flame <>
Glen Bucher <>
GPF <>
Hans Gravander <>
Irwin Pui-Yin Choy <>
Jake Walter <>
James Winsor <>
Jeffrey M. George <>
Jeffrey Mark Wong <jmwong@Hawaii.Edu>
Jim Vieira <**>
John Alcock <>
John Emerson <>
John Lansford <>
John Mueller <>
John Rappel <>
Jonathan <flint@WOLFENET.COM>
Joseph Fok <>
K. Richard Pixley <>
Ka On Lee <>
Kagetora <>
Karl Davis <>
Keith Bowen <>
Ken Fishkin <>
Kirati Laisathit <>
Lee Cole <>
Lone_War <>
Louie Landale <>
Mad Max <>
mark edward hardwidge <>
Mark Henderson <>
Martin Leslie Leuschen <>
Matt MacLeod
Matt Raupp <>
Mike Kuninobu <>
Nat Wong <>
Nathan Eberhart <>
Nathan Engle <>
Nicholas Jong <>
Panther <>
Patrick Scott <>
Paul <>
Paul Rosin <>
Paul Schaaf <>
Pekka Valve <>
Peter Geoffrey James DeVries <>
Peter J. Stewart <>
Prowler <>
Ray Kerby <>
ReluctantMessiah <>
Richard Wesson <>
Rick Nelson <>
Rick Robinson <>
Rob C. Johnson <>
Robert F. Clark, Ph.D. <>
Robert Gresham <>
Roberto Ullfig <>
Roger Books <>
sam clifford <>
Scott A. Colcord <>
Silverlock <>
Spanish Inquisition <>
Stephen C. Griffin <>
Steve Horn <>
Steve Wray <>
Steve Yancey <>
Tan Shen Hsiao <>
Terrence Inouye <>
Terrance LaCoursiere <>
Thomas M. Holsinger <>
Thomas Palm <>
Tim Firman <>
Ting Lee <>
Todd K <>
Tom <>
TOM8OMan <>
TVspace <>
Tyson Richard DOWD <>
U.S. Grant <>
Van Piercy <>
Vernon L. McCandlish <>
VoXeL <>
Walter <>
Werner Arend <>
Will Culbertson <>
Will Dieterich <>
William D. Hamblen <>
William Peterson <>
zoel_ii <>

1.7 Disclaimer - legal stuff

You are free to use this FAQ as long as you own an original copy of Master
of Orion II. You are free to copy and distribute this FAQ as long as you do
not charge for it. You do NOT have the permission to sell this FAQ, alone or
together with other files, on a CD, disk, or any other media.

This is an unofficial FAQ. I sent Microprose a pre-version of the FAQ and
asked them for their permission to include supposedly copyrighted material
like the full tech list. They gave me that permission, but Microprose was in
no other way involved in the creation of this FAQ and is in no way
responsible for the information contained here.

I tried my best to check and verify every bit of information, but no one is
perfect, and so there may be mistakes in this FAQ. If you find one, or if
you can solve one of the many open questions, please mail me. You can find
my address at the begin of the FAQ.

I also want to apologize for my language. I'm not a native speaker, and
sometimes I will form sentences that are unclear or unnecessarily complex. I
am sorry for that but I cannot really change it. Feel free to mail me
corrections of wrong or unclear sentences.

I shall not be responsible for anything that happens due to the information
contained in this FAQ. (That should do it.)

"Master of Orion" and "Battle at Antares" are trademarks and "Microprose" is
a registered trademark of MicroPose Software, Inc. All other trademarks are
the property of their respective holders.

1.8 Abbreviations:

This FAQ, and especially the tables in it, make use, sometimes quite
extensively, of the following, not too hard to recognize, abbreviations:
(Hmmm, should've abbreviated this sentence ;-)

MOO2 - Master of Orion II: Battle at Antares
MOO - Master of Orion 1
MOM - Master of Magic

PP - Production Points (pick axes), necessary to build structures
RP - Research Points (beakers and microscopes), necessary for research
BC - Billion Credits, the money unit of the game
pop - population, or 1 population unit

CP - Computer Player
NAP - Non-Aggression Pact

BOCV - Beam Offense Combat Value, the beam attack to hit chance
BDCV - Beam Defense Combat Value, a ship's defense against beams weapons.
dmg - damage
shld - shield
arm - the armor of a ship
sqrt - (math) square root of x, that is, sqrt(x)*sqrt(x)=x, x1/2
s^t - (math) s to the power of t, st.
str - (also struct) the structure of a ship
sys - systems, the internal systems of a ship
rng - range
sq - (also sqr) one square on the combat grid
spd - speed
spc - space, free space on a ship
x - times ("3x struct" means "Structure multiplied by three")

max. - maximal
min. - minimal

? - throughout the lists the question mark denotes that this
information has not been verified or derived yet
really? - expresses doubt, I am not sure about that information.

"square" always means a square on the combat grid, never a mathematical

PART II: FAQ - Background, Problems, First Steps

- This section is reserved for the standard "FAQ" part - background -
- information about the game, help with technical problems, solutions -
- for general problems regarding the game controls etc. It also contains -
- some hints on how to play your first game(s) and a list of cheat codes. -

-2.1 What is MOO2?
-2.1.1 A short description of MOO2
-2.1.2 Multiplayer Abilities
-2.1.3 What hardware do I need to play MOO2?
-2.1.4 Are there any differences between the Win95 and the DOS version?
-2.1.5 What is the latest Patch?

-2.2 Hardware Problems
-2.2.1 Video problems
-2.2.2 Sound problems
-2.2.3 Mouse problems
-2.2.4 Network Problems
-2.2.5 The game runs too slow
-2.2.6 The Game corrupts save games and/or crashes often

-2.3 First Steps - hints and strategies for your first game
-2.3.1 The MOOniac's First Steps
-2.3.2 Rob C. Johnson's First Steps
-2.3.3 Roneill's First Steps
-2.3.4 Van Piercy's First Steps
-2.3.5 John Emerson's First Steps

-2.4 User Interface

-2.5 Hotkeys
-2.5.1 Main Screen Hotkeys
-2.5.2 Colonies Screen Hotkeys
-2.5.3 Planets Screen Hotkeys
-2.5.4 Fleets Screen Hotkeys
-2.5.5 Leaders Screen Hotkeys
-2.5.6 Races Screen Hotkeys
-2.5.7 Info Screen Hotkeys
-2.5.8 Colony Survey Screen Hotkeys
-2.5.9 Colony Construction Screen Hotkeys
-2.5.10 Ship Design Hotkeys
-2.5.11 Combat Hotkeys
-2.5.12 Game Menu Hotkeys
-2.5.13 Main Menu Hotkeys
-2.5.14 Popup Hotkeys

-2.6 How to pick and/or customize the races against which you play

-2.7 Cheats
-2.7.1 Debug Codes
-2.7.2 Not-So-Random Number Cheat
-2.7.3 Guardian Tech Cheat

-2.8 Command Line Options

-2.9 Tools for MOO2

2.1 What is MOO2?

2.1.1 A short description of MOO2

MOO2 is a complex empire-building science-fiction strategy game in the
tradition of games like Civilization, Master of Orion (MOO), and Master of
Magic (MOM). MOO and MOM, also programmed by Simtex, are its direct
ancestors - MOO2 takes the original MOO setting, expands it and adds many
features from MOM. Like these, MOO2 is turn-based, i.e. the time will be
stopped while you enter your commands.

In MOO2 you play one of up to 8 races who want to control the galaxy. You
can choose from one of 13 pre-designed races or you can customize your own,
selecting from more than 50 special abilities. Different abilities call for
different strategies.

You start on one planet in one of 20-72 star systems (with 0-5 planets
each). The population on your planet is divided into farmers, workers, and
scientists, which will produce food, production, and research respectively.
They will also yield money. Your workers can build colony ships with which
you can colonize other planets. They can also construct buildings on the
planet which will enhance this planet's output or defend the planet, and
they can build warships. Your scientists will research new technologies (in
8 categories) which will enable you to build better ships and more effective
buildings or give you other advantages.

Every ship you build can be designed differently. You determine its size,
number and types of weapons, shields, computer, and lots of special systems.
Outdated ships can be refitted with new technology. You move the ships
between the star systems, and when fleets of two different players meet at
one system, they can attack each other. Attacks will be resolved in a combat
screen where you control every move of every ship. You can attack with beam
weapons, missiles, torpedoes, fighters, or special weapons, or you can try
to board and capture other ships. When you are in orbit around an enemy
planet without defenses, you can bombard this planet or invade it with
ground troops. Conquered planets are added to your empire, and you can keep
their original population, who may have boni that your people don't have.

You can play with up to 8 human or computer-controlled players via hotseat,
network, null-modem or TEN. Instead of going to war you can also form
non-aggression pacts or alliances, make trade treaties, and exchange
technologies. You can ask the other players to make war or peace with
another player, to give you a technology, or to surrender a system specified
by you. The computer players have the same options. You can also send spies
to your opponent's empires to steal technology or sabotage their colonies.

There are three ways to win the game: First, you can conquer all other
empires. Second, you can win one of the votes at the Galactic Council which
take place when nearly the whole galaxy is settled. Every player will have a
number of votes proportional to the population in his empire. You need two
thirds of all votes to win, so you probably need friendly empires who vote
for you. Third, you can defeat the Antarans at their homeworld. The Antarans
are a warlike species from another dimension who will occasionally send some
ships to raid randomly selected colonies. Their homeworld is guarded by a
high-tech fleet.

Some options allow you to customize your game. You can choose the size of
the galaxy, its mineral richness (versus the habitability of planets) and
the starting tech level - on the highest level each player will start with a
number of developed planets and will already have contact to some other
races, which will speed up play in multiplayer games. If you want you can
also remove the Antarans from the game or turn tactical combat off (the
computer will then determine the outcome of battles).

Of course this short survey cannot capture all aspects of the game, but even
if you haven't played MOO2, you should now have a picture of what we are
talking about.

2.1.2 Multiplayer Abilities

Up to 8 players can join in one game of MOO2. Each of the players can be
either a human or a computer player. Multiplayer games can be played via
hotseat (all players sit on one computer and enter their commands when the
previous player his finished his turn), via network (each human player has
its own computer), via null-modem (two computers are connected at their LPT
ports), or via TEN (Total Entertainment Network, you play games on-line in
the internet).

Multiplayer games are reported to take quite long, e.g. approximately 10
hours for a 2 player game in a small or medium galaxy (on hotseat, might be
6 to 7 hours on a network). There are two main reasons for that: A) The turn
ends when all players have finished their turn and hit the "Turn" button.
Even when you finished your own turn quickly, you will have to wait until
the last player with his vast empire has completed all his micromanagement.
B) The battles are resolved one at a time, so while two players are
fighting, the others cannot do anything.

2.1.3 What hardware do I need to play MOO2?

The box says you need a 486 DX4, 100 MHz (or faster), 8 MB for DOS (16 for
Windows 95), a double-speed CD-ROM drive, a VESA-compatible video card, 75
MB on your harddisk, and a Microsoft compatible mouse. It recommends a
Pentium-90 and 16 MB RAM.

Some people with slower systems (e.g. 486/DX2-66, 486DX-50) report that the
game runs fine and stable, albeit slow. The game has even been reported to
run on a 486SX-25 [Rick Nelson <>].

[David E Todd <>] has some numbers:
"I am running MOO2 on a 486/66 24MB and on a 386/25 DX 8MB. The game runs
fine on the 486 - at worst, 10 seconds to generate a new turn late in the
game (generally about 2 sec). I have all files copied to my hard drive -
changing screens takes about 1 sec. On the 386 - I have copied as many files
as possible to the HD (only have a 150MB) and am getting the rest from a
network connection to the 486. This machine is slow, but the game is
definitely playable. Turn off the animations etc ... It takes about 2 min to
generate the map at the beginning of the game, and early turns take about 5
sec. Late in the game it starts to get painful with 30 to 60 sec turns (with
many fleets and worlds for the CPU to manage). Tactical combat is also slow.
If this was the only machine I had, I would not buy the game."

A slow machine with all files copied to the hard disk is sometimes faster
than a fast machine with a slow CD-ROM - see also section 2.2.5.

2.1.4 Are there any differences between the Win95 and the DOS version?

First, let me say that both versions come on the same CD, so you don't need
to worry which version to buy. The DOS version runs faster, but apart from
that there are no differences. You can even run the DOS version in a DOS
window under Windows 95. Note, however, that in multiplayer games ALL
players must use the same version.

2.1.5 What is the latest Patch?

At present the latest patch is v1.31. You can obtain the file ""
via (Microprose's FTP server) or
Don't be confused by the file "" - this is for MOO1.

2.2 Hardware Problems

Note that there is a FAQ that addresses many hardware problems available at
Microprose's FTP server: or

2.2.1 Video problems

If you are playing the Win95 version, many video and sound problems can be
solved when you use the latest DirectX 3 drivers. You can download the
latest redistributable version at:
run the DOS version you either need a video board with VESA 2.0 drivers
*or* you need to get UNIVBE or Display Doctor. Both are TSR's that load if
they can identify your video board's chipset and then provide VESA 2.0 BIOS
extensions and both are shareware. [David Ramsey <>]
(MCG: Some players report that MOO2 didn't run together with the Display
Doctor. When they disabled the Display Doctor the problems disappeared.)

I couldn't run the install program until I discovered that UNIVBE wasn't
defaulting to the VBE2.0 extensions. Typing "univbe on vbe20" allowed me to
install and play Moo2. [Tan Shen Hsiao <>]

2.2.2 Sound problems

If you are playing the Win95 version, many video and sound problems can be
solved when you use the latest DirectX 3 drivers. You can download the
latest redistributable version at:
people complained that they couldn't hear sound during the cutscenes.
This happens if you turn the music off in the "Game" menu. Just turn the
music on again.

2.2.3 Mouse problems

On some computers the mouse pointer moves extremely fast, some buttons can
never be accessed because the mouse would always jump over them. Apparently
MOO2 has problems with certain mouse drivers. Using a different driver often
solves the problem. This problem has also been reported for some of the more
exotic input devices, like some trackballs and lightsticks. [MCG]

I had serious mouse problems when running without UNIVBE. Just about every
mouse click would freeze the cursor. It was worse with UNIVBE; all I got was
a blank screen. What I have to do before I play MoO2 is to load UNIVBE and
then run the VBETEST program that comes with univbe. Then everything works
fine. [William D. Hamblen <>]

2.2.4 Network Problems

Some people had problems setting up a network game with the DOS version. The
program would always say "answer failed" immediately upon pressing the
button. However, the Win95 version worked fine. This may happen if the modem
takes too long to respond to the reset command. Changing the modem init
string from ATZ to just AT may solve the problem. [unknown]

Many people complained about frequent crashes in multiplayer games.
Apparently there is no other solution than saving the game often, and hoping
for the next patch to fix some of the problems.

2.2.5 The game runs too slow

If you play the Win95 version, you may try to run the DOS version instead.
It is reported to run faster.

If it's still too slow, have a look at your autoexec.bat file. Does
"smartdrive" (the disk caching program) appear after "mscdex" (the CD-ROM
driver)? If not, the CD-ROM will not be cached because when Smartdrive
initializes, it will not know that a CD-ROM is present. Just put smartdrive
after mscdex. [TOM8OMan <>, rephrased]
(MCG: Using Smartdrive can also induce another problem - see 2.2.6)

If you have lots of memory (more than 16 MB), you can also try to increase
Smartdrive's cache size. However this will reduce the RAM available for the

If it's still too slow, you can copy some more of the *.lbx files to your
hard disk. You don't have to change any configuration files - anytime the
game wants to access a file, it will first look if the file is in the game
directory, and only if it can't find it there it will load it from the CD.
You will get the biggest improvement if you simply copy all files from the
CD into your game directory. But be sure not to overwrite the files that
you've already patched!

If you do not have the 340 MB free disk space (265 MB if you already
installed the game) necessary to do this, copy only some selected files. The
first file you should copy is STREAM.LBX. This is the music that plays from
the CD, and it is accessed a lot. If you don't have the space, do NOT copy
the following files: INTRO.LBX, ?????FIN.LBX and GENWINFN.LBX. These 10
files contain the intro and the cutscenes, and they need 40 MB disk space.
Also do NOT copy the TANM_*.LBX files. These 213 files contain the spinning
3d-objects that you see when you researched new tech, and they need 63 MB
disk space. The DIPLOMAT.LBX (45 MB, diplomat/scientist/soldier pictures and
animations), the COUNCIL.LBX (12 MB, graphics for council meetings) and the
ANTAROOM.LBX (11 MB, Antaran "diplomat" pictures and animations) can also
remain on the CD. You then only need about 160 MB for nearly the full game.

If you do not have these 160 MB (85 MB if you already installed the game),
experiment to see which files will speed up gameplay more than others - and
mail me your results.

Of course switching off the animations and the music also speeds up play a

2.2.6 The Game corrupts save games and/or crashes often

If you are using Smartdrive, turn off the write-behind cache to your hard
disk. You can do this by adding the /X switch to the smartdrive call in your
autoexec.bat, or you can run "smartdrv /X" before you run MOO2.

2.3 First Steps - hints and strategies for your first game

This section contains some tips on how you should start your first game.
Some of these tips contradict each other, so I included several texts.
Choose the strategy that fits best to your style of playing.

2.3.1 The MOOniac's First Steps

--- this part of the FAQ is under construction ---

2.3.2 Rob C. Johnson's First Steps

First I recommend playing at Average, so you can make a custom race. For
your custom race, choose Creative, no disads, Large homeworld, and spend the
last 3 points however you want.

At least at the begining, Creative is a good way to get a feel for the techs
you should go for. For example, the first thing I go for is the Research Lab
so I can research better. Then I like the Hydroponics Farm, as that 2 food
frees up a farmer to do other stuff. Next, I head for Automated Factory so I
can build stuff sometime today 8-).

Anyways, the first things you should build are 2 Freighter Fleets. The first
so you can supply food from your home to your second colony, and the second
so you can move a colonist to the new world. After that, you either research
a tech that gives you a building, or build a building you've just

From there on you have to be careful about what you colonize, and make sure
your food producing abilities and freighters match your needs. Hopefully,
there's a good rich or ultra-rich planet in range which isn't heavy/low g,
which can then become your major industrial center, building outposts to
extend range, colony ships for nifty planets, and so on.

Finally, be sure to get into contact with others. Trade and Research
treaties are a great help early on (later, they're pitiful compared to what
you produce).

Oh, and keep an eye out for a good leader. They can be a big help!
[Rob C. Johnson <>]

2.3.3 Roneill's First Steps

Learning what technologies do is the first key. I recommend playing the
Psilons first, since you *can't* pick the wrong technology path with a
creative race. Play on tutorial for the first game or two, even easy is not
that easy! Don't expand too far away from your home bases. It's okay to
expand like a maniac in the beginning, but don't use wormholes to go across
the galaxy in the beginning -- stay near cover! Try to be as friendly as
possible with other races. Get every trade and especially research treaty
you can! Try not to sink too many resources into building combat ships until
you can make some good ones - they slow up your colony development (the
first 150-200 turns all I have is outpost and colony ships plus the two
scouts). Larger galaxies give you more breathing room in the beginning and
make for easier but slower games. Turn off Antaran Attacks until you get the
hang of the game. [, shortened]

2.3.4 Van Piercy's First Steps

Customize your race for Creative, Subterranean and Rich home world (and any
other nice things you like within the 100% limit). Then colonize other
systems as fast as possible.

Don't get into alliances; always build defenses (missile bases, star bases,
etc.) as soon as reasonable on EVERY planet, i.e., as soon as you've built
various factories, mines and pollution controls.

Maintain a basic combat fleet (6-10 ships of at least cruiser and battleship
size). Keep your ships up to date with the Refit option. Stay alert to
defend against raids on your colonies: maintain good patrols! Of course be
sure that your Command Rating and your Freighter fleet are both running

Keep taxes at 20% and keep Morale on your planets positive.

Hold out for good heroes with multiple qualities including diplomacy,
megawealth or fame. Megawealth is really nice early in the game!

Keep a healthy spy ring but only for defensive spies: Don't bother spying on
your opponents.

Be sure never to fall behind your opponents in Computers and Propulsion at
the same time. [Van Piercy <>]

2.3.5 John Emerson's First Steps

I play a charismatic, creative, fantastic trader, democracy with poor home
world, -20 ship attack, -20 ship defense, -10 spying and -10 ground combat.
I start out building defensive tech missile bases, battle stations etc. This
acts as a good anti-Antaran tactic. It also deters other races from
bothering me before I can get my fleet built. While those defenses are being
developed I try to snatch all the nice mineral rich worlds I can get my
hands on. This tends to play well with my strategy. I get ahead in research
fast and I'm able to buy all my industrial improvements to get some real
kick ass production. I pick the weakest of my opponents after getting a few
good ships built and start demanding his systems. I was able to successfully
demand 7 systems in my last game. I think it had to do with charisma plus
doomstars. At some point they refuse to give me any more of their systems
and by that time I usually have enough ships to crush them. Then I start
this demand routine over again. [John Emerson <>]

2.4 User Interface

2.4.1 How can I customize the name of my race?
You can't. Simtex forgot to implement this. But if you want to hex edit the
save file, your race's name is at offset 1AA23. [Tip from William Peterson
] This feature is supposed to be included in v1.3. [MCG]

2.5 Hotkeys

2.5.1 Main Screen Hotkeys

G - Game menu R - Races screen
C - Colonies screen I - Info screen
P - Planets screen T - end Turn
F - Fleet screen + - zoom in on galaxy map
L - Leaders screen - - zoom out of galaxy map

F1 - show your next fleet
F2 - show your previous fleet
F4 - change relocations (If you've set relocations, you can choose a
system. All relocations will be changed to this system.)
F5 - show next system window
F6 - show previous system window
F9 - show distance between to stars (click "from"-cursor on one star,
move "to"-cursor across other stars, click RMB or to end)
F10 - quicksave game to slot 10 (Autosave)

Alt-F1 - toggle "End of turn summary" on/off
Alt-F2 - toggle "End of turn wait" on/off
Alt-F3 - toggle "Show enemy moves" on/off
Alt-F4 - toggle "Auto-select ships" on/off (in Win95: quit immediately)
Alt-F5 - toggle "Animations" on/off
Alt-F6 - toggle "Auto-select colony" on/off
Alt-F7 - toggle "Show relocation lines" on/off
Alt-F8 - toggle "Show GNN reports" on/off
Alt-F9 - load last saved/loaded game (yes/no-box appears)
Alt-F10- save to slot where you last saved/loaded a game (yes/no-box apprs.)

Enter - as clicking left mouse button

Alt-Q - quit game immediately

Additional Keys when System Window is open:
Esc - close system window

2.5.2 Colonies Screen Hotkeys

N - sort by name R - sort by item currently produced
P - sort by population B - sort by BC
F - sort by food + - scroll up list
I - sort by industry - - scroll down list
S - sort by science Esc - back to Main screen
Enter - pick up all population in box (if mouse at population and empty)
drop population in box (if mouse at pop. box and pop. on mouse)
as clicking left mouse button (otherwise)

2.5.3 Planets Screen Hotkeys

+ - scroll down list Esc - back to Main screen
- - scroll up list Enter - as clicking left mouse button

2.5.4 Fleets Screen Hotkeys
F1 - show next fleet , - show next fleet
F2 - show previous fleet . - show previous fleet
F4 - relocate all ships to (select system)
Alt-F4 - cancel all relocations
A - mark/unmark all ships in fleet
R - relocate from (select system) to (select system)
S - scrap marked ships
U - toggle "show sUpport ships" on/off
C - toggle "show Combat ships" on/off
L - go to Leaders screen
Esc - back to Main screen
Enter - as clicking left mouse button

2.5.5 Leaders Screen Hotkeys
H - hire (select leader) , - show next system/fleet
P - move (select leader) to pool . - show previous system/fleet
D - dismiss (select leader) Esc - back to previous screen
S - show ship officers Enter - as clicking left mouse button
C - show colony leaders

2.5.6 Races Screen Hotkeys
A - Audience with (select emperor) R - Report of (select empire)
D - Declare war on (select empire) I - Ignore (select emperor)
Esc - back to Main screen Enter - as clicking left mouse button

2.5.7 Info Screen Hotkeys
Esc - back to Main screen Enter - as clicking left mouse button

2.5.8 Colony Survey Screen Hotkeys
A - toggle Autobuilding on/off L - go to Leaders screen
B - buy current project Esc - back to previous screen
< - show next colony Enter - as clicking left mouse button
> - show previous colony C - ?

2.5.9 Colony Construction Screen Hotkeys
R - Refit (select ship) Esc - cancel, back to previous screen
D - Design (select ship type) Enter - as clicking left mouse button
B - Buy first entry on queue

2.5.10 Ship Design Hotkeys
L - cLear all wepons and systems Esc - cancel, back to previous screen
B - Build (ok, back to prev.scrn.) Enter - as clicking left mouse button

In the "Select Weapon" Window:
B - toggle Beams on/off - - scroll up list
M - toggle Missiles on/off + - scroll down list
O - toggle bOmbs on/off A - Accept, back to Design Screen
S - toggle Special weapons on/off Esc - cancel, back to Design Screen

In the "Select Special System" Window:
- - scroll up list + - scroll down list Esc - cancel

2.5.11 Combat Hotkeys
A - start Auto combat S - toggle Scan mode on/off
B - Board (select ship) R - Retreat active ship
W - let active ship Wait D - active ship Done
Z - super-fast auto combat O - show Options
C - Center on active ship Enter - as clicking left mouse button

2.5.12 Game Menu Hotkeys
S - Save Game N - New Game O - Settings
L - Load Game Q - Quit Game Esc - Return

2.5.13 Main Menu Hotkeys
C - Continue Game N - New Game H - Hall of Fame
L - Load Game M - Multiplayer Q - Quit Game

2.5.14 Popup Hotkeys
Y - Yes N - No Esc - Close box

2.6 How to pick and/or customize the races against which you play

[Chris Richards <>] provided a detailed description on how
to create your own scenarios:

The easiest way to customize your universe would be to create a hotseat
multiplayer game. You will be presented with the usual dialogs of game
creation. Create all the races as you desire, including your own. Start the
game, select the race you want to play, and then immediately save the game.
Quit your current game. Now we need to get the computer to take control of
the other players.

Method I: Using a Network
There are two avenues of approach in getting the computer to take control of
the human opponents. Both avenues involve choosing Multiplayer | Network |
Load Game.

* Network Card: If you have a network card, you will be able to select the
game to load and then press Start Game when the 1 of X humans have joined
dialog appears. This assumes that you have correctly configured your
network card for your operating system.

* No Network Card I: If you do not have a network card, or you are prompted
with the message comm failure, AND are running Windows 95, you can still
get this method to work by installing an IPX network protocol.
1. go to Settings | Control Panel | Network.
2. choose Add under Configuration.
3. choose Microsoft from the menu.
4. select the IPX protocol and Add it.
5. select OK and restart your computer.
Now proceed with the above Network Card solution.

* No Network Card II: If you do not have a network card, or you are prompted
with the message "comm failure", and do not want to install unwanted
drivers unders Windows 95, you can still get this method to work. Download
Kali. Kali allows you to play IPX games over the internet. Load up Kali,
launch MOO2 and proceed with the above Network Card solution.

Save the game. It will still be saved as a network game. The next time you
load it you will have to load it using Multiplayer | Hotseat. Now, if you
save it again it will finally be recognized soley as a single player game.
Whew! Enjoy your new universe!

Method II: Editing Saved Games
This method is a little more involved (and has not been tested by your
author). First, you will need access to a program that allows you to edit
the hex codes of a file. They can be readily found from the AltaVista search

Load the hex editor and open one of your save game files. Go to the address
0x1AA23. Notice this is the location of the race name. Add 19 bytes (0x13)
and you will be the location which designates computer or human player. For
our example, this would be 0x1AA36. The number will be 0x00 through 0x04 or
0x64. Humans are designated by 0x64 while the computers are the other hex
values. I am not sure what each value means (possibly personality). If you
do, let me know. If the number is 0x64 and NOT your race, change it.

The pattern continues every 909 bytes (0x38D) for as long as you have
players. So, the race name for Player 2 will start at 0x1B8CC (change
0x1B8df), the race name for Player 3 will start at 0x1C775 (change 0x1C788)
etc. When you are done editing the saved game, save the modified version and

2.7 Cheats

2.7.1 Debug Codes

On the main screen, hold down the <alt> key and type one of these codes:

moola - gives you 1000 BC
einstein - gives you all technologies
menlo - completes the current research in the next turn
iseeall - toggles omniscience on/off (You see all planets and ships and
have contact to all leaders. Costs 3 picks.)
score - shows your current score
canbonly1 - All computer players unite to fight you(only moo2)
allai - Random AI (what exactly ?)
ldr - unknown (something about leaders?)
snd - unknown (something about sound?)

Someone parlamo italiano help me out here:
LDR - miglioramenti segreti speciali "improve secret specials(?)"
SND - come sopra ma più avanzate "as above but more advanced(?!)"

On a colony's build plan screen(!?), hold down the <alt> key and type one of these codes:

crunch - Finishes current building project(only moo2)

2.7.2 Not-So-Random Number Cheat
Actually the random number is generated at the start of the game when
generating the star system. This base number is then used throughout the
game. Random numbers are used for a great number of events, such as asking a
race to do something diplomatically, bad/good events happening, etc. To test
this, wait until you have something happen to you the turn after you save
the game. Reload the save game, go to any race that is willing to trade tech
with you, say no when they offer some worthless piece of tech, and then go
to the next turn. See, nothing happens (or at least something different
happens). Remember that this is cheating though...
[DarkKnight <>]

2.7.3 Guardian Tech Cheat
As a quasi-cheat (and a predictability factor), I've discovered that the
Orion techs gained move in a predictable manner. For example, when you beat
Orion, if you don't like the techs gained, load a save game and attack one
turn later ... all the techs move up one on the list (except Death Ray ...
seems you WILL get that). So if you're dying for a Damper Field, just attack
one turn later, until it gets on the list. [Dean <>]

2.8 Command Line Options

At present, only the effect of one command line option is known. If you find
out anything about the others, please mail me.

/saveset %d
/seed - set a number(s?) for the random generator, so you can repeat runs
/skipintro - do not play the intro

2.9 Tools for MOO2

Some people wrote editors, cheats or other tools for MOO2. These are the
ones I know of:

moo2ed - A savegame patch which lets you modify your ship designs beyond
the limits of MOO2, last version is 1.4.
Program only available at [32KB]
By [VoXeL <>]

raced - An savegame patch which lets you modify the picks (special
abilities) of each race, last version is 1.3.
By [Marc Fisher <>]

moobucks - A savegame patch which lets you edit the amount of BC in your
treasury, by [Marc Fisher <>]

m2cheat - A savegame patch which gives you 1 billion BC and all technology,
written by Nicholas Guttenberg.

moohero - A utility which extracts all leader's stats from the file
herodata.lbx, last version is 1.0.
By Branko[].

In the past, you could obtain most of these programs at: /

PART III: DATA - Lists, Charts and Tables For the Emperor

- This part contains some information about gameplay. It can help you -
- to decide what to build or research next, how to equip your ships etc. -

-3.1 Some Lists And Tables
- -
-3.1.1 Technology Summary
- -
-3.1.2 Compressed And Corrected Technology List
- Construction
- Power
- Chemistry
- Sociology
- Computers
- Biology
- Physics
- Force Fields
- -
-3.1.3 Planetary Structures
- -
-3.1.4 Ship Systems
- Ship System List
- -
- Ship System Miniaturization
- .1 Miniaturization of Construction Systems
- .2 Miniaturization of Power Systems
- .3 Miniaturization of Chemistry Systems
- .4 Miniaturization of Sociology Systems
- .5 Miniaturization of Computer Systems
- .6 Miniaturization of Biology Systems
- .7 Miniaturization of Physics Systems
- .8 Miniaturization of Force Field Systems
- .9 Non-Miniaturization of Orion/Antaran Techs

-3.2 All Things That Can Affect ...
-3.2.1 Money
-3.2.2 Food
-3.2.3 Production
-3.2.4 Pollution
-3.2.5 Research
-3.2.6 Morale
-3.2.7 Population Growth
-3.2.8 Maximal Population
-3.2.9 Assimilation
-3.2.10 Planetary Defense
-3.2.11 Ground Defense and Troop Combat Rating
-3.2.12 Spy Rating
-3.2.13 Diplomacy
-3.2.14 Command Rating
-3.2.15 Scanners and Stealth
-3.2.16 Crew Experience
-3.2.17 Ship Offense: Beams
-3.2.18 Ship Offense: Missiles
-3.2.19 Ship Offense: Torpedoes
-3.2.20 Ship Offense: Fighters
-3.2.21 Ship Offense: Bombs
-3.2.22 Ship Offense: Special Weapons
-3.2.23 Ship Offense/Defense: Boarding Marines
-3.2.24 Ship Defense: Beam Defense
-3.2.25 Ship Defense: Missile Evasion
-3.2.26 Ship Defense: Shields and Other Fields
-3.2.27 Ship Defense: Armor, Structure and Systems
-3.2.28 Ship Speed
-3.2.29 Ship Range
-3.2.30 Ship Size, Space and Cost
-3.2.31 Star Base Combat Values

-3.3 Rules and Formulae
- -
-3.3.1 Game Setup
- Generation of Planets
- Distribution of Homeworlds
- Game Setup in "Advanced Civilization" mode
- -
-3.3.2 Colonies
- Buildings
- Population Growth
- Jobs of New Population
- Rebellions
- Multi-Racial Colonies
- -
-3.3.3 Ships, Weapons, Systems
- Ships
- -
-3.3.4 Leaders
- Leaders List
- Leader Levels
- Leader Rules
- -
-3.3.5 Diplomacy
- Pacts and Treaties
- Trading Technology
- Demanding
- -
-3.3.6 Spying
- -
-3.3.7 Computer Players
- CP's Strategies
- CP's Ship Designs
- Things that CP's CAN do
- Things that CP's CAN'T do
- -
-3.3.8 Monsters
- Space Amoeba
- Space Crystal
- Space Dragon
- Space Eel
- Space Hydra
- -
-3.3.9 Antarans
- Antaran Fleet Development
- Chances of being attacked by Antarans
- Scrapping Antaran Ships
- -
-3.3.10 Random Events
- -
-3.3.11 Score

3.1 Some Lists and Tables

3.1.1 Technology Summary

The following chart gives you a survey of all the technologies that can be
researched in MOO2. Each column denotes one category of research. Each line
denotes one "level" of research. There are only 17 possible levels, each
marked which a certain cost of research points.

Each box denotes a "field" of research. The first line in the box shows the
number of that field in its category (column) and the name of the field in
CAPITALS. The following lines show the technologies that this field offers.
You normally choose ONE from these technologies to research. You can NOT
research the other technologies in this field unless your race is
"Creative". A "(G)" in the upper right of the box denotes a "General" field.
In these fields you do not have to choose between the technologies, all are
researched together.

In every category you have to research level by level, meaning that you can
research the field in level 5 only if you already researched all previous
levels in that category. Since no categories has 17 Fields to research there
are empty boxes in the list. These take you automatically to the next level.

Note that the last line in the chart reads "10.000" for the first 4
categories and "15.000" for the last 4. This is correct.

    RP |1. CONSTRUCTION | 2.  P O W E R  |  3. CHEMISTRY  |  4. SOCIOLOGY  |
       |1-ENGINEERNG (G)|1-NUCL.FISSN (G)|1-CHEMISTRY  (G)|                |
       | Colony Base    | Nuclear Drive  | Nuclear Missile|                |
    50 | Star Base      | Nuclear Bomb   | Standard Fuel C|                |
       | Marine Barracks|----------------| Extend. Fuel T.|                |
-------|----------------|2-COLD FUSN. (G)| Titanium Armor |----------------|
       |2-ADV.ENGINEERG.| Colony Ship    |----------------|                |
       | Anti-Miss. Rock| Freighters     |                |                |
    80 | Fighter Bays   | Outpost Ship   |                |                |
       | Reinforced Hull| Transport      |                |                |
       |3-ADV. CONSTRUCT|                |                |1-MILIT. TACTICS|
   150 | Autom.Factories|                |                | Space Academy  |
       | Missile Base   |                |                |                |
       | Heavy Armor    |                |                |                |
       |4-CAPSULE CONST.|3-ADV. FUSION:  |2-ADV.METALLURGY|                |
   250 | Battle Pods    | Fusion Drive   | Deuterium FuelC|                |
       | Troop Pods     | Fusion Bomb    | Tritanium Armor|                |
       | Survival Pods  | Augment.Engines|                |                |
       |5-ASTRO ENGINRG.|                |                |                |
   400 | Space Port     |                |                |                |
       | Armor Barracks |                |                |                |
       | Fighter Garrisn|                |                |                |
       |6-ROBOTICS:     |                |3-ADV. CHEMISTRY|2-XENO RELATIONS|
   650 | Robo Mine Plant|                | Merculite Miss.| Xeno Psychology|
       | Battle Station |                | Pollution Proc.| Alien Con. Cent|
       | Powered Armor  |                |                |                |
       |7-SERVO MECHANCS|4-ION FISSION:  |                |                |
   900 | Fast Miss. Rack| Ion Drive      |                |                |
       | Adv.Dmg.Control| IonPulse Cannon|                |                |
       | Assault Shuttls| Shield Capacit.|                |                |
       |8-ASTRO CONSTRCT|                |4-MOLECUL.COMPR.|3-MACRO ECONOMIC|
 1.150 | Titan Construct|                | Pulson Missile | Stock Exchange |
       | GroundBatteries|                | Atmosphere Ren.|                |
       | Battleoids     |                | Iridium Fuel C.|                |
       |9-ADV. MANUFACT.|                |                |                |
 1.500 | Recyclotron    |                |                |                |
       | AutoRepair Unit|                |                |                |
       | Artif.Planet C.|                |                |                |
 2.000 | Robotic Factory| A-Matter Drive | Nano Disassembl| Astro Univrsity|
       | Bomber Bays    | A-Matter Torp. | Microlite Cnstr|                |
       |                | A-Matter Bomb  | Zortrium Armor |                |
       |                |6-MATTR-ENRGY-CV|                |                |
 2.750 |                | Transporters   |                |                |
       |                | Food Replicator|                |                |
       |                |                |                |                |
       |11-TECTONIC ENG.|7-HIGH ENERGY D.|                |                |
 3.500 | Deep Core Mine | HighEnergyFocus|                |                |
       | Core Waste Dump| Energy Absorber|                |                |
       |                | Megafluxers    |                |----------------|
-------|----------------|----------------|----------------|5-ADV. GOVERNMNT|
       |                |8-HYPER-DIM. FIS|6-MOLECUL. MANIP| Confederation  |
 4.500 |                | Proton Torpedo | Zeon Missile   | Imperium       |
       |                | Hyper Drive    | Neutronium Armr| Federation     |
       |                | Hyper-X Capac. | Uridium Fuel C.| Galactic Unific|
       |12-SUPERSCALAR C|                |                |6-GALACT. ECONOM|
 6.000 | Star Fortress  |                |                | Gal. Curr. Exch|
       | Adv. City Plan.|                |                |                |
       | Heavy Fighters |                |                |                |
       |13-PLANETOID CN.|                |                |                |
 7.500 | Doom Star Cnst.|                |                |                |
       | Artemis Sys.Net|                |                |                |
       |                |                |                |                |
       |                |9-INTERPHASED F.|7-MOLECUL. CONTR|                |
10.000 |                | Interph. Drive | Thorium Fuel C.|                |
 (!)   |                | Plasma Torpedo | Adamantium Armr|                |
       |                | Neutronium Bomb|                |                |
       | 13 fields with |  9 fields with |  7 fields with |  6 fields with |
       | 36 technologies| 26 technologies| 19 technologies|  7 technologies|
       | for 24.130 RP  | for 24.030 RP  | for 18.600 RP  | for 14.450 RP  |

    RP |  5. COMPUTERS  |   6. BIOLOGY   |   7. PHYSICS   |8. FORCE FIELDS |
       |1-ELECTRONCS (G)|                |1-PHYSICS:  (G) |                |
    50 | Electr. Computr|                | Laser Cannon   |                |
       |                |                | Laser Rifle    |                |
       |                |                | Space Scanner  |                |
       |                |1-ASTRO BIOLOGY:|                |                |
    80 |                | Hydroponic Farm|                |                |
       |                | Biospheres     |                |                |
       |                |                |                |                |
       |2-OPTRONICS:    |                |2-FUSION PHYSICS|                |
   150 | Research Lab   |                | Fusion Beam    |                |
       | Optr. Computer |                | Fusion Rifle   |                |
       | Dauntl.Guid.Sys|                |                |                |
       |                |                |3-TACHYON PHYS. |1-ADV. MAGNETISM|
   250 |                |                | Tachyon Commun.| Class I Shield |
       |                |                | Tachyon Scanner| Mass Driver    |
       |                |                | Battle Scanner | ECM Jammer     |
       |3-ARTIF. INTELL.|2-ADV. BIOLOGY: |                |                |
   400 | Neural Scanner | Cloning Center |                |                |
       | Scout Lab      | Soil Enrichment|                |                |
       | Security Statns| Death Spores   |                |                |
       |                |                |                |2-GRAVIT. FIELDS|
   650 |                |                |                | Anti-Grav Harn.|
       |                |                |                | Inertial Stabil|
       |                |                |                | Gyro Destabil. |
   900 | Positr. Computr| Telepath.Train.| Neutron Blaster| Cl. III Shield |
       | Pl. Supercomp. | Microbiotics   | Neutron Scanner| Pl.Radiaton Sh.|
       | Holo Simulator |                |                | Warp Dissipator|
       |                |4-GENETIC MUTAT.|5-ARTIFIC. GRAV.|                |
 1.150 |                | Terraforming   | Tractor Beam   |                |
       |                |                | Graviton Beam  |                |
       |                |                | Pl.Grav.Gener. |                |
 1.500 | Emissn.Guid.Sys| Subterr. Farms | Subspace Commun| Stealth Field  |
       | Rangemaster TU | Weather Contr. | Jump Gate      | Personal Shield|
       | Cyber Sec. Link|                |                | Stealth Suit   |
       |                |                |7-MULTIPHASED PH|5-WARP FIELDS:  |
 2.000 |                |                | Phasor         | Pulsar         |
       |                |                | Phasor Rifle   | Warp Field Int.|
       |                |                | Multi-Ph.Shield| Lightning Field|
       |6-CYBERTRONICS: |6-EVOLUT.GENETIC|                |6-SUBSPACE FLDS.|
 2.750 | Cybertr. Comp. | Psionics       |                | Class V Shield |
       | Autolab        | Height. Intell.|                | MultiWave ECM J|
       | Struct.Analyzer|                |                | Gauss Cannon   |
       |7-CYBERTECHNICS:|                |8-PLASMA PHYSICS|7-DISTORT. FLDS.|
 3.500 | Android Farmers|                | Plasma Cannon  | Cloaking Device|
       | Android Workers|                | Plasma Rifle   | Stasis Field   |
       | Android Scient.|                | Plasma Web     | Hard Shields   |
 4.500 | Virt.Real.Netwk| Bio Terminator | Disruptor Cann.| Cl. VII Shield |
       | Galact.Cybernet| Univ. Antidote | Dimens. Portal | Pl. Flux Shield|
       |                |                |                | Wide Area Jamm.|
       |9-MOLECULARTRON.|                |10-HYPERDIM.PHYS|                |
 6.000 | Pleasure Dome  |                | Hyperspace Comm|                |
       | Molec. Computer|                | Sensors        |                |
       | Achilles Targ.U|                | Mauler Device  |                |
       |                |8-TRANS GENETICS|                |9-TRANSWARP FLDS|
 7.500 |                | Biomorph. Fungi|                | Displacement D.|
       |                | Gaia Transform.|                | Subspace Telep.|
       |                | Evolut.Mutation|                | Inertial Nullif|
       |                |                |11-TEMPORAL PHYS|10-TEMPORAL FLDS|
15.000 |                |                | Time Warp Facil| Class X Shield |
 (!)   |                |                | Stellar Convert| Pl.Barrier Shld|
       |                |                | Star Gate      | Phasing Cloak  |
       |  9 fields with |  8 fields with | 11 fields with | 10 fields with |
       | 24 technologies| 17 technologies| 29 technologies| 30 technologies|
       | for 17.750 RP  | for 18.780 RP  | for 35.000 RP  | for 38.550 RP  |

Sum: 73 fields with 188 technologies for 191.290 Research Points.

3.1.2 Compressed and Corrected Technology List

This list explains all technologies in MOO2. It is divided into the 8
categories, each category is divided into its fields of research, and each
field is divided into its technologies. They are numbered accordingly, e.g
8.5.a will denote the first technology (Pulsar) of the fifth field
(Warp Fields) of the eigth category (Force Fields). The numbers are the same
as in the chart above and will be used throughout this document.

In this list all numbers start with "T" for "Tech list". They should start
with "3.1.2" because this is the number of the tech list section in this
FAQ, but this lead to confusingly long numbers like for the
Pulsar. Instead it has entry No. T.8.5.a - the "T" just replaces the
"3.1.2". Since all technologies start with a "T", this is usually not
mentioned when referring to them. I will just refer to "Pulsar (8.5.a)".

The list starts with the first category, gives a very short survey of the
kinds of technologies in this category, and then explains them field by

Each field is listed with its number and name, e.g. "T.5.2 Optronics". If
that field is "General" (you automatically research all technologies of this
field together), this will be noted in brackets after the name. Next there
may appear the abbreviation "Avg" (or "Adv"). These mean that you usually
have already researched this field (and all previous fields) when you play
on Tech Level "Average" (or "Advanced Civilization").

Finally there will appear two numbers. The first one is the amount of RP
(research points) that you have to invest if you want to research that field
and if you already have researched all previous fields in that category. The
second one is the amount of RP that you have to invest into this _category_
to research that field. You will not be able to research field 5 if you have
not researched fields 1-4 before, so in a way the total cost for field 5
also includes the accumulated costs for all previous fields. This
accumulated RP cost is shown in the second RP number.

Example: Advanced Robotics (1.10) and Teaching Methods (4.4) both cost 2000
RP. But to research the former you have to invest 7130 RP into Construction,
whereas for the latter you only need to invest 3950 RP into sociology. Keep
this in mind when exchanging technologies.

After the field name and stats, all technologies of this field will be
listed, starting with a letter (a-d) and their name. Then a three-letter
abbreviation shows the type of this technology. The abbreviations mean:
Ach - Achievement Bld - Building Shp - Ship And - Android
Eqp - Equipment Sat - Satellite Sys - System Spc - Special
The technology types are well explained on page 66 of the manual.

Finally the list will mention all effects of the technology in question.

T.1 Construction
This category covers mainly Production Enhancements, Star Bases, Fighters,
Barracks, Huge Ship Sizes and Planetary Defense.

T.1.1 Engineering (General) (Avg) (50 RP)
 a) Colony Base           Spc  Colonize planet in same system.
 b) Star Base             Sat  +1 command point, +2 scanner range at system
                               Can build large ships. Defends planet.
                               Repairs damaged ships in system automatically
                               Costs 400 PP to build and 2 BC to maintain.
 c) Marine Barracks       Bld  Has 4 Marine units, +1 new unit per 5 turns
                                (max: 1/2 curr.pop. or 1/2 base max.pop.)
                               Removes 20% morale penalty in Feu/Dic/Con/Imp
                               Produce Infantry until Powered Armor (1.6.c)
                                is researched, then Powersuits.
                               Necessary to build Transport ships.
                               Costs 60 PP to build and 1 BC to maintain.

T.1.2 Advanced Engineering (80 RP / 130 total)
 a) Anti-Missile Rockets  Sys  Range 15. Destroy incoming missile/fighter
                                with 85% chance (-5% per square distance)
 b) Fighter Bays          Sys  4 Interceptors with: Speed 6 + 2x drive level
                                Struct 2 (multiplied with best armor level),
                                best computer and Point Defense beam weapon.
                               Can target ships, planet, fighters, missiles.
                               Fly to target, attack weakest shield 4 times,
                                return to carrier, await new orders.
			       Fighters have a 50% chance to avoid the
				effects of any ship self-destruct or warp
				core breach explosions.
 c) Reinforced Hull       Sys  Triples structure points.
                               Triples damage necessary to destroy drive.

T.1.3 Advanced Construction (150 RP / 280 total)
 a) Automated Factories   Bld  +5 production at planet, +1 prod. per worker
                               Costs 60 PP to build and 1 BC to maintain.
 b) Missile Base          Bld  300 space for best missiles, unlimited ammo.
                               Costs 120 PP to build and 2 BC to maintain.
 c) Heavy Armor           Sys  Triples armor points, negates Armor Piercing.

T.1.4 Capsule Construction (250 RP / 530 total)
 a) Battle Pods           Sys  +50% space on ship
 b) Troop Pods            Sys  Doubles number of Marines on ship
 c) Survival Pods         Ach  Saves leader if at least 1 ship survived.

T.1.5 Astro Engineering (400 RP / 930 total)
 a) Space Port            Bld  +50% money on planet.
                               Costs 80 PP to build and 1 BC to maintain.
 b) Armor Barracks        Bld  Has 2 Armor units, +1 new unit per 10 turns.
                                (max: 1/4 current pop. or 1/4 base max.pop.)
                               Removes 20% morale penalty in Feu/Dic/Con/Imp
                               Units will be Tanks until Battleoids (1.8.c)
                                is researched.
                               Costs 150 PP to build and 2 BC to maintain.
 c) Fighter Garrison      Bld  House 10x4 Interceptors or 6x4 Bombers (if
                                researched) or 4x4 Heavy Fighters (if res.).
                               Gives new fighters every 10 combat turns.
                               Costs 150 PP to build and 2 BC to maintain.

T.1.6 Robotics (Adv) (650 RP / 1580 total)
 a) Robo Mining Plant     Bld  +10 production at planet, +2 prod. per worker
                               Costs 150 PP to build and 2 BC to maintain.
 b) Battle Station        Sat  +2 command points, +4 scanner range at system
                               +10% attack for frndly ships defending planet
                               Repairs damaged ships in system automatically
                               Costs 1000 PP to build and 3 BC to maintain.
                               Replaces Star Base (1.1.b)
 c) Powered Armor         Eqp  +10 troop combat rating, +1 troop hit point
                               Powersuits replace infantry (see 1.1.c).

T.1.7 Servo Mechanics (900 RP / 2480 total)
 a) Fast Missile Racks    Sys  Fire missiles 2x in 1 turn. Require 1 turn
                                without firing missiles to recharge.
 b) Adv. Damage Control   Ach  All ships compl. repaired after each battle
 c) Assault Shuttles      Sys  4 Shuttles with: Speed 2 + 2x drive level,
                                Struct 3 (multiplied with best armor level),
                                best computer and 1 Marine each.
                               Fly to target, drop off marine, do not return
				to carrier (v1.31).
                               Drop Marine even if enemy's shields are up.
                               Marines are not deducted from ship's crew.

T.1.8 Astro Construction (1150 RP / 3630 total)
 a) Titan Construction    Shp  Construction of Titan ship class possible.
 b) Ground Batteries      Bld  300 space for best HV and PD beam weapons.
                               Costs 200 PP to build and 2 BC to maintain.
 c) Battleoids            Eqp  Armor Barracks now produce Battleoids.
                               +10 combat rating (to armored units)
                               Take 3 hits to destroy (3 Hit Points)
                               You automatically get Armor Barracks (1.5.b)

T.1.9 Advanced Manufacturing (1500 RP / 5130 total)
 a) Recyclotron           Bld  +1 prod. per pop. unit, no incr. pollution
                               Costs 200 PP to build and 3 BC to maintain.
 b) Automated Repair Unit Sys  Takes per turn 20% of ship's armor and struct
                                damage and restores them, struct first.
                               Repairs 10% internal system damage each turn.
                               Completely repairs ship after battle.
 c) Artif. Planet Constr. Spc  Colony can transform a Gas Giant (Asteroids)
                                in the same system into a new Barren Norm-G
                                Abundant huge (large) planet.

T.1.10 Advanced Robotics (2000 RP / 7130 total)
 a) Robotic Factory       Bld  +5/8/10/15/20 production on U.Poor/Poor/
                                Abundant/Rich/U.Rich worlds.
                               Costs 200 PP to build and 3 BC to maintain.
 b) Bomber Bays           Sys  4 Bombers with: Speed 4 + 2x drive level,
                                Struct 4 (multiplied with best armor level),
                                best computer and 1 of best bomb.
                               Can target planets and ships.
                               Fly to target, drop bomb on weakest shield,
                                return to carrier, await new orders.

T.1.11 Tectonic Engineering (3500 RP / 10.630 total)
 a) Deep Core Mine        Bld  +15 production at planet, +3 prod. per worker
                               Costs 250 PP to build and 3 BC to maintain.
 b) Core Waste Dumps      Bld  Eliminates pollution on planet completely.
                               Costs 200 PP to build and 8 BC to maintain.

T.1.12 Superscalar Construction (6000 RP / 16.630 total)
 a) Star Fortress         Sat  +3 command points, +6 scanner range at system
                               +20% attack for frndly ships defending planet
                               Repairs damaged ships in system automatically
                               Costs 2500 PP to build and 4 BC to maintain.
                               Replaces Battlestation (1.6.b)
 b) Adv. City Planning    Ach  +5 max.population for every planet
 c) Heavy Fighters        Sys  4 Hvy Fightrs with: Speed 4 + 2x drive level,
                                Struct 5 (multiplied with best armor level),
                                best computer, 2 bombs, 2 of best PD weapon.
                               Can target planets and ships.
                               Fly to target, drop 1st bomb, fire 2 beams,
                                hover around, drop 2nd bomb, fire beams
                                again, return to carrier, await new orders.
                                (Attack weakest shield always.)

T.1.13 Planetoid Construction (7500 RP / 24.130 total)
 a) Doom Star Construct.  Shp  Construction of Doom Star ship class possible
 b) Artemis System Net    Sat  Protect system with mine field
                               Mines hit small/medium/large/huge/titan/dstar
                                ships with 20/30/40/50/80/100%
                               Hit delivers 150-550 damage to armor, then
                                internal systems, not absorbed by shields.
                                (100-500 points less shields?)
                               Costs 1000 PP to build and 5 BC to maintain.

T.1.14 Hyper-Advanced Engineering (15000 RP + 10000 * Level)

T.2 Power
This category covers mainly engines, torpedoes and bombs.

T.2.1 Nuclear Fission (General) (50 RP)
 a) Nuclear Drive         Shp  Moves ships at 2 parsecs/turn
 b) Nuclear Bomb          Sys  3-12 points bomb damage
 c) Freighters            Shp  Transport 5 food or 1 population per 5 fr.

T.2.2 Cold Fusion (General) (Avg) (80 RP / 130 total)
 a) Colony Ship           Shp  Colonize planet in new system.
 b) Outpost Ship          Shp  Build Outpost on any uninhabited planet / 
				Gas Giant / Asteroid.
 c) Transport             Shp  Includes 4 Marines for ground combat.

T.2.3 Advanced Fusion (Adv) (250 RP / 380 total)
 a) Fusion Drive          Shp  Moves ships at 3 parsecs/turn
 b) Fusion Bomb           Sys  4-24 points bomb damage
 c) Augmented Engines     Sys  +5 combat speed

T.2.4 Ion Fission (900 RP / 1280 total)
 a) Ion Drive             Shp  Moves ships at 4 parsecs/turn
 b) Ion Pulse Cannon      Sys  2-10 beam damage on shields, then systems
                                (passes armor), no effect on monst/Antarans.
                               Mods: AF, CO
 c) Shield Capacitor      Sys  Triples shield recharge rate
                               (SRR +70% of strongest shield?)

T.2.5 Anti-Matter Fission (2000 RP / 3280 total)
 a) Anti-Matter Drive     Shp  Moves ships at 5 parsecs/turn
 b) Anti-Matter Torpedo   Sys  25 damage, speed 20, fires every 2 turns.
                               Mods: ECCM, ENV, OVR
 c) Anti-Matter Bomb      Sys  5-40 points bomb damage

T.2.6 Matter-Energy Conversion (2750 RP / 6030 total)
 a) Transporters          Sys  Transport Marines on enemy ship from 12
                                squares away if the shield facing the
                                attacker is down.
                               Drop bombs on planet from 12 squares away.
 b) Food Replicators      Bld  Convert 2 production into 1 food as needed.
                               Costs 200 PP to build and 10 BC to maintain.

T.2.7 High Energy Distribution (3500 RP / 9530 total)
 a) High Energy Focus     Sys  +50% beam weapon damage.
 b) Energy Absorber       Sys  Absorbs 1/4 of potential damage to ship and
                                can throw this energy on an enemy ship next
                                turn (always hits)
 c) Megafluxers           Ach  +25% space on each ship

T.2.8 Hyper-Dimensional Fission (4500 RP / 14.030 total)
 a) Proton Torpedo        Sys  40 damage, range 24, fires every 2 turns.
                               Hit the turn they are fired.
                               Mods: ECCM, ENV, OVR
 b) Hyper Drive           Shp  Moves ships at 6 parsecs/turn.
 c) Hyper-X Capacitors    Sys  Fires beams 2 times in one turn. Require
                                1 turn without firing beams to recharge.

T.2.9 Interphased Fission (10000 RP / 24.030 total)
 a) Interphased Drive     Shp  Moves ships at 7 parsecs/turn
 b) Plasma Torpedo        Sys  Speed 24, fires every 2 turns.
                               Damage 120, -5 per square of distance.
                               Mods: ECCM, ENV, NR, OVR
 c) Neutronium Bomb       Sys  10-60 points bomb damage

T.2.10 Hyper-Advanced Power (15000 RP + 10000 * Level)

T.3 Chemistry This category covers Armor, Fuel cells, Missiles and Pollution Reduction. T.3.1 Chemistry (General) (Avg) (50 RP) a) Nuclear Missile Sys Damage 8, Struct 4, Speed 8 + 2x drive level Mods: ARM, ECCM, EMG, FST, MV b) Standard Fuel Cells Shp Increases all ships' range to 4 parsecs. c) Extended Fuel Tanks Sys Increases equipped ship's range by 50%. d) Titanium Armor Shp +5 troop combat rating, standard armor. T.3.2 Advanced Metallurgy (250 RP / 300 total) a) Deuterium Fuel Cells Shp Increases all ships' range to 6 parsecs. b) Tritanium Armor Shp +10 troop combat rating, 2 x armor and structure on ships, fighters, buildings. Replaces Titanium (3.1.d) T.3.3 Advanced Chemistry (Adv) (650 RP / 950 total) a) Merculite Missile Sys Damage 14, Struct 6, Speed 8 + 2x drive level Mods: ARM, ECCM, EMG, FST, MV b) Pollution Processor Bld Production divided by 2 before calculating pollution (by 8 together with Atmo Renewer). Costs 80 PP to build and 1 BC to maintain. T.3.4 Molecular Compression (1150 RP / 2100 total) a) Pulson Missile Sys Damage 20, Struct 8, Speed 8 + 2x drive level Mods: ARM, ECCM, EMG, FST, MV b) Atmospheric Renewer Bld Production divided by 4 before calculating pollution (by 8 together with Poll.Proc.). Costs 150 PP to build and 3 BC to maintain. c) Iridium Fuel Cells Shp Increases all ships' range to 9 parsecs. T.3.5 Nano Technology (2000 RP / 4100 total) a) Nano Disassemblers Ach Doubles all planet's pollution tolerance. b) Microlite Construct. Ach +1 production per worker c) Zortrium Armor Shp +15 troop combat rating, 4 x armor and structure on ships, fighters, buildings. Replaces Tritanium (3.2.b) T.3.6 Molecular Manipulation (4500 RP / 8600 total) a) Zeon Missile Sys Damage 30, Struct 10, Speed 8 + 2x drive levl Mods: ARM, ECCM, EMG, FST, MV b) Neutronium Armor Shp +20 troop combat rating, 6 x armor and structure on ships, fighters, buildings. Replaces Zortrium (3.5.c) c) Uridium Fuel Cells Shp Increases all ships' range to 12 parsecs. T.3.7 Molecular Control (10000 RP / 18.600 total) a) Thorium Fuel Cells Shp Unlimited ship range. b) Adamantium Armor Shp +25 troop combat rating, 8 x armor and structure on ships, fighters, buildings. Replaces Neutronium (3.6.b) T.3.8 Hyper-Advanced Chemistry (15000 RP + 10000 * Level)

T.4 Sociology This category covers different fields, icluding money production enhancement. T.4.1 Military Tactics (150 RP) a) Space Academy Bld +1 starting experience level for crews of ships built on this planet. +1 experience point per turn (and per Academy in system) for crews of ships in system. Costs 200 PP to build and 2 BC to maintain. T.4.2 Xeno Relations (Adv) (650 RP / 800 total) a) Xeno Psychology Ach +30 diplomatic points, helps negotiating. b) Alien Control Center Bld Assimilate at 2 turns/unit, any government. Removes 20% morale penalty of multi-racial colonies. Halves unrest of assimilated population. Costs 60 PP to build and 1 BC to maintain. T.4.3 Macro Economics (1150 RP / 1950 total) a) Plan. Stock-Exchange Bld +100% money on planet Costs 150 PP to build and 2 BC to maintain. T.4.4 Teaching Methods (2000 RP / 3950 total) a) Astro University Bld +1 food per farmer, +1 production per worker, +1 research per scientist. Costs 200 PP to build and 4 BC to maintain. T.4.5 Advanced Government (4500 RP / 8450 total) a) Confederation Ach No automatic assimilation if conquered. Assimilate at 4 turns/unit (was 8.) Ship building costs 1/3 of normal (was 2/3). b) Imperium Ach +50% command rating (was 0). Assimilate at 4 turns/unit (was 8). +15 defensive spy rating (was 10). -20% morale penalty still applies (barracks) but also new +20% morale bonus (bug?) c) Federation Ach +75% research and money (was 50%). Assimilate at 2 turns/unit (was 4) d) Galactic Unification Ach +100% food and industry (was 50%). Assimilate at 15 turns/unit (was 20). Own population morale can never be modified. T.4.6 Galactic Economics (6000 RP / 14.450 total) a) Gal. Currency Exch. Ach +50% money on all planets T.4.7 Hyper-Advanced Sociology (15000 RP + 10000 * Level)

T.5 Computers This category covers targeting computers, research enhancement, morale enhancement, spying enhancement, androids and some ship systems. T.5.1 Electronics (General) (Avg) (50 RP) a) Electronic Computer Shp +25% beam attack to hit chance (BOCV) T.5.2 Optronics (150 RP / 200 total) a) Research Laboratory Bld +5 research on planet, +1 res. per scientist Costs 60 PP to build and 1 BC to maintain. b) Optronic Computer Shp +50% beam attack hit chance (BOCV) Replaces Electronic Computer (5.1.a) c) Dauntless Guidance S. Ach If target of missile/torpedo is destroyed or phase-cloaked, weapon targets nearest enemy. T.5.3 Artificial Intelligence (Adv) (400 RP / 600 total) a) Neural Scanner Ach +10 to offensive and defensive spy rating. b) Scout Lab Sys +1/2/4/8/16/32 research when installed on small/medium/large/huge/titan/doomstar ship. +10/20/30/40/50/60% beam attack for all ships in same fleet against monsters/Antarans. (in fact always +20% bonus which does not apply when attacking Antares - bug?) c) Security Stations Sys +20 troop combat for marines defending ship. T.5.4 Positronics (900 RP / 1500 total) a) Positronic Computer Shp +75% beam attack hit chance (BOCV) Replaces Optronic Computer (5.2.b) b) Plan. Supercomputer Bld +10 research on planet, +2 res. per scientist Costs 150 PP to build and 2 BC to maintain. c) Holo Simulator Bld +20% morale on planet Costs 120 PP to build and 1 BC to maintain. T.5.5 Artificial Consciousness (1500 RP / 3000 total) a) Emissions Guidance S. Ach EMG Modification becomes available: missiles damage first the shield, then engines only. b) Rangemaster Target U. Sys Range accuracy as if distance was only 1/3. Damage still reduced by range. c) Cyber Security Link Ach +10 to offensive and defensive spy rolls. T.5.6 Cybertronics (2750 RP / 5750 total) a) Cybertronic Computer Shp +100% beam attack hit chance (BOCV) Replaces Positronic Computer (5.4.a) b) Autolab Bld +30 research on planet Costs 200 PP to build and 3 BC to maintain. c) Structural Analyzer Sys 2x damage for beams that penetrate shields. T.5.7 Cybertechnics (3500 RP / 9250 total) a) Android Farmers And Generate food as farmer +3 for 1 prod. unit. Environmentally tolerant. Need 1 pop. space. No racial bonus, income, tax, morale effects. b) Android Workers And Generate production as worker +3 for 1 prod. Environmentally tolerant. Need 1 pop. space. No racial bonus, income, tax, effects. DO use morale. c) Android Scientists And Generate research as scientist +3 for 1 prod. Environmentally tolerant. Need 1 pop. space. No racial bonus, income, tax, morale effects. DO NOT benefit from heightened intelligence. T.5.8 Galactic Networking (4500 RP / 13.750 total) a) Virtual Reality Netwk Ach +20% morale on all planets b) Galactic Cybernet Bld +15 research on planet, +3 res. per scientist Costs 250 PP to build and 3 BC to maintain. T.5.9 Moleculartronics (6000 RP / 17.750 total) a) Pleasure Dome Bld +30% morale on planet Costs 250 PP to build and 3 BC to maintain. b) Moleculartr. Computer Shp +125% beam attack hit chance (BOCV) Replaces Cybetronic Computer (5.6.a) c) Achilles Targeting U. Sys All weapons ignore armor. Triples chance of any weapon hit that passes shields to strike weapon or shield systems T.5.10 Hyper-Advanced Computers (15000 RP + 10000 * Level)

T.6 Biology This category covers mainly Food production enhancement, Population growth enhancement, Terraforming, Bio Weapons and Antidotes T.6.1 Astro Biology (80 RP) a) Hydroponic Farm Bld +2 food on planet Costs 60 PP to build and 2 BC to maintain. b) Biospheres Bld +2 maximum population Costs 60 PP to build and 1 BC to maintain. T.6.2 Advanced Biology (Adv) (400 RP / 480 total) a) Cloning Center Bld +100.000 population growth until maximum. Costs 100 PP to build and 2 BC to maintain. b) Soil Enrichment Spc +1 food/farmer if not on barr/tox/rad planet. c) Death Spores Sys 10% chance to kill pop unit. Harms diplomacy. T.6.3 Genetic Engineering (900 RP / 1380 total) a) Telepathic Training Ach +5 to all spies b) Microbiotics Ach +25% pop. growth. Halves bio weapon effects. Replaced by Universal Antidote (6.7.b) T.6.4 Genetic Mutations (1150 RP / 2530 total) a) Terraforming Spc Terraforms Barren->Desert->Arid->Terran, Barren->Tundra->Swamp->Terran, Ocean->Terran. T.6.5 Macro Genetics (1500 RP / 4030 total) a) Subterranean Farms Bld +4 food on planet Costs 150 PP to build and 4 BC to maintain. b) Weather Controller Bld +2 food per farmer Costs 200 PP to build and 3 BC to maintain. T.6.6 Evolutionary Genetics (2750 RP / 6780 total) a) Psionics Ach +10 to offensive and defensive spies. +10% morale on all planets if Feu/Dic/Con/Imp b) Height. Intelligence Ach +1 research per scientist T.6.7 Artificial Life (4500 RP / 11.280 total) a) Bio Terminator Sys 20% chance to kill pop unit. Harms diplomacy. b) Universal Antidote Ach +50% pop. growth. Quarters bioweapon effects. Replaces Microbiotics (6.3.b) T.6.8 Trans Genetics (7500 RP / 18.780 total) a) Biomorphic Fungi Ach 1 food prod. per farmer on Tox/Barr/Rad worlds. b) Gaia Transformation Spc Terraforms Terran to Gaia c) Evolutionary Mutation Ach +4 picks of racial specials T.6.9 Hyper-Advanced Biology (15000 RP + 10000 * Level)

T.7 Physics This category covers mainly Scanners, Beam Weapons, Rifles and Fleet Communications. T.7.1 Physics (General) (Avg) (50 RP) a) Laser Cannon Sys 1-4 beam damage, Mods: AF, AP, CO, HV, NR, PD b) Laser Rifle Eqp +5 troop combat rating c) Space Scanner Ach Detect ships at 1 + size class (2-7) parsecs. T.7.2 Fusion Physics (150 RP / 200 total) a) Fusion Beam Sys 2-6 beam damage, Mods: ENV, CO, HV, PD b) Fusion Rifle Eqp +10 troop combat. Replcs Laser Rifle (7.1.b) T.7.3 Tachyon Physics (Adv) (250 RP / 450 total) a) Tachyon Communic. Ach +1 command per orbital base. Issue orders to ships within 3 parsecs of base or Doom Star. b) Tachyon Scanner Ach Detect ships at 3 + size class (4-9) parsecs. -20 to target's missile evasion. c) Battle Scanner Sys +50% beam attack to hit chance (BOCV), +2 parsecs scanner range on galaxy map. T.7.4 Neutrino Physics (900 RP / 1350 total) a) Neutron Blaster Sys 3-12 beam damage. Mods: CO, HV Kills 1 Marine per 5 points internal damage. b) Neutron Scanner Ach Detect ships at 5 + size class (6-11) parsecs -40 to target's missile evasion. T.7.5 Artificial Gravity (1150 RP / 2500 total) a) Tractor Beam Sys Slow or hold single ship prop. to size class. No. of beams to hold ship equals size class. Slowed ships' speed-related defensive bonuses are lessened. An immobile ship is attacked with +20 beam hit chance and can be boarded. b) Graviton Beam Sys 3-15 beam damage. Mods: CO, HV Additional 50% of damage that passes shields is applied directly to structure. c) Pl. Gravity Generator Bld Removes 25%(50%) penalty to food, production and research on Low(High)-Gravity planets. Costs 120 PP to build and 2 BC to maintain. T.7.6 Subspace Physics (1500 RP / 4000 total) a) Subspace Communic. Ach +2 command per orbital base. Issue orders to ships within 6 parsecs of base or Doom Star. Replaces Tachyon Communications (7.3.a) b) Jump Gate Ach Increases speed of ships travelling between two own colonies by +3 parsecs per turn. T.7.7 Multi-Phased Physics (2000 RP / 6000 total) a) Phasor Sys 5-20 beam damage. Mods: AF, CO, HV, PD, SP b) Phasor Rifle Eqp +20 troop combat. Replcs Fusion Rifle (7.2.b) c) Multi-Phased Shields Sys Maximum damage absorbed by shields is +50%. T.7.8 Plasma Physics (3500 RP / 9500 total) a) Plasma Cannon Sys 6-30 beam damage, enveloping. Mods: CO, HV Double range damage penalty. b) Plasma Rifle Eqp +30 troop combat. Replcs Phasor Rifle (7.7.b) c) Plasma Web Sys Range 15, fires every 2 turns. Does 5-25 enveloping damage, next turn 5 less until 0. Multiple webs act as one with accum. strength T.7.9 Multi-Dimensiomal Physics (4500 RP / 14.000 total) a) Disruptor Cannon Sys 40 beam damage. Mods: AF, HV. No range damage penalty. b) Dimensional Portal Sat Necessary to visit Antares. Costs 500 PP to build and 2 BC to maintain. T.7.10 Hyper-Dimensional Physics (6000 RP / 20.000 total) a) Hyperspace Communic. Ach +3 command per orbital base. Issue orders to all your ships. Replcs Subspace Com. (7.6.a) b) Sensors Ach Detect ships at 8 + size class (9-15) parsecs -70 to target's missile evasion. c) Mauler Device Sys 100 beam damage, always hits. Mods: HV Double range damage penalty. T.7.11 Temporal Physics (15000 RP / 35.000 total) a) Time Warp Facilitator Sys Ship gets 2 combat turns instead of 1. b) Stellar Converter B/S 400 beam damage, enveloping. No range damage penalty. Always hits. Destroys planets outside combat. Planetary version costs 1000 PP to build and 6 BC to maintain. c) Star Gate Ach Travel between two systems with own colonies takes only 1 turn. T.7.12 Hyper-Advanced Physics (15000 RP + 10000 * Level)

T.8. Force Fields This category covers mainly Ship and Planetary Shields, ECM Jammer, Suits, Inertial Stabilizer, other defensive ship fields and some weapons. T.8.1 Avanced Magnetism (250 RP) a) Class I Shield Shp Absorb (5 x size) damage before failing. -1 enemy attack strength even when failed. b) Mass Driver Sys 6 beam damage. Mods: AF, AP, HV, PD No range damage penalty. c) ECM Jammer Sys +70% missile evasion T.8.2 Gravitic Fields (Adv) (650 RP / 900 total) a) Anti-Grav Harness Eqp +10 troop combat rating b) Inertial Stabilizer Sys +50 beam defense. 1/2 move cost for turning. c) Gyro Destabilizer Sys (1-4 x size) structural damage. Range 15. Passes shield and armor. T.8.3 Magneto Gravitics (900 RP / 1800 total) a) Class III Shield Shp Absorb (15 x size) damage before failing. -3 enemy attack strength even when failed. b) Pl. Radiation Shield Bld -5 bomb damage. Makes Radiated worlds Barren. Costs 80 PP to build and 1 BC to maintain. c) Warp Dissipator Sys Enemy cannot leave combat when WD active. T.8.4 Electromagnetic Refraction (1500 RP / 3300 total) a) Stealth Field Sys Ships invisible on Galaxy Map b) Personal Shield Eqp +20 troop combat rating c) Stealth Suit Ach +10 to offensive and defensive spy rolls. T.8.5 Warp Fields (2000 RP / 5300 total) a) Pulsar Sys (2-24 x size) damage to all ships/missiles/ fighters in 6 square radius. (Fighters and Projectiles are size 1/2.) b) Warp Field Interdictr Bld Slows all enemy ships to 1 parsec per turn. 2 Parsecs radius. Costs 300 PP to build and 3 BC to maintain. c) Lightning Field Sys 50% chance of destroying any fighter/missile/ torpedo trying to hit the ship. T.8.6 Subspace Fields (2750 RP / 8050 total) a) Class V Shield Shp Absorb (25 x size) damage before failing. -5 enemy attack strength even when failed. b) Multi-Wave ECM Jammer Sys +100% missile evasion c) Gauss Cannon Sys 18 points beam damage. Mods: AF, AP, HV No range damage penalty. T.8.7 Distortion Fields (3500 RP / 11.550 total) a) Cloaking Device Sys Hides ship from scanners. +80 beam defense. 50% chance that missiles miss (indepedent from miss.evasion). Uncloaks while attacking Recloaks after 1 turn without firing. b) Stasis Field Sys Range 3. Holds 1 enemy ship in stasis. Enemy is effectively removed from battle until generator is switched off or destroyed. Combat cannot end when ships are in stasis. c) Hard Shields Sys -3 damage from any attack. Immune to SP. Enemy cannot get Marines aboard with transp. Shields work in nebulae. Effects hold even when shields have failed until generator is destroyed. T.8.8 Quantum Fields (4500 RP / 16.050 total) a) Class VII Shield Shp Absorb (35 x size) damage before failing. -7 enemy attack strength even when failed. b) Planetary Flux Shield Bld -10 bomb damage. Makes Radiated worlds Barren Replaces Planetary Radiation Shield (8.3.b) Costs 200 PP to build and 3 BC to maintain. c) Wide Area Jammer Sys +130% missile evasion; +70% for all other ships in fleet (only best bonus applies). (actually the +70% fleet bonus IS cumulative with the boni from the ships' own jammers. This is probably a bug?) T.8.9 Transwarp Fields (7500 RP / 23.550 total) a) Displacement Device Sys 30% chance that any weapon misses completely. b) Subspace Teleporter Sys Ship can jump 20 squares with no movemnt cost c) Inertial Nullifier Sys +100 beam defense. No move cost for turning. T.8.10 Temporal Fields (15000 RP / 38.550 total) a) Class X Shield Shp Absorb (50 x size) damage before failing. -10 enemy attack strength even when failed. b) Plan. Barrier Shield Bld -20 bomb damage. Makes Radiated worlds Barren Troops or Bio Weapons cannot enter planet. Replaces Planetary Flux Shield (8.8.b) Costs 500 PP to build and 5 BC to maintain. c) Phasing Cloak Sys Ship cannot be detected or attacked for 10 combat turns. Then works like cloak (8.7.a) T.8.11 Hyper-Advanced Fields (15000 RP + 10000 * Level)

T.9. Unresearchable Technology T.9.1 Starting Technology T.9.1.1 Capitol Bld Loss of Capitol results in moral penalty until new Capitol built. T.9.1.2 Pulse Rifle Eqp +0 troop combat rating (standard weapon) T.9.1.3 Spy Network Ach Enables you to train spies. T.9.2 Orion / Antaran Technology T.9.2.1 Death Ray Sys 50-100 beam damage. Mods: CO, HV Kills 1 Marine per 5 points internal damage. Guaranteed if you kill the Guardian. T.9.2.2 Reflection Field Sys Reflects beam weapons back to attacker at a chance of: 10 / (10 + weapon attack damage) Equipped on Antaran Titans and Battleships. T.9.2.3 Damper Field Sys Quarters the damage a ship takes. Not compatible with shields. 50% chance of killing Marines trying to transport to ship. Equipped on all Antaran ships. The Damper Field will block any marine casualties caused by Neutron Blasters and Death Rays. T.9.2.4 Quantum Detonatr Sys 50% chance of self-destruct when captured. Triples destructive power of ship's explosion Equipped on all Antaran ships. T.9.2.5 Particle Beam Sys 10-30 beam damage, naturally shield-piercing Mods: CO, HV, PD Equipped on all Antaran ships. T.9.2.6 Spatial Compr. Sys (4-32 x size) struct damage to everything in 2 square radius Equipped on Antaran Cruisers (Intruders). T.9.2.7 Xentronium Armor Shp +30 troop combat rating, 10 x armor and structure on ships, fighters, buildings. Negates Armor Piercing (not ag. Achilles T.U) Replaces Adamantium (3.7.b) Equipped on all Antaran ships. T.9.2.8 Black Hole Gen. Sys Target Ship cannot move and is destroyed in 2 turns if generator or equipped ship cannot be destroyed. Equipped on Antaran Harbingers. T.9.2.9 Phase Shifter Sys Teleport equipped ship or other ship 18 sqrs.

3.1.3 Planetary Building List

The following list shows all structures that can be built on planets. The
list is ordered by the effects of those structures. If possible, these occur
in the same order as on the Colony Screen. The columns mean:

PP - Production Points necessary to build this structure
BC - BC's to pay for maintenance each turn
Effects - effects of the structure once it is built
Tech - Technology you have to research to be able to build this
structure. Numbers refer to those in the Tech List
RP - research points necessary to research that technology
Total - total (accumulated) RP necessary to research that technology

Money: PP BC Effects: Tech RP Total Space Port 80 1 +50% money on planet 1.5.a 400 930 Stock Exchange 150 2 +100% money on planet 4.3.a 1150 1950 Trade Goods / / production turns into money (2:1) 0 0 0 Food, Production and Research: Gravity Generat 120 2 remove -25%/-50% Gravity penalty 7.5.c 1150 2500 Astro Univers. 200 4 +1 food/farm, prod/work, res/sci 4.4.a 2000 3950 Food: Hydroponic Farm 60 2 +2 food on planet 6.1.a 80 80 Subterr. Farms 150 4 +4 food on planet 6.5.a 1500 4030 Soil Enrichment 120 / +1 food/farmr if not Bar/Tox/Rad 6.2.b 400 480 Weather Cont. 200 3 +2 food per farmer 6.5.b 1500 4030 Food Replicator 200 10 convert 2 prod. into 1 food 2.6.b 2750 6030 Android Farmer 50*1p generates food as farmer +3 5.7.a 3500 9250 Production: Automated Fact. 60 1 +1 prod/worker, +5 on planet 1.3.a 150 280 Robo Mine Plant 150 2 +2 prod/worker, +10 on planet 1.6.a 650 1580 Deep Core Mine 250 3 +3 prod/worker, +15 on planet 1.11a 3500 10630 Recyclotron 200 3 +1 prod/pop., no incr. pollution 1.9.a 1500 5130 Android Worker 50*1p generates prod. as worker +3 5.7.b 3500 9250 Robotic Factory 200 3 +5/8/10/15/20 prod. (Poor-Rich) 1.10a 2000 7130 Pollution: Pollution Proc. 80 1 no pollution for 1/2 of product. 3.3.b 650 950 Atmospher. Ren. 150 3 no pollution for 1/4 of product. 3.4.b 1150 2100 Core Waste Dump 200 8 eliminates pollution completely 1.11b 3500 10630 Research: Research Lab 60 1 +1 research/scient, +5 on planet 5.2.a 150 200 Supercomputer 150 2 +2 res./scientist, +10 on planet 5.4.b 900 1500 Galac. Cybernet 250 3 +3 res./scientist, +15 on planet 5.8.b 4500 13750 Android Scient. 50*1p generates res. as scientist +3 5.7.c 3500 9250 Autolab 200 3 +30 research on planet 5.6.b 2750 5750 Morale: Holo Simulator 120 1 +20% morale on planet 5.4.c 900 1500 Pleasure Dome 250 3 +30% morale on planet 5.9.a 6000 17750 Capitol 200 / loss of capitol = morale penalty 0 0 0 Morale and Assimilation: Alien Con. Cent 60 1 assim. 2 turns/pop., less unrest 4.2.b 650 800 Morale and Ground Combat Defense: Marine Barracks 60 1 remove morale penalty; Marines 1.1.* 50 50 Armor Barracks 150 2 remove morale penalty; Marines 1.5.b 400 930 or (Battleoids) 1.8.c 1150 3630 Population Growth: Cloning Center 100 2 +100.000 pop. per turn until max 6.2.a 400 480 Housing pp 0 pp*sqrt(25*{maxpop-pop}/{pop*maximum pop}) Max. Population: Biospheres 60 1 +2 maximum population on planet 6.1.b 80 80 Terraforming 250* / improves planetary environment 6.4.a 1150 2530 Gaia Transform. 500 / forms Terran planets into Gaias 6.8.b 7500 18780 Shields (defense, also terraform): Radiation Shld 80 1 -5 damage; terraforms Rad->Barren 8.3.b 900 1800 Flux Shield 200 3 -10 damage; forms Radiat.->Barren 8.8.b 4500 16050 Barrier Shield 500 5 -20 damage, forms Radiat.->Barren 8.10b 15000 38550 Troops/Bioweapons cannot enter Defense Systems: Missile Base 120 2 300 space for best missiles 1.3.b 150 280 Fighter Garrisn 150 2 40 Intcpt. or 24 Bomb. or 16 Hvy. 1.5.c 400 930 Gound Batteries 200 2 300 space for best HV / PD beams 1.8.b 1150 3630 Stellar Convert 1000 6 defends planet 7.11b 15000 35000 Artemis Sys.Net 1000 5 protects system with mine field 1.13b 7500 24130 Warp Interdict. 300 3 Slows enemy to 1 parsec/turn 8.5.b 2000 5300 Star Bases: Star Base 400 2 +1 command, defends planet 1.1.* 50 50 Battle Station 1000 3 +2 command; +10% attack; defends. 1.6.b 650 1580 Star Fortress 2500 4 +3 command; +20% attack; defends. 1.12a 6000 16630 Crew Training: Space Academy 200 2 new ships +1 lvl, all +1 exp/turn 4.1.a 150 150 Colonization: Artif. Planet 800 / create planet from Giant/Asteroid 1.9.b 1500 5130 Colony Base 200 5* colonize another planet in system 1.1.* 50 50 Colony Ship 500 / colonize planet in new system 2.2.* 80 130 Outpost Ship 100 / build Outpost on Giant/Asteroid 2.2.* 80 130 Other: Freighter Flt 50 / transport food or population 2.2.* 80 130 Transport 100 / incl. 4 Marines for ground combat 2.2.* 80 130 Dim. Portal 500 2 necessary to visit Antares 7.9.b 4500 14000 Spy 100 1 trains one spy 0 0 0

* Androids may be built repeatedly (as long as the planet can support more
population) and cost 1 production unit each.
Terraforming costs 250 PP the first time you use it, 500 PP the second
time you use it on the same planet and 750 PP the third time. You may
use it until the planet becomes Terran.
The Maintenance Cost of 5 for the Colony Base is probably a bug. Since
Colony bases expire if you do not use them at once, they do not need any
A star in the Tech Number (e.g. 2.2.*) means that this is a general field,
so you do not have to choose between the technologies.

3.1.4 Ship Systems Ship System List

This list contains all wepons and ship systems, ordered by effect. The
Columns mean:

Effects - the effects of that system
Siz/Cst - Two pairs of values. The former shows size and production cost
of the unminiaturized system (when it has ben just researched),
the latter shows size and production cost of the system with
maximal miniaturization (usually systems can miniaturize six
times). See the explanation of sizes and costs in section for further explanation.
Tech - Technology you have to research to be able to build this
structure. Numbers refer to those in the Tech List (3.1.2).
RP - research points necessary to research that technology
Total - total (accumulated) RP necessary to research that technology

  Computers:     Effect:                   Siz/Cst Siz/Cst Tech:   RP: Total
Electr. Comput.  25% BOCV                  (see 5.1.*    50    50
Optronic Comp.   50% BOCV                  (see 5.2.b   150   200
Positronic C.    75% BOCV                  (see 5.4.a   900  1500
Cybertronic C.   100% BOCV                 (see 5.6.a  2750  5750
Moleculartr.C.   125% BOCV                 (see 5.9.b  6000 17750

  Beam Weapons:
Weapon:         Damage I 3ACEHPRS Spc      Siz/Cst Siz/Cst Tech:   RP: Total
Laser Cannon     1-4     3ac hpr            10*5     3*1   7.1.*    50    50
Fusion Beam      2-6       cehp             10*6     3*1   7.2.a   150   200
Mass Driver        6   * 3a  hpR            10*7     3*1   8.1.b   250   250
Ion Pulse Cann   2-10  * 3Ac      sys       30*15    8*3   2.4.b   900  1280
Neutron Blastr   3-12      c h    kil       10*8     3*2   7.4.a   900  1350
Graviton Beam    3-15      c h    +st       15*12    4*3   7.5.b  1150  2000
Phasor           5-20    3 c hp s           10*10    3*2   7.7.a  2000  6000
Gauss Cannon      18   * 3a  h R            10*10    3*2   8.6.c  2750  8050
Plasma Cannon    6-30  *   cEh    drd       25*15    6*3   7.8.a  3500  9500
Disruptor Can     40   * 3   h R            20*25    5*6   7.9.a  4500 14000
Mauler Device    100         h    a+d       50*75   30*18  7.10c  6000 20000
Particle Beam   10-30      c hp S           15*35   15*35  9.2.5 Orion Orion
Death Ray       50-100     c h    kil       30*75   30*75  9.2.1 Orion Orion
Stellar Conv.    400   *    E  R  alw      500*500 200*125 7.11b 15000 35000
(legend: see section 3.2.17)

  Beam Support:
Battle Scanner   +50% BOCV                 250%100 100%25  7.3.c   250   450
Scout Lab        +20% BOCV ag. monsters    300%150 120%35  5.3.b   400   600
Rangemaster TU   BOCV range penalty calc.  200%200  80%50  5.5.b  1500  3000
                  as if range was only 1/3
High En. Focus   +50% beam damage          200%200  80%50  2.7.a  3500  9530
Struct.Analyz.   2x dmg if shlds penetr    150%200  60%50  5.6.c  2750  5750
Hyper-X Capac.   2 shots with 1 turn wait  200%200  80%50  2.8.c  4500 14030
Achilles T.U.    All weap. ignore Armor    200%300  80%75  5.9.c  6000 17750
                 If shield penetrated 2x chance to hit weapons or shields

  Missiles:     Damage: Struct:
Nuclear Miss.     8      4                  20*20    5*5   3.1.*    50    50
Merculite Miss   14      6                  20*20    5*5   3.3.a   650   950
Pulson Missile   20      8                  20*20    5*5   3.4.a  1150  2100
Zeon Missile     30     10                  20*20    5*5   3.6.a  4500  8600
Fast Miss.Rack   2 shots with 1 turn wait  200%200  80%50  1.7.a   900  2480

Anti-Matter T.   Damage 25, Speed 20        30*15   12*3   2.5.b  2000  3280
Proton Torpedo   Damage 40, Range 24        30*20   12*5   2.8.a  4500 14030
Plasma Torpedo   Dmg 120 -5/sq, Spd 24      40*75   16*18  2.9.b 10000 24030

Fighter Bays     1 beam, fire 4x            30*10   30*2   1.2.b    80   130
Assault Shutt.   carry 1 Marine             25*10   25*2   1.7.c   900  2480
Bomber Bays      carry 1 bomb               60*30   60*7   1.10b  2000  7130
Heavy Fighters   2 bombs + 2 beams (2x?)    80*50   80*12  1.12c  6000 16630

Nuclear Bomb     3-12 Damage                 5*3     1*1   2.1.*    50    50
Fusion Bomb      4-24 Damage                 7*5     2*1   2.3.b   250   380
Anti-Matter B.   5-40 Damage                 7*6     2*1   2.5.c  2000  3280
Neutronium B.    10-60 damage               10*9     3*2   2.9.c 10000 24030

  Bio Weapons:
Death Spores     10% to kill 1 pop           5*5     1*1   6.2.c   400   480
Bio Terminator   20% to kill 1 pop           7*8     2*2   6.7.a  4500 11280

  Special Weapons:
Plasma Web       Rng 15, 5-25 env.dmg.      40*40   16*10  7.8.c  3500  9500
Gyro Destabil.   (1-4)x size struct dmg     75*50   30*12  8.2.c   650   900
                  Rng 15. Pass Shld/Arm
Pulsar           (2-24)x size dmg to        50*30   20*7   8.5.a  2000  5300
                  ship/miss/fight, 6 sq rad.
Spatial Compr.   (4-32)x size dmg to        50*40   50*40  9.2.6 Orion Orion
                  everything in 2 sq rad.
Black Hole Gen   target cannot move, is    150*150 150*150 9.2.8 Orion Orion
                  destroyed in 2 turns
Tractor Beam     slows/immobilizes ship     30*20   12*5   7.5.a  1150  2500
Stasis Field     Rng 3. Target is frozen    75*75   30*18  8.7.b  3500 11550
                  and cannot be attacked
AntiMiss.Rock.   Hit with 85% -5/square     20*5     8*1   1.2.a    80   130
                 ag. missiles/fighters
Energy Absorbr   absorbs 1/4 of pot.       250%250 100%62  2.7.b  3500  9530
                  damage, throws back
Quantum Deton.   50% self-destr. when capt  60%90   60%90  9.2.4 Orion Orion
                  3x damage

Security Stat.   +20 defense bonus         100%50   40%12  5.3.c   400   600
Troop Pods       2x Marines onboard        250%100 250%25  1.4.b   250   530
Tractor Beam     slows/immobilizes ship     30*20   12*5   7.5.a  1150  2500
Transporters     beam Mar. from 12 sq      200%100  80%25  2.6.a  2750  6030
                  if facing shld down

  Beam Defense:
Inert. Stabil.   +50% BDCV, 1/2 turn cost  300%100 120%25  8.2.b   650   900
Inert. Nullif.   +100% BDCV, no turn cost  300%450 120%112 8.9.c  7500 23550
Cloaking Dev.    +80% BDCV when cloaked    250%250 100%62  8.7.a  3500 11550

  ECM Systems:
ECM Jammer       +70% missile evasion      200%100  80%25  8.1.c   250   250
Multi-Wave ECM   +100% miss. evasion       200%200  80%50  8.6.b  2750  8050
Wide Area Jam.   +130% ship, +70% fleet    400%400 160%100 8.8.c  4500 16050

  Shields:       Block: Absorb:
Class I Shield     1    5x size            200%100  50%25  8.1.a   250   250
Cl. III Shield     3    15x size           200%100  50%25  8.3.a   900  1800
Class V Shield     5    25x size           200%100  50%25  8.6.a  2750  8050
Cl. VII Shield     7    35x size           200%100  50%25  8.8.a  4500 16050
Class X Shield    10    50x size           200%100  50%25  8.10a 15000 38550
Shld Capacitor   triples recharge rate     200%200  80%50  2.4.c   900  1280
Multi-Ph.Shlds   +50% Absorption           200%200  80%50  7.7.c  2000  6000
Hard Shields     Block +3 dmg, negate SP   200%200  80%50  8.7.c  3500 11550

  Other Fields;
Energy Absorbr   absorbs 1/4 of pot. dmg.  250%250 100%62  2.7.b  3500  9530
                  throws it back
Displacem.Dev.   30% ch. any weapon misses 200%300  80%75  8.9.a  7500 23550
Phasing Cloak    10 turns invulnerability  300%450 120%112 8.10c 15000 38550
Damper Field     Blocks 3/4 dmg, no Shield 100%150 100%150 9.2.3 Orion Orion
Reflect.Field    can reflect beams         200%300 200%300 9.2.2 Orion Orion
Cloaking Dev.    50% ch. missiles miss     250%250 100%62  8.7.a  3500 11550
Lightning Fld.   50% chance to destroy     200%200  80%50  8.5.c  2000  5300
AntiMiss.Rock.   Hit with 85% -5/square     20*5     8*1   1.2.a    80   130
                  ag. missiles/fighters

Reinforcd Hull   Struct x3, Drive x3       200%100 200%25  1.2.c    80   130
Heavy Armor      Armor x3, negate AP       200%100 200%25  1.3.c   150   280
AutoRepair Un.   Fix Arm,Struct,Sys.       200%200  80%50  1.9.b  1500  5130

Augmented Eng.   +5 combat speed           200%100 200%25  2.3.c   250   380
Inert. Stabil.   1/2 turn cost, +50% BDCV  300%100 120%25  8.2.b   650   900
Inert. Nullif.   no turn cost, +100% BDCV  300%450 120%112 8.9.c  7500 23550
Subsp.Teleprt.   20 square jump in combat  200%300  80%75  8.9.b  7500 23550
Phase Shifter    18 sq. jump, target any      %   ?   %    9.2.9 Orion Orion
TimeWarp Fac.    ship gets 2 combat turns  300%450 120%112 7.11a 15000 35000

Ext.Fuel Tanks   +50% range for ship       250%120 250%30  3.1.*    50    50

Battle Pods      +50% space on ship    -500%1600 -500%1600 1.4.a   250   530

Stealth Field    Invisible on galaxy map   200%200  80%50  8.4.a  1500  3300 Ship System Miniaturization

Everytime when you research a new technology field, the ship systems (including weapons) in the lower fields of this research category can
miniaturize - this means they cost less production to build, and often they
also take up less space. The following tables show how the size and cost of
each ship system change when you have researched a better tech level in the
same research category. The columns in the tables mean:

Lv - the research level
RP - research points necessary to achieve that tech level
Total - total (accumulated) RP necessary to achieve that level

Each following column shows the values for one ship system. The system is
noted on top of the column with its name and its tech number. Each line of
this column shows two numbers for the size and cost of that system at the
corresponding tech level. The leftmost number denotes the size of the
system, while the rightmost number shows its cost. The star "*" or percent
sign "%" between these numbers determine how they must be read - and now it
gets a little complicated.

Sizes and costs for special systems are calculated differently from those
for weapons. At any given tech level one weapon will have the same size and
cost regardless in which hull you put it. This is not the case for special
systems: They take up a certain percentage of the hull so that they need
more space and more production points in larger ships. Thus I had to
implement two ways of describing Size and Cost: for weapons it will read
something like "10*20", meaning "this is a weapon system (denoted by the
"*") and it takes up 10 space and costs 20 PP". For special systems, it will
read something like "125%63", meaning "this is a special system (denoted by
the "%") and it takes up 12.5% of the hull and costs 6.3 PP per 100 hull
space". (Note: The "hull space" in these calculations is the base hull
space, so if you have researched Megafluxers, you have 125% space on your
ship.) If this sounds complicated, it is. But if you understand it it will
greatly help you in planning ship designs.

Miniaturization follows the following pattern:

Lvl     Spc(shields+weapons)    Spc(other)      Prod
1       .80     (not torps)     .8              .75
2       .66     (or special)    .7              .55
3       .50     (weapons)       .6              .40
4       .36                     .5              .30
5+      .25                     .4              .25
        (round .5+ up)          (always round up)(always round down) 
                                                 (never to 0)

Some more notes on miniaturization:
- You don't have to research new _weapons_ in order to miniaturize older
weapons. You just have to get a higher tech level in that category. It
doesn't matter whether you research the Neutron Blaster or the Neutron
Scanner, that old Laser Cannon will miniaturize anyway.

- However to get that level you _have_ to research it. Trading the Neutron
Blaster from another player won't give you the tech level and thus won't
miniaturize the Laser. There is one exception to this: If you get the last
technology of a field that you could research (i.e the field appears in
your research screen), you will get the according tech level. So if you
could trade for the Neutron Blaster and the Neutron Scanner, you would get
the tech level.

- If you trade for a ship system that is higher than your tech level, you
nevertheless can build that system immediately. Its cost and size are as
if you had just researched it. However the system will not miniaturize
unless your according tech level gets higher than the system's own tech
level. So if you obtained Graviton Beams through trade, those will not
miniaturize when you research the Neutron Blaster, or the Tractor Beam.

- If you trade for a ship system that is lower than your tech level, then
that system will at once miniaturize, as if you had possessed it all the
time. Miniaturization of Construction Systems

                  Fighter   Assault    Bomber   Heavy     Anti-Miss.
Bays Shuttles Bays Fighters Rockets Lv: RP: Total: 1.2.b 1.7.c 1.10b 1.12c 1.2.a 2 80 130 30*10 20*5 3 150 280 30*7 16*3 4 250 530 30*5 14*2 5 400 930 30*4 12*2 6 650 1580 30*3 10*1 7 900 2480 30*2 25*10 8*1 8 1150 3630 30*2 25*7 8*1 9 1500 5130 30*2 25*5 8*1 10 2000 7130 30*2 25*4 60*30 8*1 11 3500 10630 30*2 25*3 60*22 8*1 12 6000 16630 30*2 25*2 60*16 80*50 8*1 13 7500 24130 30*2 25*2 60*12 80*37 8*1 14 25000 49130 30*2 25*2 60*9 80*27 8*1 15 35000 84130 30*2 25*2 60*7 80*20 8*1 16 45000 129130 30*2 25*2 60*7 80*15 8*1 17 55000 184130 30*2 25*2 60*7 80*12 8*1 Reinf. Heavy Battle Troop Fast Miss. Auto Hull Armor Pods Pods Racks Repair U. Lv: RP: Total: 1.2.c 1.3.c 1.4.a 1.4.b 1.7.a 1.9.b 2 80 130 200%100 3 150 280 200%75 200%100 4 250 530 200%55 200%75 -500%1600 250%100 5 400 930 200%40 200%55 -500%1600 250%75 6 650 1580 200%30 200%40 -500%1600 250%55 7 900 2480 200%25 200%30 -500%1600 250%40 200%200 8 1150 3630 200%25 200%25 -500%1600 250%30 160%150 9 1500 5130 200%25 200%25 -500%1600 250%25 140%110 200%200 10 2000 7130 200%25 200%25 -500%1600 250%25 120%80 160%150 11 3500 10630 200%25 200%25 -500%1600 250%25 100%60 140%110 12 6000 16630 200%25 200%25 -500%1600 250%25 80%50 120%80 13 7500 24130 200%25 200%25 -500%1600 250%25 80%50 100%60 14 25000 49130 200%25 200%25 -500%1600 250%25 80%50 80%50 Miniaturization of Power Systems Nucl. Fusion AMattr Neutr. AMatter Proton Plasma Ion Pls Bomb Bomb Bomb Bomb Torpedo Torpedo Torpedo Cannon Lv: RP: Total: 2.1.* 2.3.b 2.5.c 2.9.c 2.5.b 2.8.a 2.9.b 2.4.b 1 50 50 5*3 2 80 130 4*2 3 250 380 3*1 7*5 4 900 1280 3*1 6*3 30*15 5 2000 3280 2*1 5*2 7*6 30*15 24*11 6 2750 6030 1*1 4*2 6*4 24*11 20*8 7 3500 9530 1*1 2*1 5*3 21*8 15*6 8 4500 14030 1*1 2*1 4*2 18*6 30*20 11*4 9 10000 24030 1*1 2*1 2*1 10*9 15*4 24*15 40*75 8*3 10 15000 39030 1*1 2*1 2*1 8*6 12*3 21*11 32*56 8*3 11 25000 64030 1*1 2*1 2*1 7*4 12*3 18*8 28*41 8*3 12 35000 99030 1*1 2*1 2*1 5*3 12*3 15*6 24*30 8*3 13 45000 144030 1*1 2*1 2*1 4*2 12*3 12*5 20*22 8*3 14 55000 199030 1*1 2*1 2*1 3*2 12*3 12*5 16*18 8*3 Augmented Shield Trans- High En. Energy Hyper-X Engines Capacitor porters Focus Absorber Capacitor Lv: RP: Total: 2.3.c 2.4.c 2.6.a 2.7.a 2.7.b 2.8.c 3 250 380 200%100 4 900 1280 200%75 200%200 5 2000 3280 200%55 160%150 6 2750 6030 200%40 140%110 200%100 7 3500 9530 200%30 120%80 160%75 200%200 250%250 8 4500 14030 200%25 100%60 140%55 160%150 200%185 200%200 9 10000 24030 200%25 80%50 120%40 140%110 175%135 160%150 10 15000 39030 200%25 80%50 100%30 120%80 150%100 140%110 11 25000 64030 200%25 80%50 80%25 100%60 125%75 120%80 12 35000 99030 200%25 80%50 80%25 80%50 100%62 100%60 13 45000 144030 200%25 80%50 80%25 80%50 100%62 80%50 Miniaturization of Chemistry Systems Nuclear Mercul. Pulson Zeon Extended Missile Missile Missile Missile Fuel Tanks Lv: RP: Total: 3.1.* 3.3.a 3.4.a 3.6.a 3.1.* 1 50 50 20*20 250%120 2 250 300 16*15 250%90 3 650 950 13*11 20*20 250%65 4 1150 2100 10*8 16*15 20*20 250%50 5 2000 4100 7*6 13*11 16*15 250%35 6 4500 8600 5*5 10*8 13*11 20*20 250%30 7 10000 18600 5*5 7*6 10*8 16*15 250%30 8 25000 43600 5*5 5*5 7*6 13*11 250%30 9 35000 78600 5*5 5*5 5*5 10*8 250%30 10 45000 123600 5*5 5*5 5*5 7*6 250%30 11 55000 178600 5*5 5*5 5*5 5*5 250%30 Miniaturization of Sociology Systems There are no ship systems in this category. Miniaturization of Computer Systems Note: Computers have no size. Their cost increases rapidly with the hull size, but I couldn't figure out a formula. The table shows the cost for Electronic Computers for all sizes (e.g. at tech level 3 it will cost 2 PP on frigates, 8 on destroyers ... and 440 on doom stars). All other columns show the values for frigates and doom stars only - the values between them are the same as in the corresponding lines of the "Electronic Computer" column. Electronic Optronic Positron. Cybertr. Molec. Computer Computer Computer Computer Comput. Lv: RP: Total: 5.1.* 5.2.b 5.4.a 5.6.a 5.9.b 1 50 50 5/15/50/125/300/800 2 150 200 3/11/37/ 93/225/600 5..800 3 400 600 2/ 8/27/ 68/165/440 3..600 4 900 1500 2/ 6/20/ 50/120/320 2..440 5..800 5 1500 3000 1/ 4/15/ 37/ 90/240 2..320 3..600 6 2750 5750 1/ 3/12/ 31/ 75/200 1..240 2..440 5..800 7 3500 9250 1..200 1..200 2..320 3..600 8 4500 13750 1..200 1..200 1..240 2..440 9 6000 17750 1..200 1..200 1..200 2..320 5..800 10 25000 42750 1..200 1..200 1..200 1..240 3..600 11 35000 77750 1..200 1..200 1..200 1..200 2..440 12 45000 122750 1..200 1..200 1..200 1..200 2..320 13 55000 177750 1..200 1..200 1..200 1..200 1..240 14 65000 242750 1..200 1..200 1..200 1..200 1..200 Scout Security Range Structur. Achilles Lab Stations Master Analyzer Trg.Unit Lv: RP: Total: 5.3.b 5.3.c 5.5.b 5.6.c 5.9.c 3 400 600 300%150 100%50 4 900 1500 240%110 80%35 5 1500 3000 210%80 70%25 200%200 6 2750 5750 180%60 60%20 160%150 150%200 7 3500 9250 150%45 50%15 140%110 120%150 8 4500 13750 120%35 40%12 120%80 105%110 9 6000 17750 120%35 40%12 100%60 90%80 200%300 10 25000 42750 120%35 40%12 80%50 75%60 160%225 11 35000 77750 120%35 40%12 80%50 60%50 140%165 12 45000 122750 120%35 40%12 80%50 60%50 120%120 13 55000 177750 120%35 40%12 80%50 60%50 100%90 14 65000 242750 120%35 40%12 80%50 60%50 80%75 Miniaturization of Biology Systems Death Bio Spores Terminator Lv: RP: Total: 6.2.c 6.7.a 2 400 480 5*5 3 900 1380 4*3 4 1150 2530 3*2 5 1500 4030 3*2 6 2750 6780 2*1 7 4500 11280 1*1 7*8 8 7500 18780 1*1 6*6 9 25000 43780 1*1 5*4 10 35000 78780 1*1 4*3 11 45000 123780 1*1 2*2 Miniaturization of Physics Systems Laser Fus. Neutr Tract Grav. Pha- Plsma Plsma Dis- Mauler Cann Beam Blast Beam Beam sor Cann. Web ruptr Device Lv: RP: Total: 7.1.* 7.2a 7.4.a 7.5.a 7.6.a 7.7.a 7.8.a 7.8.c 7.9.a 7.10c 1 50 50 10*5 2 150 200 8*3 10*6 3 250 450 7*2 8*4 4 900 1350 5*2 7*3 10*8 5 1150 2500 4*1 5*2 8*6 30*20 15*12 6 1500 4000 3*1 4*1 7*4 24*15 12*9 7 2000 6000 3*1 3*1 5*3 21*11 10*6 10*10 8 3500 9500 3*1 3*1 4*2 18*8 8*4 8*7 25*15 40*40 9 4500 14000 3*1 3*1 3*2 15*6 5*3 7*5 20*11 32*30 20*25 10 6000 20000 3*1 3*1 3*2 12*5 4*3 5*4 17*8 28*22 16*18 50*75 11 15000 35000 3*1 3*1 3*2 12*5 4*3 4*3 13*6 14*16 13*13 40*56 12 25000 50000 3*1 3*1 3*2 12*5 4*3 3*2 9*4 20*12 10*10 33*41 13 35000 85000 3*1 3*1 3*2 12*5 4*3 3*2 6*3 16*10 7*7 25*30 14 45000 130000 3*1 3*1 3*2 12*5 4*3 3*2 6*3 16*10 5*6 18*22 15 55000 185000 3*1 3*1 3*2 12*5 4*3 3*2 6*3 16*10 5*6 13*18 16 65000 250000 3*1 3*1 3*2 12*5 4*3 3*2 6*3 16*10 5*6 13*18 Battle Multi-Ph. Time Warp Stellar Scanner Shields Facilitat Converter Lv: RP: Total: 7.3.c 7.7.c 7.11a 7.11b 3 250 450 250%100 4 900 1350 200%75 5 1150 2500 175%55 6 1500 4000 150%40 7 2000 6000 125%30 200%200 8 3500 9500 100%25 160%150 9 4500 14000 100%25 140%110 10 6000 20000 100%25 120%80 11 15000 35000 100%25 100%60 300%450 500*500 12 25000 50000 100%25 80%50 240%335 400*375 13 35000 85000 100%25 80%50 210%245 350*275 14 45000 130000 100%25 80%50 180%180 300*200 15 55000 185000 100%25 80%50 150%135 250*150 16 65000 250000 100%25 80%50 120%112 200*125 Miniaturization of Force Field Systems Mass Gyro Pul- Gauss Stas. Warp Stealth Lightn. Subspc. Drvr Dest. sar Cann. Field Dissip. Field Field Teleprt Lv: RP: Total: 8.1b 8.2.c 8.5.a 8.6.c 8.7.b 8.3.c 8.4.a 8.5.c 8.9.b 1 250 250 10*7 2 650 900 8*5 75*50 3 900 1800 7*3 60*37 300%300 4 1500 3300 5*2 53*27 240%225 200%200 5 2000 5300 4*2 45*20 50*30 210%165 160%150 200%200 6 2750 8050 3*1 38*15 40*22 10*10 180%120 140%110 160%150 7 3500 11550 3*1 30*12 35*16 8*7 75*75 150%90 120%80 140%110 8 4500 16050 3*1 30*12 30*12 7*5 60*56 120%75 100%60 120%80 9 7500 23550 3*1 30*12 25*9 5*4 53*41 120%75 80%50 100%60 200%300 10 15000 38550 3*1 30*12 20*7 4*3 45*30 120%75 80%50 80%50 160%225 11 25000 63550 3*1 30*12 20*7 3*2 38*22 120%75 80%50 80%50 140%165 12 35000 98550 3*1 30*12 20*7 3*2 30*18 120%75 80%50 80%50 120%120 13 45000 143550 3*1 30*12 20*7 3*2 30*18 120%75 80%50 80%50 100%90 13 55000 198550 3*1 30*12 20*7 3*2 30*18 120%75 80%50 80%50 80%75 ECM M-Wave Wide A. Inert. Inert. Cloak. Phase Jammer ECM Jm. Jammer Stabil. Nullif. Device Cloak Lv: RP: Total: 8.1.c 8.6.b 8.8.c 8.2.b 8.9.c 8.7.a 8.10c 1 250 250 200%100 2 650 900 160%75 300%100 3 900 1800 140%55 240%75 4 1500 3300 120%40 210%55 5 2000 5300 100%30 180%40 6 2750 8050 80%25 200%200 150%30 7 3500 11550 80%25 160%150 120%25 250%250 8 4500 16050 80%25 140%110 400%400 120%25 200%185 9 7500 23550 80%25 120%80 320%300 120%25 300%450 175%135 10 15000 38550 80%25 100%60 280%220 120%25 240%335 150%100 300%450 11 25000 63550 80%25 80%50 240%160 120%25 210%245 125%75 240%335 12 35000 98550 80%25 80%50 200%120 120%25 180%180 100%62 210%245 13 45000 143550 80%25 80%50 160%100 120%25 150%135 100%62 180%180 14 55000 198550 80%25 80%50 160%100 120%25 120%112 100%62 150%135 15 65000 263550 80%25 80%50 160%100 120%25 120%112 100%62 120%112 Cl. I Cl.III Cl. V Cl.VII Cl. X Hard Displ. Shield Shield Shield Shield Shield Shields Device Lv: RP: Total: 8.1.a 8.3.a 8.6.a 8.8.a 8.10a 8.7.c 8.9.a 1 250 250 200%100 2 650 900 160%75 3 900 1800 130%55 200%100 4 1500 3300 100%40 160%75 5 2000 5300 70%30 130%55 6 2750 8050 50%25 100%40 200%100 7 3500 11550 50%25 70%30 160%75 200%200 8 4500 16050 50%25 50%25 130%55 200%100 160%150 9 7500 23550 50%25 50%25 100%40 160%75 140%110 200%300 10 15000 38550 50%25 50%25 70%30 130%55 200%100 120%80 160%225 11 25000 63550 50%25 50%25 50%25 100%40 160%75 100%60 140%165 12 35000 98550 50%25 50%25 50%25 70%30 130%55 80%50 120%120 13 45000 143550 50%25 50%25 50%25 50%25 100%40 80%50 100%90 14 55000 198550 50%25 50%25 50%25 50%25 70%30 80%50 80%75 15 65000 263550 50%25 50%25 50%25 50%25 50%25 80%50 80%75
Note: Shields treat the Doom Star hull size as if it had only 1000 space,
not 1200. This means that shields on Doom Stars are slightly smaller and
cheaper than expected. Non-Miniaturization of Orion/Antaran Techs

Orion/Antaran techs never miniaturize. They don't have a tech level assigned
to them. Their sizes and costs are:

Death Ray       9.2.1   30*75     Reflect.Field   9.2.2  200%300
Particle Beam   9.2.5   15*35     Damper Field    9.2.3  100%150
Spatial Compr.  9.2.6   50*40     Quantum Deton.  9.2.4   60%90
Black Hole Gen  9.2.8  150*150    Phase Shifter   9.2.9     ?

3.2 All things that can affect ...
MOO2 is a very complex game, the different aspects of the game are
interconnected and affect each other in many different ways. To understand
and to master MOO2 it is important to know these interdependencies. The
following tables will help you with that. For almost every aspect of the
game they list every aspect that can affect it.

If you, for example, want to max out research in your empire, have a look at
3.2.5. There you see all the Technologies, Buildings, Environments,
Leader Abilities and some other aspects that can help you.
If you wonder why your production on planet x is unexpectedly low, take
table 3.2.3. It lists everything that can influence production, so by
checking this list you will eventually find out which aspect you forgot. You
will also learn a lot about the game mechanics this way.
If you want to equip ships, tables 3.2.17 to 3.2.30 will aid you. They cover
almost every aspect of ship equipment and combat.

The following 31 lists all use the same layout. The first line shows the
aspect that is covered by this table. Then all aspects that influence that
one are shown in the following order:

- Race Specials: The table lists the name of the special, describes its
effects and tells how many picks it takes to choose it.

- Technologies: Techs that affect that aspect as soon as they are researched
are listed here. The table names the tech, describes its effect and gives
the number (Tech), research cost (RP) and total research cost (Total) of
the tech. The numbers correspond to those in the Tech List (3.1.2) and Tech
Chart (3.1.1). An RP Cost of "Orion" means that this technology cannot be
researched, you have to acquire it by defeating the Guardian or capturing
Antaran ships.

- Buildings: Things that can be built on planets are listed here. The list
names the building, describes its effect and gives its production cost
(PP), maintenance cost (BC), the tech necessary to build it (Tech), also
the research cost (RP) and the total research cost (Total) of that tech.

- Systems: This is ship equipment like weapons, shields and special systems.
Armor and engines are listed under "Technologies" because they immediately
take effect and you cannot choose between them.
The table names the system, describes its effect and then gives two pairs
of values for the size and cost (in production points) of that system. The
first pair describes the size and cost immediately after the system has
been researched (no miniaturization has taken place). You can use these to
estimate the sizes of the systems you are just researching. The second pair
shows the minimal cost and size this system can have. Usually systems can
miniaturize six times. For more information about these values, have a look
at section Miniaturization.
After the Cost and Size numbers the table displays the tech necessary to
build that system (Tech), the research cost (RP) and the total research
cost (Total) of that tech.

- Weapons: Uses an extended "Systems" layout. It is only used in table
3.2.17 (Ship Offense: Beams) and is explained there.

- Planetary Gravity: The table names the condition and describes the effect.
- Pl.Mineral Richn.: The table names the condition and describes the effect.
- Planetary Climate: The table names the condition and describes the effect.
- Planet. Specials: The table names the condition and describes the effect.

- Weapon Modifications: The table names the modification and describes the
effect. Then it displays the increase for size and cost of the weapon
(Cost/Size) and the necessassary miniaturization level (Min).

- Firing Arcs: The table names the arc, describes its effect and displays
the increase for size and cost of the weapon (Cost/Size).

- Leader Abilities: The table first describes the type of the ability: "S"
means "Ship" and stands for abilities that only Ship Officers can have. "C"
denotes abilities of Colony Leaders, "G" General abilities (both types of
leaders can have this ablility). The table then names the ability and
describes its effects.

- Events: The table names the random event and describes its effects.

- Other: The table names all other aspects that have influence and describes
their effects.

- Affecting: All aspects that are directly affected by the aspect in
question are listed here. The affected aspect is named and the effects are
described. Examples: Pollution directly affects production. Ship size
directly affects ship speed.

- Remarks: Other things to keep in mind considering this aspect.

- Bonuses: remark about Bonuses.

3.2.1 Money:

Race Specials:                                                        Picks:
-0.5 BC -0.5 BC per population unit (min. 0) -4
+0.5 BC +0.5 BC per population unit 5
+ 1 BC + 1 BC per population unit 8 Democracy +50% money on all planets 7 Fant. Traders +25%*pop trade treaty bonus, +100% for trade goods, 4 1 BC per surplus food generated (normally 0.5) Technologies: Tech: RP: Total Federation +75% money on all planets (was +50%) 4.5.c 4500 8450 Gal.Curr.Exch. +50% money on all planets 4.6.a 6000 14450 Buildings: PP BC Tech: RP: Total Space Port +50% money on planet 80 1 1.5.a 400 900 Stock Exchange +100% money on planet 150 2 4.3.a 1150 1950 Trade Goods production turns into money (2:1) / / 0 0 0 Planetary Climate: Radiatd,Desert +25% maintenance costs on buildings Toxic +50% maintenance costs on buildings Planetary Specials: Gems +10 money on planet, added before percentage bonuses Gold +5 money on planet, added before percentage bonuses Leader Abilities: G Megawealth +10 (+15) money per turn G Trader per level +10% (15%) money on trade treaties C Finan.Leader per level +10% (15%) money on all planets in system Events: Donation + one empire gets some money Pirates - blockade? steal BC from colony? destroy with fleet? Other: Morale +/- 10% money, food, prod., res. on planet per smile/frown *Trade Treaty [[lesser race pop * 0.5]* (1 + goverment bonus)] Tribute Treaty 5% or 10% of the other empire's total income each turn Tax Rate 0-50% of all planet's production turns into trade goods * Population changes is applied after 2 turns. Goverment bonus: Democracy +50%, Federation +75%. [Jurij Kashinskij <>] Bonuses: Morale, leader, government, gravity, and building % bonuses only apply to the food/ prod/ res/ money produced by farmers/ workers/ scientists/ (population taxes + gold + gems), and not to per planet production from buildings or trade goods.

3.2.2 Food:

Race Specials:   Effects:                                             Picks:
 -1/2 Food       -1/2 food per farmer (min. 1)                          -3
  +1  Food       +1 food per farmer                                      3
  +2  Food       +2 food per farmer                                      7
 Unification     +50% food on all planets                                6
 Low-G World     -25% food on Normal-G, no penalty on Low-G             -5
 High-G World    no -50% penalty on High-G worlds                        6
 Aquatic         Tundra and Swamp worlds are treated as Terran, Ocean    5
                  and Terran Worlds as Gaias.
 Cybernetic      consume 1/2 food and 1/2 production, repair ships       4
 Lithovore       population does not need food                          10

Technologies:                                              Tech:   RP: Total
 Gal. Unificat.  +100% food on all planets (was +50%)      4.5.d  4500  8450
 Biomorph.Fungi  +1 food/farmer, Farming on all planets    6.8.a  7500 18780

Buildings:                                          PP BC  Tech:   RP: Total
 Hydroponic Farm  +2 food on planet                 60  2  6.1.a    80    80
 Subterr. Farms   +4 food on planet                150  4  6.5.a  1500  4030
 Soil Enrichment  +1 food/farmr if not Bar/Tox/Rad 120  /  6.2.b   400   480
 Weather Cont.    +2 food per farmer               200  3  6.5.b  1500  4030
 Food Replicator  convert 2 prod. into 1 food      200 10  2.6.b  2750  6030
 Android Farmer   generates food as farmer +3       50*1p  5.7.a  3500  9250
 Gravity Generat  remove -25%/-50% Gravity penalty 120  2  7.5.c  1150  2500
 Astro Univers.   +1 food/farm, prod/work, res/sci 200  4  4.4.a  2000  3950
 Terraforming     incr. base food prod. per farmer 250* /  6.4.a  1150  2530
 Gaia Transform.  Gaias have a 3 food/farmer base  500  /  6.8.b  7500 18780

Planetary Gravity:
 Low-G World     -25% penalty to food, production and science
 High-G World    -50% penalty to food, production and science
Planetary Climate:
 Radia,Tox,Barr  farming impossible
 Des,Tndra,Arid  1 base food production per farmer
 Ocn,Swmp,Terrn  2 base food production per farmer
 Gaia            3 base food production per farmer
Planetary Specials:
 Natives         farmers, can't be reassigned, but work at an +2 food bonus

Leader Abilities:
 C Farm.Leader   per level +10% (+15%) food on all planets in system

 Axis Shift      + one colony's environment improved to Terran
 Industr.Accid.  - one colony's environment set to radiated?
 Space Amoeba    - toxifies planets?

 Morale          +/- 10% food, prod., res., money on planet per smile/frown
 Conquered pop.  -25% penalty on food, production, research unt. assimilated

Bonuses: Morale, leader, government, gravity, and building % bonuses only apply to the food/ prod/
res/ money produced by farmers/ workers/ scientists/ (population taxes + gold + gems), 
and not to per planet production from buildings or trade goods.

3.2.3 Production:

Race Specials: Effects: Picks: -1 production -1 production per worker (min. 1) -3 +1 production +1 production per worker 3 +2 production +2 production per worker 6 Unification +50% on all production 6 Feudal ships cost only 2/3 production -4 Low-G World -25% prod. on Norm-G, no penalty on Low-G, -10 troop -5 High-G World no -50% penalty on High-G, troops have +1 hit point 6 Rich Homeworld Homeworld has 5 prod./worker (normally 3) 2 Poor Homeworld Homeworld has 2 prod./worker (normally 3) -1 Cybernetic consume 1/2 food and 1/2 production, repair ships 4 Technologies: Tech: RP: Total Microlite Cnst +1 prod. per worker on all planets 3.5.b 2000 4100 Gal. Unificat +100% prod. on all planets (was +50%) 4.5.d 4500 8450 Confederation ships cost 1/3 production (was 2/3) 4.5.a 4500 8450 Buildings: PP BC Tech: RP: Total Automated Fact. +1 prod/worker, +5 on planet 60 1 1.3.a 150 280 Robo Mine Plant +2 prod/worker, +10 on planet 150 2 1.6.a 650 1580 Deep Core Mine +3 prod/worker, +15 on planet 250 3 1.11.a 3500 10630 Recyclotron +1 prod/pop., no incr. pollution 200 2 1.9.a 1500 5130 Android Worker generates prod. as worker +3 50*1p 5.7.b 3500 9250 Robotic Factory +5/8/10/15/20 prod. (Poor-Rich) 200 3 1.10.a 2000 7130 Planetary Gravity: Low-G World -25% penalty to food, production and science High-G World -50% penalty to food, production and science Planetary Mineral Richness: Ultra Poor 1 base production point per worker Poor 2 base production points per worker Abundant 3 base production points per worker Rich 5 base production points per worker Ultra Rich 8 base production points per worker Leader Abilities: C Labor Leader per level +10% (+15%) production on all planets in system Events: Miner. Deplet. - one colony's mineral richness gets lessened (how much?) Mineral Deposit + one colony's mineral richness gets improved (how much?) Other: Morale +/- 10% prod., food, res., money on planet per smile/frown Pollution -1 production on planet per 1 pollution unit on planet Conquered pop. -25% penalty on production, food, research unt. assimilated Affecting: Pollution Pollution appears to be calculated based by Production/2-planet size (tiny=1, small=2, apparently this is the pollution carrying capacity) Note: the base (+5) production from Auto Factories doesn't count in this production and I don't think other base productions do either Morale and gov bonuses to workers probably do count. [Peter DeVries]

Production can be bought with money. The Formula is a bit complicated: You pay 10 BC for every Production Point (PP) until you have 10% of the building's total PP cost together. Then you pay 5 BC per point until you have 50% of the total PP cost. Then you pay 2 BC for every remaining PP.
Alternativaley, you can use this equivalent formula: You pay 2 BC for every remaining PP, then an additional 3 BC for every remaining PP that is needed to build the first 50% of the structure, then an additional 5 BC for every remaining PP that is needed to build the first 10% of the structure.

Bonuses: Morale, leader, government, gravity, and building % bonuses only apply to the food/ prod/ res/ money produced by farmers/ workers/ scientists/ (population taxes + gold + gems), and not to per planet production from buildings or trade goods.

3.2.4 Pollution

Race Specials:   Effects:                                             Picks:
 Tolerant        Pollution is ignored (no prod. necessary to clean up)  10
                 Tolerance affects max population by making each environment 
                 count as the next highest type (almost) the actual data is:

                Gaia/Terran     Arid    Swamp   Other
         Tiny    5               4       3       3
         Small   10              9       7       5
         Medium  15              13      10      8
         Large   20              17      13      10
         Huge    25              21      16      13

Technologies:                                              Tech:   RP: Total
 Nano Disassmb.  doubles all planet's pollut. tolerance    3.5.a  2000  4100

Buildings:                                          PP BC  Tech:   RP: Total
 PollutionProc.  no pollution for 1/2 of product.   80  1  3.3.b   650   950
 Atmospher.Ren.  no pollution for 1/4 of product.  150  3  3.4.b  1150  2100
 Core WasteDump  eliminates pollution on planet    200  8  1.11.b 3500 10630

Planetary Environment:
 Pollution Tolerance:
 Planets ignore Pollution equivalent to their size level(tiny=1, etc.).

 Tolerant Races have a Tolerance close to infinity.
 (Someone might want to test whether it is possible to have pollution with a 
  tolerant race due to overflow.)

Leader Abilities:
 C Enviromentalist  per level -10% (-15%) pollution on all planets in system

 Production      Production/2-planet size (=Pollution Tolerance)
 Note: the base (+5) production from Auto Factories doesn't count. 

 Production      1 pollution unit needs 1 production unit to be cleaned up

3.2.5 Research: Race Specials: Effects: Picks: -1 research -1 research per scientist (min. 1) -3 +1 research +1 research per scientist 3 +2 research +2 research per scientist 6 Feudal -50% research on all planets -4 Confederation -25% research on all planets -4+Research Democracy +50% research on all planets 7 Low-G World -25% res. on Norm-G, no penalty on Low-G, -10 troop -5 High-G World no -50% penalty on High-G, troops have +1 hit point 6 Artif. Homew. +2 research per scientist on homeworld 3 Technologies: Tech: RP: Total Federation +75% research on all planets (was +50%) 4.5.c 4500 8450 Height.Intell. +1 research per scientist on all planets 6.6.b 2750 6780 Buildings: PP BC Tech: RP: Total Research Lab +1 research/scient, +5 on planet 60 1 5.2.a 150 200 Supercomputer +2 res./scientist, +10 on planet 150 2 5.4.b 900 1500 Galac. Cybernet +3 res./scientist, +15 on planet 250 3 5.8.b 4500 13750 Android Scient. generates res. as scientist +3 50*1p 5.7.c 3500 9250 Autolab +30 research on planet 200 3 5.6.b 2750 5750 Planetary Gravity: Low-G World -25% penalty to food, production and science High-G World -50% penalty to food, production and science Planetary Specials: Artifact World +2 research per scientist on planet Orion Special +5 research per scientist on planet Leader Abilities: G Researcher +5 (7.5) research points per turn C Science Ldr. +10% (15%) research on all planets in system Events: Ancient Ship + scientists discover one new technology Computer Virus - have to start current research project from scratch Plague - one colony's research output redirected to finding cure Secret Experim. + scientists discover one new technology field Super Nova - one colony's research output redirected to finding sol. Other: Morale +/- 10% prod., food, res., money on planet per smile/frown *Research Treat [[lesser race pop * 0.5]* (1 + goverment bonus)] Conquered pop. -25% penalty on food, production, research unt. assimilated Scout Lab +(2^ship size class) research per turn (Tech 5.3.b 400 600) (always 20 due to a bug?) * Population changes is applied after 2 turns. After agreement, faster income grow have Democracy, slower - Feodal. Gov. bonus: Feodal -50%, Confederation -25%, Democracy +50%, Federation +75%. [Jurij Kashinskij <>]

Bonuses: Morale, leader, government, gravity, and building % bonuses only apply to the food/ prod/ res/ money produced by farmers/ workers/ scientists/ (population taxes + gold + gems), and not to per planet production from buildings or trade goods.

Research is only one way of gaining technologies. The others are: diplomacy
(exchange, demand, gift), espionage, ground combat, dismantling captured
ships at your colonies, defeating the Guardian (will yield 4 not
researchable techs), colonizing an Artifacts world first, hiring a leader
offering tech, and two random events ("alien space ship wreckage" and
"secret experiments").

3.2.6 Morale:

Race Specials:   Effects:                                             Picks:
 Feudal          -20% morale penalty if no barracks on planet           -4
                 -50% morale penalty if Capitol is lost
 Dictatorship    -20% morale penalty if no barracks on planet            0
                 -35% morale penalty if Capital is lost
 Democracy       -20% morale penalty if Capitol is lost                  7
 Unification     ALL morale effects are ignored                          6

Technologies:                                              Tech:   RP: Total
 Imperium        +20% morale on all planets                4.5.b  4500  8450
                  (but -20% penalty still applies - bug?)
 Virt.Real.Netwk +20% morale on all planets                5.8.a  4500 13750
 Psionics        +10% morale everywh. if Feu/Dic/Con/Imp   6.6.a  2750  6780

Buildings:                                          PP BC  Tech:   RP: Total
 Marine Barrcks  rem. -20 Governmnt morale penalty  60  1  1.1.*    50    50
 Armor Barracks  rem. -20 Governmnt morale penalty 150  2  1.5.b   400   930
                                           or (Battleoids) 1.8.c  1150  3630
 Alien Con.Cent. rem. -20 multi-racial moral pen.   60  1  4.2.b   650   800
 Holo Simulator  +20% morale on planet             120  1  5.4.c   900  1500
 Pleasure Dome   +30% morale on planet             250  3  5.9.a  6000 17750
 Capitol         loss of Capitol = morale penalty  200  0    0       0     0

Leader Abilities:
 C Spir. Leader  per level +5% (7.5%) morale on all planets in system

 Multi-Race Col  -20% morale pen. on multi-race colonies wo. Alien Con.Cent
 Androids        are not affected by morale!

 Money           +/- 10% money on planet per smile/frown
 Food            +/- 10% food on planet per smile/frown
 Production      +/- 10% production on planet per smile/frown
 Research        +/- 10% research on planet per smile/frown

Bonuses: Morale, leader, government, gravity, and building % bonuses only apply to the food/ prod/ res/ money produced by farmers/ workers/ scientists/ (population taxes + gold + gems), and not to per planet production from buildings or trade goods.

Population Growth:
The basic formula seems to be: sqrt(2000*{max.pop-pop}/{pop*max.pop})

Race Specials:   Effects:                                             Picks:
 -50% Growth     -50% population growth                                 -4
 +50% Growth     +50% population growth                                  3
 +100% Growth    +100% population growth                                 6

Technologies:                                              Tech:   RP: Total
 Microbiotics    +25% population growth                    6.3.b   900  1380
 Univ. Antidote  +50% growth, replaces Microbiotics        6.7.b  4500 11280

Buildings:                                          PP BC  Tech:   RP: Total
 Cloning Center  +100.000 pop. per turn until max  100  2  6.2.a   400   480
 Housing         Production*sqrt(25*{max.pop-pop}/{pop*max.pop}) no tech req'

Planetary Environment:
 Can anyone figure out how planetary environment affects population growth?

Leader Abilities:
 C Medicine      per level +10% (+15%) pop. growth on all planets in system

 Population Boom + one colony's population growth is doubled (how long?)

 -50 growth per missing food.

Max. Population: Race Specials: Effects: Picks: Aquatic Tundra, Swamp treated as Terran; Ocean, Terran as Gaia 5 Subterranean +2/4/6/8/10 max.pop on tiny/small/med/large/huge plan. 6 Tolerant All environments treated as one better 10 Technologies: Tech: RP: Total Adv.City Plan. +5 max. population on every planet 1.12b 6000 16630 Buildings: PP BC Tech: RP: Total Biospheres +2 maximum population on planet 60 1 6.1.b 80 80 Terraforming improves planetary environment 250* / 6.4.a 1150 2530 Gaia Transform. forms Terran planets into Gaias 500 / 6.8.b 7500 18780 Planetary Env.: Gaia Terran Arid Swamp Other Tiny 5 4 3 2 1 <-- The table shows how Small 10 8 6 4 3 the base max. pop. of Medium 15 12 9 6 4 a planet is determined Large 20 16 12 8 5 <-- by size and climate. Huge 25 20 15 10 6 The table of the base max. pop. for Tolerant (Terran treated as Gaia): Planetary Env.: Terran Arid Swamp Other Tiny 5 4 3 3 Small 10 9 7 5 Medium 15 13 10 8 Large 20 17 13 10 Huge 25 21 16 13 Events: Axis Shift + one colony's environment improved to Terran Industr.Accid. - one colony's environment set to radiated? Space Amoeba - toxifies planets? Affecting: Pop. Growth Population grows fastest on planets with a pop of 50%*maxpop.

3.2.9 Assimilation: Race Specials: Effects: Picks: Feudal Assimilate other races at 8 turns per pop. unit. -4 Own pop conquered will by enemy be assimil. at once. Dictatorship Assimilate other races at 8 turns per pop. unit. 0 Democracy Assimilate other races at 4 turns per pop. unit. 7 Unification Assimilate other races at 20 turns per pop. unit. 6 Repulsive Assimilate at half speed. -6 Charismatic Assimilate twice as fast. 3 Telepathic Can totally assimilate enemy colony via Mind Control 6 from a large (or bigger) ship in orbit (instead of bombing or invading) if enemy not telepathic. Technologies: Tech: RP: Total Confederation Assimilate at 4 turns/unit (was 8) 4.5.a 4500 8450 Imperium Assimilate at 4 turns/unit (was 8) 4.5.b 4500 8450 Federation Assimilate at 2 turns/unit (was 4) 4.5.c 4500 8450 Gal. Unific. Assimilate at 15 turns/unit (was 20) 4.5.d 4500 8450 Buildings: PP BC Tech: RP: Total Alien Con.Cent Assimilate at 2 turns/pop unit 60 1 4.2.b 650 800 Leader Abilities: G Telepath Negates effect of enemy telepathy in system (e.g. no Mind Control takeover possible). Affecting: Food Conquered pop has -25% penalty on food until assimilated Production Conquered pop has -25% penalty on production unt. assimil. Research Conquered pop has -25% penalty on research until assimil. Remarks: Instead of assimilating enemy population it is also possible to annihilate them at a rate of 1 pop.unit per turn. This will harm diplomatic relations with every other race. This option does not exist for Democracies and Federations.

3.2.10 Planetary Defense: (Structure, Shields, Systems, Star Bases) Technologies: Tech: RP: Total a) Shields Class I Shield block 1 point damage 8.1.a 250 250 Cl. III Shield block 3 points damage, replace Class I 8.3.a 900 1800 Class V Shield block 5 points damage, replace Class III 8.6.a 2750 8050 Cl. VII Shield block 7 points damage, replace Class V 8.8.a 4500 16050 Class X Shield block 10 points damage, replace Class VII 8.10a 15000 38550 b) Armor Titanium Armor Standard Armor, 100 Struct per building 3.1.* 50 50 Tritanium Arm. 200 Struct per bldg, replaces Titanium 3.2.b 250 300 Zortrium Arm. 400 Struct per bldg, replaces Tritanium 3.5.c 2000 4100 Neutronium Arm 600 Struct per bldg, replaces Zortrium 3.6.b 4500 8600 Adamantium Arm 800 Struct per bldg, replaces Neutronium 3.7.b 10000 18600 Xentronium Arm 1000 Strct per bldg, replaces Adamantium 9.2.7 Orion Orion Buildings: PP BC Tech: RP: Total Radiation Shld -5 damage; terraforms Rad->Barren 80 1 8.3.b 900 1800 Flux Shield -10 damage; terraf.Radiat->Barren 200 3 8.8.b 4500 16050 Barrier Shield -20 damage, terraf.Radiat->Barren 500 5 8.10b 15000 38550 Troops/Bioweapons cannot enter Missile Base 300 space for best missiles 120 2 1.3.b 150 280 Fighter Garr. 40 Intcpt. or 24 Bomb. or 16 Hvy. 150 2 1.5.c 400 930 Gound Batter. 300 space for best HV / PD beams 200 2 1.8.b 1150 3630 Stellar Conv. defends planet 1000 6 7.11b 15000 35000 Artemis SysNet protects system with mine field 1000 5 1.13b 7500 24130 Warp Interdic. Slows enemy to 1 parsec/turn, 300 3 8.5.b 2000 5300 (gives you some time to react) Star Base see section 3.2.31 400 2 1.1.* 50 50 Battle Station see section 3.2.31 1000 3 1.6.b 650 1580 Star Fortress see section 3.2.31 2500 4 1.12a 6000 16630 Other: All military ships in the system will defend the attacked planet. All weapons except missiles and bombs do only half damage against planets. Planetary shields can never be weakened, only destroyed.

Remarks: When beam weapons attack a planet, the computer does the following calculation for every single weapon: First the weapon's raw damage is calculated, then halved. Then the Planetary Shield (plus the empire's shield level) block some more damage. The remaining damage is applied to the planet's buildings.
Even when no shield has been built on a planet, damage is still blocked according to the empire's shield level.

3.2.11 Ground Defense and Troop Combat Rating:

Race Specials:   Effects:                                             Picks:
 -10             -10 troop combat rating penalty                        -2
 +10             +10 troop combat rating bonus                           2
 +20             +20 troop combat rating bonus                           4
 Low-G World     -10 troop combat rating penalty                        -5
 High-G World    +1 hit point for ground troops                          6
 Subterranean    +10 ground troop combat rating bonus when defending     6
 Warlord         Ground troop build speed x2, max. troops on planet x2   4

Technologies:                                              Tech:   RP: Total
a) Armor
 Titanium Armor  +5 troop combat rating                    3.1.*    50    50
 Tritanium Arm.  +10 troop combat, replaces Titanium       3.2.b   250   300
 Zortrium Arm.   +15 troop combat, replaces Tritanium      3.5.c  2000  4100
 Neutronium Arm  +20 troop combat, replaces Zortrium       3.6.b  4500  8600
 Adamantium Arm  +25 troop combat, replaces Neutronium     3.7.b 10000 18600
 Xentronium Arm  +30 troop combat, replaces Adamantium     9.2.7 Orion Orion
b) Rifles
 Laser Rifle     +5 troop combat rating                    7.1.*    50    50
 Fusion Rifle    +10 troop combat. Replaces Laser Rifle.   7.2.b   150   200
 Phasor Rifle    +20 troop combat. Replaces Fusion Rifle.  7.7.b  2000  6000
 Plasma Rifle    +30 troop combat. Replaces Phasor Rifle.  7.8.b  3500  9500
c) Other
 Anti-Grav Hrn.  +10 troop combat rating                   8.2.a   650   900
 Personal Shld   +20 troop combat rating                   8.4.b  1500  3300
 Powered Armor   +10 troop combat to Infntry, +1 hit point 1.6.c   650  1580
 Battleoids      +10 troop combat to Armored, 3 hit points 1.8.c  1150  3630
 Security Stat.  +20 troop combat for Marines defending    5.3.c   400   600
                  their ship against enemy boarders

Buildings:                                          PP BC  Tech:   RP: Total
 Marine Barrcks  4 Infantry +1/5turns up to 1/2max  60  1  1.1.*    50    50
 Armor Barracks  2 Armored +1/10turns up to 1/4max 150  2  1.5.b   400   930
                                           or (Battleoids) 1.8.c  1150  3630
Leader Abilities:
 G Commando      per level +2 (+3) to the troop combat of Marines and ground
                  troops in system. (Is this cumulative?)
 S Security      per level +2 (+3) to the troop combat of the fleet's
                  Marines when defending their ship against enemy boarders.
 Experience      when boarding or defending against boarders, ship crews get
                  a +0/5/10/15/20 bonus according to their experience level.
 1 militia unit generated from each 5 population unit, not natives or androids.
 Militia have -10 penalty and don't use Powered Armor. 
			[Jurij Kashinskij <>]

3.2.12 Spy Rating: Race Specials: Effects: Picks: -10 -10 penalty to all spies -3 +10 +10 bonus to all spies 3 +20 +20 bonus to all spies 6 Dictatorship +10 bonus to defensive spies 0 Democracy -10 penalty to defensive spies 7 Unification +15 bonus to defensive spies 6 Telepathic +10 bonus to all spies 6 Technologies: Tech: RP: Total Imperium +15 to defensive spies 4.5.b 4500 8450 Neural Scanner +10 to all spies 5.3.a 400 600 Cyber Sec.Link +10 to all spies 5.5.c 1500 3000 Telepath.Train +5 to all spies 6.3.a 900 1380 Psionics +10 to all spies 6.6.a 2750 6780 Stealth Suit +10 to all spies 8.4.c 1500 3300 Leader Abilities: G Assassin per level +2% (+3%) chance to kill an enemy spy each turn G Spy Master per level +2% (+3%) to offensive spies G Telepath per level +?% (+?%) to defensie spies, negates effects of enemy's telepathy (e.g. Mind Control) in the system.

3.2.13 Diplomacy: Race Specials: Effects: Picks: Repulsive declare war and sue for peace are only dipl. actions -6 Charismatic +50% diplomacy, double effect of good and half effect 3 of bad diplomatic actions Technologies: Tech: RP: Total Xeno Psychol. +30% diplomacy bonus 4.2.a 650 800 Leader Abilities: G Diplomat per level of leader +10% (+15%) diplomacy (cumulative?) Events: Diplom.Assassin - relations between 2 empires get worse Diplom.Marriage + relations between 2 empires get better Other: Using bio weapons and annihilitang population harms diplomacy. (How much?)

3.2.14 Command Rating: Race Specials: Effects: Picks: Warlord Each colony produces 2 command points 4 Technologies: order command points Tech: RP: Total a) Communic.: range per orbital base Tachyon Comm. 3 parsecs 1 7.3.a 250 450 Subspace Comm. 6 parsecs 2 (replaces Tachyon Comm.) 7.6.a 1500 4000 Hypersp. Comm. unlimited 3 (replaces Subspace Comm) 7.10a 6000 20000 b) Other: Imperium +50% command rating (was 0) 4.5.b 4500 8450 Buildings: PP BC Tech: RP: Total Star Base +1 command point, defends planet 400 2 1.1.* 50 50 Battle Station +2 command pts, replcs Star Base 1000 3 1.6.b 650 1580 Star Fortress +3 command pts, replcs Battlest. 2500 4 1.12.a 6000 16630 Leader Abilities: S Operations adds per level of the leader +2 (+3) to the command rating. Other: Military ships need 1 command point per size class. Support ships need 1 command point each. Remarks: You always get 5 command points as a baseline. If you do not have enough Command Points you have to pay 10 BC per turn for every missing point.

3.2.15 Scanners and Stealth: Race Specials: Effect: Picks: Omniscient Knows all planets, sees all (even stealthy) ships. 3 Stealthy Ships Own ships do not appear on galaxy map 4 Technologies: Tech: RP: Total Space Scanner 1+size class (2-7) parsecs 7.1.* 50 50 Tachyon Scann. 3+size class (4-9), replace Space Scann. 7.3.b 250 450 Neutron Scann. 5+size class (6-11), replace Tachyon Sc. 7.4.b 900 1350 Sensors 8+size class (9-15), replace Neutron Sc. 7.10b 6000 20000 Buildings: PP BC Tech: RP: Total Star Base +2 scanner range at system 400 2 1.1.* 50 50 Battle Station +4 scanner range at system 1000 3 1.6.b 650 1580 Star Fortress +6 scanner range at system 2500 4 1.12a 6000 16630 Systems: Siz/Cst Siz/Cst Tech: RP: Total Stealth Field Invisible on galaxy map 200%200 80%50 8.4.a 1500 3300 Cloaking Dev. Hides ship from scanners 250%250 100%62 8.7.a 3500 11550 Battle Scanner +2 scanner range on ship 250%100 100%25 7.3.c 250 450

3.2.16 Crew Experience: Race Specials: Effects: Picks: Warlord all crews (and leaders?) get a +1 exper. level bonus 4 Buildings: PP BC Tech: RP: Total Space Academy new ships +1 lvl, all +1 exp/turn 200 2 4.1.a 150 150 Leader Abilities: C Instructor per level of leader +1 (+1.5) experience per turn to every ship and leader (not cumulative, only best bonus applies) Other: All ships and leaders gain +1 experience point per turn. All ships and leaders gain +2 pts for every enemy ship they destroy/capture Affecting: Beam Attack +0/15/30/50/75 BOCV for Green/Regul/Vet/Elite/U-Elite crews Beam Defense +0/15/30/50/75 BDCV for Green/Regul/Vet/Elite/U-Elite crews Troop Combat +0/15/30/50/75 troop combat for lvl 1-5 crews when boarding

3.2.17 Ship Offense: Beams Race Specials: Effects: Picks: -20 -20% Beam attack to hit chance (BOCV) penalty -2 +20 +20% BOCV bonus 2 +50 +50% BOCV bonus 4 Systems: Effect: Siz/Cst Siz/Cst Tech: RP: Total a) Computers: Electr. Comp. 25% BOCV (see 5.1.* 50 50 Optronic Comp. 50% BOCV (see 5.2.b 150 200 Positronic C. 75% BOCV (see 5.4.a 900 1500 Cybertronic C. 100% BOCV (see 5.6.a 2750 5750 Moleculartr.C. 125% BOCV (see 5.9.b 6000 17750 b) BOCV Modifiers (better chance to hit): Battle Scanner +50% BOCV 250%100 100%25 7.3.c 250 450 Scout Lab +20% BOCV ag. monsters 300%150 120%35 5.3.b 400 600 Rangemaster TU BOCV range penalty calc. 200%200 80%50 5.5.b 1500 3000 as if range was only 1/3 c) Damage Intensifiers: High En. Focus +50% beam damage 200%200 80%50 2.7.a 3500 9530 Struct.Analyz. 2x dmg if shlds penetr 150%200 60%50 5.6.c 2750 5750 d) Other: Hyper-X Capac. 2 shots with 1 turn wait 200%200 80%50 2.8.c 4500 14030 Achilles T.U. All weap. ignore Armor 200%300 80%75 5.9.c 6000 17750 If shield penetrated 2x chance to hit weapons or shields Weapons: Damage I 3ACEHPRS Spc Siz/Cst Siz/Cst Laser Cannon 1-4 3ac hpr 10*5 3*1 7.1.* 50 50 Fusion Beam 2-6 cehp 10*6 3*1 7.2.a 150 200 Mass Driver 6 * 3a hpR 10*7 3*1 8.1.b 250 250 Ion Pulse Cann 2-10 * 3Ac sys 30*15 8*3 2.4.b 900 1280 Neutron Blastr 3-12 c h kil 10*8 3*2 7.4.a 900 1350 Graviton Beam 3-15 c h +st 15*12 4*3 7.5.b 1150 2000 Phasor 5-20 3 c hp s 10*10 3*2 7.7.a 2000 6000 Gauss Cannon 18 * 3a h R 10*10 3*2 8.6.c 2750 8050 Plasma Cannon 6-30 * cEh drd 25*15 6*3 7.8.a 3500 9500 Disruptor Can 40 * 3 h R 20*25 5*6 7.9.a 4500 14000 Mauler Device 100 h a+d 50*75 30*18 7.10c 6000 20000 Particle Beam 10-30 c hp S 15*35 15*35 9.2.5 Orion Orion Death Ray 50-100 c h kil 30*75 30*75 9.2.1 Orion Orion Stellar Conv. 400 * E R alw 500*500 200*125 7.11b 15000 35000 (see legend at the end of this section) Weapon Modifications: Cost/Size Min Auto Fire AF 3 -20% BOCV, but fires 3 times per turn +50% 2 Armor Piercing AP A Beam bypasses Armor, hits Struct/Syst. dir. +25% 1 Continuous CO C +25% BOCV +25% 1 Enveloping ENV E Hits 4 times (1 hit on each shield facing) +100% 2 Heavy Mount HV H +50% damge, only 1/2 range penalty to BOCV x2 0 and damage, unable to target fight./miss. Point Defense PD P +25% BOCV; but 1/2 damage, 2x range penalty x1/2 0 to BOCV and damage No Range Diss. NR R Damage is not reduced by range +25% 1 Shield Piercng SP S Beam bypasses shields +50% 1 Firing Arcs: Cost/Size: Forward can fire straight on and up to 60 degree left/right +0% Forward Ext straight on and up to 120 degrees to the left or right +25% Backward Ext can fire straight back and up to 120 degr. left/right +25% Backward can fire straight back and up to 60 degr. left/right +0% 360 Degree can fire in all directions +50% Leader Abilities: S Weaponry per level of the leader +5% (+7.5%) to the ship's BOCV. S Galact. Lore per level +10% (+15%) to the fleet's BOCV against monsters. S Ordnance per level +5% (+7.5%) to the maximum damage of the ship's attacks (probably beam only?) Other: Crew Exp.Level +0/15/30/50/75% BOCV for Green/Reg/Vet/Elite/U-Elite Crews Immobilized +20% BOCV against immobilized targets (including bases?) Damage Destruction of the computer System removes its BOCV bonus. Range to Target Damage only 90/80/70/60/50/40/35/0% if between you and your target are 4/ 7/10/13/16/19/22/25 free squares at least, also causes a BOCV penalty. How is it calculated? Remarks: Beams do only half damage against planets. The calculation of the cost and size increments is done in three steps. First all percentage ratings resulting from modifications and firing arcs are summed up (e.g. Forward Extended Arc (+25%), Armor Piercing (+25%) and Enveloping (+100%) together result in a +150% increment). Then cost and size of the weapon are increased by this value (e.g. if the original cost was 20 PP then 150% = 30 PP will be added, resulting in 50 PP cost). Finally this result is doubled (or halved) for Heavy Mount (or Point Defense) weapons (the example above leads to 100 PP cost for a HV weapon or 25 PP for a PD weapon). (Legend to the "Weapons" list: A "*" in the "I" column indicates that this weapon has at least 1 intrinsic Weapon Modification without the cost and size increments or the necessary Miniaturization level. The 3ACEHPRS columns stand for one modification each, if the weapon can have this mod, then the corresponding letter will appear in its line. Intrinsic modifications are shown in CAPITAL letters. The "Spc" column denotes another special bonus/penalty of this weapon: kil - kills 1 Marine per 5 points of damage to internal systems sys - bypasses armor AND structure, hitting systems directly This weapon has no effect against monsters and Antarans. +st - an additional 50% of the damage done will be applied to Structure drd - double range dissipation (double range damage penalty) alw - always hits, regardless of BOCV a+d - as alw and drd )

3.2.18 Ship Offense: Missiles Race Specials: Picks: -20 Defense -20% Beam defense (BDCV) penalty -2 +25 Defense +25% BDCV bonus (missiles are harder to hit) 3 +50 Defense +50% BDCV bonus (do these really apply to missiles?) 7 Technologies: Tech: RP: Total a) Drives: Nuclear Drive missile speed 12, defense? 2.1.* 50 50 Fusion Drive missile speed 14, defense? 2.3.a 250 380 Ion Drive missile speed 16, defense? 2.4.a 900 1280 Anti-Mat. Drv. missile speed 18, defense? 2.5.a 2000 3280 Hyper Drive missile speed 20, defense? 2.8.b 4500 14030 Interphased D. missile speed 22, defense? 2.9.a 10000 24030 b) Guiding Systems: Emissions G.S. EMG Modification available 5.5.a 1500 3000 Dauntless G.S. if target destroyed, tar. nearest enemy 5.2.c 150 200 Systems: Siz/Cst Siz/Cst Tech: RP: Total a) Missiles Damage Struct Nuclear Miss. 8 4 20*20 5*5 3.1.* 50 50 Merculite Miss 14 6 20*20 5*5 3.3.a 650 950 Pulson Missile 20 8 20*20 5*5 3.4.a 1150 2100 Zeon Missile 30 10 20*20 5*5 3.6.a 4500 8600 b) Support Fast Miss.Rack 2 shots with 1 turn wait 200%200 80%50 1.7.a 900 2480 Weapon Modifications (for all missiles): Cost/Size Min Heav. Armored ARM doubles structure of missile +25% 1 El.Ctr-Ctr-M. ECCM only 1/2 chance that miss. is jammed by ECM +25% 1 Fast travel FST +4 combat speed (defense?) +25% 1 MIRV MV 4 separate warheads, hit as 4 missiles +100% 2 Emissions G.S. EMG miss. bypass armor and hit drive directly +300% 0 Other: Shots/Combat 2/5/10/15/20 shots need -50/+0/+50/+75/+100% cost and size. Remarks: All missiles have a 360 degree firing arc. If not jammed or shot down, missiles will always hit, delivering their fixed amount of damage. They do full damage against planets. Missiles can be targeted by beam weapons, interceptors and anti-missile rockets. The calculation of the cost and size increments is done in two steps. First the "Shots per Combat" modification takes place. Then the Weapon Mod increments are calculated with the result of the first step as the base. Example: Missiles that cost 20 BC at 5 shots will cost 5 BC (25%) more with the ECCM modification. With 20 shots, the missiles alone will cost 40 BC (+100%), and ECCM will now cost 10 BC more (25% of 40, NOT of 20!).

3.2.19 Ship Offense: Torpedoes Technologies: No.: RPCost: Total Dauntless G.S. if target destroyed, tar. nearest enemy 5.2.c 150 200 Systems: Siz/Cst Siz/Cst Tech: RP: Total Anti-Matter T. Damage 25, Speed 20 30*15 12*3 2.5.b 2000 3280 Proton Torpedo Damage 40, Range 24 30*20 12*5 2.8.a 4500 14030 Plasma Torpedo Dmg 120 -5/sq, Spd 24 40*75 16*18 2.9.b 10000 24030 Weapon Modifications (for all torpedoes): Cost/Size Min El.Ctr-Ctr-M. ECCM only 1/2 chance that torp. is jammed by ECM +25% 1 Enveloping ENV hits 4 times (1 hit on each shield) +100% 2 Overloaded OVR +50% damage +50% 1 Not Rng NR Damage is not reduced by range +25% 1 (only necessary for Plasma Torpedoes) Remarks: Torpedoes fire only every 2 turns and have a 360 degree firing arc. The number of shots per combat is not limited (as it is for missiles). If not jammed or shot down, torpedoes will always hit, delivering their fixed amount of damage. They do only half damage against planets. Torpedoes cannot be targeted by any weapon system. (really?)

3.2.20 Ship Offense: Fighters Race Specials: Effects: Picks: a) Beam attack: -20 Attack -20% Beam attack to hit chance (BOCV) penalty -2 +20 Attack +20% BOCV bonus 2 +50 Attack +50% BOCV bonus (do these really apply to fighters?) 4 b) Beam Defense (Fighters are easier/harder to hit): -20 Defense -20% Beam defense (BDCV) penalty -2 +25 Defense +25% BDCV bonus 3 +50 Defense +50% BDCV bonus (do these really apply to fighters?) 7 Technologies: Tech: RP: Total a) Computers: Electr. Comp. 25% BOCV 5.1.* 50 50 Optronic Comp. 50% BOCV 5.2.b 150 200 Positronic C. 75% BOCV 5.4.a 900 1500 Cybertronic C. 100% BOCV 5.6.a 2750 5750 Moleculartr.C. 125% BOCV 5.9.b 6000 17750 b) Structure: Titanium Armor Struct: Int 2, Ass 3, Bom 4, Hvy 5 3.1.* 50 50 Tritanium Arm. Struct: Int 4, Ass 6, Bom 8, Hvy 10 3.2.b 250 300 Zortrium Arm. Struct: Int 8, Ass 12, Bom 16, Hvy 20 3.5.c 2000 4100 Neutronium Arm Struct: Int 12, Ass 18, Bom 24, Hvy 30 3.6.b 4500 8600 Adamantium Arm Struct: Int 16, Ass 24, Bom 32, Hvy 40 3.7.b 10000 18600 Xentronium Arm Struct: Int 20, Ass 30, Bom 40, Hvy 50 9.2.7 Orion Orion c) Drive: Nuclear Drive Speed: Int 10, Ass 6, Bom 8, Hvy 8 2.1.* 50 50 Fusion Drive Speed: Int 12, Ass 8, Bom 10, Hvy 10 2.3.a 250 380 Ion Drive Speed: Int 14, Ass 10, Bom 12, Hvy 12 2.4.a 900 1280 Anti-Mat. Drv. Speed: Int 16, Ass 12, Bom 14, Hvy 14 2.5.a 2000 3280 Hyper Drive Speed: Int 18, Ass 14, Bom 16, Hvy 16 2.8.b 4500 14030 Interphased D. Speed: Int 20, Ass 16, Bom 18, Hvy 18 2.9.a 10000 24030 d) Point Defense Beam Weapons (Interceptors and Heavy) Laser Cannon 1-2 Damage 7.1.* 50 50 Fusion Beam 1-3 Damage 7.2.a 150 200 Mass Driver 3 Damage (is this one really used?) 8.1.b 250 250 Phasor 2-10 Damage 7.7.a 2000 6000 Particle Beam 5-15 Damage (is this one really used?) 9.2.5 Orion Orion e) Bombs (Bombers and Heavy) Nuclear Bomb 3-12 Damage 2.1.* 50 50 Fusion Bomb 4-24 Damage 2.3.b 250 380 Anti-Matter B. 5-40 Damage 2.5.c 2000 3280 Neutronium B. 10-60 damage 2.9.c 10000 24030 f) Marines (Assault Shuttles) see Ship Offense/Defense: Marines Systems: Effect: Siz/Cst Siz/Cst Tech: RP: Total Fighter Bays 1 beam, fire 4x 30*10 30*2 1.2.b 80 130 Assault Shutt. carry 1 Marine 25*10 25*2 1.7.c 900 2480 Bomber Bays carry 1 bomb 60*30 60*7 1.10b 2000 7130 Heavy Fighters 2 bombs + 2 beams (2x?) 80*50 80*12 1.12c 6000 16630 Leader Abilities: S Fight. Pilot per level +5 (+7.5) to the defense (BDCV) and beam weapon damage (?) to all fighters in the fleet Remarks: Fighters have a 360 degree "launching arc" and launch in squadrons of 4. They fly to their target, attack it at its weakest shield, then return to the carrier. Those who made it back can be sent off again. Fighters can be targeted by Beam Weapons, Interceptors and Anti-Missile Rockets. They can target ships, Bombers and Heavy Fighters can also target planets. Interceptors can target ships, missiles and fighters. Bombers can throw bombs at other ships. Fighters have a 50% chance to avoid the effects of any ship self-destruct or warp core breach explosions.

3.2.21 Ship Offense: Bombs Systems: Effect: Siz/Cst Siz/Cst Tech: RP: Total a) Bombs Nuclear Bomb 3-12 Damage 5*3 1*1 2.1.* 50 50 Fusion Bomb 4-24 Damage 7*5 2*1 2.3.b 250 380 Anti-Matter B. 5-40 Damage 7*6 2*1 2.5.c 2000 3280 Neutronium B. 10-60 damage 10*9 3*2 2.9.c 10000 24030 b) Support Transporters 12 sq range (was 3) 200%100 80%25 2.6.a 2750 6030 Bomber Bays use bombs against 60*30 60*7 1.10b 2000 7130 ships and planets c) Bio Weapons Death Spores 10% to kill 1 pop 5*5 1*1 6.2.c 400 480 Bio Terminator 20% to kill 1 pop 7*8 2*2 6.7.a 4500 11280 d) Planet Destruction Stellar Conv. destr. pl. from orbit 500*500 200*125 7.11b 15000 35000 Remarks: Bombs always hit their target. They do full damage against planets. They have a 360 degree firing arc. The use of bio weapons harms diplomatic relations with all other races.

3.2.22 Ship Offense: Special Weapons Systems: Effect: Siz/Cst Siz/Cst Tech: RP: Total Plasma Web Rng 15, 5-25 env.dmg. 40*40 16*10 7.8.c 3500 9500 persists Gyro Destabil. (1-4)x size struct dmg 75*50 30*12 8.2.c 650 900 Rng 15. Pass Shld/Arm Pulsar (2-24)x size dmg to 50*30 20*7 8.5.a 2000 5300 ship/miss/fight, 6 sq rad. Spatial Compr. (4-32)x size dmg to 50*40 50*40 9.2.6 Orion Orion everything in 2 sq rad. Black Hole Gen target cannot move, is 150*150 150*150 9.2.8 Orion Orion destroyed in 2 turns Tractor Beam slows/immobilizes ship 30*20 12*5 7.5.a 1150 2500 Stasis Field Rng 3. Target is frozen 75*75 30*18 8.7.b 3500 11550 and cannot be attacked AntiMiss.Rock. Hit with 85% -5/square 20*5 8*1 1.2.a 80 130 ag. missiles/fighters Energy Absorbr absorbs 1/4 of pot. 250%250 100%62 2.7.b 3500 9530 damage, throws back Quantum Deton. 50% self-destr. when capt 60%90 60%90 9.2.4 Orion Orion 3x damage Other: (Self)Destruct Damage to adjacent ships. (How much? Which radius?) Remarks Special Weapons can target ships only (except Anti-Missile Rockets which can target missiles and fighters only). Weapons that do damage in a radius around them also hit missiles and fighters (both have size class 1/2). If not stated otherwise, special weapons always hit theit target.

3.2.23 Ship Offense/Defense: Boarding Marines Systems: Effect: Siz/Cst Siz/Cst Tech: RP: Total Security Stat. +20 defense bonus 100%50 40%12 5.3.c 400 600 Troop Pods 2x Marines onboard 250%100 250%25 1.4.b 250 530 Assault Shutt. drop off Marines 25*10 25*2 1.7.c 900 2480 Tractor Beam slows/immobilizes ship 30*20 12*5 7.5.a 1150 2500 Transporters beam Mar. from 12 sq 200%100 80%25 2.6.a 2750 6030 if facing shld down Hard Shields negate Transporters 200%200 80%50 8.7.c 3500 11550 Damper Field 50% to neg. Transp. 100%150 100%150 Neutron Blastr \ kill 1 Marine per 10*8 3*2 7.4.a 900 1350 Death Ray / 5 damage to systems 30*75 30*75 9.2.1 Orion Orion Leader Abilities: G Commando per level +2 (+3) to the troop combat of Marines and ground troops in system. (Is this cumulative?) S Security per level +2 (+3) to the troop combat of the fleet's Marines when defending their ship against enemy boarders. Other: Experience when boarding or defending against boarders, ship crews get a +0/5/10/15/20 bonus according to their experience level. Ship Size 5/8/12/20/30/50 Marines Crew on class 1/2/3/4/5/6 ships. Damage Each point of damage that penetrates shields and armor has a 2% chance of killing a Marine. Remarks: You can board a ship if a) it is immobilized and your ship occupies an adjacent square, b) you have transporters and its shield facing you is down, c) you send Assault Shuttles. Do the Ground combat bonuses also apply to Marine fighting? All of them? Does cloaking affect boarding?

3.2.24 Ship Defense: Beam Defense (Beam DCV in Fleets Screen): Race Specials: Effects: Picks: -20 -20% BDCV penalty -2 +25 +25% BDCV bonus 3 +50 +50% BDCV bonus 7 Systems: Effect: Siz/Cst Siz/Cst Tech: RP: Total Inert. Stabil. +50% BDCV, 1/2 turn cost 300%100 120%25 8.2.b 650 900 Inert. Nullif. +100% BDCV, no turn cost 300%450 120%112 8.9.c 7500 23550 Cloaking Dev. +80% BDCV when cloaked 250%250 100%62 8.7.a 3500 11550 Leader Abilities: S Helmsman per level +5% (+7.5%) bonus to the ship's beam defense. Other: Combat Speed +5% beam defense per 1 square of combat speed. Crew Exp.Level +0/15/30/50/75% BDCV for Green/Reg/Vet/Elite/U-Elite Crews Remarks: Does anyone know how the beam defense of missiles/fighters is calculated?

3.2.25 Ship Defense: Missile Evasion Technologies: Tech: RP: Total Tachyon Scann. -20 to target's missile evasion 7.3.b 250 450 Neutron Scann. -40 to target's m.e., replace Tachyons 7.4.b 900 1350 Sensors -70 to target's m.e., replace Neutrons 7.10b 6000 20000 Systems: Effect: Siz/Cst Siz/Cst Tech: RP: Total a) ECM Systems: ECM Jammer +70% missile evasion 200%100 80%25 8.1.c 250 250 Multi-Wave ECM +100% miss. evasion 200%200 80%50 8.6.b 2750 8050 Wide Area Jam. +130% ship, +70% fleet 400%400 160%100 8.8.c 4500 16050 b) Fields Lightning Fld. 50% chance to destroy 200%200 80%50 8.5.c 2000 5300 miss./fight./torps Cloaking Dev. 50% ch. missiles miss 250%250 100%62 8.7.a 3500 11550 c) Rockets AntiMiss.Rock. Hit with 85% -5/square 20*5 8*1 1.2.a 80 130 ag. missiles/fighters Remarks: Missile Evasion helps against missiles and torpedoes, but not fighters. Anti-Missile Rockets can target missiles and fighters, but not torpedoes. Beam Weapons also can target missiles and fighters, but not torpedoes.

3.2.26 Ship Defense: Shields and other Fields Systems: Siz/Cst Siz/Cst Tech: RP: Total a) Shields Block: Absorb: Class I Shield 1 5x size 200%100 50%25 8.1.a 250 250 Cl. III Shield 3 15x size 200%100 50%25 8.3.a 900 1800 Class V Shield 5 25x size 200%100 50%25 8.6.a 2750 8050 Cl. VII Shield 7 35x size 200%100 50%25 8.8.a 4500 16050 Class X Shield 10 50x size 200%100 50%25 8.10a 15000 38550 b) Shield Support Shld Capacitor triples recharge rate 200%200 80%50 2.4.c 900 1280 Multi-Ph.Shlds +50% Absorption 200%200 80%50 7.7.c 2000 6000 Hard Shields Block +3 dmg, negate SP 200%200 80%50 8.7.c 3500 11550 c) Other Fields Energy Absorbr absorbs 1/4 of pot. dmg. 250%250 100%62 2.7.b 3500 9530 throws it back Displacem.Dev. 30% ch. any weapon misses 200%300 80%75 8.9.a 7500 23550 Phasing Cloak 10 turns invulnerability 300%450 120%112 8.10c 15000 38550 Damper Field Blocks 3/4 dmg, no Shield 100%150 100%150 9.2.3 Orion Orion Reflect.Field can reflect beams 200%300 200%300 9.2.2 Orion Orion Lightning Fld. 50% chance to destroy 200%200 80%50 8.5.c 2000 5300 miss./fight./torps Leader Abilities: Engineer per level +2% (+3%) to the ship's shield restoration rate. Other: Damage Destruction of the shield System takes away the shields. Remarks: Ships in stasis fields cannot be hit with any weapons.

3.2.27 Ship Defense: Armor and Structure Race Specials: Effect: Picks: Cybernetic Fix 10% Armor and Struct damage, 5% Systems damage 4 per combat turn, repair ship completely after battle. Technologies: Tech: RP: Total Titanium Armor Standard Armor 3.1.* 50 50 Tritanium Arm. 2x Armor and Struct, replcs Titanium 3.2.b 250 300 Zortrium Arm. 4x Armor and Struct, replcs Tritanium 3.5.c 2000 4100 Neutronium Arm 6x Armor and Struct, replcs Zortrium 3.6.b 4500 8600 Adamantium Arm 8x Armor and Struct, replcs Neutronium 3.7.b 10000 18600 Xentronium Arm 10x Arm. and Struct, negates AP, repl.Ad. 9.2.7 Orion Orion Adv.Dmg.Contr. all ships compl. repaired after battle 1.7.b 900 2480 Systems: Siz/Cst Siz/Cst Tech: RP: Total Reinforcd Hull Struct x3, Drive x3 200%100 200%25 1.2.c 80 130 Heavy Armor Armor x3, negate AP 200%100 200%25 1.3.c 150 280 AutoRepair Un. Fix Arm,Struct,Sys. 200%200 80%50 1.9.b 1500 5130 Leader Abilities: Engineer Repairs per level 2 (3) of ship's Structure or Armor. Repairs ship completely after combat. Other: Ship Size 4/10/30/50/80/150 Armor and Struct on size 1/2/3/4/5/6 ship Star Bases All bases completely repair ships in the system each turn.

3.2.28 Ship Speed: Race Specials: Effects: Picks: Trans-Dimens. +2 travel speed (includes +4 combat speed) 5 (Most players complain that the effect is to low to be felt) Technologies: Tech: RP: Total a) Drives Nuclear Drive travel speed 2, base combat speed 4 2.1.* 50 50 Fusion Drive travel speed 3, base combat speed 6 2.3.a 250 380 Ion Drive travel speed 4, base combat speed 8 2.4.a 900 1280 Anti-Mat. Drv. travel speed 5, base combat speed 10 2.5.a 2000 3280 Hyper Drive travel speed 6, base combat speed 12 2.8.b 4500 14030 Interphased D. travel speed 7, base combat speed 14 2.9.a 10000 24030 b) Other Jump Gate +3 tr.sp. for ships betw. 2 own colonies 7.6.b 1500 4000 Star Gate travel betw. 2 own col. takes 1 turn 7.11c 15000 35000 Systems: Effect: Siz/Cst Siz/Cst Tech: RP: Total Augmented Eng. +5 combat speed 200%100 200%25 2.3.c 250 380 Inert. Stabil. 1/2 turn cost, +50% BDCV 300%100 120%25 8.2.b 650 900 Inert. Nullif. no turn cost, +100% BDCV 300%450 120%112 8.9.c 7500 23550 Subsp.Teleprt. 20 square jump in combat 200%300 80%75 8.9.b 7500 23550 Phase Shifter 18 sq. jump, target any % ? % 9.2.9 Orion Orion TimeWarp Fac. ship gets 2 combat turns 300%450 120%112 7.11a 15000 35000 Leader Abilities: S Navigator per level + 0.5 (+1), but at least +1, to the travel speed of all fleets. (including increase in combat speed?) (This does not work yet - bug?) Events: Hyperspace Flux - only trans-dimensional races can travel through Hypersp. Warp Funnel - one travelling fleet gets frozen (how long?) Wormhole + one travelling fleet reaches its destination at once Other: Size Class +6/4/2/1/0/-1 to combat speed of ships of size 1/2/3/4/5/6. Unused Space + (10 * ( unused_space / hull_size ) ) for every ship. Damage Damage to the engine System slows the ship proportionally? Affecting: Beam Defense +5% beam defense per 1 square of combat speed

So, before every combat turn, the combat speed of all ships is calculated according to the formulae above. The computer takes the base combat speed of the empire's fastest engine, adds the size class bonus and then adds the Unused space bonus. Since the ship's systems are miniaturized when you research better technologies, any ship's Unused space bonus will grow over time, making the ship faster.
The hull_size in the formula is the base hull size of ships of that size class in the empire. This means that by equipping your ship with battle pods, these will increase the unused space, but not the hull size, thereby making your ship faster. Is this a bug?

3.2.29 Ship Range:

Technologies:                                              Tech:   RP: Total
 Standard Fuel Cells   4 parsecs ship range                3.1.*    50    50
 Deuterium Fuel Cells  6 parsecs ship range                3.2.a   250   300
 Iridium Fuel Cells    9 parsecs ship range                3.4.c  1150  2100
 Uridium Fuel Cells    12 parsecs ship range               3.6.c  4500  8600
 Thorium Fuel Cells    unlimited ship range                3.7.a 10000 18600

Systems:                                   Siz/Cst Siz/Cst Tech:   RP: Total
 Ext.Fuel Tanks  +50% range for ship       250%120 250%30  3.1.*    50    50

3.2.30 Ship Size, Space and Cost: Technologies: Tech: RP: Total a) Ship Construction Titan Constr. enables you to build Titan Class ships 1.8.a 1150 3630 Doom Star Con. enables you to build Doom Stars 1.13a 7500 24130 b) Other Megafluxers +25% space on all ships and bases 2.7.c 3500 9530 Systems: Siz/Cst Siz/Cst Tech: RP: Total Battle Pods +50% space on ship -500%1600 -500%1600 1.4.a 250 530 Other: Ship Size 25/60/120/250/500/1200 space on class 1/2/3/4/5/6 ship. Ship Cost 20/70/250/600/1500/4000 PP for a class 1/2/3/4/5/6 ship. Affecting: Ship Speed +6/4/2/1/0/-1 to combat speed of ships of size 1/2/3/4/5/6. Remark: The +50% space bonus of the Battle Pods is relative to the base hull size without the use of Megafluxers, i.e. they provide 12/30/60/125/250/600 additional space (according to Size class), regardless whether Megafluxers have been invented or not. This may be a bug?

3.2.31 Star Bases Combat Values: Race Specials: Effects: Picks: a) Beam Attacks -20 -20% Beam attack to hit chance (BOCV) penalty -2 +20 +20% BOCV bonus 2 +50 +50% BOCV bonus 4 b) Beam Defense -20 Defense -20% Beam defense (BDCV) penalty -2 +25 Defense +25% BDCV bonus 3 +50 Defense +50% BDCV bonus 7 Technologies: Tech: RP: Total a) Computers: Electr. Comp. BOCV: Base 40%, Batt 50%, Fort 60% 5.1.* 50 50 Optronic Comp. BOCV: Base 65%, Batt 75%, Fort 85% 5.2.b 150 200 Positronic C. BOCV: Base 90%, Batt 100%, Fort 110% 5.4.a 900 1500 Cybertronic C. BOCV: Base 115%, Batt 125%, Fort 135% 5.6.a 2750 5750 Moleculartr.C. BOCV: Base 140%, Batt 150%, Fort 160% 5.9.b 6000 17750 b) Missile Evasion: ECM Jammer +70% missile evasion (-> 77%) 8.1.c 250 250 Multi-Wave ECM +100% miss. evasion (->107%) 8.6.b 2750 8050 Wide Area Jam. +130% ship, +70% fleet (->207%, bug?) 8.8.c 4500 16050 c) Shield: Class I Shield Shld: Base 15, Batt 20, Fort 25 8.1.a 250 250 Cl. III Shield Shld: Base 45, Batt 60, Fort 75 8.3.a 900 1800 Class V Shield Shld: Base 75, Batt 100, Fort 125 8.6.a 2750 8050 Cl. VII Shield Shld: Base 105, Batt 140, Fort 175 8.8.a 4500 16050 Class X Shield Shld: Base 150, Batt 200, Fort 250 8.10a 15000 38550 d) Armor and Structure: Titanium Armor A/Str: Base 60, Batt 90, Fort 120 3.1.* 50 50 Tritanium Arm. A/Str: Base 120, Batt 180, Fort 240 3.2.b 250 300 Zortrium Arm. A/Str: Base 240, Batt 360, Fort 480 3.5.c 2000 4100 Neutronium Arm A/Str: Base 360, Batt 540, Fort 720 3.6.b 4500 8600 Adamantium Arm A/Str: Base 480, Batt 720, Fort 960 3.7.b 10000 18600 Xentronium Arm A/Str: Base 600, Batt 900, Fort 1200 9.2.7 Orion Orion e) Heavy Mount Beams: f) Unmodified Beams: (?) g) Point Defense Beams: h) Missiles (20 Shots): i) Special Systems: Battle Scanner +50% BOCV 7.3.c 250 450 Heavy Armor Armor x3, negate AP 1.3.c 150 280 Reinforcd Hull Struct x3, Drive system x3 1.2.c 80 130 Shld Capacitor triples shield recharge rate 2.4.c 900 1280 Multi-Ph.Shlds +50% Absorption 7.7.c 2000 6000 Hard Shields Block +3 damage, negate SP 8.7.c 3500 11550 Security Stat. +20 for defending Marines 5.3.c 400 600 j) Other: Megafluxers +25% space on all ships and bases 2.7.c 3500 9530 Syst.Dmg Space: Buildings: Crew Com/Shld HV no PD Mis Totl PP BC Tech: RP: Total Star Base 20 5 6 60 30 30 150 270 400 2 1.1.* 50 50 Battle Station 40 7 7 125 60 60 300 545 1000 3 1.6.b 650 1580 Star Fortress 80 10 10 250 125 125 600 1100 2500 4 1.12a 6000 16630 (Legend: Com/Shld means the System Damage that Computer and Shields can take before they are destroyed. The four columns under "Space" show how much space the base offers for Heavy Mount beams, unmodified beams, Point Defense beams and missiles, the fifth column sums these four up. Remarks: All bases have a base beam defense (BDCV) of -5% and a base missile evasion of 7%. They are immobile, which gives attackers a +20% beam attack (BOCV) bonus. They can be boarded, and if the attacker wins will then be destroyed after combat. All Bases are automatically equipped with the best Computer, ECM Jammer, Shields, Armor and the seven systems listed under i) when they are available. They offer a fixed amount of space for Heavy, unmodified, Point Defense and 20-shot-missile weapons each (which can be increased with Megafluxers). The best weapon of each type will be chosen and implemented until there is no room for more of them.

3.3 Rules and Formulae

3.3.1 Game Setup Generation of Planets

Based on galaxy age the computer uses a certain table to select each star. In each star system, it uses a table to find the number of planets. Based on star class, orbital position, and galaxy age, a certain table is used to select the climate type.[mark edward hardwidge <>]

Playing on an Average galaxy the best I ever saw was Terran type worlds, but that would be VERY rare. Usually barren/radiated/ toxic planets only. With the nice Terran/Gaia's all protected by Space Monsters. After a while I got bored with these galaxies and started playing Organic Rich. On OR you can ROUTINELY see Gaia/Terran planets that are not protected by Monsters at all, although they are STILL somewhat rare. I've started a new game and more than once had the best planet anywhere within 12 parsecs end up being some large/barren/abundant world. [Jim Vieira <**>] Distribution of Homeworlds

Some people observed that the computer tends to spread the homeworlds in (kind of) a circle around the map center. Orion often seems to be near to the center. This pattern becomes clearer when playing on huge galaxies. Game Setup in "Advanced Civilization" mode

In a game on the average level using an old universe (organic rich) and starting with advanced civilization, the Bulrathi didn't get the usual 3-6 systems to start with. Instead they were stuck in their home system in a corner of the galaxy behind a black hole. They couldn't get out to expand and nobody could get in to conquer them. Based on this observation I made the following guess as to how the computer sets up play when using the advanced civilization mode: First the computer appears to give everyone a homeworld. Then the computer auto-plays the game without any wars allowed until it reaches a certain number of turns/or level of tech development. The computer then turns the game over to you to continue. [David Ramsey <>]

3.3.2 Colonies Buildings

The game will automatically scrap useless buildings. When I builded a core waste dump, which completely eliminates pollution, all older pollution cleaning buildings were gone. [Ka On Lee <>]

I'm pretty sure that buildings that replace other buildings cost less by the amount of the building that they're replacing. I had a StarBase and was building a BattleStation (just started). It had 22 turns left. I scrapped the Starbase and now had 47 turns left to build the Battlestation. [Richard Wesson <>] Population Growth

The 'base growth rate' is ( (number of colonists)*(space left on planet) *1000) ^0.5 (I _think_. Basically this ranges from ~40 to ~80). Then this number is modified by things like race growth rate, starvation, etc. Finally, +100 is added for a cloning center. Multi-species colonies have different growth rates for each species. Starvation causes -50 growth per missing food. [mark edward hardwidge <>] Jobs of New Population

The computer seems to assign new people to farms if food is low, otherwise to whereever people are. That is, if we're producing only science, then it adds to science. If only industry, then it adds to industry. If the colony isn't producing enough food to feed itself, then the person gets assigned to farming if it can, industry otherwise. [K. Richard Pixley <>] Rebellions

I did take a planet from the Psilons that was populated by the Silicoids. A couple of turns later it successfully rebelled from my benevolent rule and rejoined the Silicoid Empire - but only temporarily (g). [Stephen C. Griffin <>] Multi-Racial Colonies

Pop Growth:
Every race grows relative to it's portion of the populace, and also checks it's maximum pop distinctly(? bold guess).

Multi-racial Tolerance seems to reduce the pollution penalty itself based on the % of Tolerant pop on planet: if half of the pop is android then the pollution penalty is half of what it would be otherwise.

Max pop:
If androids are built and the organics have a higher max.pop, due to Aquatic or Subterranean, the total population will be far in excess of any reasonable max pop before androids start killing off organics. (with a subterranean race on a med. Terr. world and Adv. city planning: 21 androids and 9 organics filled the planet before any organics died (the listed max pop was 23, and when the organics were killed off with more droids 30 the listed max was 20. (definitely a bug)

A 20% morale penalty on multi-race colonies without Alien Containement Center.

[Peter DeVries<>]

3.3.3 Ships, Weapons, Systems Ships

There seems to be a limited to the total number of ships in the game, which is around 1000. It does not matter which empire owns how many ships.

Captured ships normally can't be refitted. They can if you stick a leader on the ship during the refit. This will not work for the Avenger. [David Ramsey <>]

3.3.4 Leaders Leaders List

Thanks to [] for the program "moohero", which reads all leader's stats out of the leader.lbx file.

Ship Officers:

Altos, the Alkari Pilot
 Fighter Pilot +5, Helmsman* +7.5, Navigator +1
Aquasarrious, the Trilarian Navigator
 Helmsman +5, Navigator* +1, Weapons +5
Caern, the Tulosian Mercenary
 Helmsman +5, Navigator +1, Ordnance +5, Security +2, Weapons +5
Cyr, the Fighter Ace
 Fighter Pilot +5
Dalan, the Legendary Captain
 Famous* -90, Fighter Pilot* +7.5, Helmsman* +7.5, Ordnance* +7.5
 Weapons* +7.5
Dantos, the Bandit Lord
 Famous* -90, Megawealth +10, Fighter Pilot* +7.5, Helmsman +5, Weapns* +7.5
Diablo, the Cyber Marauder
 Assassin +2, Commando +2, Spy Master +2, Ordnance +5, Weapons +5
Gizmo, the Gadgeteer
 Researcher +5, Engineer +2
Grak, the Bulrathi Commando
 Commando* +3, Famous -60, Operations +2, Security +2
Grum, the Armsman
 Commando +2, Security +2
Hawk, the Astrogator
 Helmsman +5, Navigator +1
Jarred, the Explorer
 Diplomat +10, Helmsman +5, Navigator* +1, Weapons +5
Karg, the Pirate Captain
 Galactic Lore* +7.5, Helmsman* +7.5, Navigator* +1, Ordnance* +7.5,
 Weapons* +7.5
Kher, the Smuggler
 Trader +10, Helmsman +5, Navigator +1, Weapons +5
Kronos, the Ancient Spacefarer
 Galactic Lore* +7.5, Helmsman +5, Navigator* +1
Kytryl, the Privateer
 Famous -60, Trader +10, Helmsman* +7.5, Navigator* +1, Weapons +5
Loknar, the Last Orion  (after defeating the Guardian)
 Fighter Pilot* +7.5, Galactic Lore* +7.5, Helmsman* +7.5, Ordnance* +7.5,
 Weapons* +7.5
Mukirr, the Mrrshan Warrior
 Commando +2, Weapons* +7.5
Mystic X, the Unknown
 Random Captain
Nhagg, the Armsmaster
 Commando* +3, Ordnance* +7.5, Weapons +5
Nile, the Forsaken Warrior
 Commando* +3, Security* +3, Weapons* +7.5
Ruola, the Weapons Officer
 Weapons +5
Skaine, the Legendary Pilot
 Famous* -90, Fighter Pilot* +7.5, Helmsman* +7.5, Navigator +1, Weapons +5
Slag, the Armsdealer
 Megawealth +10, Trader* +15, Helmsman +5, Navigator +1, Weapons +5
Slith, the Rebel Pilot
 Helmsman +5, Navigator +1, Ordnance +5, Weapons +5
Sparky, the Meklar Cybernaut
 Engineer* +3, Ordnance +5
Tellik, the Legendary Engineer
 Famous* -90, Operations* +3, Researcher* +7.5, Engineer* +3, Ordnance* +7.5
Tulock, the Bounty Hunter
 Assassin +2, Commando +2, Helmsman* +7.5, Navigator +1, Weapons* +7.5
Tyranous, the Sakkra Armsman
 Commando +2, Security +2, Weapons +5
V'Larr, the Independent Trader
 Megawealth +10, Helmsman +5, Navigator +1, Weapons +5
Xyphys, the Antaran Warrior  (the Antaran hero defending Antares)
 Fighter Pilot* +7.5, Helmsman* +7.5, Ordnance* +7.5, Security* +3,
 Weapons* +7.5

Colony Leaders:

Ailis, the Gifted
 Envionmentalist -10, Medicine* +15, Spiritual +10
 Farming +10, Financial +10, Labor +10, Medicine +10
Black Razor, the Enforcer
 Assassin* +3, Spy Master* +3, Farming +10, Financial +10, Labor +10
Cassandra, the Elerian Mystic
 Diplomat +10, Telepath* +3, Envionmentalist -10, Spiritual +10
Chug, the Planetologist
 Researcher +5, Envionmentalist -10, Farming +10
Claw, the Klackon Taskmaster
 Operations* +3, Farming* +15, Labor* +15
Crassis, the Labor Leader
 Labor +10
Draxx, the Spy Master
 Assasin* +3, Spy Master* +3
Electra, the High Priestess
 Telepath +2, Envionmentalist* -15, Farming* +15, Spiritual* +15
Emo, the Science Leader
 Science +10
Felina, the Naturalist
 Envionmentalist* -15, Farming* +15
Galis, the Financial Leader
 Financial +10
Garron, the Ambassador
 Diplomat* +15, Famous -60, Megawealth +10
Houri, the Environmentalist
 Envionmentalist* -15
Khunagg, the Ruthless
 Commando +2, Farming +10, Labor +10, Tactics +6
Kimbuzzi, the Farming Leader
 Farming +10
Kirsus, the Psilon Scientist
 Researcher* +7.5, Science* +15
Lydon, the Noble
 Diplomat +10, Famous -60, Megawealth +10
Malovane, the Battle Lord
 Commando* +3, Instructor* +1.5, Labor* +15, Spiritual* +15
Matrix, the Cyber Mage
 Assassin +2, Telepath* +3, Science* +15, Spiritual* +15
Megatron, the Relic Android
 Farming* +15, Labor* +15, Science* +15
Mentox, the Legendary Scientist
 Famous* -90, Researcher* +7.5, Science* +15
Necron, the Dark Lord
 Telepath* +3, Financial* +15, Labor* +15, Science* +15, Spiritual* +15
Nimraaz, the Master Tactician
 Commando* +3, Operations* +3, Instructor +1, Tactics* +9
Orphus, the Peacemaker
 Diplomat* +15, Famous -60, Instructor +1, Medicine* +15, Spiritual* +15
Ralleia, the Siren
 Diplomat* +15, Famous -60, Spiritual* +15
Rash-Iki, the Warlord
 Commando +2, Instructor* +1.5, Labor* +15, Tactics +6
Tanus, the Revolutionary
 Farming +10, Labor +10, Science +10, Spiritual +10
Torg, the Overlord
 Commando +2, Farming* +15, Financial* +15, Labor* +15
Urro, the Ikarian Doctor
 Researcher +5, Medicine* +15
Valin, the Rogue Trader
 Megawealth +10, Trader* +15, Financial +10
Vott, the Technomancer
 Megawealth +10, Researcher* +7.5, Financial* +15, Science* +15
Xantus, the Supreme
 Envionmentalist* -15, Financial* +15, Labor* +15, Science* +15,
 Spiritual* +15
Yota, the Elder Sensei
 Famous* -90, Instructor* +1.5
Zog, the Gnolam Capilatist
 Megawealth +10, Financial* +15, Labor +10 Leader Levels

Lvl  Ship Officer   Colony Leader
 1  Commander      Administrator
 2  Captain        Director
 3  Commodore      Magistrate
 4  Rear Admiral   Commissioner
 5  Admiral        Governor
 6  Lord Admiral   Lord

Each effect of every leader is multiplied with this leaders's level.
Exceptions to this rule are Megawealth (always stays at +10), Navigator and
perhaps Instructor (I haven't figured out the latter two yet). Leader Rules

Leaders only live once for all players in the game. If you get one (or the
CP gets one) killed then they are dead. And usually the CP's have the early
money advantage and they get them killed off in combat.
                                          [Lone_War <>]

If you have four leaders in any category, you will never get a new leader.
Unless all four of them are real good once I get a fourth leader I fire the
lousiest guy. This keeps me from losing any good leaders due to being
"full". If a leader shows up, and you don't hire him/her, he will also
prevent new leaders from showing up. Go to the leaders screen and dismiss
him. Even though you never hired him, you have to dismiss him to open up the
slot again for new leaders.            [Craig Wood <>]

When you fire a hero, it goes and asks other players. So firing a hero could
be a bad idea (especially in multiplayer).      [Cereal <>]

3.3.5 Diplomacy Pacts and Treaties

I was wondering how come Non-aggression pacts seemed to be so much easier to get in MOO2 VS MOO1. In 1 they denied access to your stars by other ships, in 2 they encourage access to the rest of the universe thru using your systems. [Silverlock <>]

I think that it helps to have a "cooling off" period prior to the peace offer, and it also seems to help if I've got a butt-kicking fleet close by as a threat. [Nathan Engle <>] Trading Technology

At high difficultly levels the tech trades the CPs go for are always drastically imbalanced in terms of the techs' RP costs. CPs seem to like to trade at around double the cost, maybe triple. (I.e., for a 250 level tech they want a 650 or 800 point one. So, generally you will *not* get any decent deals; I rarely trade tech on impossible. []

I am playing hard as normal human. Alkari was once my ally and we reached the relation of harmony. When I exchanged tech with them, sometimes they even offered me tech in a higher level than the one they wanted! [Irwin Pui-Yin Choy <>]

If you're quick, you can sometimes trade them the tech they just stole, too ... [] Demanding

The AI definitely looks at fleet size for diplomatic actions. Try this: Get a decent fleet up, so that you are larger in fleet strength (as displayed in info) than some other race(s) you are friends with. Save the game, then start making demands. Keep restoring and making demands until you determine the biggest demand they will submit to. Next, scrap your fleet and try again. If you have no fleet, CPs will go to war for almost anything more than a demand to go to war or a minor system grab. Any tech demand seems to set them off. []

3.3.6 Spying

Many people complain that a) their defensive spies cannot stop the other empires from stealing tech, even if they use many defensive spies and have high espionage boni; whereas b) their offensive spies cannot steal tech from the other empires, even if they use many offensive spies and have high espionage boni. However, there are also people who have seen small numbers of spies doing miracles. The exact rules for spying remain unknown (?).

[Werner Arend <>] suspects, based on his observations on spying and ground combat, that "the way the game-internal formulas work, small percentage boni to anything can have a really devastating effect".

[Dave Osborn <>] contributed: "In the MOO I strategy guide, they almost penalized you for having too many spies. It is likely that MOO II is doing the same thing. I have the best luck with around 4 defending spies and 1 at each enemy."

[Doug Jacobs <>] observed: "It's been my experience that having TONS of spies will actually cause you to fail more than if you just have a few. Maybe it's like a bell curve ... there's an optimal # of spies for a given empire size. Too few will have little effect. Too many would probably increase your chances of getting caught (with nothing to show for it)."

Some people think that the spying mechanism has bugs, but I am not so sure about that. Some observations that seem to indicate a bug can be explained otherwise. For example, if everyone steals your tech, even races that have no espionage boni, then perhaps there is only one advanced race doing all the spying, which just frames the other races (when you have been robbed you can check with the "Report" button in the diplomacy screen where the tech really went).

If you have an espionage penalty due to a race special or goverment, and another race with an espionage bonus is consequently spying at you, then it appears logical that you will never get rid of it. You may hamper their activities when you research the right tech, but since they have their bonus, they sometimes still succeed until eventually they steal exactly that tech, which will improve their chances even more. The only chance you have under these conditions is to research other techs that improve your spy rating before your enemy can steal the first tech. Or you have to put your defensive spies to maximum performance, but at the moment no one knows how to do that.

Of course, a buggy formula could also explain the phenomena mentioned above. Since there are integer overflows elsewhere in the game, it is conceivable that another overflow might be the reason for the observed ineffectiveness of large numbers of spies.

Either way, the exact formula remains unknown unless a) someone hacks the code or b) the formula gets derived through experiment and analysis. I suggest that some MOOniac (who has a certain amount of spare time) does the following:
Start a hot-seat multiplayer game with 8 identical races, none should have espionage modifications. Give one race ("Provider") all the tech with the according cheat. Give all techs except those that enhance spying to another race ("Victim") and have this race produce a number of defensive spies (e.g. 4). Save the game. Have the remaining six races ("Spies") spy at the victim, each with a different number of spies (e.g. 1, 4, 9, 16, 25, 36) and write down their success.
You may want to do this for a longer time because the random number generator is involved in the formula, which will distort the pattern that you want to find.
Afterwards load the previously saved game and have the provider give some spy-enhancing tech to either the victim or the spies (both situations should be tried). Repeat the experiment under these conditions. In other trials you can change the number of the victim's defensive spies. With all this data we then can calculate a variable "average number of turns per success" for each number of offensive spies against each number of defensive spies under each combination of offensive/defensive spy ratings. By comparing these numbers we may be able to derive the rules for spying.

Another question that no one could answer so far is how the game determines which race is being framed. Logically only races that are known to spy and victim should be available for framing, but has each of those the same chance or is there a bias, maybe based on how technically advanced each race is?

3.3.7 Computer Players CP's Strategies

It seems like, at low levels, need to expand leads to war only when the CP's cannot expand without war. At medium, it leads to war when you control really nice systems near the border. At hard level and up, it leads to war if you have a colonized barren or better world in range of the CP's ships. [RICHARD KENAN <>]

I have noticed that if you significantly pull ahead of another CP they will stop or seriously slow down their research. They turn to building up planetary defenses and ships. [Christopher Holko <>]

The CP's know how to blockade you and they do it very effectively. I had one impossible game where part of my strategy was to heavily defend all my systems with Battlestation, missile bases, etc, but no ships. Terraform all my planets and then start cranking things out. Well the CP's just sent in small 2 ship fleets to 3 or 4 systems which my cruisers couldn't deal with, and they slowly starved me to death. That production penalty will absolutely kill you, especially when the CP's get whatever % bonus they get for impossible. [Craig Wood <>]

I _think_ the CP's don't give much of a damn what you do with the Repulsives. I guess THEIR relationships with the Repulsives aren't so good either. In a recent game, the Darloks were my neighbors and Repulsive. They started getting annoying, so I exterminated them. None of my NAP partners minded in the slightest. [John Alcock <>]

Sometimes, if you play a diplomacy game, and another opponent is destroying colonies instead of assimulating them, a CP will choose to surrender to you instead of being genocided. [Lee Cole <>] CP's Ship Designs

Each race has an emphasis, randomly determined at the beginning of the game, and a device special, also determined at the beginning of the game.

What type of ship is built is determined randomly, but is usually along the lines of its emphasis. For example, if a race has a fighter emphasis, most ships are carriers, within their technology limit. Other emphases are beam, missile, and special.

The special device theme is usually some focus that the CP's ships may have. For example, ever run up against a race loaded up with tractors, battle pods, and transporters? That's called a capture special. Other special device emphases are bio weapons, cloaks, beam defense (e.g. inertial nullifiers and stablizers), missile defense, armor, or shields.

The computer divides space in its ships into percentage categories, and stuffs the best available weapon that will fit in that slot.

For the ship's defense, the AI allots space on their ships (some more than others) to a "defense special". If the best weapon you are CAPABLE of building is a beam weapon, the defense special is something good against beam weapons (e.g. inertial stablizer). If the best weapon you are capable of using is not a beam weapon, the defense special tends to be things like anti-missile rockets, lightning fields, etc. [Alan D Kohler <>] Things that CP's CAN do

I've noticed that the CPs *will* actually mount a fleet to take Orion. [Peter J. Stewart <>]

I have noticed that the CP _does_ suffer from a blockade. I've seen barren CP worlds lose a point of pop a turn from a blockade. [Steve Yancey <>]

I had a fleet in orbit around a CP's planet and watched as the computer popped out a missile base and fighter garrison _in one turn_ while I awaited my fleet of transports to arrive. [Doug Jacobs <>] Things that CP's CAN'T do

CPs don't seem to build Androids?

3.3.8 Monsters

It appears that monsters that invade the galaxy ("wild monsters") are stronger than those who guard systems ("guardian monsters"). Guardian monsters also lack some of the special abilities that wild monsters have.

At present I don't have much information about the specs and abilities of the different monsters. Please help me out. Space Amoeba Space Crystal

Wild Crystals are telepathic. Once a crystal was zapping my battlestation but I was hitting it for a fair amount when suddenly <damn!> it says something like "Crystal takes over battlestation"! Which proceeded to blast my planet and missiles I launched, then the crystal took over my ship the same much for me. [BillErikCo <>] Space Dragon Space Eel

Only *WILD* Space Eels breed. They will go to a system, blockade it for a while, and then spawn. The original Eel stays at the original system, and the spawned Eel flies somewhere else. Both Eels then begin to breed at their systems, etc. [unknown] Space Hydra

3.3.9 Antarans Antaran Fleet Development

The first Antaran ships are single weak scouts, but over time their forces grow in strength and number. Some people tried to figure the rules that govern this growth:

The Antaran fleet seems to be upgraded each time it shows up. The first Antaran fleet starts off with one of the small ships and each successive fleet adds one small ship. Once it reaches I think 6 ships it starts changing them to the next larger size. The Antaran homeworld seems to undergo simillar upgrades but I'm not to sure what the exact rate is. [Jeffrey Mark Wong <jmwong@Hawaii.Edu>]

Actually, the Antaran raiding parties seem to be pulled from their home fleet. As an experiment, I assaulted Antares just before and then just after they sent out a raiding party, and sure enough, the home fleet was weaker by some destroyers and frigates after they split off their raiding party. The home fleet, in turn, is built up by the Antarans, I'd assume, the same way you build your fleets, ie, they just build ships. Since I'd guess they start with a pretty buff planet and loads of tech, they can build high tech ships pretty fast. [RICHARD KENAN <>]

I don't think they have to follow the rules. I went in once and wiped out all but 2 frigates and fortress, before losing. So next turn I sent in some more ships to clean up and they had a new fleet. It wasn't as strong as the first but they couldn't have built 5 ships in 1 turn! [Karl Davis <>] Chances of being attacked by Antarans

It seems that, like other negative random events, the Antarans tend to strike the leading players more often.

Another thing that determines how bad the Antarans hit you is the size of the galaxy. I usually play on huge or large and many games have rarely been attacked (they're usually attacking someone half way across the galaxy). However, in a small or medium galaxy you are more likely to be attacked because of the galaxy, because it appears to me they tend to start in one region and slowly move around. [Stephen C. Griffin <>] Scrapping Antaran Ships

When scrapping Antaran ships (at one of your colonies with a starbase), you get 100% chance of one tech, then a 25% chance of each other tech you could aquire. So with 4 tech items, you have a 1 in 64 chance to get all 4 tech items. [Vernon L. McCandlish <>]

3.3.10 Random Events

Negative events have a bigger chance to hit leading empires, whereas positive events are more likely to strike empires that have fallen behind. The "Lucky" race special improves this race's chance to encounter positive events and negates the chance to encounter negative events.

The following list explains all possible events. Positive/negative events are marked with a plus/minus sign respectively. Detailed information about the duration, the size of effect and the necessary countermeasures will be greatly appreciated.

Ancient Ship     + one empire's scientists discover one new technology
Axis Shift       + one colony's environment gets improved to Terran
Comet            - destroys one colony if not destroyed by fleet?
Computer Virus   - have to start current research project from scratch
Diplom. Assassin - relations between 2 empires get worse
Diplom. Marriage + relations between 2 empires get better
Donation         + one empire gets some money
Earthquake       - kills/destroys population and buildings on one colony
Exploded Ship    - destroys one ship, a leader onboard gets killed
Hyperspace Flux  - only trans-dimensional races can travel through Hypersp.
Industr.Accident - one colony's environment gets set to radiated?
Miner. Depletion - one colony's mineral richness gets lessened (how much?)
Mineral Deposit  + one colony's mineral richness gets improved (how much?)
Mutiny           - one ship now belongs to another empire
Pirates          - reduce trade? steal BC from colony? destroy with fleet?
Plague           - one colony's research output redirected to finding cure
Population Boom  + one colony's population growth is doubled (how long?)
Secret Experimt  + scientists discover one new technology FIELD
Space Amoeba     - invades galaxy, toxifies planets?
Space Crystal    - invades galaxy, kills colonists?
Space Dragon     - invades galaxy, kills colonists?
Space Eel        - invades galaxy, blockades system, spawns?
Space Hydra      - invades galaxy, kills colonists?
Super Nova       - one colony's research output redirected to finding sol.
Time-Sp. Anomaly - one system gets frozen (how long?)
Hyperspace Beast - randomly destroys travelling ships (how long/how many?)
Warp Funnel      - one travelling fleet gets frozen (for how long?)
Wormhole         + one travelling fleet reaches its destination at once

3.3.11 Score

Compared to the score you can get from the population in your empire, every other score component is just peanuts. But only YOUR OWN population counts fully. Unassimilated population counts only 20%(?), and assimilated foreign population doesn't count fully, too (This is only an impression I got, and not verified). [Werner Arend <>]

- Someone claimed the maximum tech score is ?212?, and that you do NOT get points for hyper advanced techs, as the manual states. Think this is true. It seems you don't get points for single tech, but for how far you have advanced in the techs( Test: creatives don't have 3x tech ). - The manual says you get a bonus for winning by council vote - but you actually don't.
- Take other races planets by force - you don't get those "bonus" points if you, say, demand them, or if they surrender to you.
[Craig Wood <>]

PART IV: STRATEGY - Hints, Tricks, Tactics, Strategies

- This part contains hints on customizing races, expanding and managing -
- your empire, choosing which technologies to research, how to deal with -
- computer players, monsters, Antarans and the Guardian, and which ships -
- to build. It also offers some combat tactics and global strategies as -
- well as strategies for specific situations. -

-4.1 Settings

-4.2 Custom Races
- -
-4.2.1 Discussion of Special Abilities
- Population Growth Modifiers (-50%/+50%/+100% for -4/3/6 picks)
- Food Modifiers (-0.5/+1/+2 for -3/4/7 picks)
- Production Modifiers (-1/+1/+2 for -3/3/6 picks)
- Research Modifiers (-1/+1/+2 for -3/3/6 picks)
- Money Modifiers (-0.5/+0.5/+1 for -4/5/8 picks)
- Ship Defense Modifiers (-20/+25/+50 for -2/3/7 picks)
- Ship Attack Modifiers (-20/+20/+50 for -2/2/4 picks)
- Troop Combat Modifiers (-10/+10/+20 for -2/2/4 picks)
- Espionage Modifiers (-10/+10/+20 for -2/2/4 picks)
- Feudal Government (-4)
- Dictatorship Government (0)
- Democracy Government (7)
- Unification Government (6)
- Low-G Homeworld (-5)
- High-G Homeworld (6)
- Aquatic (5)
- Subterranean (6)
- Large Homeworld (1)
- Rich Homeworld (2)
- Artifacts World (3)
- Poor Homeworld (-1)
- Cybernetic (4)
- Lithovore (10)
- Repulsive (-6)
- Charismatic (3)
- Uncreative (-4)
- Creative (8)
- Tolerant (10)
- Fantastic Traders (4)
- Telepathic (6)
- Lucky (3)
- Omniscient (3)
- Stealthy Ships (4)
- Trans-Dimensional (5)
- Warlord (4)
- -
-4.2.2 General Thoughts on How to Select Picks
- -
-4.2.3 Some Custom Races
- Player's Favorite Races
- Races for different strategies
- Improved Standard Races
- Star Trek Races
- Fantasy Races
- Warhammer 40,000 / Fantasy Battles Races
- Other Races

-4.3 Expansion and Colonization

-4.4 Colony Management
-4.4.1 Buildings
-4.4.2 Building Priorities
-4.4.3 Population
- Jobs
- Population Growth
- Assimilated Population vs. Own Population
- Population vs. Androids

-4.5 Research
- -
-4.5.1 Research Choices
- Advanced Construction (T.1.3)
- Robotics (T.1.6)
- Astro Construction (T.1.8)
- Ion Fission (T.2.4)
- Anti-Matter Fission (T.2.5)
- Advanced Metallurgy (T.3.2)
- Nano Technology (T.3.5)
- Positronics (T.5.4)
- Cybertronics (T.5.6)
- Advanced Biology (T.6.2)
- Magneto Gravitics (T.8.3)
- -
-4.5.2 Research Strategies

-4.6 Diplomacy
-4.6.1 Don't make alliances
-4.6.2 Trade CPs Weapon Tech
-4.6.3 Trade them Android Tech
-4.6.4 Trade to all CPs

-4.7 Leaders

-4.8 Ship Designs / Combat Tactics
- -
-4.8.1 Discussion of Weapons and Systems
- Fusion Beams
- Mass Drivers
- Ion Pulse Cannons
- Phasors
- Plasma Cannons
- Particle beams
- Death Rays
- MIRV Missiles
- Emissions-Guided Missiles
- Nuclear Bombs
- Bio Weapons
- Fighters
- Gyro Destabilizers
- Spatial Compressor
- Black Hole Generator
- Damper Fields (on non-Antaran ships)
- -
-4.8.2 Ship Building Strategies
-4.8.3 Ship Designs
-4.8.4 Fleet Composition
- -
-4.8.5 Combat Tactics
- Cheap Distraction
- Cookoffs
- Self-Destruct
- Cheap Bomber Squads

-4.9 Strategies Against Various Opponents
- -
-4.9.1 Strategies against Monsters
- -
-4.9.2 Strategies against the Guardian
- Mass Drivers / Missiles / Ion Pulse Cannons Combo
- Neutron Blasters / Ion Pulse Cannons Combo
- Gyro Destabilizers
- -
-4.9.3 Strategies against the Antarans
- Run Away
- Emission Guided Missiles
- Board them
- Use Black Hole Generators
- Anti-Antaran Ship Designs
- -
-4.9.4 Strategies against the Psilons
-4.9.5 Strategies against the Space Eel

-4.10 Global Strategies
-4.10.1 Nice Guy (keep peaceful relations with everyone)
-4.10.2 Slaver Empire
-4.10.3 High Score Game

-4.11 Strategies for Specific Situations
-4.11.1 Trojan Planet
-4.11.2 Stirring War thru Shared Systems
-4.11.3 Offensive Prevention Against Framing
-4.11.4 Blocking Outpost Ships
-4.11.5 Potemkin Defense

-4.12 Strange Strategies to Try
-4.12.1 No Offensive Weaponry
-4.12.2 Real Borg Strategy
-4.12.3 Frigates Only
-4.12.4 Barbarian Horde
-4.12.5 Thematic Weapons
-4.12.6 Uncreative/Repulsive Galaxy
-4.12.7 Lowest Possible Score

4.1 Settings

I came to the conclusion that most playtesting of MOO2 must have been done
with tactical combat off. With this setting, the CP's generic ship designs
combined with the statistical combat model that the game uses make the CPs
much tougher. Those of you who complain about how easy MOO2 is should try a
game on hard with tactical off. And watch out for the Antarans in this mode,
their typical 3-frigate raid will toast battlestations and battleships.
[U.S. Grant <>]

4.2 Custom Races

4.2.1 Discussion of Special Abilities Population Growth Modifiers (-50%/+50%/+100% for -4/3/6 picks)

-50% growth can be fairly painlessly negated by cloning (400 RP). By the
midgame, you should have almost completely negated the disadvantage.
For the positive modifier, consider the best case: terran planet at exactly
1/2 its max pop. For the three points, you get an extra 50K colonists/turn,
or one extra point of population after 20(!) turns. But for the same price
as +50 pop, you might have taken +1 production; you could have had *all* of
your workers producing an extra +1 resource for *all* twenty turns.

These are fairly valued since they will have a huge impact on early game
development. [David Ramsey <>] Food Modifiers (-0.5/+1/+2 for -3/4/7 picks)

There are other, less painful disadvantages than -1/2 food. It is a
*crippling* pick for a non-unification, non-aquatic, and non-cybernetic
race. To feed 8 colonists takes 6 (!) of them, meaning you start 1/2 as
productive as normal races until you get decent food tech. Yuck. This is
*not* what you want in the most critical section of the game!

-1/2 farming is almost an auto-pick for Aquatic, Unified, and Cybernetic
(because of increased food production or less need for food), but junk
otherwise. [CurtAdams <>] Production Modifiers (-1/+1/+2 for -3/3/6 picks)

These are powerful picks since research and production are the key issues of
the game. Research Modifiers (-1/+1/+2 for -3/3/6 picks)

These are powerful picks since research and production are the key issues of
the game. However there are people who rarely use scientists at all except
in the beginning of the game. This is possible because the research
technologies (research labs etc.) do not only enhance the output of
scientists, they also provide a base research output regardless whether
scientists are present or not. If you plan to rely on this base research
alone then the negative research modifier will barely hurt you. Money Modifiers (-0.5/+0.5/+1 for -4/5/8 picks)

NEVER take +1 BC. Instead take +0.5 BC AND Fantastic traders (7 picks) and
with the leftovers take Large Homeworld. And with all your money you'll do
way better than the poor fool who takes +1 BC.
[David Ramsey <>] Ship Defense Modifiers (-20/+25/+50 for -2/3/7 picks) Ship Attack Modifiers (-20/+20/+50 for -2/2/4 picks) Troop Combat Modifiers (-10/+10/+20 for -2/2/4 picks) Espionage Modifiers (-10/+10/+20 for -2/2/4 picks) Feudal Government (-4)

IF you get to Confederation, you are golden. But I find Feudal is crippling
at the start of the game: you can barely do science. You need at least a
little to get started with conquest, but by the time you get even mirv
nukes, your enemies are too far ahead of you. You can't catch up using tech
trades, because they long since have whatever you develop. You have to
conquer to catch up. But this is hard since they easily outproduce you,
being cheating CPs. Their designs are not good, but when they have more of
them *and* they are higher tech, they can prove to be an insurmountable
challenge. [] Dictatorship Government (0) Democracy Government (7)

NO WAY. The spy penalty is horrendous, especially at the hard and impossible
levels and I can get the money advantages with fewer picks (+.5 BC and +1
research = 6 picks). The assimilation rate just isn't an issue and the
inability to exterminate conquered populations (especially ones that have
little to offer your empire) is a DISadvantage in my book.
[David Ramsey <>]

This is like starting with -10 spying, +0.5 BC, and +1 research, which would
cost 6 points if bought like that. Later on, the bonuses apply to tech
buildings in addition to population. And you *do* get to partake of morale,
which is a nice benefit. Furthermore, this government is a tech building
one, and tech beats everything else. So there is a self-reinforcing aspect
to democracy that is absent from unification: the more tech you get, the
better your government bonuses including the research one, and that makes it
even easier to get more tech. []

Democracy is really only appropriate for the tech-dominance win. The key is
almost no resources diverted into colonization. Everything goes into tech.
You don't care much about the CPs stealing whatever tech you don't instantly
trade to them, because they are not programmed to use the key one: Android
Workers. If used right, that is, in conjuction with research plusses and a
large artifact homeworld, Democracy is fairly priced. [] Unification Government (6)

I think Unification is worth the price. In the early game Unified
governments have no morale problems whatsoever and they have the 50%
production and 50% food bonuses plus the +15 spy defensive bonus. That early
game bonus can get a race started FAST especially if coupled with a
production bonus and/or a pop growth bonus. The standard dictatorship does
NOTHING for you in the early and middle game when compared with Unification.
Finally, when I play unification, I almost never bother to assimilate a
planet, so the slow assimilation rate doesn't hurt. I can usually produce
colony ships almost as fast as transports so if a planet looks like it might
rebel, I bomb it out and recolonize with my own people.
[David Ramsey <>]

In the early game, unification is something like having +1 spying, +1
production and +1 food, or eight points. In the long run, unification gets
both better and worse: the +50% bonuses apply to tech bonuses, so they get
even better. BUT you don't get morale, which is a curse in the long run.
[] Low-G Homeworld (-5)

Low-G is essentially a production penalty on most planets AND a ground
combat penalty on most planets. Given that -5 is probably right.
[David Ramsey <>] High-G Homeworld (6)

Heavy-G isn't worth it in my opinion, because there's no guarantee you'll
find a good Heavy-G planet. And if you find a Heavy-G planet you like so
much get yourself a gravity generator. [Brian Wirt <wirt@WOLFENET.COM>]

I don't take heavy-G often, but the main benefit is not living on HG worlds
without the penalty, but the ground combat bonus - since your troopers take
2 hits to kill, they are a match for Powered Armor and Tanks right from the
start. [David E Todd <>]

If the computer gets through your fleet and can land on your homeworld,
you're done for anyway. And if you want to invade a planet just bomb it a
little until it's weak, or just send in overwhelming numbers of infantry.
[Brian Wirt <wirt@WOLFENET.COM>]

The combat bonus, if you use it well, is worth more than 6 points. A High-G
race with assault shuttles is very powerful and can get Antaran techs very
early in the game. Who can stop those shuttle carriers with Xentronium and
Damper field when everyone else still playing with only class 3 shields and
fusion guns? [Ka-On Lee <>] Aquatic (5)

Aquatic is not one of the best picks, but nearly worth the 5 picks you pay
for it. The reason is that by being Aquatic, you *start* on a Gaia planet!
This means three food/colonist, not two, right out of the gate.
[] Subterranean (6)

This pick is considered one of the "game killers". It gives you 2-10 more
space for population on any planet, which in turn gives you more money and
production/research. It is especially strong when combined with picks that
further enhance research and production. Large Homeworld (1)

This makes your homeworld be 33% larger (even more when combined with
subterranean), which will fairly quickly - still in the early game -
translate into a 33% greater tech or production output.[] Rich Homeworld (2)

This gives you a substantial advantage if you play in a smaller galaxy,
where it's essential to get a good start. If you play a combat-oriented race
with boni in ship attack and/or defense, and maybe feudal for the discount
on ship production, this pick enables you to produce a powerful fleet really
fast. Artifacts World (3)

3 picks seems about right for this. It is only one world, and in the early
game that world has to also be a production base to get your empire going.
By the time that planet can become a pure research colony, you've got
research labs and/or super computers, thus rendering research on the
homeworld as a mere footnote to the overall game.
[David Ramsey <>] Poor Homeworld (-1) Cybernetic (4)

I almost always pick cybernetic, the eating food/production means you can
put your 1st colonist on production and he will eat 1 production instead of
food while he is by himself. The best benefit by far is the auto-repair
ability. I have had CP's come to attack my systems, charge the lone
starbase, knocking out all my weapons with marine raiders - and then they
pound my starbase futilely until combat is ended after however many turns.
[David E Todd <>]

You can research ship repair tech (there are even ship officers that have
the Engineering trait), so cybernetic doesn't seem that appealing to me. If
you can research a technology instead of picking it as a race attribute, so
much the better. Especially in a huge universe, you'll have some extra time
to get technology before there is serious competition for planets.
[Brian Wirt <wirt@WOLFENET.COM>]

This has its own built-in punishment (you eat some of your own production
and production is one of the holy of holies in MOO2).
[David Ramsey <>] Lithovore (10)

I think Lithovore is maybe a little overvalued, but not much. Having ALL of
your population available to be productive and never have to worry about
food is a HUGE bonus early in the game.
[Paul Schaaf <>]

There is a big downside: pollution. A normal planet will not generate very
much production before most of it is going into pollution. This makes it a
lot harder to get a lithovore rolling than a normal race.
[] Repulsive (-6)

This pick effectively takes diplomacy out of the game. Many posters consider
this not a great loss, since (at least on the harder levels) they regularly
end up with all races declaring war on them, so there's not much use for
diplomacy anyway. However if you choose this pick, you will also get less
money (because of no trade treaties) and less research (because of no research
treaties and not being able to exchange/demand technologies). Not being able
to make treaties also means that you cannot improve your relations to any
other race, and other races will easily declare war on you because they do
not have to cancel treaties to do so. Charismatic (3)

Charismatic isn't worth *1* point on impossible. The CPs WILL attack you
and you WILL NOT make peace with them so what's the point of charismatic?
[David Ramsey <>]

In the long run the CPs *will* attack you, but with Charisma you can keep
them off your back a little longer. It also supposedly helps you when
demanding systems and techs from CPs. One other thing I have noted with good
diplomacy is that you get framed directly to war less often - there is more
likely just a warning or a "break-all-treaties". Finally you do get *much*
better leaders with Charisma, and you get them *fast*, when they have a
substantial impact on your power. You always get one or more of the "little"
heros almost immediately, and by the early midgame, you should have one or
two of the better ones. []

To be worth the picks it ought to be more reliable in getting good leaders
to you when it counts. I just haven't seen that kind of reliability from
this pick. [David Ramsey <>] Uncreative (-4)

It is not too bad on hard but I cannot win a game on impossible with
Uncreative. It is interesting though because you end up being forced down a
particular research tree that you may not have considered important before.
[David Ramsey <>]

There are two keys. First: early early conquest (telepathy and warlord
help), second: restart immediately if you don't have research labs. I have
done it several times, but I have more losses than wins (and lots of
restarts). [] Creative (8)

Creative is by most people considered as being one of the "killer picks" of
the game. You get all the technology, meaning you do not have to choose
which tech you do not research. This way you end up with a race without any
weakness. Other posters, however, have pointed out that you probably get
these technologies anyway through trade, spying, or conquest - especially
when your game has a large number of players, so that every technology will
be researched by one or two players. Tolerant (10)

Part of the tolerance advantage is getting more pop, but it is not as much
more as subterranean. Much of the benefit of tolerance is being pollution
proof. But you can get that from tech, albeit at a cost of 4 or 8 BC/turn
per planet. So, tolerance does speed up the early game (which is highly
important), and it is good (though not huge) in the long run. That is worth
a lot, but it costs a lot. [] Fantastic Traders (4)

I think fantastic traders is well worth 4 points since if you have a colony
devoted to trade goods you double the amount of money coming in. This is
incredibly helpful in building your empire when you have one or two good,
maxed out planets that you can turn into cash factories, to buy your other
colonies into production quicker. [Silverlock <>] Telepathic (6)

Mind control is just absurdly powerful. Instead of waiting for the money to
support a fleet of transports in addition to warships, the telepathic race
has already eaten its neighbor, got all their tech and buildings, and is
ahead... Then you throw on the spy bonus (+3 picks by itself, if +1/+2
spying are fairly valued), the diplomacy bonus (maybe another +1), the
instant assimilation (not *that* valuable, but certainly nice), and the
ability to capture/use enemy ships, and this is a massive pick. I would say
it would be worth 4-5 points even without mind control. (And it would be a
lot more fun, too.) []

Telepathy becomes even better in an advanced-tech galaxy, because you
*start* with the capital ships needed for mind-control. Normally, it takes
at least a little while to stamp out 300+ production for an effective ship.

Others have posted (and I also suspect) that you get more techs if you leave
the colony as intact as possible. So mind control might be better for
getting technology than bombing and/or invading a planet
[Richard Wesson <>] Lucky (3)

How about 0.5 points for this one. This has GOT to be the most worthless
pick in the game. [David Ramsey <>] Omniscient (3)

I always consider information to be the most valuable resource, and it seems
to work well in this game. I like knowing which is the best system to send
my colony ships to. I like knowing 4 turns in advance who is coming to my
world. I like knowing which world my fleet should go to in order to inflict
the most damage with the least losses.[Roger Books <>]

Omniscient is one of those love it/hate it traits. I think that it's a
decent way to spend 3 race pick points, but it doesn't compare all that well
to power picks like Telepathic, Subterranean, or Creative. It is also a
trait of variable value as the game progresses. It starts out very useful,
but in a longer game, Omniscient is nearly worthless, because you get all
that information anyway. [RICHARD KENAN <>]

You will tend to want omniscient more:
* for races that are food-sensitive (find those terrans, gaias)
* for races that need to meet others fast for trade/war
* in larger galaxies (more to know)
* in games with fewer players (more space/player to stake out)
* in mineral-rich galaxies (good worlds hard to find)
* in prewarp/normal tech (make sure you get a gaia for first colony)
* if you plan to engage in a lot of early/midgame warfare
Note that you get much of same effect of omniscience by getting a leader
with galactic lore, along with reasonably decent scanners which you get in
the mid-game. (Loknar, for one, who appears reliably at Orion. Assuming the
omniscience bug does not kick in.) So, if you plan on taking Orion early in
a galaxy that is small enough to find it the hard way, you will probably not
want omniscient. [] Stealthy Ships (4)

This pick supposedly doesn't work against CPs (although no one has been able
to prove that, which would be hard to do). It is a nice pick in a
multiplayer game, although you can achieve the same effect with a Stealth
Field (and neither Stealth Suit nor Personal Shield are usually crucial
technologies that would hurt giving up). Trans-Dimensional (5)

There is one big advantage of being trans-dimensional. I played one game
with trilarian when space flux appeared early in the game. I was only player
capable of moving my ships and I manage to conquer *four* starsystems before
that space flux dissolved. Othervise it is quite useless pick. Distances
between starsystems are too small to get any real benefit for faster ships.
In combat those ships move a little bit faster but who cares if you can kill
an opponent without moving at all? [Timo Pietila <>] Warlord (4)

Warlord races will last - warlike won't, whether they have warlord or not.
If you have Warlord, put those Space Academies to use and park it, collect
the meager, but useful over time, experience and be very conservative - a
strategy that works suprisingly well at times, especially since the CP isn't
big on spontaneous attacks on your colonies However, if you war on too many
too often, eventually someone will squash you.
[Kagetora <>]

The command point bonus from Warlord is horrible to behold, especially in a
multiplayer game with a player who has a production bonus capable of filling
up those command points. [David Ramsey <>]

4.2.2 General Thoughts on How to Select Picks

[David Michael Kass <>] observed that combat-oriented
races do not seem to work well in multiplayer games. He has derived three
reasons for this:

1. It is difficult to obtain new tech through combat. Unlike MOO, in
MOO2 you don't get enough tech for taking planets to make that a
workable source.

2. Starbases are HARD to take out in the early game. They are effectively
somewhere between Cruiser and Battleship in equivalent size. Furthermore,
for any decent tech/prod race, missile bases are easy to get and are
equivalent to a Cruiser (or better). Thus to take a homeworld (the only
planets worth taking early), you need to defeat a fleet of at least two
cruisers (and if your opponent has one or two steps of tech in armor,
construction and/or weapons, it will be worse). I have found that to defeat
a starting game SB, you need 1 Cruiser and 4 Missile Destroyers. For
anything beyond that (especially the first level of force fields), you will
need another two DD and possibly another Cruiser. This assumes no combat
advantages (a +50 attack reduces the requirement by one or two destroyers).

3. While you might defeat a single player next to you, if this isn't the
only human player (or just a CP), you have now given everyone else enough
time to be more than ready to stop you. Furthermore, if you attack a
computer player, the tech player can often gift enough combat tech to them
to keep you from winning (guess what heavy armor does when given the turn
before your fleet arrives).

4.2.3 Some Custom Races

For convenient reading, I have put all races into a general layout format.
If you want to contribute your own races (please do!), it would be nice if
you used this format - will be less work for me ...

Race - The name of the race. Unfortunately most people didn't name
their race, so I called them something like "xy's favorite".
Picture - Preferred race picture(s).
Picks - Obviously the picks of that race.
Story - Some background information about the race and its culture.
Comment - Preferred Strategies, comments to the picks etc.
Weaknesses - Weak spots of this race.
Variant - Suggested modifications of the chosen picks. Player's Favorite Races

These races are usually designed for maximum performance.

Race: Anthony Kirilusha's Psilon-Balancing Race
-2 -10 Ground Combat +6 Creative +3 +1 Research
-3 -10 Spying +6 Telepathic
You keep a low profile early on, trying to grab as many planets as you can
without upsetting people. An early war can be disastrous, so enter into
trade treaty, research treaty, and a NAP on the first contact (this works
rather well at keeping good relations with everyone). However, DO NOT
accept an alliance with anyone, or you will be dragged into a war in a
snap. Research as much as possible and try to make a bunch of spies to
prevent others from stealing your techs. Once you feel that your
infrastructure is well developed, your major worlds are secure, and your
fleet is ready, you attack. Try to pick a weak race next to you at first,
use them to see just how well your ships work, and to gain some cheap slave
labor (since you are telepathic, you don't have to bother with transports -
just mind control the colony, and its yours immediately, with all pop
already assimilated). If, by now, the Psilons are still a major power, you
should be ready to face them.
[Anthony Kirilusha <>, shortened]

Race: Flames Gods
Tolerant +10, Unification +6, -10 Spying -3,
-10 Ground Combat -2, -1/2 Food -3, -20 ship defense -2

The remaining four picks can be taken in several different variants:
Gods(my pride): +1 Research +3, and Large home world +1
Mushmorok: Cybernetic +4
Busy Bee: +1 Prodiction +3, Large home world +1

The +1 R pick gives you a comparetively good start in research of 16 RP. This is four RP more than a race which doesn't have a food or researh bonus. And in a multi-player game that is important. Every RP more than the other players can be vital in the early game, sometimes. Everything will be fine after researching Hydroponic Farm and Soil Enrichment. Unlike the others Soil Enrichment gives the Unificant +1.5 food per farmer.

The +50% production bonus of Unification combined with the no pollution effect of the Tolerant pick provides stable production which is greater than that of the other players. Furthermore, this combination eliminates to greater extend the loss of not being Creative - you do not need to research morale affecting technologies, and pollution removing facilities. While the other players suffer great pollution in the early game, and still cannot remove it before they get Core Waste Dumps, you don't care about it and research far more important and useful technologies. This also decreases some of the fields to only one technology, e.g. T.1.11, T.3.3, T.5.8, and other to two techs. You can find out yourself if you get the techs from somebody - you don't waste time researching a whole field.

But let's get to the point. The magic word in this game is PRODUCTION. I've experienced that several times. With the research of every tech which gives you production points, you get 50% more production than the other players, and when you get Galactic Unification 100% more production. A smart move by the creators of the game that Unification does not have morale. Imagine what would it be if you could achieve a 170% production bonus... Add a labor leader and a single worker will produce a Titan for a turn... But this is not possible, unfortunately. The real value of having a lot of production is in building a greater amount of ships for a shorter time. In the early game this allows you to expand your empire at a faster rate than the other players. Here's the basic relationship:

The food bonus is self-explanatory. I've ended up in a game with a single farmer to make food for 11 pop units. This is where the Mushmorok benefit more, since a farmer would feed 22 pop units, and the fact that they'd eat 1/2 PP should not bother you in the middle part of the game. It does not affect the production at all. However, Mushmorok have a slower start in research in the beginning of the game of only 12 RP.

For the Tolerant pick: I've made some tests with it and with the Subterranean. The ratio in the population is 1 to 1.25. It gets a little greater after the Subterranean get Terraforming, but the difference is not so great. Besides, the pollution tolerance and no need of additional maintenance of the buildings on Toxic/Radiated/Barren planets compensates the 4 picks difference. Furthermore, I think that the Tolerant races have a greater growth rate than the others, although I still haven't proved that.

Editors comment: Being Tolerant makes a planet count as one class friendlier, which in turn means a higher maximum pop, and that in turn means a higher growth rate.
<> ]

Race: Chris Richards' Favorite
+6 +20 Spying -3 -1 Research -2 -20 ship defense
+6 Telepathic -1 Poor Homeworld -2 -20 ship attack
+3 Charismatic -2 -10 troop combat
My huge bonus with the other races from Charismatic/Telepathic lets me do
what I want. I hardly ever get caught when I steal or sabotage.
[Chris Jason Richards <>]

Race: Chin'Kattorn
Picture: Psilons
Creative +6, Warlord +4, Subterranean +6,
+1 Research +3, +1 Large Homeworld +1, -50% Growth -4,
-10% Ship Defense -2, -10% Troop Combat -2, -10%, Espionage -2.
Story: The Chin'Kattorn are a race of highly productive, pacifistic beings. They greatly make up for their physical shortcomings by surpassing every other race in speed of research.
Comments: This race is best used in a completely research-oriented strategy. By the time you encounter another race, you should be well past their level of advancement. Since this race is creative, you don't have to make choices about the sciences you get. . .but I've found a VERY good researching order to use with this. . .First, get the basic ship sciences out of the way, so you can colonize and defend yourself. Then go after the sciences that give you more research and aid in population growth. After that, go after the production and finance sciences. Next comes the chemistry and force fields sciences, so you can get rid of pollution and radiation. Finally, go after the weapons and drives. The science is researched so fast this way that you'll get the ship upgrades fast enough to keep up in the arms race.
Editors Comment: Whoa! Quite a lot of picks for such little people.
The only disadvantages I can spot here is the a tad slow growth, which combined with no industrial bonus can mean trouble early on for the pacifistic Chin'Kattorn, if the other aliens attack you with stolen techs.
[Falcon <>]

Race: Christian Seitz' Favorite(aka Diplomats with a big stick)
+6 creative +3 charismatic -2 -20 ship defense
+6 +2 production -4 feudal -2 -20 ship attack
+3 +50% pop growth -2 -10 ground combat
(2 spare picks for Telepathic when Genetic Evolution is researched)
With some luck the leader with the autolab will join your forces early in
the game. With some more luck the psilons and the humans are in the game.
They will give you their planets & tech when you're asking them. I was able
to win the game without a single fight against an computer player fleet.
[Christian Seitz <>]

Race: Dan Tomso's Favorite
+6 Unification +6 +100% pop growth -5 Low-G Homeworld
+6 Subterranean +2 Rich Homeworld -3 -10% spying
-2 -10% troop combat
Unification is magnificent for boosting farming and production, especially
when you get Galactic Unification. In late game and late-mid game I can
really crank out whatever it is I want. Subterranean is the best benefit of
all, IMHO. Double population growth is impossible to duplicate with tech.
The best you can get is +50% or so, but there will always be more of me
than there are of you. Especially useful in early and mid game. Rich home
world is almost essential to get going faster than your neighbors,
especially in the harder levels.
Low G is easily surmountable, and the ground combat and spying penalties
are offset by the corresponding bonuses from Subterranean and Unification,
at least for defense. Just choose your offensive battles carefully.
With this race it is helpful to get Terraforming as quickly as possible,
since you can really take advantage of your high productivity/high
population growth rate. I also like Artificial Planets, which give me lots
of Huge planets to play with for late game development.
[Dan Tomso <>]

Race: David Michael Kass's Combat Race
Picture: Elerian (because running into them early will kill the race)
-4 Feudal (for the ship discount and the picks)
-6 Repulsive (you weren't planning on being friendly, were you?)
+6 Telepathic (essential to take over planets fast, +10 spying - perfect)
+6 +50 attack (allows you to actually kill things with your beams)
+4 Warlord (extra command points, +15% on attack is nice also)
+2 +10 spying (This is how you get tech)
+2 Rich HW (Help out in building that first fleet)
Comment: It's not perfect, but seems to work well single player (and fails
miserably multiplayer). Possible things to change include the +50 attack
and the Repulsive.
WEAKNESSES: see general thoughts on combat-oriented races (4.1.2)
[David Michael Kass <>]

Race: David Turriff's Favorite
+10 Lithovore +3 +1 Production -2 -10 Spying
+6 Creative -6 Repulsive
The Spying deficit is usually made up for with a technology such as that
Neural Scanner thingy. This totally nullifies the disadvantage. Repulsive
hurts sometimes, but if you pay off enemies until you're tough, it usually
isn't too bad. Creative and Lithovore give extreme benefits. In one game, I
had nearly every system on a huge galaxy colonized, except for a little
corner where the last systems of my final enemy were.
[David Turriff <>]

Race: Elerian warrior babes from space
+4 Warlord +6 Production +2 or High-G world
+4 Ground Combat +20 -4 Feudal
I was nearly always behind in the tech, but as soon as I could board an
enemy ship (tractor beams are invaluable) it was all over.
[electric RAIN <>]

Race: J. Sigmon's Multiplayer Race
Picture: Darloks (Backstabbing)
+6 subterranean +2 rich homeworld -2 -20 ship defense
+6 creative -4 -0.5 BC -2 -20 ship attack
+6 telepathic -2 -10 troop combat
Creative makes the disadvantages negligible. []
2nd Comment::
Don't start any war at the beginning of the game. Colonize a lot and put max on science. Be everyones friend and keepup being in their favour by giving tech. Then kick their collective ass.
Always works... [Kevin Guiton <>]

Race: Jake Walter's Favorite
Picture: Psilons (makes sure only you have Creative advantage)
-6 repulsive (you're going to get all the tech you want on your own)
+6 creative (gotta have it unless you plan to go in with guns blazing)
+4 +1 food (so you can focus on finding rich worlds)
+3 +1 prod.
+3 Omniscient (you need to know where everyone else is)
CommentS: You *will* have colonies producing trade goods in the mid game.
Price you pay for no trade treaties. Plan on it.
[Jake Walter <>]

Race: John Emerson's Starting Race
+6 creative +7 democracy -2 -10 troop combat
+3 charismatic -2 -20 ship defense -3 -10 spying
+4 fantastic trader -2 -20 ship defense -1 poor homeworld
I start out building defensive tech missle bases, battle stations, etc.
This acts as a good anti-Antaran tactic. It also deters other races from
bothering me before I can get my fleet built. While those defenses are
being developed I try to snatch all the nice mineral rich worlds I can get
my hands on. I get ahead in research fast and I'm able to buy all my
industrial improvements to get some real kick ass production.
[John Emerson <>]

Race: John Rappel's Favorite
+6 telepathic +4 cybernetic +4 warlord
+4 +50 ship attack +2 rich homeworld -4 feudal
-6 any other disadvantages
An effective strategy in small and mid-size galaxies. Build a battleship
with all lasers (most heavy, some regular to shoot down any missiles the
CP's might use against you) right from the first turn. Then, conquer all
your neighbours before they even get oriented.
Your crew's advantages allow you to destroy enemy Star Bases from long
distance without them doing much damage in return - plus being Cybernetic
repairs any damage they do manage after every combat. Telepathy allows you
to take almost everyone's planets without ground fighting. I can usually
conquer two or three races easily, giving you fully developed homeworlds to
build more ships (and Star Academies, which increase your crew fighting
bonuses even more) with which to defend the empire. Plus, you can usually
take technology from your defeated opponents, and when you are the
pre-eminent power in the galaxy so early, you can also intimidate the less
warlike of the remaining opponents into giving you technology and even
systems. [John Rappel <>]
VARIANT: Don't take the Warlord advantage. Take a ground combat penalty as
disadvantage. Wait around for automated factories and fusion beams before
building the battleship. Build TWO battleships to start. Make the Psilons
your "picture" so you don't have to fight them.[Brock Wood <>]

Race: Joseph Fok's Favorite
-4 0.5 BC penalty
-2 ship attack
-2 ship defense
-2 ground combat
+6 creative (an unfortunate must)
+6 subterranean (the extra pop make up for more scientics and workers)
+4 cybernetic (only need half food hence more scientists/workers)
+3 +50% pop growth
+1 large homeworld (to make up for that extra pick)
Comment: Money is never a problem, I always get a megawealth leader
somewhere. And those money generating building make up for the lost $.
[Joseph Fok <>]

Race: Keith Bowen's Favorite
Picture: Sakkra (of course!)
+6 +100 growth +4 +1 food -4 Feudal -3 -10 spying
+6 Subterranean +4 Warlord -6 Repulsive
Not my picks are used, but this is just what I like to have. This setup is
basically an outright declaration of war on all the other races. No trade,
no treaties, just ATTACK! Not the 'optimal' race, but fun for any
expansionist-minded individuals. I'm not keen on the 'technology solves
everything' sort of gameplay. Those Psilon players who love to hole up and
build a tech lead better beware of this kind of opponent in multiplayer
conflicts!!! [Keith Bowen <>]
WEAKNESSES: From my experience with multiplayer, this will fail miserably.
The first problem is that it has no way of getting tech. With Feudal, you
will not be able to do effective research. With -10 spying (and no tech),
you're not going to be able to get your tech that way. With Repulsive, you
can't trade for it. Unlike MOO, in MOO2, you don't get enough tech for
taking planets to make that a workable source (and this race isn't even
that good at combat). This is going to put you way behind on the tech curve
with no way of catching up. This is going to make it hard to get to your
target (let alone develop a good economy). [David Michael Kass
<>] Also see general thoughts on low-tech,
combat-oriented races (4.1.2).

Race: Nat Wong's Favorite
+6 Unification +1 Large Homeworld
+6 Telepathic -3 -20 Spying
What happens is that you eventually get a super home planet, the better for
churning out your tele-dominator large ships, and no real spying penalty
because you already have a natural +25!
[Nat Wong <>]

Race: Richard Kenan's Favorite 1
+6 Telepathic +6 Unification -2 -20 ship attack
+6 Subterranean -6 Repulsive
This is basically a declaration of war on the entire galaxy. You have a
huge highly productive and well fed population to run your industrial
machine. You build ships with missiles and Gyro Destabilizers early in the
game, to ignore the ship attack until tech can overcome it. You find an
enemy you think you can handle, blow up a starbase and any ground defenses,
and mind control the nearest colony. Instantly gets assimilated, and maybe
get some tech for free. Repeat as necessary. It might be worthwhile to
eradicate conquered slave races by transporting them to /dev/null (ie a
colony with no room for more colonists), so you can ship in your own
subterranean people, but if they have any good bonuses, you can keep them.
Just be sure to pick your fights carefully, and not to spy too much on
people who can beat you, and you've got it made. By the endgame, you take
Evolutionary Mutation and go for nothing to get a +40% score bonus.
Terraforming is a critical tech, fortunately you're guaranteed to get it if
you survive long enough to research it.

Race: Richard Kenan's Favorite 2
+6 Telepathic +6 Subterranean -2 -20 Ship Attack
Basically, this is a fast assault race. You might even take the
Subterranean and put in + growth, instead. Build a few (2 or 3) missile
cruisers in the early game, and take over half the galaxy. Then you win. It
works best in average and hard, in impossible you have to get kind of
lucky. Oddly, starting near a repulsive isn't as bad with this race,
because it gives you somebody you can attack without getting everybody else
mad. With huge pop at your native worlds (get as many as you can, of
course) you don't have to match the computer in the expansion game, and get
the most benefit for the production and maintenance cost of planetary
improvements. You instantly take over enemy planets, too, so no need for
any bombing or invasions. The minus to ship attack is meaningless, because
you're using missiles, or Gyro Destabilizers, if the game lasts that long.
It probably won't, though. [RICHARD KENAN <>]

Race: Robert Gresham's Favorite
+6 Subterranean +3 +50% growth -4 -0.5 BC -2 -20% ship defense
+10 Lithovore +1 Large Home -2 -ground cmb -2 -20% ship attack
Usually in control by the 20th year, and able to "purify" and repopulate
the galaxy by the mid 40s (this is what takes time). Pointers: 1. You need
planet construction. Spy and make sure your "pet" race has it and steal it
during the repopulation phase. Can give you 10% more population. 2. When
repopulating the galaxy, send one colony ship to each system. Put as many
colony bases as you can in the queue and turn it on auto. Keep note of the
systems with gas giants, and after all colony bases are built go back and
build planets and more colony bases. 3. Have max spies in your pet race.
Try not to keep Darloks for pets for obvious reasons.
[Robert Gresham <>]

Race: Roger Books' Favorite
+6 Creative +3 Omniscient -2 -10% ground combat
+6 Subteranean -3 -10% spying
[Roger Books <>]

Race: Sam Clifford's Favorite
+6 Creative +6 +20 Spying -2 -10 Ground Combat
Between the cre ative discovery and espionage I have a wealth of tech. My
strategy is defense, building some spies and ships, and being very
oportunistic. If a race has a weak fleet, send spies to sabotage. Early to
mid games races are saved only by their starbases and your effective spies
can destroy them. Be sure to bomb a couple of turns before invasion because
of your weak ground attack. Buy any leaders that help ground forces. Let me
know if this works as well for you, or any other deadly combinations (under
10 picks to be fair) [sam clifford <>]

Race: Nasty Rockeaters
Picture: Anything except Psilons

        Lithovore +10  Telepathic       +6  Warlord     +4 
        LowG       -5  Ground Cmbt(-10) -2  Spying(-10) -3
Comment: The Lithovore, Telepathic and Warlord combos mean that you don't have to build or research anything to do with food, ground combat or command points.
I usually play by working my way up the techs to a good cruiser or battleship design and then go and kill the guy with the most tech. Trading with the Psilons is a good way to do well and if they stop trading, you kill them and grab their tech.
Weaknesses: Ground combat. If anyone boards you or lands on your planets, you are going to die. The easy way around this is to stay on the offensive and have good shields. I usually get mass drivers and then research straight to class 3 shields. Another way to overcome the bad ground combat is to research tech for ground combat ie. anti-grav harness.
Variants: Take repulsive(-6) and -20 ship defense(-2) instead of lowg and -10 spying. Use this if you don't like diplomacy and want to fix the ground combat problems.
[Seth Veale <>]

Race: "Standard" production and tech race
Picture: Darlok (you really have problems with them)
-5 Low Gravity (the 25% penalty for normal planets isn't bad)
-3 -10 ground combat (you just aren't planning on attacking until you've
got good tech, and you're at -10 already)
-2 -10 spying (why we took the Darloks, you'll make it up in tech)
+6 Creative (all the tech)
+6 +2 Product. (we will out produce you)
+6 +2 Research (we will out research you)
+2 Rich HW (to produce that early research lab and automated factory)
The penalties will be overcome by tech fairly soon. Whether to take the -10
to spying or attack is always a question (or just not take the rich HW, but
I usually like it). By the time you go to war, your graviton beams and ion
cannons will slice through their ships while your armor laughs at their
feeble fusion beams. [David Michael Kass <>]

Race: Terrance LaCoursiere's Favorite
+6 creative +3 +1 production -2 -20 ship defense
+3 +50% pop growth +3 +1 research -2 -20 ship attack
+3 charismatic -4 -0.5 BC -2 -10 ground combat
(2 spare picks for Telepathic when Genetic Evolution is researched)
The only penalty that hurts in this game is the loss of money, until you
have built up a few planets and are creating trade goods. Makes me wish
there were further penalties for ground combat, since I never had to worry
about it yet. [Terrance LaCoursiere <>]

Race: Todd's Favorite
+6 Unification +3 +1 Production
+6 Creative +3 +1 Research
+3 +50% Pop. Growth
-2 -20% ship attack (don't care while expanding, use nuclear missiles)
-2 -20% ship defense (the battle is over if you use nuclear missles)
-3 -10% spying (you don't meet any races early in the expansion race)
-2 -10% troop combat (nobody is invading you early on)
This will get you going *real* fast in the early part of the game. By the
time you meet races, you are already the most powerful force in the galaxy.
[Todd K <>]

Race: Yuval Altman's Favorite
+6 Unification +4 Fant. Trader +1 Large Home -4 -0.5 BC
+6 Telepathic +3 +10 Spying -4 Uncreative -2 -10 troop cmb.
This is basically a spying game. The thing is to spread quickly. The more
races I meet, the better my tech is. Basically what we have here is a game
with good tech (at least as good as the enemies'), great production, great
farming, and a simple economical way to create money. Plus Telepathy, which
is great. [Altman Yuval - Vax <>] Races for different strategies

The races were designed to make for games that are a bit different from the

Race: John Emerson's Combat Race
Picture: Mrrshan
+6 telepathic +4 warlord -4 feudal
+3 +1 production +4 +50 ship attack -2 -20 ship defense
I prefer to have a little more combat early and this race works well in
that area. I also think it's a good combo for multiplayer games. I love
capturing the enemy ships, tech and using MIND CONTROL on their systems.
[John Emerson <>]

Race: Paul Rosin's Warlike Race
+3 omniscient +6 +2 research (to balance out the feudal penalty)
+4 warlord -4 feudal [Paul Rosin <>]

Race: Politicians
+6 +20% spying +3 +50% pop growth -4 uncreative
+5 +0.5 money +3 charismatic -2 -10% ground combat
Starting with advanced civilization, and with 8 computer enemies this has
been a fairly hard game. So far I have been able to steal all the
technology to stay even with everyone, I did have to trade a few items to
get some spying technology. When the other races catch me spying I have
been taking one or two of their planets and then the diplomatic bonuses
kick in and most ask for peace. Also I have been creating lots of colony
ships and as soon as one of the races gets into a war, and a planets get
bombared to death I can swoop in and colonize it. Also with the
dipomatic/friendly bonus you can most races to start multiple wars.
[Will Dieterich <>]

Race: Poorborg
+6 +100% pop growth +3 charismatic -5 -0.5 food
+6 +20 spying +1 large homeworld -3 -1 production
+4 cybernetic -1 poor homeworld -3 -1 science
Instead of trying to make the best killer race when I win so easily as it
is, I designed this race. If you ever get off the homeworld this race will
do OK if it is not too far behind to successfully steal some tech.
[Doug Walker <>]

Race: Richard Wesson's Uncreative Scientists
+6 +2 Research +3 Artifacts World -2 -10 Spying
+7 Democracy -4 Uncreative
You're in the position of having to make do with whatever technologies Fate
hands you; once you get a lot of research down one branch you can make a
lot of useful trades, even at Impossible, but you still have to scramble to
make ends meet when the enemy comes a-knocking. This game was fun because
of my limitations. I never got battle pods until very very late, and I had
to trade for battle scanners and automated factories - and research labs!
[Richard Wesson <>]

Race: Rob's "Average" Race
-4 -50% pop growth -4 feudal -2 -20 ship attack (or defense)
The race was not designed to be the best of all, but to provide a good,
challenging game on "Average" level. Often "Average" is more fun because
diplomacy works better and the fleets are smaller. For the best play, I
recommend a Pre Warp start - and try to limit yourself to, at most, 10
picks, but it would be better to take only 1 of the expensive ones, or 2 of
the cheap ones. The more daring won't take any picks at all.
[Rob C. Johnson <>]

Race: Peter's Multiplayer Missile Race - Griffins
-20%Ship Attack -20% Ship Defense -50% BC -20% Ground Combat (-?)
+Artifacts Home +2 Production +Warlord +Large Home +Rich Home +Cybernetic (+?)
This race is designed to do well in fast paced multiplayer games.
Research some missiles and armour, then built up a large fleet.
You should do well, if you attack before your opponents research good computers.
[Peter Schaefer<>]

Race: Robert Clark's Repulsive/Uncreative Race
-6 Repulsive +6 Telepathic +4 +20 Spying
-4 Uncreative +6 Unification +2 Rich Homeworld
Basically, I stole every tech in site with this combo (my starting spy
ratings were +30 +45), so the uncreativeness never had much of an effect. I
just built battlestations to keep my enemies off my back in the mid-game.
Later in the game, the Telepathy completely offset the Unification /
Repulsive problem of alien assimilation. So far, it is the custom race I
have had the most fun with. [Robert F. Clark <>]

Race: Thomas Palm's Combat Race
+6 telepathic +4 +20 spying -4 feudal
+4 warlord +4 +50 ship attack -4 uncreative
Feudal reduces ship building cost, which is sort of equivalent to a
production bonus. Sure, you're lousy on research, so you can as well choose
uncreative also. Rely on spying (+20 and telepathic). You'll never be ahead
technologically, but with +30 on spying you won't be much behind either.
This is a bit risky, since you need a few good techs early on to survive.
Once past the early stages it is quite fun though! Throw in warlord and the
combination of 1/3 ship cost and lots of commandpoints lets you have really
huge fleets. [Thomas Palm <>]

Race: Tyson Dowd's Max Population Race
+6 Subterranean +4 Cybernetic -4 -1/2 Food
+10 Tolerant -4 -0.5 BC -2 -10 ground combat
You need to set production to housing in order to increase your population
quickly enough to take advantage of the high max pop you tend to get. The
good bit about this combo is your production is high at the start (little
need for food, particularly if you get hydroponic farms). High production
at start can overcome -0.5 bc, and you can go and get all those crap worlds
with gems and gold. Then let the heros come to you ... hopefully they'll
bring some nice tech. [Tyson Richard DOWD <>]

Race: Uncreative/Repulsive Race
+6 Unification +3 +50% growth +2 Rich homeworld -4 Uncreative
+6 Subterranean +3 +10% spying -6 Repulsive
This race was used in the "Uncreative/Repulsive Galaxy" Scenario (see
"Strange Strategies" section) [ReluctantMessiah <>] Improved Standard Races

Race: Super Humans
+6 creative +7 democratic -3 -10 spying -2 -20 ship defense
+6 +2 research +1 large home -2 -10 troop cmb -2 -20 ship attack
[Christian Seitz <>]

Race: Super Klackons
+6 +2 production +2 rich homeworld -3 -10 spying
+6 unification +1 large homeworld -2 -10 ship attack
[Christian Seitz <>]

Race: Super Sakkras
+3 +1 Food +6 Creative -4 Feudal
+3 +1 Research +3 Charismatic -4 -0.5 B.C. Money
+3 +1 Production +2 Rich home world -2 -10 Ground Combat
Every time I have used -0.5 money and feudal I have systematically taken
over the galaxy easily. [Tom <>] Star Trek Races

Race: Borg
Picture: Elerian
+6 Unification +6 Telepathic -6 Repulsive
+4 Cybernetic +4 Warlord -4 -50% growth
I get most of my tech from a huge number of spies I've built (my telepathic
powers help my spies). [TVspace <>]

Race: Cardassians
Picture: Darlok
+2 +10 Spying +3 +1 Production -1 Poor Homeworld
+3 +50% pop growth +2 +20 ship attack
Cardassia is a fascist state bent on expansion in order to meet the needs
of a population which overgrew the limited resources of its homeworld. They
conquered others and enslaved them to meet their industrial needs.
Cardassians are also quite able in the intelligence department as
demonstrated by one of their best agents - Garak.
[Chris Richards <>]

Race: Federation
Picture: Human
+7 Democracy +3 Charismatic
The Terrans of the Federation base their existance on democracy and
diplomacy. [Chris Richards <>]

Race: Ferengi
Picture: Gnolam
+8 +1 BC +3 Lucky
+4 Fantastic Traders -5 Low-G Homeworld
Ferengi are one of the most annoying of the civilized races. Yet, they are
quite adept at trading and making money. They tend to turn bad situations
into profitable ones and usually have an odd knack of finding themselves in
beneficial situations. [Chris Richards <>]

Race: Gorns
Picture: Sakkra
+6 High-G Homeworld +1 Large Homeworld
+6 +100% pop growth -3 -1 Research
Gorns have great physical prowess though they lack in the scientific arena.
They jealously guard their frontiers which are constantly expanding.
[Chris Richards <>]

Race: Klingons
Picture: Bulrathi
+4 Warlord +2 +20 ship attack +1 Large Homeworld
+4 Stealthy Ships +2 +10 ground attack -3 -1 Production
Klingons are a great warrior race. In hand-to-hand they are fierce, and
their cloaked ships give them an ambush advantage. The Klingons
unfortunately lost their key mining facility due to overmining leaving them
without the resources to continue their military existance.
[Chris Richards <>]

Race: Romulans
Picture: Mrrshan
+4 Stealthy Ships +2 +20 ship attack -3 -1 Research
+3 +10 Spying +3 +25 ship defense
Romulans at one time were allies with the Klingons. They likewise posses
cloaking technology. Romulans are also good spying, often infiltrating the
Federation. One downfall of the Romulans is the speed at which they gain
new technologies. The Romulans were one of the last of the advanced races
to discover Warp Drive technology. [Chris Richards <>] Fantasy Races

Race: Halflings
 +6  +100% growth    +7  +2 food    -4  feudal          -2  -20 ship defense
 +3  +10% spying     +3  lucky      -2  -10 troop cmb   -2  -20 ship attack
 I am not sure what lucky does but these guys had an huge rich gaia planet
 in their home system.                   [Christian Seitz <>]

Race: Mind Flayers
 +6  creative         +6  subterranean         -4  feudal
 +6  telephatic       +2  rich homeworld       -6  repulsive
                                         [Christian Seitz <>]

Race: Orcs
 +6  subterranean    +3  +50% growth    -4  uncreative     -3  -10% spying
 +10 tolerant        +1  large home     -3  -1 research
                                         [Christian Seitz <>] Warhammer 40,000 / Fantasy Battles Races

Race: Chaos
 +3  +25 ship defense      +4  Warlord                +1  Large Homeworld
 +4  +50 ship attack       +4  +20 ground combat      -6  Repulsive
                  [Spanish Inquisition <>]

Race: Eldar
 +6  Creative         +3  Lucky               -4  -50% pop growth
 +3  +1 research      +2  +20 ship attack
                  [Spanish Inquisition <>]

Race: Genestealers/Tyrannids
 +6  +100% pop growth      +3  +1 Production          -6  Repulsive
 +6  Unification           +2  +10 Ground Combat      -1  Poor Home world
                  [Spanish Inquisition <>]

Race: Orks
 +6  High G world    +2  +20 ship attack     +3  +50% growth   -4  feudal
 +3  +1 production   +2  +10 ground combat   +4  warlord       -6  repulsive
                  [Spanish Inquisition <>]

Race: Skaven
 +6  +20 spying          +6  Subterrenean
 +4  stealthy ships      -6  repulsive
                  [Spanish Inquisition <>]

Race: Slann
 +3  artifacts world      +5  trans dimensional
 +6  +2 research          -4  -50% pop growth
                  [Spanish Inquisition <>]

Race: Space marines
 +4  Warlord            +5  +0.5 BC
 +3  +1 production      +1  large homeworld
                  [Spanish Inquisition <>]

Race: Squat
 +6  Subterranean      +2  Rich home         +1  Large home     -4  Feudal
 +6  +2 Production     +4  Fant. Traders     -5  -1 food
                  [Spanish Inquisition <>] Other Races
Race: Macho Women With Guns
Picture: Elerian
 +6  High-G Home     +3  Charismatic     -4  Feudal     +5 something else
 Ever consider the raw B-movie potential of the Elerians? MWWG are a staple
 of really horrible sci-fi flicks, and the Elerians have the perfect
 Graphics for it.
 I wanted to play a good Bulrathi boarding game, but I don't like the new
 Bulrathi racial picture much, so I delved into my inner cheeze and made
 modified Elerians/MWWG: As has been discussed in other threads, heavy G
 ground combat races with transporters and mass drivers (to take out
 shields) can have a lot of fun. [Martin Leslie Leuschen <>]

Race: Pseudo-Vorlons
 +6  High-G World    (Vorlons are hard to kill)
 +6  Telepathic      (make it easy to take over worlds)
 +4  Cybernetic      (healing ships, eat less food but do eat production)
 +1  Large Homeworld
 -3  -1/2 food       (don't need so much food, so not so bad)
 -4  -0.5 BC
Comment: The favorite tactic with this species was to board enemy ships. All
 you need is transporters and a big enough gun to knock down enemy shields!
                                  [Rob C. Johnson <>]

4.3 Expansion and Colonization

This section deals with expansion strategies. Marking a large territory fast
with outpost ships and colonize the planets later (when you've got decent
tech) seems to work particularly well.

The best starting strategy I've come up with so far is "marking" my
territory with outposts. In fact I don't even build colony ships until later
on, about turn 100/150. Thats when I start building colony ships and
actually colonize all my outpost planets. I usually play dictatorship, which
gives me an automatic marine barracks when I colonize an outpost. Cost is
100 for outpost ship compared to a free 80 prodution points for a marine
barracks. And I can produce outpost ships a heck of a lot faster than colony
ships. The only time this doesn't work well is when I have an aggressive
repulsive race next door. They do tend to enjoy wiping out any undefended
planets. But that early in the game my colonies aren't defended anyways...
[DarkKnight <>]

Non-aggression treaties permit fleets to occupy the partner's systems. I
have a big tendency to scatter my colonies all over the galaxy because of
those wormholes, and when my non-aggressive neighbors colonize the wimpy
sucky planets at either end of the wormhole, I'm not having any probs moving
swiftly through my empire. Wormhole dancing also gives you the advantage of
presence in every part of the galaxy, so you can find every race early, and
research/trade/spy with them for a big boost. CP's cannot seem to maintain
peace with each other, so if you go and get trade and research with every
CP, you get a huge bonus to income and research, while every CP only gets a
small bonus. [RICHARD KENAN <>]

Outpost ships have one good use that I have found. If you discover a
wormhole that ends in some far corner of the galaxy that doesn't already
have an alien race sitting on it, send an outpost ship on over. You can
usually establish contact with 2 new races. Set up some nice treaties - and
who cares if they go to war with you? The only thing in range is an outpost.
I've only seen the computer players use wormholes once to attack me. I'll
usually only do this if the star on the other end doesn't have any useful
planets - that's what colony ships are for.
[Ex Mudder <>]

Another good use of Outpost ships is to establish outposts on all planets in
your system. That prevents a CP from colonizing any of them. I always hate
when going to war to have to attack the CP in _my_ system or having them
blockade it while I am attacking more important targets. I'll use outposts
to claim those early _worthless_ rocks that aren't worth colonizing early on
until you get better techs. Outpost ships are faster and cheaper than colony
ships, and keep the riffraff out of the neighborhood. (g)
[Stephen C. Griffin <>]

The bug in that is that you can't settle a planet with an outpost in a system
where there is not free planet left
Actually the option to settle on outposts is in a way a bug, not a feature.

What works best for me, is a 2/1 outpost ship/colony ship ratio, with 4
scouts running around. I usually use the outpost ships NOT to claim planets,
but to expand the range of my colony ships/scouts. I look for those awesome
worlds at the beginning of the game, and then quickly colonize them. After I
get the worlds, I concentrate on pop growth (housing) or transfer of
colonists before I start cranking out stuff. This works really well on
ultra-rich worlds. [Panther <>]

4.4 Colony Management

This section holds information about colony management - what to build on
which planet, what to build first, what to do with conquered population etc.

4.4.1 Buildings

At 1/2 BC standard income per citizen, 1 BC maintenance for 2 citizen
capacity is essentially free (and you still get production from them),
assuming the planet is near full prior to building them.
[K. Richard Pixley <>]

Hydroponic Farms:
Hydro farms require 2BC support to produce two food. If two food can be
produced elsewhere, then two freighters transport the same amount of food
for the same cost. If you've got a farming planet (terran + soil enrichment
+ strong food producers like androids or whatever + weather control + etc),
then hydro farms can actually be a loss. (Just remember to defend your
farming planet well.) [K. Richard Pixley <>]

Marine Barracks:
On conquered planets, I usually build a Marine Barracks first, then the
Alien Control Center, then an Armor Barracks. If you build the Alien Control
Center first, that would give the CPs a chance to revolt. Building the
Marine Barracks first helps reduce any unhappiness and also starts building
troops to protect your investment. I also usually unload one transport on
the planet. This way I have enough ground troops present if the colony
rebels. [John Mueller <>]

4.4.2 Building Priorities

I get the best results from the auto-builder if I start using it as soon as
I establish a colony AND if I pre-load the first 7 items to be built in the
queue. I always go for production enhancements first. For example:
Automated Factories
Pollution Processor
RoboMiner (if I have it - I usually have to trade for it)
Atmospheric Processor
Missile Base (Have to trade fo this too)
Hydroponic Farms
This load maxes out production fairly fast. If I have enough cash coming in
I will buy the automated factory just to get the colony off to a fast start.
Then the computer builds other stuff and I usually don't interfere too much.
[David Ramsey <>]

My build queue for new colonies goes like this: Marine Barracks, Factories
then research lab, and I add all production/research structures as they
become available, then I turn them on max research while churning out trade
goods from the excess production

I prefer (if you have them) an android worker (or two), automated factory,
marine baracks, any other production enhancer and cloning center, then
research labs, etc. Early in the game, when food is still a problem, I'll
usually outright buy a hydroponic farm (so I don't have to worry about
freighters or diverting workers or scientists to farming - blasphemy!)
[Alan D Kohler]

4.4.3 Population Jobs

I've always had a huge research lead (not Creative) but I rarely, if ever,
use scientists to research (after I have research labs and auto factories).
I rely on many planets with research labs etc. and treaties to do all the
research. Taking the research -3 penalty seems to be a real obvious choice.
[Louie Landale <>] Population Growth

Use those otherwise worthless tiny but rich planets to produce population.
Plop one guy down there with a colony base, buy all the production
multipliers you can, and have him crank out housing. In the early game, you
should get 250K/turn or so, increasing to approach 1M/turn later on. All in
addition to the population of your "normal" planets and without draining
their resources. (Of course, if you turn a planet like Orion over to
housing, you can hit 2M/turn, but this is rarely necessary.)
[Craig Richardson <>] Assimilated Population vs. Own Population

Whether assimilated population is actually useful for you is determined by
the picks which you and your enemy took. If the enemy took global specials
like "Democracy" and "Charismatic", and your own people have production
and/or science boni, then this enemy's population will be mostly useless for
you (except when you have a lot of free space on your planets and need
colonists to fill them up). If, however, the enemy race has intrinsic boni
that your race doesn't have, then you would want to keep that race.

Useless conquered population can be annihilated but this would upset the
other players. Often it is a better strategy to assimilate them and then
send them to a planet that has no room for them. They will die upon arrival.
Then you can repopulate the conquered planet with your own people. (This
will work only partially if the deported race is Subterranean. You can
deport this race, but every planet will have some room for them because of
their Subterranean bonus - except if it's populated by another Subterranean
race. However there's no reason to annihilate Subterraneans this way. You
can send them to any of your planets to boost population there.)

If the assimilated race is superior or at least equal to your race in all
the intrinsic modifiers (growth, food, production, research, money), then it
is a good strategy to kill your own race and repopulate your empire with the
enemy's race. (Attention: this will probably lower your score.) However it
is dangerous to do this when the enemy's empire still exists, since he can
now take over your planets without having to assimilate the population.

If your race and the assimilated race both have boni that the other race
doesn't have, then use people for what they are good at - Psilons as
scientists, Klackons as workers etc. [Jonathan <flint@WOLFENET.COM>,
rephrased] Even if the captured race doesn't have any outstanding features,
they can free up your own population to specialize in whatever specialties
they have (science, production or food). [Jeffrey M. George
<>] Population vs. Androids

Androids work well if you have a minus on some ability. Also, if you don't
get the awesome bonuses from Morale (e.g. if you chose Unification) then
Androids are very good. I usually go for a Android Scientist, and get a good
improvement. I've never played with +s to research though. [Rob C. Johnson
<>] Question: Do Androids count as population for the
votes in the Council? [Roberto Ullfig <>]

Androids consider each planet as a Gaia world in terms of maximum allowed
population. Caution, the androids take up "organic" living space before they
start filling up the "inorganic" space.
An Example: A large terran world can hold 16(?) population units. If you
have 15 "organic" units, your population is still growing to the maximum 16.
If you add an android, then the android takes up the last organic space and
the "organic" population stops growing. From that point on you can fill the
planet up with only androids to the maximum population of a large Gaia.
An important thing is that android workers receive morale bonus but
farmers and scientists don't. Therefore in the long run, use "organic" units
for farms and research and androids for production. If you benefit from
morale then around mid game the morale bonus for farm and research is most
likely to outweigh the +3 bonus of an android.
Here's what I do. I turn every planet I colonize to terran. Maxout the
population. Build android workers to the Gaia population limit. In this way
you don't need to turn every planet you own into a Gaia world and every
colony you have always has a certain amount of production base. In addition,
if you need to switch priorities within the planet, you have "organic" units
to move. Some people completely populate worlds with androids but because
they don't generate income, unless you have a steady money supply I don't
think it's a good idea.
One thing I didn't check yet is what happens if a maxed-out planet, with
"organic" units and androids, moves an "organic" unit off the planet. I'm
pretty sure the vacated space is taken up by an android and that one space
can now only be filled by an android. I guess once you maxed-out a planet,
don't shift units off the planet. [BOBO <>]

The point of Androids when your planet is at max population is that Androids
are Tolerant. Tolerant allows you to occupy uninhabited areas of your
planet, effectively increasing the max pop allowed.
For example, lets say you are a non-Tolerant race, and you have maxxed out
a planet with a pop of 19. The pop of the planet will show on the screen as
19/19. Now build an Android.
What happens is that the computer cautions you there may not be room for
him if you build him. Ignore that warning, and build the Android anyways.
This is because the warning for some reason does not take into account the
Tolerant bonus.
When the Android is built, not only is it alive and kicking, but your
planet now reads something like 19/22. It looks like your planet has
increased it max population, but this is not really the case; there is still
no new population growth among your fleshy non-Tolerant race present. What
the new max capacity represents is additional space for more of those
Tolerant Androids.
So, I guess the moral of this story is to only build Androids when your
planet is at max capacity, so you can add those extra Android citizens
without accidentally taking away from your non-Tolerant population capacity.
[James Winsor <>]

You can develop a colony in a jiffy once you get droids:
(1) Move in 7 androids: production is 42.
(2) Buy auto factory: $240. Production is 54.
(3) Build one android per turn until the world is full.
(4) Using surplus production which has accumulated, build all the other
buildings you want. (You can micromanage this on the way, if you enjoy
that.) []

No need for any farmers.
All population units work more effectively than any organic population.
All population is tolerant, thus high max populations, no pollution, and
few problems with bad worlds.
*VERY* rapid population growth.
Android technology has high trade value, and CP's never build androids.

Lots of technology needed. You either need a lucky steal or you need
to be creative to get the two important android types.
Androids eat some production.
Androids cannot be shifted between jobs.
Androids cannot be subterranean or aquatic, or partake of any other
racial bonuses, except for government and morale.
Androids appear fairly late in the game.
Androids cannot be taxed and produce no income. Thus, you need to set
at least one moderately productive world to making trade goods, or you
will go bankrupt.
Those pesky organic computation units keep popping up out of your colony
ships, when you wanted androids.[RICHARD KENAN <>]

4.5 Research

If your race is not "creative", you have to choose which technologies you
research (and which you don't). This section helps you with some of the
harder decisions.

4.5.1 Research Choices Advanced Construction (T.1.3)
- Automated Factories, Missile Base, Heavy Armor

You REALLY need the Factories, but Missile Bases are SO useful if you're
at war - they can even take out the Antaran Frigates.
[Kirati Laisathit <>]

Get ground batteries instead ... in this game, beams are a heck of alot
better than missiles. [Kagetora <>]

Factories for the early jump on colonies and for that critical first decent
ship. Missile bases can be obtained later through subterfuge. Also, whenever
I have misile bases, the CP's seem to pack more PD and ECM, etc.
[Brecken H. Uhl <>] Robotics (T.1.6)
- Robo Mining Plant, Battlestation, Powered Armor

Again, production vs command points and a better defense. I'd rather take
the former and attempt to stay at peace until I have stolen the latter,
though. [Kirati Laisathit <>]

Hard choice ... depends on how much you're used to being attacked ... if you
forgo the station and can't steal/trade the tech, then make sure you get
those planetary defenses (i.e. ground batteries, planet shields, Stellar
Converter, and the last station) [Kagetora <>]

Always Robo, for the same reason as factories - the early jump. Increased
production helps supplant any potential command point problems through
increased BC income. [Brecken H. Uhl <>]

You almost have to get RMPs. But that gives up the +10 ground attack/+1 hits
power of powered armor, which if taken as a racial pick would cost something
between the +2 points of the mere ground attack bonus and the +6 of high-G
(which seems overrated). [] Astro Construction (T.1.8)
- Titan Construction, Ground Batteries, Battleoids

This may not seem a hard choice at first (Titan wins hands down), but the
increased defense provided by Ground Batteries makes things easier in the
later game. [Kirati Laisathit <>]

Steal one or both from the Psilons. [Kagetora <>]

At first, I used to go for Titan. Lately, however, ground batteries have
proved indispensible (can't shoot down a beam!). I just hope to steal Titans
(if the C.P. gets that far), or hold out for what I really want: DOOM STAR!
[Brecken H. Uhl <>] Ion Fission (T.2.4)
- Ion Drive, Ion Pulse Cannon, Shield Capacitor

I never bother researching Ion Cannons. Sure, they're killers, but so are
Gyro Destabilizers, and you don't have to worry about not being able to hit
Antarans. Further, this lets you get Ion Drive, so you can get Augmented
Engines instead of Fusion Drive, which is a very useful tech to have.
[RICHARD KENAN <>] Anti-Matter Fission (T.2.5)
- Anti-Matter Drive, Anti-Matter Torpedo, Anti-Matter Bomb

Go for the drive, the bombs and torps aren't that spectacular. (Bombs and
missiles in general aren't spectacular ... save the slots for phasors and
proton torps) [Kagetora <>] Advanced Metallurgy (T.3.2)
(Deuterium Fuel Cells, Tritanium Armor)

I just recently played a game where I went for the deuterium fuel cells. I
had to be very careful in some early mid-game battles because until I got
zortrium armor, I tended to lose good ships too easily. I had to make sure
that my ships had enough firepower to win a battle in 2 rounds of combat or
less or else they would get cooked by the other side.
[David Ramsey <>] Nano Technology (T.3.5)
- Nano Disassemblers, Microlite construction, Zortrium Armor

Zortium, because I already have Automated and Robo. Zortium = tougher:
ground batteries, fighters, missiles, missile bases, planetary fighter
stations, starbases and SHIPS. [Brecken H. Uhl <>] Positronics (T.5.4)
- Positronic Computer, Planetary Supercomputer, Holo Simulator

If I don't get research labs and supercomputers, I *ALWAYS* lose the game.
Later I'll research the Cybertronic Computer.

Supercomputers are clearly the best of these. PCs would give another +25% to
hit, or the value of +50 offense, which is worth +4 picks. Now think about
the power of a +20% morale boost. It is about half the effect of +1 farming,
+1 research, and +1 science. (Average production is 3 units of each thing,
so adding one is a 33% boost. But you have to build HSs, a big downside. But
HSs apply to everyone - your race, conquered races, even worker androids.)
This is big - worth +4 points. Positronics is probably the worst tech
bottleneck in the game. [] Cybertronics (T.5.6)
- Cybertronic Computer, Autolab, Structural Analyzer

You really need a good computer in the phase of the game when you can
research this, and there doesn't come any computer tech later for a very
long time. On the other hand, getting far behind in tech because of no
Autolab really sucks. [Kirati Laisathit <>]

Get the lab, steal the computer. Besides, the Positronic (that's the one
before the Cybertronic) will do you for awhile ... just play nice and use
the other mods to compensate. [Kagetora <>]

Cybertronic, because I skip the earlier one. The CP's invariably have
autolab, or I get it from one of the heroes.
[Brecken H. Uhl <>]

Autolabs, I can survive without, because at this point, beam weapons are
better than gyros and missiles, and I need a ship computer, and I have
bumloads of new research from all my terraformed planets coming in. The 30
RP per colony would be nice, but I really need to beat some wimpy helpless
race up for a while to get a better handle on things, so I go with
Cybertronic computers instead. [RICHARD KENAN <>] Advanced Biology (T.6.2)
- Cloning Center, Soil Enrichment, Death Spores

Death Spores are worthless, but the other two are a terrible decision. Soil
Enrichment is worth almost as much as the +1 food pick (+4 points), perhaps
+3 when weighted for the fact you have to build SE. But cloning is also
nice, giving something like the effect of +100% growth, a +6 pick, perhaps
weighted to +4 or so. [] Magneto Gravitics (T.8.3)
- Class III shield, Planetary Radiation shield, Warp Dissipator

This was the hardest for me, because class I shields don't do much good, but
I need the Radiation shield for my poor radiated, ultra-rich colonies.
[Kirati Laisathit <>]

IIRC, those Class V's are just a couple of advances away ... at this point,
you likely need the productive colony more than you need the shields.
[Kagetora <>]

ALWAYS class III for me! I go straight for mass drivers and class III. I
never research class I. Mass drivers are just too indispensible: small,
consistent, no range damage penalty. [Brecken H. Uhl <>]

4.5.2 Research Strategies

Normally I start with missiles, go to mass drivers, then (briefly) to gyros
when I have enough production to kill the guardian. (EMG missiles are also
supposed to be great on Guardian, but I have not messed much with them.)
Then I have death rays. Usually by that point I will have researched assault
shuttles, and that combination poses a nasty threat to any enemy. Especially
if you are lucky enough to get xentronium. It only takes one assault shuttle
to capture a ship that has zero marines.

So I will often have death rays before even neutron blasters. Given that
situation, it is much cheaper to pursue transporters than plasma cannons;
and with transporters and death rays, you probably have a better combination
against anything but monster CP fleets. Each transporter/death ray ship,
once in close, should be able to capture one enemy ship/turn, possibly two
if you also build in one assault shuttle each. And of course, after combat
you get to scrap captures for BPs and ship techs, if the enemy is ahead,
which is usually the case. Or even use them. Particularly if you are

Another reason I favor transporter/death ray ships over plasma cannons is
that they make capturing Antarans simple, assuming you have the computers
needed to actually hit the little buggers. Every Antaran ship, even the
frigates, has a damper field, particle beam, xentronium, quantum detonator,
and moleculartronic computer. (The big ones also have fun stuff like
reflectors, space compressors, and BHGs, but they are rarely seen.) Once you
get dampers and xentronium, you should stay in the game for a while just to
have fun, but it is basically over. Moleculartronic computers are also very
nice. []

4.6 Diplomacy

4.6.1 Don't make alliances
Rejecting an alliance has NEVER caused me any negative grief. Usually the
same race will come back again and again and yet again asking for that
alliance. I just refuse. The rare alliance I get into is usually with a race
that is (a) strong enough to fight well on their own and (b) has enough
spying strength that framing becomes problematic, i.e. I've allied with the
Darloks once when they were (a) big and (b) obviously difficult to spy
against. This worked fine because their spy bonuses plus spy tech bonuses
kept anyone from successfully spying on them and framing me. I've also
allied once with a very strong Klackon empire that had alot of spy tech (+
the unification defensive spy bonus) and again I never got framed. But
alliances with other races are a waste. [David Ramsey <>]

4.6.2 Trade CPs Weapon Tech
For the most part CPs use weapons poorly. I give them about any weapons
tech. I do hold off on productive/research tech as that is what really drive
the game. I'll trade them about any weapon for something that makes me more
productive or better research - that's where the game is won. The CP's also
don't seem to use specials very well. It would have been nice if Simtex had
programmed them to use some of the combos that were so obvious from what the
tech implied, but unfortunately they don't. They just stink at ship design.
[Stephen C. Griffin <>]

4.6.3 Trade them Android Tech
CP's do not seem to build Androids, so maybe this is a safe tech to trade.
If it is, you should certainly do so because there are a lot of nice techs
in the 1000-1500 range, which you should be able to get.

4.6.4 Trade to all CPs
If you are going to trade, trade the same tech with EVERYBODY (because the
CP's will anyway) and trade that tech AS SOON AS YOU DISCOVER IT. It has
it's highest value at that point before anyone else has had a chance to
steal it or research it themselves. And after you trade that tech item and
have gotten a bunch more goodies for it, go back around the diplomacy screen
and try to trade again. Maybe the Missile Bases that you just got will be
attractive to those Alkaris who didn't want to talk to you the first time.

I regularly trade for lots of tech. There are some things that are VERY hard
to get though. These are (1) higher level beam weapons (the CPs just don't
want to offer them up too easily so plan on researching those yourself), (2)
certain key items (among these are autolabs but you CAN get the CPs to trade
autolabs - you just have to have something they really want), and (3) Power
Armor. Power Armor is tough to get because most of the CP's won't bother to
research it either.

A good way to get autolabs early is if one of the CPs hire Mentox who gives
them autolabs. If this happens, research Class III shields ASAP. This
particular tech appears to be very attractive for trade and I've gotten
autolabs a couple of times this way. [David Ramsey <>]

4.7 Leaders

Especially in the early game I will grab these heroes:
Kronos - Galactic Lore and Dimensional Portal
Sparky - Advanced Damage Control (hire and fire!)
Mentox - Research bonuses + research lab + autolab
Cassandra - Telepathic training. [David Ramsey <>]

4.8 Ship Designs / Combat Tactics

4.8.1 Discussion of Weapons and Systems Fusion Beams

Fusion beams shouldn't be underrated, once you get Enveloping. Once you get
past the shields they do 4x damage. With the 2x range dissipation you may
want to specialize in heavy-mount or get augmented engines or design a
lighter ship for more speed. These put out a lot more damage/space than my
midgame autofire phasors I noticed, with the exception of attacks on
shielded planets. And they rip apart space monsters and Antarans, who don't
have shields anyhow. [Richard Wesson <>] Mass Drivers

Mass Drivers are my main weapon up until level 7 shields show up, however, I
don't understand the fascination with all the mods, particularly Heavy
Mount. I can have two Mass Drivers doing 12 pts damage or one heavy doing 9?
At level 3 shields we are even, at less than that I do more damage with the
base MD. Once shields get heavy I switch to the heavier version of the MD.
[Roger Books <>]

Autofire mass drivers rock the world, early on. 18 damage with no range
dissipation? Awesome. Add AP, battle scanner, and maybe Class III shields,
and two cruisers can handily take out early starbases. Great for point
defense, too. Not so good against planets, so build a couple of bombers,
too. [Richard Wesson <>]

Mass Drivers have four small problems. First, you give up class I shields
for them. This means you want to get class IIIs, which you can do, but then
you give up planetary radiation shields. Generally, races going for MDs want
an early win, and thus don't need to mess with rad shields, since they have
no intentions of either defending with them or using them to build up
Second, they are beam weapons, and thus need computers for the best firing
accuracy. But all the computer advancements have other very desirable
advancements in the same tech level.
Third, they don't work very well on monsters. (Admittedly, I have not
tried this enough to be certain.)
Fourth, they are useless on planets that have radiation shields. Most
weapons are halved when entering air, and the shield blocks 5 points from
each attack ... ergo, even heavy mass drivers do zero. [] Ion Pulse Cannons

The Ion Pulse Cannon is _very_ powerful. 2 heavy Ion Pulse Cannons plus some
other beam to knock down the shields (if any) will result in a ship with an
engine breach (ie. KABOOM). Just for kicks, I put 2 heavy autofiring Ion
Pulse Cannons on a ship and was reducing starbases to useless piles of
metal. The only bad thing about them is that they can't be used against
fighters or missiles, they can't be used to destroy missile bases or
starbases (they do no armor or structure damage), and are useless against
monsters, the Antarans, and Xentronium armor.
[Doug Jacobs <>]

Against Ion Pulse Cannons, build well-shielded ships. The Ion Blaster has a
small damage/space ratio, so against those it's practically worthless by
itself. [Chip Morris <>]

Comment: Version 1.3 Changes: Ion Pulse Cannons now take 30 space, do 2-10 points
of damage and cannot be modified to be Heavy Mount (see readme.txt).
[Jurij Kashinskij <>] Phasors

Heavy phasors will toast about everything and they miniaturize quickly. Only
when you start fighting things with reflection shields do you run into a
problem, but by then you'll have something else because I've only seen the
Antarans use them in number. Once you get Heavy, Cont., Auto-Fire and Shield
Piercing then can easily be the best weapon (except maybe Death Rays). I
usually kill fleets 5-10 times my size even when I am massivly out-teched
elsewhere. [Will Culbertson <>] Plasma Cannons

It is the enveloping damage X4 which makes the plasmas so terribly
destructive. Take a bank of heavy plasmas (heavy to reduce range dissipation
and to add a little extra punch), throw in structural analyzers (targets
ship weak points and doubles the beam value), high energy focus (adds
another +50% to whatever the darn beam was going to do in the first place),
and a good computer and suddenly that X4 damage means ALOT. You can do
similar with the fusion beam but since the fusion beam is (a) less powerful
overall and (b) the enveloping mod is an add-on, it just doesn't come close.
Banks of 10 or more heavy plasmas on a titan with the above mods can
sometimes do thousands of points of damage in one shot. i.e. The heavy
plasma does 9-45 points (per shield facing). So let's take an average value
of 27 points X4 = 108 points PER BEAM before the mods are applied. Add in
structural analyzer (X2) and we are up to 216 points per beam. Add in High
Energy focus and we are up to either 270 or 324 points depending on how MOO2
does the calculation. Now take 10 of these babies in one bank and you have
2700 points (minimum!) of damage. Since you can often get 2 banks of 10
heavies coupled with a smaller bank of 6-8 Fx standard plasmas (they are
great for shooting down fighters and missiles too!) this ship is carrying
around 5000-7000 points of damage PER TURN. Put 5 of these titans in a
battle group and go kill somebody's empire. It all comes down to that X4
enveloping mod though. Take that out and those numbers quickly drop down to
700-1000 points per turn. [Jeffrey M. George <>]

However Plasma Cannons are not the best weapon against a really heavily
shielded ship, because their damage is spread evenly across all the shield
facings. Here Phasors or Disruptors, which deal all their damage at one
facing, might be better. [MCG] Particle beams

Nice, compact PD capable weapon, really makes your fighters worthwhile
(though I generally prefer minaturizations of phasers, plasma cannons, and
disruptors in the late game on ships) [Alan D Kohler <>]

I don't find these useful; death rays pack more punch and I tend to like to
capture ships if at all possible. Free tech, free money for scrapping. This
one is good for trading to CPs. [] Death Rays

Although I find plasma cannons a better weapon, death rays are nice for
their marine-killing function, and in assaulting planets with shields or
against CPs that I have a reason to not get close to (like the occasional
plasma-web guru that pops up). [Alan D Kohler <>] MIRV Missiles

The MIRV advance is special; it actually keeps the Nuclear missiles in the
game. It does the same damage as four launchers, while using the space of
two. Of course, your individual missiles are easier to shoot down than a
cloud of four times as many missiles. Combine this with Emissions Guidance,
and you have a missile that is on its way to becoming worth the major space
these things take up (and is better given to Disruptors anyway). Usually,
the effect is this: you fire the Emissions Guidance missile at the enemy; it
hits, they blow up. Not bad. However, I dislike missiles and torpedoes.
Ideally, you want to deal crippling damage now, not two turns later.
[Terrence Inouye <>] Emissions-Guided Missiles

IMHO, compared with the Gyro, the anti-drive missile has better kill
efficiency. I use this baby against the Antarans, the ship goes Kaboom with
only one shot of nuclear missile (MIRV, FS, EGS). It has its weakness
though, namely it won't work well with a well-shielded ship.
[Kirati Laisathit <>] Bombs

Why not put one nuclear bomb on each ship above destroyer size? The waste of
space is minimal and it makes the ship capable of damaging a planet with a
radiation shield. With the ship's beam weapons shooting down the planet's
missiles, it doesn't matter that the damage they do is small because it all
mounts up with several ships bombing and there is nothing to stop them. The
method of putting all bombs in one ship sounds risky to me as the computer
has a strong tendency to fire everything it's got against ships with lots of
bombs aboard. [Mark Henderson <>]

Bombs are a waste of time IMHO. I prefer using missiles, death rays, and
auto-fire disruptors against planetary defenses as they can be used against
ships as well, and making dedicated bomb ships is generally overkill and
makes a weak link in your fleet. [Alan D Kohler <>] Bio Weapons

Bio Weapons are totally useless, unless you want to risk a war with all the
CPs. Every single CP's slider bar will drop like nuts.
[VoXeL <>] Fighters

Fighter Bays do not miniature in size, so for example 4 Heavy Fighters will
always use up 80 space units. If you are on Neutronium Armor level, the will
have 30 Structure Points each, totaling 120. That far in the game, I suspect
Phasors to have undergone about 2 levels of miniaturization (this requires
tech level 9 in Physics, which costs 14,000 RP in total, as opposed to
Construction level 12, which is required for Heavy Fighters and costs 16,630
RP in total). This means that each PD Phasor will take up 4 space units
(maybe 3 or 3.5, not sure). The defender can fit 20 of these on the same
space that the attacker needs for his fighter bays. These 20 PD Phasors will
hit the fighters for an average of 120 damage point per turn, if all of them
hit. Which is exactly the amount necessary to kill all fighters before they
get a chance to attack. If the defender uses Mass Drivers instead of
Phasors, he can deal up to 120/180/240 points damage per turn (assuming
maximally miniaturized PD Mass Drivers take up 2 / 1.5 / 1 space unit). This
seems highly unbalanced, considering that the defender can use his weapons
on the attacker in further turns, while the fighters will be gone.

The key question is how many of the Phasors/Mass Drivers will hit. I cannot
calculate this because I couldn't find any information about the beam
defense (BDCV) of fighters (or missiles, for that respect), and even if I
could I still wouldn't know how the computer calculates the to-hit chance
out of the attacker's BOCV and the target's BDCV. Can you help me out on
this one?

Anyway, if the numbers above do represent a typical endgame fighter combat
scene (which I don't know for sure due to little experience with fighters),
there are three possible reasons why fighters don't work well:

1. They don't miniaturize.
2. Their Beam Defense is too low.
3. They don't have shields, hence they cannot block a single point of
damage, which makes highly miniaturized low-level weapons very
effective against them.
4. They have too little structure. Gyro Destabilizers

The Gyro is the most powerful low/medium tech weapon in the game, IMO. The
damage it does is increased for larger ships, and it miniaturizes well
enough to fit into nearly any platform easily. Plus it doesn't miss and can
fire from any direction and there's no defense against it.
[John Lansford <>]

The biggest problem I have with GDs is firing them at the right time. You
don't wan't to spin a ship with shields in case it ends up facing away from
the rest of your fleet and you end up having to take down it's rear shields
as well as the front ones to do any more damage to it. They can be useful in
deflecting incoming bombers though, as they spend all their movement points
turning rather than advancing on the planet, if you get lucky.
[Mark Henderson <>]

Against Gyros, put Reinforced Hull on your ships. Being Cybernetic doesn't
hurt, either. [Terrence Inouye <>] Spatial Compressor

Brutal, especially on larger ships vs. smaller ships; however, detrimental
to fleet tactics as it hits your own ships too. I might like it if it
affected fighters and missiles too. It doesn't. I don't.
[Alan D Kohler <>] Black Hole Generator

A guaranteed kill. Nice. However, using minaturized heavy plasma cannons, I
can generally kill much quicker. Since the BHG immobilizes the ship, it is
also easier to hit AND a prime target for boarding as well. However, unless
the combat ends in short order, you'll loose the ship you just captured.
[Alan D Kohler <>] Damper Fields (on non-Antaran ships)

The best Antaran tech. Better than any shield, and takes up less space than
a shield on the ship, also removes the necessity for shield specials.
[Alan D Kohler <>]

Damper Fields are too easy to get around for non-Antarans. First, you can
easily be boarded by transporters. Second, you die instantly from Ion Pulse
cannon, and anything which is using the Achilles targetting system does you
in pretty quick also. Third, Emission Guided missiles are also instant
death. [Rob C. Johnson <>] Engines

I find almost all my battles these days involve some movement, either to run
from enemy missiles/fighters/etc or to close rapidly with a target to board,
fire, beam, or bomb. Just consider all the low or mid level techs that may
demand tactical movement:
- missiles: fire and run back to escape beams
- assault shuttles: fire point-blank and they attack immediately!
- gyros: range 10 or 12
- transporters: range 12
- bombing: range 3 (12 with transporters)
With all of these, speed is usually quite significant. []

4.8.2 Ship Building Strategies Richard Kenan's Strategy 1

First, I build almost only cruisers. In the early game, I can get cruisers
off the assembly line fairly quickly, so I can field my fleet without
crippling one of my colonies. Later on, with my Battle Pods and Megafluxers,
I can stick mostly anything I care about on a cruiser, so who needs Doom
Stars? Also, cruisers are the smallest ships that Telepathic races can use
to mind control alien populations.

Second, at first, missiles are *MUCH* more effective than any kind of beam
weapon. With no tech advances, 2 cruisers with nothing but nuclear missiles
will easily take out a starbase. Later on, with a bit of miniaturization,
cruisers with MIRV fast ECCM heavily armored nuclear missiles can still hold
their own. If you bother to research it, emission guidance also helps
missiles be some of the best ship killer weapons there are.

Eventually, you have to stop relying on missiles. Once the CP's have ships
that can easily waste a cruiser in one turn, or have lots of missile defense
systems, it's time for a change. I usually go for Gyro Destabilizers at this
point. Gyros don't deal much damage, but they deal all of it directly to
structure, so their ship killing power is about 2.5x as much as their damage
would indicate. They even ignore shields! By the time you abandon missile
cruisers, you should have at least class III shields and augmented engines,
plus some kind of new drive. With this, you can in the first round advance
your cruisers right up to the CP, and Gyro his nastiest ship to death before
it gets a chance to attack. Since CP's rarely research new armor types, you
can often kill many ships on the first round with Gyros.

The third cruiser type I use is the anti-Antaran cruiser, which is also good
against CP's, as long as you're willing to take a few losses. Stick Assault
shuttles, triple armor, triple structure on a cruiser, and maybe a shield if
you want to use it against a CP. With augmented engines, you can get 3 or 4
of these puppies right next to an enemy ship. Then board it at point blank
range (less time for the shuttles to get shot) and capture it. Sometimes,
Antaran ships explode when you capture them, but otherwise, you can capture
loads of ships this way. This is nice if you're behind on tech, or just want
cash from selling the ships. It also works to take out starbases and the
like, and then destroy the planet with its own starbase, if you happen to be

Late in the game, of course, you just stuff those cruisers with all the
nifty high tech toys and go looking for a fight. The primary advantage of
using cruisers in the late game is, you get to refit the old cruisers
(cheaper than building new ships and you keep the crew experience). By the
late game, it doesn't matter what you're using. You can even beat CP empires
with frigates in the late game. If you work at it.
[RICHARD KENAN <>] Richard Kenan's Strategy 2

Wait for Pollution Processor (or equivalent), class III shields, and Battle
Pods. Build cruisers with Fast, MIRV Nuclear missiles, battle pods, and
shields (actually, you can do without the shields, but you will get creamed
by Ion Pulse Cannons which show up at about this time). Use 2 missile
racks, you should be able to cram about 11 racks of missiles on a cruiser. 2
of these can usually destroy an CP empire, if you're telepathic, and 2 of
them plus a bumload of transports will do the trick if not telepathic.
Essentially, you're taking advantage of the fact that, early in the game,
few worlds have any defenses. If you plan carefully, you'll be able to kill
off a starbase *AND* any ground defenses with this fleet of 2 ships. Fleets
of mobile ships are totally defenseless, as few have the HP to survive 88
nuclear detonations in a single salvo.

To extend their operational lifespan, be sure to research scanner tech, so
that your missiles can at least partially ignore ECM. ECCM just is not
worth the space, though.

This same fleet is OK against Antarans (small Antaran fleets, anyway), and
is awesome against monsters. Don't waste your time attacking Orion, though,
as even 10 or 12 of these things still won't dent the Guardian's shield.

Another good design uses Gyro Destabilizers and Augmented Engines. You just
close in fast, and the Gyros will pretty well tear up the enemy. They don't
do much damage, but at that tech level, neither does anything else, and they
ignore shields, armor, and internal systems.

Lastly, try Neutron Blasters to knock down shields, and then Ion Pulse
Cannons to make the ships blow up. I usually prefer Gyros, but this design
works very well, also.

Early to mid in the game, cruisers are probably best, as you can get them
off the assembly line reasonably fast, and they have a bit of staying power.
[RICHARD KENAN <>] Jim Vieira's Strategy

It's been my experience that missiles are your single best friend in the
early game. I usually don't start making a major fleet till I get to Class
III shields range, but sometimes you have no choice. In the VERY early
going, massing a bunch of frigates and cruisers with lots of nuclear or
merculite missiles can help alot and seem to deter the CPU's from attacking
you to early. If I'm playing a crowded arena (like 8 player on anything
below large universe) I am making ships like this within 100 turns. It helps
your startup ALOT to take out a close opponent early and getting his/her

If I can keep the peace in the early going, then I like to get together a
fleet with class III shields, shield capacitors (I usually skip ion cannon
as they are ineffective on monsters and antarans), fusion beams and mass
drivers and lots of missles and gyro destabilizers.

I usually split my designs over three-four ships (ie one will have mostly
missiles, one mostly beam, one will be loaded with gyro destabilizers, etc).
I also plan the usage of specials on the ship design. My gyro ships will
need augmented engines and perhaps reinforced hull as they are going to rush
up and attack the enemy. Then they can take a bit more of a pounding
(especially with shield capacitors/hard shields, etc). My ships that 'hang
back' with beam weapons often will get battle scanners, or rangemaster units
(if using fusion beams to minimize the drop off penailties of range) etc.

I have found that you need a diverse fleet in this game to make a real war.
It seems that until you can build battleships and above exclusivley, it's
hard to make one ship design that will cover all needs. As I said, it
depends on my situation. Nearby aggressive neighbors warrant an immedate
fleet. But in a game where you meet no one till 200 turns in, you can often
get by with minimal fleets and missle bases to fight off the Antaran
attacks. (does anyone else think it's silly that a missle base can single
handedly take out 3-4 antaran ships on an attack? Granted, this changes
quite quickly when they are sending 6+ ships or move up the the next ship
size, but then I usually have ground batteries in place somewhat early

My FAVORITE thing to do is when I find a nearby neighbor and I want him out
of my way, I'll mass up tons of missile boats on the borders (perhaps mass
drivers as well if I skipped class 1 shield) and start making demands. Often
the player will give me enough techs to 'catch me up' with the CPU's (I only
play on hard/impossible where you can quickly fall behind in tech). If they
declare war, no problem, I'll just come in on one of their newer worlds and
take it while it's weak, mass all my ships there and continue in on to the
heart of their empire. [Jim Vieira <**>] Various Hints for Ship Design

If you have a high G race or commando leaders, boarding vessels with troop
pods, augmented engines, and only PD weapons work well. CPs will not even
shoot at this type of ship usually. The ships captured can be used as
decoys, scrapped for new tech, or sent right back at the CP. These troop
ships must be used as escorts to a fighting ship, but they provide good
protection for the larger ships because of the PD weapons.
[Steve Horn <>]

The CPs design the defense of their ships with regard to your best weapon
tech. So if you stick with plasma cannons if your best tech weapon is a zeon
missile, or stick with anti-matter torpedoes if you have death rays, a CP
will usually miss the mark when deciding what specials to use against you.
[Alan D Kohler <>]

4.8.3 Ship Designs

For convenient reading, I have put all ship designs into a general layout
format. If you want to contribute your own races (please do!), it would be
nice if you used this format - will be less work for me ...

Ship - Name of the design. Unfortunately most people didn't name
their designs, so I often called them something like "xy's
favorite" or "xy's gyro cruiser".
Size - The hull size of that design.
Weapons - The weapons of that design.
Systems - Additional ship systems.
Cost - Research points necessary to research all techs needed for
that design, and Production points necessary to build it if
the highest-level technologies have just been researched.
These values are estimates and vary with the number of
weapons, indirectly related tech (like drives and armor) and
miniaturization, but they are a good measure for comparison.
Tactics - Preferred tactics.
Weaknesses - Weak spots and counter-tactics.
Comments - Remarks to strategy, fleet composition, system upgrades etc.

The Designs are ordered by their research cost, so that ship designs for the
early game appear before those of the mid- and endgame. If the research cost
is equal, ships with less production cost are listed first.

Often I could not calculate the production cost because the design was too
unspecific. However I found that the hull size of the ship usually
contributes more to the production cost of a ship than anything else. So the
hull size of a ship is a good base to estimate its production cost.

SHIP: Missile Frigate
SIZE: Frigate (Small)
WEAPON: 3 Nuclear Missiles (FST, MIRV, 2 shots)
SYSTEM: none - no shields, no computer
COST: 950 RP / 60 PP
Comment: You can fit more missiles per production cost on frigates than on
anything else. The ships are cheap, and it doesn't matter that the crews
are green! []

SHIP: Missile Cruiser
SIZE: Cruiser (Large)
WEAPONS: Nuclear Missiles (MIRV)
SYSTEMS: No computer (has no effect on missiles)
COST: 950 RP / 316 PP (for 6 2-shot MIRVs, without shield)
TACTICS: Useful early in the game. A couple of these can take out most space
monsters, and provide a credible defence against greedy neighbours.
Missiles generally seem to be more useful than beams in the early game - a
nuke will do a lot more damage than a laser cannon, and the ships are slow
enough that you can get away with slow missiles.
CommentS: Small enough to be cheap and quick to produce, large enough to
pack a punch. Part of the "Cruiser Strategy" - see "Assault Cruiser" and
"Beam Cruiser". [Matt MacLeod]

SHIP: Escort Cruiser
SIZE: Cruiser (Large)
WEAPON: Mass Drivers (PD, 360 degree)
SYSTEMS: Battle Pods, Battle Scanner
TACTICS: Use 2 of these together with 3 Combat Titans and 2 B2's.
COSTS: 1230 RP / 490 PP (without computer/shields)
Comment: I very rarely have a CP fire on this ship, usually they are busy
going after the B2's, which can sustain mondo amounts of damage. With the
defenses on the B2's and these things flying around, the missiles and
fighters die before they get to the B2's.
[Roger Books <>]

SHIP: Laser Cruiser
SIZE: Cruiser (Large)
WEAPON: Laser Cannons with _all_ the modifications except point defense,
keep them forward arc only for max impact.
COST: 1350 RP (or more for better miniaturization), 300 PP (for 5 fully
modded lasers, without computer/shield)
Comment: For the middle game. I've found that laser cannons at high techs
are the most effecient because of the extreme small size and cost, even
after you give it all the cool mods. A couple of tech levels higher, fusion
beams have the same effect, but more damage and range.
In general, I very rarely go for the highest tech weapon available... it
takes some refinement before they really pack the big punch.
[D. B. Brown <>]

SHIP: MIRV Frigate
SIZE: Frigate (Small)
WEAPON: 2 Nuclear Missiles (MIRV, 2 shots)
SYSTEM: Battle Pods
COST: 1480 RP / 72 PP
Comment: I've determined this design to have the best missile to command
point ratio of all early designs. The Battle Pods work really well with the
Frigate class. Six or so of these ships (only 1 starbase needed for
support!) can take out all monsters guarding those choice planets, as well
as early Missile Bases and Star Bases. I think there's a bug with the MIRVs
though. I thought I read somewhere that they can't be used against
planetary defenses but mine work fine. [Roberto Ullfig <>]

SHIP: Timo Pietila's Favorite
SIZE: Largest Hull that you can build at the moment
WEAPONS: Neutron Blasters, Tractor Beams
SYSTEMS: Battle Pods, Augmented Engines, Troop Pods, Reinforced Hull, Heavy
COST: 1440 RP (without computers/shields)
Make that ship light otherwise (not much weapons), this works even without
neutron blasters. Just drive next to the ship you have decided to capture
and try. Note that one tractor beam is enough to stop Antaran frigates.
In the endgame I use death rays with teleporters. Other stuff is quite
irrelevant. One death ray is enough to lower the shields and then I can use
teleporters. Two or three death rays are guaranteed to kill ALL opponent's
marines. [Timo Pietila <>]

SHIP: David Ramsey's Early Game Favorite
WEAPONS: Mass Drivers (HV), Ion Pulse Cannons
COST: 1530 RP / PP depend on size (without computer/shields)
TACTICS: Use the heavy mass drivers to knock down shields and the ion pulse
cannons to disable enemy weapon systems.
Comment: Often you can trade the mass driver to someone friendly to get the
Class I shield. Neutron beams are also nice and come early enough to be
effective in a variety of scenarios. [David Ramsey <>]

SHIP: Mark's Early Game Favorite
WEAPON: Nuclear Missile (FST, MIRV)
SYSTEMS: Battle Pods, Class I Shields
COST: 1730 RP (with shields)
TACTICS: I always develop Class I shields over ECM Jammers or Mass Drivers.
They work well in tandem with missiles since missiles fire 360 degrees so
you can sit back and fire your missiles while rotating fresh shield facings
to the enemy each turn. [Mark]

SHIP: Guardian Killer
SIZE: Battleship (Huge)
WEAPON: 6 Gyro Destabilizers
SYSTEMS: Battle Pods, Reinforced Hull, Tritanium Armor
COST: 1730 RP / 1025 PP (without shields)
TACTICS: 6 of these should kill the Guardian. In the first round, do NOT
move your first ship forward all the way, but move the rest of the fleet up
to prepare for the next round. In the second round, move that first ship
foward until the destabilizers are in range, then hit it with 36 (6 ships x
6) gyro destabilizers and it will perish in one round. You will of course
loose that first battleship, but getting Loknar's ship more than make up
for the loss. This strategy works because gyros attack structure directly,
bypassing armor and damper fields, and always hit. If you really want to
play it safe, research one additional level so that each battleship can
carry 8 gyros or bring in additional cruisers with them.

SHIP: Prowler's Early Game Favorite
WEAPON: Mass Drivers (AP)
SYSTEM: Class III Shields
COST: 1800 RP (without computer)
Comment: Get Mass Drivers and then research the Class III Shields. That way
you can have the shields and make the mass drivers Armor Piercing!
[Prowler <>]

SHIP: Mass Driver Ship
WEAPON: 6-8 AF Mass Drivers or 4-5 HV Mass Drivers
SYSTEMS: Class III shields, good computer
COST: 1800 RP (without computer)
Comment: This design can be very effective early on. After you get the
basics (research labs, auto factory) done, work on force fields: mass
drivers, gyros, class IIIs. You need good computer tech and/or good crews
to really make this work; a mere electronic computer is not enough to get
many hits. Battle scanners and Rangemasters can be useful, but you really
want one of the better computer designs. This hurts because it will mean
forgoing one of the tech-gain buildings. []

SHIP: Gyro Cruiser
SIZE: Cruiser (Large)
WEAPON: Gyro Destabilizer
SYSTEMS: Augmented Engines, Class III shields, no computer necessary
COST: 2180 RP / 322 PP with shields
TACTICS: By the time you abandon missile cruisers, you should have at least
class III shields and augmented engines, plus some kind of new drive. With
this, you can first round, advance your cruisers right up to the CP, and
Gyro his nastiest ship to death before it gets a chance to attack. Since
CP's rarely research new armor types, you can often kill many ships on the
first round with Gyros.
Comment: Eventually, you have to stop relying on missiles. Once the CP's
have ships that can easily waste a cruiser in one turn, or have lots of
missile defense systems, it's time for a change. I usually go for Gyro
Destabilizers at this point. Gyros don't deal much damage, but they deal
all of it directly to structure, so their ship killing power is about 2.5x
as much as their damage would indicate. They even ignore shields!

SHIP: Assault Cruiser
SIZE: Cruiser (Large)
WEAPONS: Assault Shuttles
SYSTEMS: No computers necessary
COST: 2480 RP / 290 PP (without shield)
TACTICS: For the midgame. Why bother with bombers, when you can capture the
enemy battlestation and use it to take out the planetary defenses? There
doesn't seem to be any defense against these guys - even if you knock them
out quickly, there are still those shuttles full of marines, who'll
probably capture your best ships quite quickly. These are best combined
with the Telepath ability. (If you launch the shuttles together with
missiles, the missiles will be targeted first. [Christopher Holko
CommentS: Small enough to be cheap and quick to produce, large enough to
pack a punch. Part of the "Cruiser Strategy" - see "Missile Cruiser" and
"Beam Cruiser". [Matt MacLeod]
(I have found that it works best for to have a combination of these two
types of ships. Usually at a 3 to 1 ratio of beam ships to assault shuttle
ships. [DarkKnight <>])

SHIP: Yellow Carrier
WEAPONS: Interceptors, a few Missiles with only 2 shots
SYSTEMS: Battle Pods, Fast Missile Racks
COST: 2530 RP (with Nuclear Missiles, without shield)
TACTICS: On the first turn, launch the fighters and both missiles (emptying
the racks) and then retreat the carriers. The enemy fleet will most likely
fire on them the first turn but at that range they should survive. It gives
you a free turn to fire on the enemy and they still have to deal with the
missiles and fighters. [Will Culbertson <>]

SHIP: Fusion Beam Ship
WEAPON: Fusion Beams (HV ENV), plus Ion Pulse Cannons or AP AF Mass Drivers
COST: 2630 RP (without computer/shields)
Comment: When I get neutron blasters I also get the Enveloping mod for
fusion beams. This makes the fusion beam X4 (hits all 4 shields like a mini
plasma cannon). I use heavy version of these to knock down shields and
either ion pulse cannons or AP AF mass drivers to wreck the enemy ship.
[David Ramsey <>]

SHIP: David Ramsey's Early Battleship
SIZE: Battleship (Huge)
WEAPONS: 4 HV Neutron Blasters, 1-2 HV Ion Pulse Cannons, 4-5 ENV Fusion
Beams (Forward Extended Arc), some bombs to fill it out.
SYSTEMS: Battle Pods, Battle Scanner (to assist beam weapons), maybe Shield
Capacitors if you can trade for them, best computer and shields.
COST: 3160 RP / 1180 PP (without computer/shields/shield capacitors)
The Neutrons do a decent job against shields. The Ion Pulse Cannons do the
number on internal systems of course. And the Enveloping Fusions (you get
Enveloping when you research Neutron Blasters or Neutron Scanners) make for
really nice anti-missile/anti-fighter weapons.
[David Ramsey <>]

SHIP: Torp/Missile Boat
WEAPONS: Anti-Matter Torpedoes or Missiles
COST: 3280 RP for Torps, 9530 RP for ENV+OVR-Torps (both without shield)
TACTICS: First turn, fire and move away from the enemy fleet. The AI seems
to like to fire on these first (like carriers) and with them moving away,
they take little damage and so survive.
CommentS: You can make them on cheap hulls and pump them out. When you get
overloaded/enveloping torps, these get real nasty.
[Will Culbertson <>]

SHIP: David Ramsey's Boarder
WEAPONS: Ion Pulse Cannons, plus cheap beam weapons
SYSTEMS: Troop Pods, Augmented Engines (or Subspace Teleporters), Assault
Shuttles (or Transporters)
COST: 3760 RP with fusion beams, without teleporters/transporters
TACTICS: Ion pulse cannons are total wreckers of onboard systems. You can
often build a ship whose sole purpose is to board and capture enemy vessels
by using (a) a cheap beam weapon to knock down shields, (b) ion pulse
cannons to knock out systems (including engines) (c) augmented engines or
subspace teleporters to close in on the target, (d) troop pods to carry
exta marines, and (e) assault shuttles or transporters to help get aboard
fast. [David Ramsey <>]

SHIP: Drone
WEAPON: Best Beam Weapon
SYSTEMS: Quantum Detonator, any protection against beam weapons
COST: n/a (Quantum Detonator is not researchable) Cost depends on whatever
you need to capture Antarans or defeat the Guardian.
TACTICS: Do NOT have them in close-knit formations, as fratricide is a
terrible reality here. Do NOT have them close to your missiles - if and
when they explode, they take your missiles with them.
DO use these small fighters to eliminate the clusters of 10 missiles
coming off of planetary missile bases when assaulting other worlds. They
are WONDERFULLY inexpensive ANTI-MISSILE units (especially with NOTHING but
a Quantum Detonator). I build these and call them DRONES or AMS or
something which is readily identifiable. Have THEM intercept and detonate
the outbound enemy missile groups.
DO use them three at a time, to pull up right NEXT to an enemy space
station or doom star, and let them begin firing at the enemy structure. If
the enemy ignores them, the beam weapons eventually wear it down (they may
be small, but the ARE persistant). If they take enemy fire, they explode
and STILL cause 40 or 50 points of damage. Either way, you come out ahead.
Keep them far enough apart to not kill the others when they blow. (see
fratricide remark above) The enemy units will usually target them and hurt
themselves in the resulting explosion.
Use them together with titans when attacking the Antaran homeworld.
CommentS: Build them by dozens, they are cheap. [Danno <>]

SHIP: Panther's Mid Game Favorite
SIZE: Battleship (Huge)
WEAPONS: Mass Driver (partially HV), or Fusion Beams
SYSTEMS: Rangemaster TU, Anti-Missile Rockets, Troop Pods, Inertial
Stabilizer, Augmented Engines if you have the room for them.
COST: 4560 RP / 1730 PP (without computer/shields - but Class III shields
are only 900 RP away, and Positronic computer can be researched before the
Rangemaster TU)
TACTICS: For early/mid game. Basically, all you do is drive this bad boy up
to a starbase/battle station and board it.
Comment: Also, just build a Battleship that is classified as an anti-missile
ship and use them to shield your fleet when attacking homeplanets. Mix in a
few missile cruisers in the back firing huge volleys of missiles (only
equip them with 2 ammo so that you can get two huge volleys that are harder
to kill). Also, Shields 3 are one of my first tech goals.
[Panther <>]

SHIP: Combat Titan
SIZE: Titan
WEAPONS: 3-4 Mass Drivers (PD, Extended Forward Arc), 4-5 Assault Shuttles,
the rest Gyro Destabilizers
SYSTEMS: Heavy Armor, Battle Pods
COST: 4530 RP (without computer/shields)
TACTICS: Use 3 of these together with 2 B2's and 2 Escort Cruisers.
[Roger Books <>]

SHIP: Unkillable Titan
SIZE: Titan
SYSTEMS: Reinforced Hull, Heavy Armor, Auto-Repair Unit
COST: 5130 RP / 1625 PP (without computer/weapons/shield)
TACTICS: The main strength of that kind of ship is it's survivability. It
will take nothing less than your opponent's complete battlefleet to kill
it, usually. At that point, you can pick off his ships at leisure until he
no longer has enough ships to damage you faster than you can repair.
WEAKNESSES: Ships with Plasma Webs can do enough damage to destroy the ship.
CommentS: Once the middle-to-late game approaches, I favour building a ship
which the computer players simply CANNOT destroy. This ship is nearly
unkillable by most computer firepower in the middle part of the game. Of
course, getting the industry to build this could be tricky, but a good Rich
or Ultra-Rich planet can manage it in about 10 turns if everyone is
producing. [Walter <>]
I use those things with Augmented Engines and Gyro Destabilizers until the
AI starts putting on banks of 5-10 Ion Pulse Cannon. Then I remove the
armor, reinforced structure and faster engines in favor of maximum
long-range beam firepower. [Thomas M. Holsinger <>]

SHIP: Jolly Rodger
SYSTEMS: Troop Pods, "Speeders" (Inertial Stabilizer, Augmented Engines),
"Slowers" (Tractor Beam, Warp Dissipator), best ECM Jammer and shields
COST: 5210 RP (without jammers/shields)
TACTIC: This guy just jumps next to enemy ships, as quickly as possible, and
boards 'em.
Comment: For the midgame. Of course, it helps to research techs which give a
bonus in marine combat. This design tends to work very well for everything
but (a) fighting monsters, and (b) attacking planets - for those, you need
other ship types. But for taking out the enemy fleet 'in being', and
getting some tech out of it to boot, it's a fun thing to try.
[Ken Fishkin <>]

SIZE: Titan
WEAPON: Anti-Matter Torpedoes
SYSTEMS: 12-13 Anti-Missile Rockets, Battle Pods, Shield Capacitors, Heavy
Armor, Reinforced Hull.
COST: 6990 RP / 1012 PP (without shields)
TACTICS: Use 2 of these together with 3 Combat Titans and 2 Escort Cruisers.
[Roger Books <>]

SHIP: Thomas Holsinger's Combo
WEAPONS: Ion Pulse Cannon (AF CO HV), Gyro Destabilizers
SYSTEMS: All targeting specials, plus Augmented Engines
COST: 6930 RP (without computer/shields and targeting specials)
[Thomas M. Holsinger <>]

SHIP: Rob's Low Tech Favorite
WEAPON: Graviton Beam
SYSTEMS: Structural Analyzer
COST: 8250 RP (without Positronic computer, without shields)
[Rob C. Johnson <>]

SHIP: Titan Killer
SIZE: Battleship (Huge)
WEAPONS: 5 Plasma Webs
COST: 9500 RP / 800 PP (without computer/shield)
TACTICS: A fleet of four of these ships would take down the "Unkillable
Titan" type ship. The Klackons had picked up the Plasma Web from somewhere
and had placed five of the things on each BB. When my battlefleet showed
up, each one of them dumped their webs on one of my ships. The first round,
they did 400 points of damage. The next turn they did 1800. Plasma Webs do
5-25 points of damage --per ship size--. That means a Titan will take much
more damage than my BB. I've found the only thing I could do against these
weapons was to destroy the ships before more than two rounds happened with
those webs on my ship. [John Lansford <>]

SHIP: Beam Cruiser
SIZE: Cruiser (Large)
WEAPONS: Disruptor Cannons
SYSTEMS: Best shielding specials: Multi-Phased Shields, Shield Capacitor etc
COST: 22950 RP / 349 PP (with Cl.V shield, 2 Disruptors, without computer)
TACTICS: The king of the endgame. Knocks out enemy battleships with a single
shot, and can easily take out titans and star fortresses if you have a
couple of them. Don't retire those Assault Cruisers from the midgame though
- they still come in pretty handy, especially if you find yourself
outgunned at some stage.
CommentS: Small enough to be cheap and quick to produce, large enough to
pack a punch. Part of the "Cruiser Strategy" - see "Missile Cruiser" and
"Assault Cruiser". [Matt MacLeod]

SHIP: Zoel's Doomstar Killer
SIZE: Battleship (Huge)
SYSTEMS: Battle Pods, Hyper-X Capacitors, Rangemaster TU, Structural
Analyzer, Achilles TU, Battle Scanner, Time Warp Facilitator
COST: 67310 RP (without computer/shield)
Comment: Absolutely awesome ship that takes out 3-4 Doomstars on the first
turn and 1 or 2 each turn thereafter. [zoel_ii <>]

SHIP: John Emerson's Favorite
SIZE: Doom Star
WEAPON: Plasma Cannon HV
SYSTEMS: Structural Analyzer, High Energy Focus, Rangemaster TU, Time Warp
COST: 71660 RP
Comment: With this ship you can basically smash the hell out of any fleet.
The Stellar Converter can take out only 1 ship. I got doom stars with the
config above with 99 hvy plasma cannons taking 10 doom stars out a turn, 5
on the first then they go again 5 more explode! you simply can't fit that
many Stellar converters on 1 ship. [John Emerson <>]

SHIP: Doom Star Combo
SIZE: Doom Star
WEAPONS: as many Heavy Mount Plasma cannons (150% damage) as you can load,
usually between 100 and 120.
SYSTEMS: Achilles TU, Structural Analyzer, High Energy Focus, Hyper X
COST: 85000 RP (estimated, depending on miniaturization levels needed,
without computers/shields)
Comment: The plasma cannon hits all four shields at normally 6-30 points.
With the above it will hit all four with 9-45 (if I have done my math
right) and IT WILL IGNORE ARMOR, with all internal damage DOUBLED. The
importance of this cannot be overestimated. With FOUR Doomstars I destroyed
a Psilon fleet of 78 Doomstars, and several dozen Titans and BB's. Only a
few volleys is needed for even a Doomstar to evaporate. It works far better
than Stellar Converters, Death Rays, and Mauler Devices. The miniturization
is the key. Those same specials can be used with other weapons, but Plasma
Cannons miniaturize so much that 100-120 (or more depending upon what other
specials you may use) can fit on a Doomstar.
[Stephen C. Griffin <>, original idea from Rob?]

SHIP: Eugene Wong's Unkillable Ship
SIZE: Titan or Doom Star
WEAPONS: Stellar Converters
SYSTEMS: Time Warp Facilitator, Phasing Cloak
COST: 107210 RP / 5580 PP (Doom Star with Megafluxers and 1 Stellar Conv.),
Titans need even more RPs because components have to miniaturize
TACTICS: This ship is effectively unkillable. You use your first round to
fire at the enemy, then use the extra round (given by the time warp device)
to re-phase cloak. By putting these 2 specials in a doom star/titan
together with a couple of stellar converters, you can plink an immense
enemy fleet away (or at least till the computer decides it cannot win and
retreats). I once defeated a fleet of 170 battleships & 30 doom stars with
this tactic on impossible level. [Eugene Wong <>]
Comment: (I consider this cheating - the Time Warp Facilitator was never
meant to disable the main limitation that cloaking fields have. IMO this is
a bug in combat. [MCG])

4.8.4 Fleet Composition

In terms of fleet composition, I generally develop one or two battleships
(loaded with missiles and a fighter bay) and three or four destroyers with a
two shot nuclear missile and a fighter bay if it'll fit. The AI likes to
concentrate fire on weaker vessels and the destroyers are great as Wild
Weasels when attacking planets with missile bases. A single destroyer can
divert two or three turns of missile fire and then retreat before the
missiles arrive. [Mark]

Let bombers just tag along behind beamships, which zap the incoming
missiles. I use 'wait' a lot, advancing the bombers first or last as
necessary to get the missiles in a good position to be zapped.
[Richard Wesson <>]

I normally make certain that I have enough transports with my fleet before I
attack now. It eliminates the constant problem of having to reconquer the
same territory that I've taken in the past. Using this technique doesn't
really cost any more either since you'd have to eventually build the
transports anyway. [John Mueller <>]

1. Big, slow, armored missile ships with no point-defense *must* be
accompanied by:
2. Small, fast, agile point-defense cruisers. With mass drivers if possible.
No Missiles! No Bombs! These are Aegis Cruisers :-)
3. Smaller bombers. Nothing but bombs. Frigates or destroyers.
4. UNARMED fast, agile, defended with ECM, lightning-field, armor etc, and

My notes on the computers strategy are that it tends not to target unarmed
vessels. Hence, the unarmed troop carriers will generally make it to the
starbase, batlestation etc, where they raid, raid, raid or capture.

Also, in planetary defense, the computer will target anything that carries
bombs in preference to anything else. Hence the seperate bombers. These hang
back and lure the missiles and fighter squadrons into the guns of the
point-defense cruisers.

Meanwhile, the missile ships are pounding away dodging beam weapons. They
should never have to defend themselves from missiles -- at least 2:1 ratio
of Aegis to missile boats. Also, the bombers should be taking a lot of flak
away from these boats which are the real killers (in the early game).
[Steve Wray <>]

4.8.5 Combat Tactics Cheap Distraction
Have you noticed how much the planetary defenses hate/fear ships with bombs?
I've set up invasion fleets that have all the cool stuff on the battleship
and titans, and a bunch of dirt cheap frigates armed with nuclear bombs just
to distract the planetary weaponry. [] Cookoffs
Sometimes ships go down with a bigger explosion than usual, doing more
damage to the surrounding ships. They don't even have to have quantum
detonators onboard for it to happen. I've taken to calling these events
"cookoffs" since it appears that the damage done to the ship causes other
onboard weapons to "cookoff" setting off a major explosion. I've found that
a combination of heavy phasors followed immediately by heavy ion pulse
cannons can often cause this sort of behavior. I use this effect when I'm
facing large CP fleets. If he has a titan or doomstar in his front line, I
can often get it to detonate, thus taking as many as five surrounding ships
with it. And sometimes one of those will cookoff too setting off chain
reactions. I once took down 5 Sakkra doomstars, about 7 or 8 Sakkra titans,
10 or 12 Sakkra battleships and another 15-20 smaller ships in just two
combat rounds using only 6 of my own titans.
[David Ramsey <>] Self-Destruct
Self-destructing frigates and destroyers in FRONT of a nasty is a great way
to weaken it's shields enough where the shields FAIL on the side facing the
explosion. I usually build something fast enough to get in an enemy ship's
face, then as the enemy fires off missiles, fighters, shuttles, etc, I self
destruct my ship, taking the launched subsystems AND the enemy ship's
forward shield out. THEN, I follow up with my ranged attacks, funneling the
damage through the now-depleted front shields. If and when you get the
quantum detonator, your destruction damage is TRIPLED and REALLY lays waste
just about every shield and launched subsystem within 5 or 6 squares
distance. [Danno <>] Cheap Bomber Squads
A tip for fights against shielded planets with highly advanced missile
bases: missile bases only shoot at a max of two targets/turn (I'm not sure
whether CPs ever shoot at more than one). It will take you two turns to run
up to the planet. That means that, at most, he can shoot at two of your
ships before you are in bomb distance. So make a bunch of frigates with
nuclear bombs (fusion if you got 'em). 8 frigates cost 8 command points,
which should be affordable to anyone. When you enter combat, first turn,
charge the planet. Missile base fires. Next move, watch carefully to see
which frigate(s) the missiles are aimed at. Turn these around and run to the
edge of the map, then retreat. The missiles follow harmlessly. The frigates
not aimed at run up and bomb. Second enemy turn, he fires again. One or two
more frigates die or run off. Etc. []

4.9 Strategies Against Various Opponents

4.9.1 Strategies against Monsters

Wild space monsters are *MUCH* tougher and more dangerous than guardian
monsters. They usually have about twice the hit points, twice the weapons,
and sometimes more. Just send in 3 times the firepower, and it works pretty
well. [RICHARD KENAN <>]

Eels and Amoebas are killed best with MIRV'd nuclear missles, as many as you
can fit. [unknown]

The Space Crystal can take control over your ships. If you have many small
ships then this will reduce your firepower by a smaller percentage than if
you have a few large ships. [John Alcock <>, rephrased]

4.9.2 Strategies against the Guardian Mass Drivers / Missiles / Ion Pulse Cannons Combo
Mass drivers and fast missiles to knock the shields down, ion cannons to
finish. [Doug Jacobs <>] Neutron Blasters / Ion Pulse Cannons Combo
Blasters drop the shields (*FAR* less than the required 800 points of
damage) and the ion cannons will then eat up the internal systems and make
it blow up. Better yet, both are very low tech, and so can be used to kill
the Guardian early in the game, when Orion is still relevant to the outcome,
and even important. [RICHARD KENAN <>] Gyro Destabilizers
40 Gyro Destabilizers did the job (they bypass the shields and armor), I
believe that even around 35 should do the job. [GPF <>]

6 battlepod tritanium reinforced-hull battleships with 6 gyro-destabilizers
each should do the trick. In the first round, do NOT move your first ship
forward all the way, but move the rest of the fleet up to prepare for the
next round. In the second round, move that first ship foward until the
destabilizers are in range, then hit it with 36 (6 ships x 6) gyro
destabilizers and it will perish in one round. You will of course loose that
first battleship, but getting Loknar's ship will more than make up for the
loss. This strategy works because gyros attack structure directly, bypassing
armor and shields/damper fields, and always hit. If you really want to play
it safe, research one additional level so that each battleship can carry 8
gyros or bring in additional cruisers with them. []

Comment: From v1.3 patch Ion Pulse Cannons now take 30 space, do 2-10 points
of damage and cannot be modified to be Heavy Mount.
Gyro-Destabilizers now take 75 space and cost 50BC. Their damage has also been
decreased to 1-4 per size class of target ship (see readme.txt).
[Jurij Kashinskij <>]

4.9.3 Strategies against the Antarans Run Away

A fleet of 4 or 5 Antarean frigates can often do in whatever fleet I may
have developed along with my starbase and missile base. However, a fleet of
4 or 5 frigates do minimal damage to a colony after getting through defenses
so as a rule I let them have their way with the colony (which is easily
rebuildable) and get my fleet the hell outta Dodge if I see the Antareans
coming. The six to eight turns it takes to rebuild my biosphere and marine
barracks is much better than the 50 turns it took me to put together my
battleships and destroyers. [Mark]

One way to handle the irritating Antarans is to strip all resources from the
planet and move all colonists and ships to other colonies. Then offer the
colony that is targeted by the Antaran to another race. Not only will the
other race be more friendly towards you. If you're lucky, they might even
try to send some ship to defend the planet, which will be a waste of their
troop. I find this strategy to be particularly useful in the early stage of
the game when there's no possible way for you to defend against the
Antarans. [Ting Lee <>]

It seems then the purpose of the Antaran attacks (as they said themselves) was to purify the Galaxy and they will bombard a colony were they can do more damage. This means you can figure out which planet they will attack and evacuate it.

Here is what I do ... :

I made sure I had at least 50-60 freighters on hand (VERY IMPORTANT) and a colony ship. Then when an Antaran attack was announced and I could see it heading for one of my systems I started some heavy evacuation!!! and sent the colony ship there.
As Colonists require 5 freighters for each 1 to be transported you need the extra freighters. Start moving all but the last Colonist to other worlds as close as possible. Next start scrapping the buildings on the planet one at a time starting with the most expensive. Lastly evacuate any and all ships from the system so you don't lose them.

After the Antarans had destroyed the planet, I had it refilled in no time ! I did this at least 5 times and saved myself the hassle of rebuilding 5 colonies over and over again.
[Culain <>] Emission Guided Missiles

You can kill any Antaran ship with emission guidance nuclear missiles! Equip
a ship with about 5 or 6 and you can't fail (still helps to have a good beam
weapon for the star fortress, also I have found that the plasma cannon is
nearly as effective as the death ray against the Antarans).
[Matt Raupp <>]

Make sure the EMG Missiles have the ECCM and Fast and Mirv benefits too. You
can put these and death rays on the ships exclusively; you need the Death
Ray to kill the base. Fire the missiles at the ships. Make sure all of them
have some missiles targeted on them. DON'T MOVE. Fire the Death Rays at the
base. The first turn the ships will move toward you and the missiles will
hit and destroy the ships without fail. Then, move adjacent and board the
base. You'll either capture it or it will self destruct.
[John Lansford <>] Board them

You can capture Antaran ships. Ships equipped with Quantum Detonators
(including all Antaran ships) have a 50% chance to self destruct when
captured, but you should do all right sometimes. If you set things up right,
this gives you a good chance to just slaughter the home fleet. Build a huge
fleet with subspace teleporters and good drives and assault shuttles, triple
armor and triple structure, and damper fields if you have them. Make sure
you have lots of the buggers. Charge in, and board the Harbinger you find
guarding the Home fleet. Either you capture it or destroy it (assuming you
have enough shuttles/ships), and either way, you can then deal with the rest
of the fleet with minimal difficulty. Plus, if you're telepathic, and you
capture it, you can then use it against the rest of the home fleet. Antarans
don't deal well with boarders, in general.

However, their Damper fields kill 3/4ths of your marines, which is why when
you board with 10, it says only 4 get on board. Then the Antarans shred 'em.
Neutron Blasters, which kill 1 Marine per 5 pts internal damage, don't work
because each individual shot does less than 5 pts of damage, and thus no
marines are killed. [Rob C. Johnson <>]

Actually, you can research the tractor beam pretty quickly. Equipped with
this and a few neutron beams, you can slow down the smaller Antarean ships
enough where you can get your marines on board. The smaller ships have fewer
marines and are easier to take over. Assuming you capture one (from two or
three attempts) you should be able to bring it back to your colonies for
dissection - scrap the ship and get the tech improvements!!
[Danno <>]

Try a cruiser with minimal defenses and 5 to 6 assault shuttles. You will
loose alot of marines taking Antaran ships, and they will blow up fairly
often (and may very well take out one or more of the attacking cruisers).
Usually one of these cruisers is enough to capture an Antaran frigate. In
combat I advance the cruiser(s) with the assault shuttles to within three
squares of the target vessel before launching the shuttles. I will outfit
the cruiser with a cloaking device and/or a nullifier to help ensure it
survives the run up to the target vessel.
[Mike Kuninobu <>]

If I have reached the level where I've got a cloaking device or nullifier, I
don't NEED to worry about capturing Antareans. Using tractor beams and
augmented engines works better anyway without using up so many spaces like
assault shuttles do. [John Lansford <>]

If you capture an Antaran ship, you may get Antaran tech or: Moleculartronic
computer, or Neutronium Bomb, or Subspace Teleporter (provided the ship you
captured has it and you don't - all Antarans have Moleculartronic
Computers). [Anthony Kirilusha <>] Use Black Hole Generators

- Capture Orion. You need to get the Black Hole Generator for this strategy.
- Build a fleet of maybe 10-12 ships, with Death Rays, BHG, Augmented
Engines and all the shield/armor enhancements you have. They do not need
to be Doom Stars or Titans. Battleships are good.
- Go to Antares, and immobilize every ship with the BHG, then blast them
with the Death Rays. You will lose 2 or 3 ships to the Antarans (mainly
from the Star Fortress). On your next turn, fly right up in their faces,
shoot the ones freed from the BHG to immobilize them, and board their
ships for capture. They're immobile, and you killed all the marines on
board with the Death Ray. No problem. This also works with the Star
Fortress, but hit it with the Death Ray a few more times to be sure. A
good computer seems to be an advantage, since it appears to minimize the
reflection field hits.
Note that this strategy will also work against CPs, but you need more beam
weapons (ie Plasma Cannon) to blast through their shields before firing the
Death Ray. [Bryan Ericson <>] Anti-Antaran Ship Designs

Capture ships are easy. Just build the biggest hull you can filled with
Augmented Engines, Reinforced Hull, Heavy Armor, and Assault Shuttles.
Anti-Antaran destruction ships are a bit trickier. Pretty much anything with
Plasma Cannons will do. At lower tech levels, decent missiles will chew up
Antarans pretty thoroughly, and are sort of useful against non Antaran
threats (low tech missiles are better for non-Antarans, though). Gyro
Destabilizers also work pretty well. In general, when you build a dedicated
anti-Antaran vessel, remember the weapons Antarans use. No missiles, rarely
any fighters, and loads of shield-piercing beam weapons. So, no PD weapons,
and no shields. Just a bumload of HV weapons, or normal no-range-dissipation
guns. But the Antarans are sort of hard to hit with normal beams. For
survival, use damper fields, reflection fields, heavy armor, reinforced
hulls, and lots of weapons (blow them up before they blow you up).

Antares can be taken with 3 destroyers, even on Impossible difficulty. They
had Battle Pods, Heavy Armor, Achilles TU, Battle Scanner, Structural
Analyzer, High Energy Focus, and Time Warp Facilitator. Armed with max
teched plasma cannons, Fx mod only. Xentronium armor, Class X shield, 18 (I
think) plasmas apiece. The Antarans had the Harbinger, the Star Fortress,
and six largish miscellaneous ships. I think this is pretty close to minimal
cuz I survived with just one dinged up destroyer.
[Richard Wesson <>]

4.9.4 Strategies against the Psilons

Many people experienced the Psilons as a very powerful race. Several tips
came up on how to deal best with them:

1. Choose many opponents. With 8 players, every part of the tech tree is
likely to be researched and exchanged without the Psilons getting involved,
so this significantly lessens their "Creative" advantage. [MCG]

2. Take them out early. As soon as you see them, throw everything you have
at them. The earlier you find them, the smaller the technology gap between
you and them will be. Taking their homeworld will cost you some resources,
but getting control over conquered Psilon scientists will make up for that.

3. Wait them out.
This strategy should work when the Psilons are Pacifistic Technologists. If
they are Erratic Militarists it may not work, but it worked for me.
I made them my friends. I immediately made trade and research treaties,
and as soon as I could made a NAP with them. I never spied on them (as
tempting as it was). Even with them being creative, there may be some
categories you get to first, so give it to them, they are going to get it
any way, so why not get some 'warm fuzzies' from them with it.
In the meantime, take out everyone else! The only problem is try not to
get into a war with everyone at the same time. The Psilons will end up
controlling about 40-50% of the galaxy, and it will not take many more votes
in the Council to get them elected Supreme Commander. To the extent
possible, make only one enemy at a time. Appease everyone at all costs, even
if it means giving them tech.
By the time, it is down to just you and the Psilons you should be able to
win as CPU's just can't handle a multi-front human guided attack. This
should work, or at least it has for me in two games.
BTW, it seems they value tech more than their own people. I often had them
giving me excellent systems when I demanded them, but they declared war on
me when I demanded tech. [Stephen C. Griffin <>]

4.9.5 Strategies against the Space Eel

I have noticed that the Space Eels love using the "Behind and Pulsar" tactic.
They use their large movement rate (they can pull level to a fleet in the first turn) to get behind your fleet so they are facing the wrong direction and then using a pulsar every round. Tractor beams looked like a good idea to me:

I once had an Eel very early on in an Average game (2 systems) which is almost a disaster, until I researched tractor beam and sent 2 of them in with another 3 cruisers. Keeping my distance I managed to lock 2 tractor beams onto it before it was immobile and then could sit back at my leisure and destroy it as it had no projectile weapons at all.
[Culain <>]

4.10 Global Strategies

This section explains strategies that determine your decisions during the
whole game - which picks to take, which ships to build, how to deal with
other players etc.

4.10.1 Nice Guy (keep peaceful relations with everyone)

Here's my recipe for a quiet game at Hard:
1. Whenever you meet any non-repulsive race, instantly get a trade, research
and NA pact with them. Then leave them alone for several turns.
2. I _think_ the CP's don't give much of a damn what you do with the
Repulsives. I guess THEIR relationships with the Repulsives aren't so
good either. In a recent game, the Darloks were my neighbors and
Repulsive. They started getting annoying, so I exterminated them. None of
my NAP partners minded in the slightest.
3. Exchange tech but don't bug them too often (wait several turns between
4. If you see their attitude towards you start to slip below, say, Peaceful,
you might want to give them a low-level tech or two every now and then.
They like you a bit better after you do.
5. Don't spy on NAP partners. In fact, don't spy on anyone you're not at war
6. Go easy on the Demands. If somebody steals a tech from you, ignore it and
build more spies and use them defensively. You can, I find, demand that
they stop spying if they like you, but it'll probably only work once or
maybe twice (pushing it).
7. Erratics and Repulsives are loose cannons. Don't expect any consistency
from their behaviour.
8. Get any diplomatic bonuses you can, including Xeno Relations. (There are
also several leaders that have diplomacy skills, and there's the
Charismatic pick. [Peter J. Stewart <>])
What you're trying to do here is get them to like you better than they like
the other CP's. If you can manage that, then I think they will frame other
CP's more often than you. [John Alcock <>]

Standard good guy policy in some of my empires is to donate any anti-spying
tech to any non-repulsive/non-diplomatic race. My impression is that it cuts
down on both the number of times I'm framed and on the consequences.

4.10.2 Slaver Empire

Firstly, all of your colony ships are of your race, even if the planet they
are built from is made up totally of another race. Also, all of the ships
pilots and crew are of your race as opposed to the race that built the ship.
Because of this, isn't it beneficial to take only ship combat bonuses and
telepathy, take penalties in the production fields, then grab the Sakkra or
Silicoids, and just genocide your own race? I ended up in my last game
capturing Ssla early on, and after realising that the Sakkra had no gravity
penalties (I took low-G), +1 to food, subterranean, and double population
growth, that it made a whole lot more sense to populate my empire with
Sakkra, since other than ship combat and government, the Sakkra workers were
hands-down superior to my own ... and ship combat and government is of the
originating race, regardless ... [D. B. Brown <>]

This is also affected by the difficulty level. At hard or impossible, the
CPs get extra picks, and I've often seen them pick things like repulsive so
they get even _more_ pluses. This makes the slaver strategy the most viable
option in a hard or impossible game. A hard game is pretty easy if you start
in average or advanced with a telepathic/ feudal/warlord. In the last game I
played like this, _most_ of the CP races were better than my own pop. My
biggest headache late in the game was when I started another wave of
colonizing, the first colonist would always be my "own" race, even though I
had built the colony base on a slave world. I had to build a bunch of extra
freighters to ship Sakkra slaves in and ship out my people.
[Steve Yancey <>]

4.10.3 High Score Game

Choose disadvantages for -10 picks and no advantages - this gives you a 300%
score multiplier. Playing the technology strategy, good disadvantages
include those any "normal" psilon-like tech race would take: low-g
homeworld, growth -50%, money -0.5, or any of the combat disadvantages. You
*do* intend to win by tech, so do NOT take the spying disadvantage. It
really sucks to have the CP steal your hard-won death-ray tech! The idea
here is to do the run-for-androids strategy, build up enough to take Orion,
and the conquest with the super-techs you get there. []

I picked a race with disadvantages in ground attack, money, ship attack and
defense. Chose mutation later and didn't take any of those so it got to
340%. Stayed in one four planet system until about the seven hundredth turn
and then built a fleet of doomstars with 8 stellar converters each, phase
cloak and time warp. Left eight of these ships as defense, and as I built a
new one, would send it out to destroy. Rebuilt the galaxy, kept the Elerians
as pets and got 17,600 score. Could have broken twenty k if I had destroyed
every small planet. Will NEVER EVER PLAY like this again. It wasn't fun.
Took about 18 hours. [Robert K Gresham <>]

4.11 Strategies for Specific Situations

4.11.1 Trojan Planet
SITUATION: You are telepathic. You have fallen behind in tech against a
non-telepathic player who you do not mind to go at war with.
DESCRIPTION: Gift the other player a system. Take the system back via Mind
Control. You may acquire tech from taking the enemy world. Repeat.
COUNTER: Do not accept the gift. [Roger Books <>]

4.11.2 Stirring War thru Shared Systems
SITUATION: You are the directly in the path of a CP empire that wants to
expand, but has no more unoccupied systems it can reach. You fear that the
CP will attack you.
DESCRIPTION: Build an outpost in a second CP's system, and give it to the
first one. This gives it a place to go other than you, and CPs do *not*
seem to share systems effectively with each other. This tactic almost
always seems to lead to war between the two CPs. Which is almost always a
good deal for you. []

4.11.3 Offensive Prevention Against Framing
SITUATION: A race with good spying boni has contact with a race with poor
spying boni, and both have contact with you. You fear that the first race
will spy on the second race and frame you, which will ruin your relations
to the first race.
DESCRIPTION: If you make enough spies and keep them on the offense, each
player you spy on will keep a counterbalancing number of his spies on
defense. Then they aren't framing you or stealing you blind. Since you may
not be able to generate spies fast enough to shotgun everybody like this,
you can be a little more selective with who you spy on. Keep at least the
guy with good bonuses at home by spying on him. Or make him your ally.
[Steve Yancey <>]

4.11.4 Blocking Outpost Ships
If two empires have colony/outpost ships in the same system then neither can
create a colony/outpost: after all, which one would get first pick? So
target empires with whom you have NAPs. Then create outpost ships and send
them to the target's home system and surrounding systems. When they get
there do NOT create the outpost; just leave the ship in orbit. Now your
"friend" will not be able to colonize and won't get mad at you. Later you
can build colony ships and wait or make them take theirs from the system so
you can colonize it yourself. Perhaps send a scout for "defense" in case
they attack. I suspect this also works against colony bases; which are
wasted if an alien has a colony/outpost ship in your system.
[Louie Landale <>]

4.11.5 Potemkin Defense
SITUATION: You have a good production base, but no good ship technology to
build a powerful fleet. You fear that your neighbours might realize your
weakness and attack, or you want to demand technology from them.
DESCRIPTION: Keep lots of empty ships stationed at your planet, for the
intimidation factor. Whenever you do finally research some worthwhile
weapons or specials, you could always refit them. The AI takes fleet size
into account when thinking about war, and it will influence diplomacy as
COUNTER: Just attack ... that's why this strategy will only work against
CPs. [idea by Richard Wesson <>]

4.12 Strange Strategies to Try

This section holds strategies that are a bit different from the usual.
Mostly they involve limiting yourself to specific rules so that you cannot
apply the "power strategies". This way you probably won't achieve a high
score, but play a very interesting game.

4.12.1 No Offensive Weaponry
Try a race with NO OFFENSIVE WEAPONRY! You win only by boarding. In the
early going, use beam weapons to take the shields down only. Later, use
tractor beams to immobilize your enemies. You will also need Assault
Shuttles and/or Transporters. [unknown]

4.12.2 Real Borg Strategy
Play one of the "Borg" custom races and - as the "real" Borg - do not
research any tech by yourself! Don't build a single scientist, research lab,
supercomputer etc., get everything from your enemies.
[Idea from Ray Kerby <>]

4.12.3 Frigates Only
Since so many people rely on Doom Stars - why not renounce them? In fact,
renounce ALL ship sizes EXCEPT frigates. How many frigates will you need to
take down a Doom Star? [MCG]

4.12.4 Barbarian Horde
Try the barbarian horde approach - destroy defenses, invade, sell off
buildings, annihilate the natives, build an outpost, keep moving.
[Richard Wesson <>]

4.12.5 Thematic Weapons
Sometimes it's fun to get "thematic" with your weapon choices. By this I
mean, if you want to emulate Klingons: use disruptors, photon torps, cloaks,
and transporters ... if you want to be the Federation: use phasors, photon
torps, multi-phased shields, and transporters .... etc. I once did "Star
Wars" and used only 3 basic weapon types: laser cannons (heavy mounts for
the turbolasers), anti-mater torps (photon torps don't look right or act
right, so these better match proton torps), and merculite missiles. (It gets
*hard* in the endgame, as the miniaturization factor starts to become
meaningless, but it;s still fun to get *your* ass kicked occassionally).
[Kagetora <>]

4.12.6 Uncreative/Repulsive Galaxy
Set up a customized game with all the players being *Uncreative* and
*Repulsive*, including yourself. Customize your race. Then pick the CP's,
add Uncreative and Repulsive, and give them miscellaneous picks (upgrade
governments first) to get them back to zero. Start with Pre-Warp technology.
It is funny to have massive battles and take over planets in a galaxy where
Lasers (although fully modified - hey, I just captured Mass Drivers!!) are
the best weapon and where shields are a rarity. Spying is a must in this
game, too. [ReluctantMessiah <>, rephrased]

4.12.7 Lowest Possible Score
Try to play for the LOWEST score. Believe it or not, if you actually lose,
getting yourself eliminated, you still receive score, for techs and for
time. The time bonus is substantial. So if you wanted the lowest score
possible you'd have to play the longest game that you could and get
eliminated, while researching next to nothing. It would definitely be a
challenge. [Craig Wood <>]

PART V: BUGS - Bugs, Manual Corrections, Suggestions

- This part contains bug reports, corrects errors in the manual and -
- offers some suggestions for better gameplay. The smaller it gets, the -
- more satisfied are the people who bought the game. -

-5.1 Program Bugs in Version 1.2
-5.1.1 Bugs in Combat / Combat Specs
-5.1.2 Bugs reagarding Money
-5.1.3 Bugs regarding Ship Travel
-5.1.4 Bugs regarding Diplomacy
-5.1.5 Bugs regarding Planetary Construction
-5.1.6 Scoring Bugs
-5.1.7 Various other Bugs
-5.1.8 Spelling Bugs
-5.1.9 May-be Bugs
-5.1.10 Bug Reports Without Version Number

-5.2 Online Help Corrections and Missing Information
-5.2.1 Corrections to the Tech Review
-5.2.2 Corrections to the Help in the Ship Design Screen
-5.2.3 Corrections to the Help Regarding Leader Abilities
-5.2.4 Corrections to the Planetary Construction Screen

-5.3 Manual Corrections and Missing Information
-5.3.1 Corrections to Chapter 5: Star Systems
-5.3.2 Corrections to Chapter 7: Research and Development
-5.3.3 Corrections to Chapter 8: Ships
-5.3.4 Corrections to Chapter 9: Mercenary Leaders
-5.3.5 Corrections to Chapter 10: Combat
-5.3.6 Corrections to Chapter 11: Managing an Empire

-5.4 Open Questions

-5.5 Suggestions
-5.5.1 Suggestions for More Options
-5.5.2 Suggestions for Even Better Gameplay
-5.5.3 Suggestions for Better Combat
-5.5.4 Suggestions for an Even Better User Interface
-5.5.5 Suggestions for Even Better Descriptions
-5.5.6 Various Other Suggestions

5.1 Program Bugs

Upgrading Moo2 to version 1.31 solves some of the problems. A note has been made were the maintainer remembered that it was fixed.

The following list contains the bugs that I found in MOO2 V1.2. Before
listing up all those bugs, I want to say that MOO2, at least Version 1.2 of
the game, seems pretty well debugged to me. The program runs remarkably
stable, V1.2 has not crashed a single time on my computer although it ran
for nearly a week without a break. It also runs well under Windows 95, which
is quite exceptional, at least on my computer. The bugs that exist had to be
expected - it is simply impossible to write a game as complex as this
completely bug-free. Nevertheless, the bugs that are there DO bother, some
of them favour or disfavour certain strategies, some of them let the game
behave in an unexpected way, and some really ruin parts of the game - so we
expect patches that fix them as we expected the bugs themselves. As long as
the patches don't exist, this list may help you to anticipate the bugs,
evade them or deal with them.

Editor's comments in italics.

5.1.1 Bugs in Combat / Combat Specs The Unprotected Missiles Bug
Missiles do not profit from better Armor technologies. Even with Xentronium,
a Nuclear Missile can only take 4 points of damage, a Merculite 6, a Pulson
8, a Zeon 10. The Accumulative Jamming Bug
The Wide Area Jammer (WAJ) provides a +70% missile evasion bonus to the
whole fleet which should not be cumulative with the effects of other ships'
own jammers (as stated in the Online Help, the manual does not say anything
about it). Actually the effect IS cumulative, even with the +130% that the
WAJ provides for the equipped ship itself. So, in fleets with at least one
ship with a WAJ, the missile evasion bonus is +70% for ships without jammers
(correct), +140% for ships with ECM jammers (should be +70%) and +200% for
ships with WAJs (should be 130%). The Reapproaching Shuttles Bug
Assault Shuttles are not set adrift after dropping off their marines (as
stated in the manual, page 70), they return to the carrier and may be sent
off again. This means that the attacker can send an infinite number of
boarding marines - as long as the shuttles remain intact - whereas the
target ship has only its limited crew to defend the ship against these

Fixed in 1.31 The Fixed Scout Lab Bonus Bug
The Scout Lab (Ship System) does not provide the promised beam attack bonus
when attacking Antares (I once had a bonus of 0 and another time of 10, but
I am not really sure about the second value). Against monsters and when
defending against Antarans it provides always +20 beam attack, not +10 per
ship size class as stated in the manual. The Smaller Battle Pods Bug
Battle Pods always add 50% of the base hull size, regardless whether
Megafluxers (+25% space on all ships) have been researched or not. This
means that after inventing Megafluxers, Battle Pods will only give you 40%
additional space.

Guess it's a feature, not a bug. The Afterburner Battle Pods Bug
Ships are faster when there is more unused space on them. This Unused space
speed bonus is apparently calculated by the formula
Bonus = (10 * ( unused_space / hull_size ) ) for every ship.
The hull_size in the formula is the base hull size of ships of that size
class in the empire. This means that by equipping your ship with battle
pods, these will increase the unused space, but not the hull size, thereby
making your ship faster. When you fill the additional space with more
equipment, the ship will be as fast as a ship without battle pods and
without the additional equipment. This should not be the case. Ships with
more equipment have more mass and therefore should be slower.

Not fixed in 1.31 The Repeated Stasis Bug
Once a ship is put into stasis it can be destroyed without any retaliatory
strikes: Put ship A into stasis. At beginning of next turn release it from
stasis and shoot everything you have at it. Before that turn is over, put
the same ship back into stasis so it can't retaliate during its next turn,
AND ALL TURNS thereafter. SOLUTION: Once released from stasis, that ship
shouldn't be allowed to be put into stasis again until the following turn.
[Paul The Tiny Planet Bug
When attacking a tiny planet with shields, the game crashes. (Workaround:
Use the "z" key for ultra-fast combat. Then the game doesn't try to draw the
shield being hit). [various posters]

Fixed in 1.31

5.1.2 Bugs regarding Money The Good Old But Still Bothering Integer Overflow Bug
When I research more than 32767 research units per turn, the number becomes
negative and researching is impossible. The same goes for money (earning
more than 32767 BC per turn), this "negative" income is actually deducted
from the total. (Food production also goes negative, but this is very
unlikely to happen in a normal game.) (I wonder what happens to a really
large computer player empire when its income just drops by 60000 BC ...)

Fixed in 1.31, I think. The Even More Negative Income Bug
The income that is shown at the Info Screen (Budget Breakdown) can also go
negative. This may be the same integer overflow bug, but it happens earlier,
because here your total income is shown, whereas the main screen only shows
your net income. The "I Graciously Offer You These Debts" Bug
When your total income has gone negative, you can even "pay" 10% of this
negative income to any other player, who cannot avoid that because he cannot
decline your gift. This means that once a player has reached the total
income overflow, he can substantially hamper all other players by paying
each of them negative tribute. Since his own net income will still be
positive, he gains a major advantage.
The routines for calculating the total income should be checked. Also,
tribute should not be paid if the total income is negative. (Perhaps this
should automatically cancel the tribute treaty.)

Fixed in 1.31.

5.1.3 Bugs Regarding Ship Travel The Non-existent Speed Bonus Bug
The +2 travel speed speed bonus for Trans-dimensional races does
not work. The "Navigator" (leader ability) speed bonus does not work either
(at least not when the leaders have low levels). (Example 1: Save the game
before researching Evolutionary Mutation. Hit the Turn button. Choose no
additional race special. Look at the ETAs of your fleets. Now restore the
saved game, hit the Turn button and choose "Trans-Dimensional". The ETA's
will be the same, although there should be a difference at least for the
long distance trips. Example 2: Get a "Navigator" leader on a fleet and send
it off. Dismiss the leader. See if the ETA changes.)

This is IMHO not a bug. However(?), ETA does not change after a fleet
has been sent off, and the effect is only be felt on really long distance trips. The One Line With Two Lengths Bug
The distance that is shown in the Fleet Window when the chosen destination
is out of reach is not calculated correctly. When choosing a 2-player game,
you can check the distances by trying to send the fleet of Player A from
Homeworld A to Homeworld B and then trying to send the fleet of Player B
from Homeworld B to Homeworld A. The numbers that will be shown in red in
the Fleet Window will differ. (I had differences up to 8 parsecs in huge
galaxies.) Stargate Bugs
I tried relocating ships from one planet to another with a blackhole in
between. The program wouldn't let me even though I could go from one planet
to the other through the stargate and relocations use the stargate for
getting there fast. Another irritating "feature" of stargates is that
freighters and leaders can't use them. Once you have stargates it should
never take more than one turn to ferry population around.
[Adam Littman <>]

5.1.4 Bugs regarding Diplomacy The Exchanged Names Bug
When you cancel a treaty, the other player will see his own name in the
message "(his name) has broken your ... treaty."

Fixed in 1.31, but messages are still the other way around sometimes.
(Hard to tell whether it is supposed to read: "We no longer honour you by letting you pay tribute to us." when you cancel a tribute treaty.) The Lost Technology Bug
When trading/demanding/offering technologies with/from/to other races, it
can happen that the technology list is too large to fit on one page. It will
then be divided in parts of 11 techs per page. On the first page the first
11 techs will be displayed. However, on all following pages only 10 techs
of the 11 techs that are supposed to be on these pages are displayed (there
is one line less space because you now need one line for the "Previous Page"
entry). This means that the techs that were number 22, 33, 44 etc on the
list will never appear on the pages, so that you cannot choose them.
Verification: When you pick another tech, trade it/get it/give it away and
then trade/demand/offer again, the tech list appears again minus the one
entry that you just chose. All "lost" techs behind the chosen tech now move
one entry upwards, meaning they will appear now. However, the techs that
were right behind them will now be "lost". (Note that this is not always
true. Sometimes picking one entry removes more than only this single entry
from the list, and sometimes the list order changes.)

Fixed in 1.31, I think. The Stock Exchange Trade Bundle Bug
I have now come up twice with this interesting bug. When I don't have
Galactic Stock Exchange yet and I exchange it with some other race I get
Stock Exchange AND Astro University AND Advanced Government!
[Aleksi Ahtiainen <>]

Actually noticed someone stealing Galatic Unification from me on impossible level when I had not researched it yet. Now THAT is what I call cheating ;-) The Halved Tech Exchange Bug
Another bug I've noticed in the Null-Modem Link game: When I exchange tech
with the another human player, only the one who suggests the exchange gets
the tech! Of course I can get around this bug by giving the tech to the
other person. [Aleksi Ahtiainen <>] The We Hate Your Being Nice To Us Bug
Votes in the Council go just the other way one would expect: allies vote
against you, enemies for you. [Pekka Valve <>]

This is consistent with a race, usually the Sakkra, threating you 'to vote for us at the next council meeting'.

5.1.5 Bugs regarding Planetary Construction The Repeat Build Colony Bases Bug
In the "Planetary Construction Orders Screen" the "Repeat Build" option does
not work for Colony Bases. The Superfluous Colony Base Bug
I have 1 uncolonized planet in a system and want to colonize it with a
Colony Base. When I build that then the entry "Colony Base" does not vanish
from the Support List, however when I click again on "Colony Base" the
computer adds "Freighter Fleet" to the Production Queue. The entry "Colony
Base" then vanishes.
The entry "Colony Base" should vanish immediately after the number of Colony
Bases in the Production Queue equals the number of uncolonized planets.

5.1.6 Scoring Bugs The No Election Bonus Bug
I've finished two games in a row now by getting "elected" emperor of the
galaxy, but there was no bonus added to my score. I reloaded both games and
surrendered to one of the other races and I got the same score as when I won
the game! [Matt Raupp <>]
The manual lies on that one. You get no bonus for getting elected or for
playing in a large galaxy. The manual also says that if you have extra picks
left over, 2 for example, your score should multiply 120%, but that
reportedly doesn't work either. [Craig Wood <>] The Genetic Mutation Score Boost Bug
When you do not spend the 4 extra picks that you get from "Genetic Mutation"
tech, +40% are added to your score. This should not happen, 4 picks not
spent somewhere in the endgame should not affect score the same way as 4
picks not spent at the start.

5.1.7 Various other Bugs The Crew Experience Bug
You get an experience level when you go *over* the experience level stated
in the manual; i.e., you need 51, not 50, points to become average. But all
experience is capped at 500. So, you never get elite crews unless you are a
warlord, and then you never get ultra-elites. []

I have a feeling this is a MUST to have been fixed in 1.31 , but can't remember. The Overcrowded Planet Crash Bug
I freighted 20 colonists onto Orion, which was already maxed out at 42 of 42
at that moment. The system crashed the same turn that the colonists arrived
when I switched to the colonies screen, or (reloading the auto-save) on the
next turn after that if I didn't do anything but press "Turn". I was playing
a subterranean lithovore. When I sent the colonists off, I didn't get the
usual warning that the planet was already full.
[Rick Robinson <>] The Instant Leader Movement Bug
Click the leader and destination normally. Accept the 5 turn wait. Exit
leaders screen (to galactic view), reenter leaders screen. Place leader in
pool, then reselect the previous destination. This time no time delay will
be required. It appears that the official 'position' of the leader has
changed. This does not work if there is a leader already in the destination.
To put the leader 'back' where it was at the start of the turn now will
allegedly cost 5 turns. [Tim Firman <>]

Fixed in 1.31 Old Planet Names Bug
Computer players will occasionally refer to planets with the old name( before
you changed the name). . [Peter Schaefer <>] Transport colonists+change profession bug
When transporting colonists to a different job field on a different colony, the game checks the maximum of workers for the source planet, not for the target planet. . [Peter Schaefer <>]

5.1.8 Spelling Errors
I did not notice any spelling errors in Version 1.31.
I am clearing this section, as pointing out the errors was it's purpose.
Thanks to all contributors.

5.1.9 May-be Bugs

This section contains "bugs" that actually might be planned, albeit badly
documented features of the game, as well as bugs that I could not reproduce
or verify. The Imperium Morale Bug (?)
Imperium governments do not have the -20% morale penalty any more. However,
barracks still add 20% morale. This is a either a bug (barracks removing
non-existent morale penalty) or missing/misleading information in the manual
and Online Help. The line "barracks remove the -20% morale penalty under ...
governments" should then be rephrased into "add 20% morale under ...
governments". Also, the information that Imperium governments do not have
the penalty any more should be added into the Online Help and the manual
(page 82).
Another explanation that is more in line with the manual is that Imperium
governments suffer a -20% morale penalty (which can be removed by barracks)
AND AT THE SAME TIME a 20% morale bonus which applies anyway. In this case,
the 20% morale bonus (which is mentioned only in the manual on page 141)
should be explained also in the Online Help and on page 82 of the manual. The Unload Troops Bug (?)
The routine for the "Unload Troops" option of transports is odd. Sometimes
it will allow me to station more Marines in a colony than the Marine
barracks would support, sometimes not. The Assassination-Resistant Spies Bug
Spy assassination (leader characteristic) doesn't work. The message appears
but no spies are really lost. [Pekka Valve <>] The No Instant Assimilation Bug
I captured Elerians' homeworld. The Elerians have a feudal government, so
instant assimilation, right? No. They even rebelled a few turns later, and
managed to defeat my occupation force. And no, they did not have the
Confederation advancement. [Pekka Valve <>]

5.1.10 Bug Reports Without Version Number

This section contains bug reports that appeared on the net, but the posters
forgot to mention with version of the game they are playing. Hence I do not
know whether the latest patch fixed these problems or not. The "Diplomat Assassinated - so what?" Bug
When you assassinate a diplomat (random event) the message is that relations
have gotten bad, but when you look at the relationship bar, it hasn't nudged
a bit. [unknown] The Refit Captured Ship Bug
All it takes is a leader in the ship in question. It will ask if you want to
send the leader back to the leader pool while refitting takes place and then
you decline (didn't try it with sending the leader back to the pool).
Presto, instant alien upgrade! You won't be able to replace any items you
remove if you don't have the tech for them (i.e you will lose the chance to
scavage the tech [I believe] if and when you scrap the ship), but other than
that, it keeps those captured junkers in shape for a few more battles.
[ReluctantMessiah <>] The No Difficulty Score Bonus Bug
I waited a bit before posting this because I wanted to confirm it, but now
I'm sure: the scoring does NOT seem to be taking difficulty level into
account. Both my impossible wins are below a hard win in the Hall of Fame.
No big difference between them, except it took me a little longer for the
hard win (so, presumably, greater pop). [unknown] The Android Morale Bug
I noticed that with android workers you get morale bonus contrary to what is
said in the manual. That means you get the +3 bonus being an android and you
get the morale bonus. If this is consistent, then it means always use
androids to do your production and use people for farms and science if the
morale bonus for these 2 resources is more than 3. [BOBO <>] The Diplomatic Immunity thru Ignoring Bug
In a game that was a typical framefest, I set the Mrrshans, the only race
who didn't declare war on me so far, to IGNORE to see what would happen. It
seems I was now IMMUNE to frameups! 200 turns went by, and the whole rest of
the game the Mrrshans and I were happy, hunky-dory treaty partners! That is
just TOO strange an occurance to be mere coincidence. So, while IGNORE may
not stop declarations of war per se, it MAY be able to stop deterioration of
your diplomatic standing due to events such as framing - in other words, you
can "freeze" your friendly standing by hitting IGNORE.
[James Winsor <>]

It may be that the Mrrshan increased the number of defensive agents to kill the hidden spies.
In 1.31, hidden spies WILL be killed occasionally. Still, what does hide really do ? The Long-Range Anti-Missile Lasers Bug
I had _heavy_ (continuous, autofiring, ... and the kitchen sink) lasers
shooting missiles from across the playing field. No other heavy beam weapon
can do this. If it's not a bug, it's a rather gaping oversight. Why use PD
weapons when your kitchen-sink lasers can knock those missiles/fighters out
as they leave the ship/planet? [Doug Jacobs <>] The Negative Structure Points Bug
Once I couldn't fire at the enemy, nor would it fire if I did AUTO. It would
just sit there. However, after I did DONE DONE DONE (on all my ships), the
computer ships just blew up. No self-destruction, no firing, no moving...
nothing. [Chris Jason Richards <>] This happened to me once
too - I scanned the enemy ships and found out they had negative structure
points. [Craig Wood <>] The Bilateral Tribute Treaty Bug
I had one game where the Klackons where paying me 10% tribute, then later
demanded that I give them 5% tribute (while they where still paying me 10%
tribute). [] The No Outpost While Colony Ship Present Bug
I sent an outpost ship and a colony ship as a fleet, to a star system that I
wanted to build an outpost on. It never gave me a choice to build an
outpost. When they first arrived, I was asked if I'd like to build a colony.
I was never asked to build an outpost. The little "build outpost" menu
choice under the fleet window wouldn't show up. I finally had to send the
colony ship away to another star then, it let me build an outpost.
[] The Repeated Phase Cloaking Bug
Unfortunately the Phasing Cloak works ten turns PER USE before turning into
a stealth cloak. That means that as soon as you turn it off it resets the
counter to 0 and you're good for another ten turns.
[Silverlock <>]
I also consider it a bug that, using a Time Warp Facilitator, you can
re-cloak in the same turn you de-cloaked, so the main limitation of cloaking
devices / phase cloaks gets disabled. The Converted Lithovores Bug
When you are lithovoric and research Evolutionary Mutation, you can drop the
"lithovoric". All you do is turn cybernetic on and off when you get to the
race screen - then you have 14 new race picks to spend.
[Robert Gresham <>] The Building Unresearched Structures Bug
I started up a new game and began playing when I noticed that after a while
whatever I started reseaching immediately appeared in my build lists and I
was able to build it even as I was reseaching it. Then a bit later I noticed
that the dimensional gate had just "appeared" in my build list, out of
nowhere! [] The Stasis Field Bug
In a big battle many of my ships are armed with stasis fields. I cover about
half of the CP's 16 battleships with the stasis fields and then kill the
other half. Then I hit DONE for all my ships, and the game freezes up hard,
apparently as a result of the enemy attempting to play his side with that
fleet of stasis inhibited ships. [TVspace <>]
I have had the game lock up on me as well for many different scenarios
during battles. One scenario is this: I have 1 Doom Star attacking a planet
with a Star Fortress. I put the fortress in a stasis and destroy the planets
defenses and once they are gone, the game locks up.
[ <>] The Captured Stasis Field Bug
You can board a ship held in a stasis field, but once you have captured it,
the stasis field will not go away, even if the ship that put the stasis
field in place is destroyed or retreats.
[Vernon L. McCandlish <>] The Trading Just Stolen Tech Bug
If you're quick, you can sometimes trade the CP's the tech they just stole.

More probably, the CP was framed by a third nation.
Trading the tech in this situation may still be a good idea. The No Council Vote Bug
I've played many games on large universes with 8 players and organic rich,
and have gotten a council meeting every time. My last game I switched to a
huge galaxy with 4 players and mineral rich. I was very careful to leave two
other races in the game; I had definitely enough momentum to win and wanted
to win by vote. But the vote just did not happen. About 95% of the systems
were colonized, and in the neighborhood 90% of planets were colonized.
[Craig Wood <>] The Surrendering Host Bug
In Multiplayer, the host cannot lose or surrender without killing the game.
I was playing a 3-player game and the host surrendered - the game crashed.
[U.S. Grant <>] The Unspyable Tech Bug
I've been unable to get some tech from races because it doesn't show up on
their tech list. For instance, I met the Psilons who didn't have biospheres
or hydro-farms. They had armor barracks, yet I couldn't steal them (didn't
show up on their tech list). Same went for things like stealth suit or low-g
harness. Most annoying. [Doug Jacobs <>] Another Research Bug
I also hit a weird one two days ago playing a creative race. I was
researching field tech and the thing got up to 100%. I figure I've dumped
enough research into that to get a shot at the more expensive anti-matter
tech so I switched over. I hit a breakthrough (I think, memory is a bit
soft). In the same turn I captured anti-matter bombs from a CP's colony. The
game gave me the anti-matter bomb but took away ALL research points and made
me pick a field of study again without advancing my anti-matter power.
[Bob Bingham <>] The Zero Population Empire Bug
see the according story (6.12) in Part VI.

5.2 Online Help Errors and Missing Information

5.2.1 Corrections to the Tech Review The Online Help states that Star Fortresses add +20% to offense and
defense of all friendly ships in combat. In fact this bonus applies to beam
offense only. The Online Help states that Space Academies add +2 to the starting
level of ships built on that planet and +2 experience points per turn for
every friendly ship in the system. In fact the numbers are +1 and +1. Also,
the experience-points-per-turn-bonus (but not the starting level bonus) of
Space Academies is cumulative: if you have a ship in a system with 4
Academies, this ship will get +4 experience points every turn. Since this is
explained nowhere, I do not know whether this is a bug or just missing
information. The Galactic Currency Exchange is an Achievement, but the Tech
Review lists it under "Buildings". The Galactic Cybernet provides +15 research on a planet. This
information is missing in the Online Help. Space Scanners, Tachyon Scanners, Neutron Scanners and Sensors are
Achievements, but the Tech Review lists them as Equipment. The Alien Control Center (ACC) removes the -20% morale penalty on
multi-racial colonies. The Online Help does not mention that. Instead it
states that the ACC assimilated aliens twice as fast and made them "work
harder". This is not true: they assimilate at a fixed rate of 1 population
unit every 2 turns, and production levels remain unchanged.
(Personally, I think the doubled assimilation rate would have been the
better solution. One of the main disadvantages of Unification government,
its extremely slow assimilation rate (20 turns per unit), isn't much to
worry about when you just have to spend 60 production units to build an ACC
and assimilate ten times faster!) Psionics provides a +10% morale bonus on all planets under Feudal,
Dictatorship, Confederation and Imperium governments. The Online Help states
that the bonus only applied to Dictatorship and Imperium. The Online Help does not give any information about the speed of
missiles (which is 8 + 2x the empire's drive level). The Online Help does not provide or gives wrong information about
the speed of fighters, which is 6 + 2x drive level for Interceptors, 2 + 2x
drive level for Shuttles and 4 + 4x drive level for Bombers and Heavy
Fighters. The Online Help does not provide information about the structure
points of interceptors (they have 2, modified by your best armor) and
bombers (they have 4, modified by your best armor).

5.2.2 Corrections to the Help in the Ship Design Screen The help screens do not tell that Firing Arcs other than "Forward"
and "Back" cost more and take up more space. "Forward Ext" and "Backward
Ext" lead to a 25% increase of cost and size, "360 degree" to a 50%
increase. The help screens that pops up when right-clicking on the hull sizes
in the Ship construction screen states that Titans have 150 armor and
structure points. In fact they have only 80 of each.

5.2.3 Corrections to the Help Regarding Leader Abilities "Engineer" legendary officers repair per level 2 (or 3) of the
ship's structure or armor. The Online Help does not mention this.

5.2.4 Corrections to the Planetary Construction Screen On the "Planetary Construction Orders Screen" the Colony Bases are
listed with a maintenance cost of 5 BC. This is odd; since the bases expire
when they are not used at once, they cannot have maintenance costs, can
they? On the same screen, Spies are listed with a "Special" production
cost (although it always seems to be 100 production units). The 1 BC
maintenance cost per spy, however, is not mentioned. (This information is
also missing in the manual and in the Online Help).

5.3 Manual Corrections and Missing Information

5.3.1 Corrections to Chapter 5: Star Systems Huge planets can have a base population (depending on the climate)
of 6-25, not 6-30 as stated in the manual (page 48).

5.3.2 Corrections to Chapter 7: Research and Development The manual states that Star Bases add 2 and Battle Stations add 3 to
your command rating (pages 67 and 70). The true values are 1 and 2. The
manual has no information on command points generated by Star Fortresses
(page 73). The value is 3. The information about fighters in the manual is very wrong. Fighters
do not have armor, but each fighter class has a base structure rating. This
base rate is multiplied with the bonus of the empire's best armor (as with
Interceptors have a base structure of 2 and a speed of 6 + 2x the speed of
the empire's fastest engine (I call this the "drive level"), not 3 structure
and 14 speed as stated in the manual (page 68).
Assault shuttles have a base structure of 3 and a speed of 2 + 2x drive
level, not 6 speed as stated in the manual (page 70). They will return to
the carrier and can be sent off again, they are not set adrift as stated in
the manual (page 70) (this may be a bug).
Bombers have a base structure of 4 and a speed of 4 + 2x drive level, not 10
speed as stated in the manual (page 72).
Heavy Fighters have a base structure of 5 and a speed of 4 + 2x drive level,
not 12 speed as mentioned in the manual (page 73). (Also see corrections for
page 131.) Heavy Armor triples the armor points of a ship, instead of just
adding 50% as stated in the manual (page 68). The manual states that Survival Pods are a System (page 69). In fact
they are an Achievement. The manual states that Fighter Garrisons are equipped with 24
Interceptor squadrons or 18 Bomber squadrons or 12 Heavy Fighter squadrons
(page 69). In fact there are only 10, 6 or 4 squadrons respectively. When troops conquer a planet, not all of them rebuild their
transports. The last 1-4 units of the surviving troops will stay. This
information is missing in the manual on page 75. All missiles travel at a speed of 8 + 2x the empire's drive level
(this is the current maximum warp speed in your empire in parsec per turn).
In the manual, this information is missing for Nuclear Missiles (page 78)
and Merculite Missiles (page 79). The manual falsely gives fixed values for
the speed of the Pulson Missile (page 79) and the Zeon Missile (page 80). Titanium Armor confers a +5 bonus to the ground troop combat rating
until Tritanium Armor is researched. This information is missing in the
manual on page 79. The Space Academy costs 2 BC maintenance each turn, not 1 as stated
in the manual (page 81). The Dauntless Guidance System is an Achievement, not a System as
stated in the manual (page 84). The Emissions Guidance System is an Achievement, not a System as
stated in the manual (page 85). (Actually it is a Modification. But this
category does not exist.) For Tachyon Scanners, Neutron Scanners and Sensors the base
detection range (BDR) has been confused with the detection range for small
ships (DRSS). They are not the same: the DRSS is always the BDR +1. The
numbers that are mentioned in the manual (pages 92, 92 and 95) denote the
BDR and NOT the DRSS (for the DRSS they should have been increased by 1). The Research and Development section of the manual does not say
that shields lessen the strength of attacks by a number of points equivalent
to their shield class (pages 96, 97, 98, 99, 100). A cloaked ship has a 50% chance that missiles miss it. This
information is missing in the manual on page 99. (Interestingly this 50%
chance works, although it is not a bonus to missile evasion.) Hard Shields are immune to Shield Piercing. This information is
missing in the manual on page 99. The Sub-Space Teleporter can teleport a ship over a distance of 20
squares, not 18 squares as stated in the manual (page 100). The modification "Emissions Guidance (EMG)" is not explained in the
manual (page 103). It bypasses any armor and does its damage directly to the
ship's drive. It takes 4 times the cost and size of the regular missile. The modification "Fast" adds +4 to the missile's speed, not +8 as
stated in the manual (page 103).

5.3.3 Corrections to Chapter 8: Ships The manual does not tell that Firing Arcs other than "Forward" and
"Back" cost more and take up more space (page 112). "Forward Ext" and
"Backward Ext" lead to a 25% increase of cost and size, "360 degree" to a
50% increase. The manual calls level 1 crews "Recruits" (page 116). The game
however uses the term "Green".

5.3.4 Corrections to Chapter 9: Mercenary Leaders The "Helmsman" leader ability increases the beam defense of the
leader's ship only, not of the whole fleet as stated in the manual (page
119). The manual states that the leader ability "Tactics" should increase
ship attack and ground troop strengt (page 120). In fact the ground troop
strength is not changed. The Online Help says that "Tactics" adds to the
ships' initiative - but initiative doesn't exist in the combat system.

Initiative does exist in 1.31, and can be enabled in the Main Options Menu.

5.3.5 Corrections to Chapter 10: Combat Missiles are not protected by the empire's best armor as stated in
the manual (page 130). This may be a bug. Fighter craft do not return to their target as stated in the manual
(page 131). Once they returned to the carrier you have to give them new
orders. Fighters also do not have any armor, but structure - the exact value
is the fighter type's base structure times the empire's armor bonus. The
line "as for missiles" should be deleted, at present missiles do not profit
from better armor technologies (this may be a bug?). The Conquered Population Production Penalty is 25%. Conquered units
of population produce 75% of their normal rate, not 50% as stated in the
manual (page 137, and also on page 58).

5.3.6 Corrections to Chapter 11: Managing an Empire Feudal and Confederation Governments have a -50% research penalty.
This information is missing in the manual on pages 140 and 141. The manual states that in a Federation, loss of the Capitol will
result in a 35% morale penalty (page 141). In fact it is only a 20% penalty. The Imperium government sets the defensive spy rating baseline to
15%. But - the Online Help states it should be set to 20%
- the manual (pages 19 and 142) also says it should be set to 20%.
- the manual (page 82) claims it should be "increased by 15 points"
(which is misleading because it suggests an increment to the
initial +10% bonus from Dictatorship government, this would
result in a +25% setting). The terms "Agent" and "Counter-agent" in the manual (pages 149 and
150) are very misleading because the game uses different terms. "Agent"
should be displaced by "Spy", and "Counter-agent" should be displaced by

5.4 Open Questions

5.4.1 The manual states that the Artemis System Net (ASN) inflicts 150-550
points of damage which is neither mitigated nor absorbed by shields (page
74). The Online Help however claims that the ASN does 100-500 points of
damage less shields. Which is right?

5.4.2 The manual states that Shield Capacitors triple the shields' recharge
rate (page 76). The Online Help and the Ship Specials List (the box that
pops up when you design ships and add a new special) however claim that
Shield Capacitors raise the shield recharge rate by +70%. Which is right?

5.4.3 How exactly are beam weapon damage and chance to hit lowered by range?

5.4.4 How is the defense of fighters and missiles calculated? 5% per speed?

5.4.5 Do the bonuses for ground combat also apply to marines when boarding
ships? All of them?

5.4.6 Where do these miltia units that sometimes help defending a planet in
ground combat come from? How many of them will appear under which

5.4.7 What does the leader ability "Tactics" really do?

5.4.8 What do asterixes close to leader abilities mean in 1.31 ?

5.5 Suggestions

The following are some suggestions of how playing MOO2 could be even more
fun without putting in too much work. Some of them appeared on the net, some
evolved out of my own experiences. I would like to hear some comments from
you - if, for example, many players think that an option just HAS to be
included, I could collect some notes and send them to Microprose.

5.5.1 Suggestions for More Options Continue after Destruction of Antares:
I like the feature "Antaran Attacks" - their random raids put more spice to
the game. However I do not like that I win (and thereby end) the game when I
conquer Antares. It's too easy. Why should I even bother to fight against
the other empires when I can win the game by building some well-defended
planets, researching like hell, offering gifts to the other races to keep
them away and then conquering Antares as my very first offensive move? I
think destroying Antares should give the player a large permanent bonus to
his diplomatic points (after all, he just saved the galaxy) and some more
advanced technology, but nothing else. After all, there are some hostile
races out there in the galaxy, and one enemy leader or another might think
that it is a good opportunity to attack you when your fleet just has been
decimated by the Antarans... Could you include an option "Continue game
after Antares destroyed"? Limited Tech Tree:
One of the features that were responsible for the marvelous replayability of
MOO I was the limited tech tree. There were many different games possible -
in a game with no high-tech bombs and very good planetary shields you had to
use strategies totally different from those in a game with no good shields
but devastative bombs. The (non-)existence of "Advanced Damage Control" or
"Warp Dissipator" in the tech tree could lead to strategy changes on a
galactic scale. The limited tech tree also made the game more dramatic ("Oh
my god - the Alkaris are stacking 32k-bombers again! PLEASE let me research
a Black Hole Generator, or at least some hi-tech MIRV missiles for my
planets!" etc.). In MOO II, in a comparable situation I would just take a
look at my tables and say "well, I will research this and that, and that
will solve the problem". You see the difference?
Please re-include this replayability with an option "limited tech-tree"
which takes, say, 10-20% of the technologies out of the game.
This option could either be toggled in the "Start Game"-menu or - if
including it there is too complicated - along with the other options in the
options menu. Players then have to toggle it in-game, but theoretically
there is nothing wrong with that. However it should be a one-way decision to
prevent people from toggling on and off until they have the tech tree they
Since it is more difficult to play when you do not know which technologies
you can research, people who use this option should get a score bonus - the
earlier in the game they toggled the limited tech, the larger the bonus
should be. More Difficulty Options
It would be nice if you could designate various ways in which to make the
game hard/impossible before the game. The are a number of advantages given
the CPs on the high levels, not all of which are fun. I don't mind facing a
galaxy full of erratic xenophobes that have more race-design points than me.
But I do mind not being able to trade tech effectively; it would be a lot
more fun to play with "easy" tech trading parameters, but impossible
everything else. [] You should be able to control
difficulty via five separate options: CP race picks, CP production bonus, CP
research bonus, CP personality, CP bias against humans. The latter could be
divided further into a tech-trading bias and a general diplomacy bias
(chances of going to war with a human player). [MCG] Scalable Antaran Strength
An option to tone up or down the strength of the Antarans would be nice. Scalable Research Cost
I'd like a tech multiple that you state when starting the game. That way
people who like the tech cost as it is would be happy, while I could have a
cost multiple of 5 (or whatever). This is an option that can't be to hard
to implement I hope. [Hans Gravander <>] Customize Fuel Stations
I find the offense in this game too fast. I wish I could set things so that
(a) outposts do NOT provide fuel, or even (b) colonies do not provide fuel.
Starbases should *always* provide it. This would make possible interesting
border wars where neither player can hold turf long enough to build a base
to get fuel to penetrate the other side's front line. [] Customize Technology Strengths
I would like to be able to specify the relative strength of defensive techs
(star bases, missile bases, planets shields, etc) compared to ship techs, so
that I can play a defensive game as well as an offensive game.
[] Customize Random Event Frequency
Random events are too infrequent to rely on for anything, but mostly fairly
cool. It would be nice to be able to select their incidence in the game:
none, rare (same as now), occasional (three times current incidence),
frequent (one every few turns), and common (one or more every turn).
[] Fast Screen Change
When changing screens there is a delay because instead of simply drawing the
new screen the computer first "fades out" the old one before "fading in" the
new one. I would appreciate an option "Fast Screen Change" that toggles this
delay on and off. On slow computers, drawing the screen alone takes long

5.5.2 Suggestions for Even Better Gameplay Earlier Council Meetings
In large or huge galaxies, it takes VERY long before the council meets for
the first time. In fact I either won the game before the council ever met or
I won at the first meeting because by then I had the largest empire. This is
a shame because I like forming alliances, talk the other races into waging
war at each other, intriguing against the leading enemy etc. Early council
meetings encourage this element of gameplay because they impose a constant
threat that some enemy may get enough support to win the game. So, I favour
earlier council meetings (when 50% or 66% of the planets are colonized), or
another calculation method (it seems reasonable not to count gas giants and
asteroid belts as planets when calculating the percentage of colonized
planets. Otherwise, in galaxies where no player researched Artificial Planet
Construction, the council may never meet.). Modifications for Fighter Bays
The Fighter Bays are a nice feature, but why can't we modify them? The
Weapon Modifications "Heavily Armored" and "Fast" would make sense for
fighters too (they also would allow more variability in strategies).
Fighters also have the problem that for a long time they cannot do more than
3 points of damage per shot - until the Phasor is invented, which can do
2-10 damage in the PD version. There should exist a 2-6 damage PD weapon for
fighters. Need to Research Weapon Modifications
When your weapons have miniaturized, all weapon modifications will be
available. I think it would be more interesting if you had to research these
modifications first (like the Emissions Guidance Mod for missiles). In the
earlier stages of the game you could have to choose between "Continuous" and
"Auto Fire", or in the latter between "Armor Piercing" and "Shield
Piercing". The Missile modification may also be split in two fields of two
between which you have to choose. This way it would be much more challenging
for the player to choose his weapons. Design / Scan Star Bases
It would be nice to choose which weapons to put on your starbases, or at
least to see which weapons are on them at the moment (out of combat). I'd
like to know when ion weapons are on my stations so I know how many other
techs I have to research to get rid of them. I just had the Antarans wipe
out one of my planets because the battlestation was loaded with Ion Pulse
Cannons and little else that could affect them. [3 unknown posters] Better Planet Defenses
Star bases, etc. do not provide much of a defense against attacks by large
numbers of big ships. Why not let a planet build a more effective star base,
battle station or star fortress. For that matter, the same for a planet's
missile base, ground battery, and fighter garrison. Simply doubling the
number of weapons carried/installed for each additional entry in the
building list would be good. The building costs past the first of each
planet defense would also double. Building maintenance costs would more than
double for each enhancement, 4 x, exponential? Currently when I get past the
beginning of a game, I end up with exactly the same defenses for a terrible
planet as for an outstanding planet. With these changes a Moo2 player behind
in technology could compensate to a certain extent. Homeworlds could be made
really impossible to take. Excess money could be used for defensive
purposes. In the late game players would have to create fleets designed only
for taking out planets. [Nathan Eberhart <>] Controlled Planetary Defense Upgrade
I would also suggest a dialog box popping up when you research a new beam or
missile/torpedo. It would ask if you wanted this new tech refitted into all
of your planet defenses. [Nathan Eberhart <>] Variable Reassignment Travel Time
It always seems to take 5 turns for a leader to be reassigned. This time
span could be modified by the empire's drive technology level and by the
distance between the two star systems (the pool can be assumed to be at the
homeworld.) Hyperspace Fluxes Should Affect Freighters
Flux's effecting freighters would cause one to rethink the importance of
hydroponics. I believe it should happen, at least on hard and impossible.
[Dave] Initiating Contact Optional
I would like the option if I develop higher tech that would initiate contact
(ie range gets higher bringing them into range) then I should have the
OPTION of either initiating contact or not. This assumes that they DO NOT
have the appropriate tech to contact me of course. After all if I am the
Psilons its in my best interest to delay contact for as long as possible or
at least till I have some spies. I think a screen should pop up showing they
exist with a message like "We have discovered an alien race, should we
contact them or observe them from a distance?", and then the race would
appear in the races screen and be subject to spying on etc but would not be
able to counterspy till they develop the tech to reach you. You would of
course be notified when that event occured by them showing up as usual. This
should also apply to computer races that get higher ranges before real
people, they should be able to spy or sabatoge without us even knowing about
it. Although I suppose that for sabotage there should be a chance of capture
which would if succesful allow the enemy to know there was another race out
there (no specific race info though) and start using defensive spies
earlier. [Silverlock <>] Diplomatic Penalty for Destroying Planets
I think other races should get upset when you start using the Stellar
Converter on planets. I mean, I use bioweapons and the whole galaxy declares
war on me, but I destroy an entire race planet by planet with an orbital
cannon and not a person even tries to steal the tech.
[Kagetora <>] More Stable Alliances
I just don't understand how you can have a friendly alliance with a race on
one turn and then on the next turn they declare war on you (and you were NOT
framed for anything). There should be at least one turn (with maybe an
appropriate message) where your relation bar dips. [several posters] Computer Should Use Terraforming
I'm playing in a mineral rich galaxy. None of the CPs tried to expand too
much, probably due to the lack of food. However, one weird thing is, the
Bulrathi got a hold of Terraform very early on, but never used it. I, and
other CP, managed to get Terraform from the Bulrathi. Again, with the
exception of myself, none of the CPs terraformed their planets.
[Kirati Laisathit <>, rephrased] Winning Alliance
It should be possible that an alliance of players wins a game - e.g. the
game is won when all remaining players are mutually allied. (You may impose
a score penalty for not having won alone.) Players who do not want to end
the game this way can always break one alliance one turn before the last
non-allied enemy is defeated. Framing Choice
When my spies frame someone I would like to pick the race to frame. This is
the black art of diplomacy - getting your strongest enemies to hate each
other more than they hate you. It was a good strategy in MOO1. [unknown] Weapon Modifications for Planetary Defense
I'd like to put enhancements on the missile base missiles. I'd like the
option of placing the Fast or Emission Guidance options on some Zeon
missiles and see if the Antareans can handle them.
[John Lansford <>] Demand Surrender in Diplomacy
Simtex should add a Demand Surrender Your Empire to the Demand menu. I could
use this when I've beaten up some CP till they have but a few planets left.
Since offering to surrender is an option, demanding that they surrender
should be an option too. Of course, the CP could refuse the demand to
surrender. If you are already at war they simply refuse and reply with some
biting comment. If not yet at war demanding surrender would mean they either
surrender or (if they refuse) they declare war on you.
[Tom <>] More Research Cost For Creative
Why not make the creative race have to spend more to develop each
breakthrough? The scientists are destracted by all the cool gadgets they
come up with, they are trying more things and so generate more laboratory
waste (failed attempts at a 'what if' experiment) thus driving up the
overall cost - making each discovery take longer to complete... etc.
[Doug Johnson <>]

Done in 1.31. Allow Human Player to Replace CP in Multiplayer
I would like to have the option of having someone play a previously computer
controlled race. At present, if you have played for a while and are in the
network setup waiting for someone to log in (since the game does crash every
50 or so turns) and for some reason one of the machines is having a problem,
you can NOT start the game and then exit to help them out. You will have
just eliminated their position. [Glen Bucher <>] Make Racial Bonuses Stick to Ships and Spies
You should be able to build different race's version of things like spies,
or, you should get ship bonuses based on race as well. For instance, if I'm
playing, say, the Sakkara, and I capture a Meklar planet, if I build a ship
there, it should have the Meklar's racial ability of auto-repair. Likewise
if I have an Alkari or Mrrshan planet. This would be a further incentive to
have multiracial colonies. Can you imagine the power of a planet with the
Klackons to build a ship, the Mrrshan to man the guns, a Meklar engineer,
and an Alkari pilot? (drool...) I'd also _love_ to capture a Darlok planet
and produce Darlok spies, or capture an Elerian planet, and build telepathic
colony brainwashing ships ... [Doug Jacobs <>] Offensive Armored Ground Troops
The way the game is designed now, it is pointless to build armor barracks,
or battleoids. They just sit on the surface of your planet and do nothing.
If an enemy fleet comes, all that matters is you space defenses. After that,
your colony is toast, whether it be by capture or by planetary bombardment.
I think you should be able to use armored units in the offensive mode.
Otherwise, it might as well not exist [Panther <>]. I'd say
you could build a normal troop transport with 4 troopers, or an armored
troops transport which could carry 2 tanks or battleoids, but be twice as
expensive to cover the cost of the droids. [Doug Jacobs <>] Less Powerful Weapons
Some weapon techs either come too early for their power or are just plain
too powerful in relation to the others. Gyro Destabilizers and Plasma
Cannons in particular are badly in need of a little tweaking. How about
making Plasma Cannons take more space and Gyro Destabilizers be affected by
shields? Seems like this would fix them without making them less cool. [Paul
Schaaf <>] Either changing the space or modifying the
weapon would do just fine. In the case of GD's making them a little bigger
AND a little less effective would change everything. For the plasmas, why
not keep the current size but make the enveloping nature of the plasma into
an add-on. This would force you to research two levels higher before the
plasma became really killer AND it would change the space equation for the
weapon. The problem with the plasmas is this naturally enveloping nature of
the weapon. That makes the impact of the weapon X4 in value.
[David Ramsey <>] Stronger Antarans
The Antarans are supposed to be threatening the entire galaxy, so they
should start out with small raiding fleets like they do now to give you a
chance to start and then work up to monstrous invasion fleets that actually
conquer and take over star systems and then continue expanding from there.
The current pitiful little raiding fleets that can only get through your
defences if you don't bother to defend your planet at all are a complete
waste of time. They don't even take over the planet they attack if you do
let them through. All they do is bomb it a little and then disappear. I want
to see their fleets build in strength until they can take out a planet that
is defended by every planetary defense available. I've never been attacked
by ANY fleet by ANY race that has been able to manage this. Speaking of
planetary defenses, why don't the Antarans have any? They have a rockin Star
Fortress and maybe two or three other ships and no planetary defenses at
all? Also, as far as I can tell, the forces defending their planet are
always exactly the same. I've gone in at various different times during the
game with fleets ranging in size from one scout to 30 fully decked out doom
stars and the Antaran defenses haven't changed at all. This makes for a
highly anti-climactic endgame. I've never needed more than one doomstar to
take out that fleet. [Paul Schaaf <>]

If you play on impossible, and a small galaxy, the Antarans are pretty annoying.
The only thing that holds off everything seem to be Stellar Converters and Artemis System Net. Possibility to Hire Leader when already 4 employed
When I find a new leader and already have 4 employed, then I cannot hire
him/her. I'd like to be able to hire him, then switch to the leader screen
and dismiss one of the others. As it is, people always leave one slot free
for the stronger leaders that appear later in the game. Slower Research
I know one feature I'd like is to slow down research, by at least a factor
of 10, if not much more. It'd be pretty interesting to have large scale low
tech combats. [Allen Wessels <>] Higher Maintenance Costs for High-End Buildings
Maintenance costs of high-end buildings should be substantially increased.
In late game, the money income is always so large there is a problem with
what to do with all the amassing money. And you DON'T have to pick +1 BC
Democracy for this problem. Higher maintenace costs would balance things a
bit. [Pekka Valve <>] Tone down High-tech Food Production Enhancers
Maybe the high-tech food production enhancers should be toned down a bit.
Now I find that 2-3 planets equipped with Weather Controllers etc. can feed
my entire 50+ planet empire. [Pekka Valve <>] Let planets build more than one thing per turn
I'd like to see planets able to build multiple items per turn if they have
the production to do so and the items are in their queues ... I think
smaller ships would be much more useful if you could build them more
quickly. Right now though, once my planets can crank out mediums (or larges)
in a single turn, building smalls is pretty inefficient.
[Scott A. Colcord <>] Let "Buy" just double production
I don't really like the way the BUY function works ... I much prefer MOO I's
method of putting money in to double production. After all, no matter how
much you spend, that one colonist on a chunk of rock shouldn't be able to
crank out a battleship in a single turn.
[Scott A. Colcord <>] Beg Button
For diplomacy, put in a beg button! Instead of demanding the computer
players do this or do that, allow players to plead and snivel for handouts.
The idea is players are not crushed with outright declaractions of war by
those who don't agree, as they too often do for failed 'demands'.
[AMRobinson <>] Transfer special racial abilities on a percentage base
Base special racial abilities on the percentage of the race you have in your
empire. So if you had 10% darloks in your empire you would have a 10% racial
bonus increase (10% of their racial bonus percentage) for spies.
[Barry Gaudet <>] Outpost Bases
It would be nice to have "outpost bases", which would be outposts that are
placed like colony bases. Following the 200/500 cost ratio of colony base to
colony ship, they should cost 40-50. [] Improved Fighter Garrisons
I'd like to see Fighter Garrisons improved, because right now, they're next
to useless. Rather than having only one kind of fighter, they should have
all available kinds. (ie, instead of getting fighters replaced with bombers,
they get added, so you have 10 fighters *and* 6 bombers.) I'd also like to
see new craft come online much more frequently ... I've only had 2 combats
last long enough for my fighters to be replenished. Make it 5, or even 3
turns. [Eryk Nielsen <>]

5.5.3 Suggestions for Better Combat Larger Combat Grid
The fleets should start far enough apart that you are out of the effective
range of _all_ beam weapons. This gives both sides a chance to get off
missles and fighters, and choose some maneuver options. As it is, once you
get powerful enough beam weapons (say plasma cannons), if you go first, you
win. Against a planet, even at starting range, your first shots can take out
a battlestation and all the ground defenses (unless the defender happens to
have a good radiation shield). They would _surely_ have their missles and
fighters up before you were in range to fry them preemptively with your
beams (unless you were cloaked or could otherwise suprise them... hmmm).
This also contributes to what I see as a balance problem with the
usefulness of missiles vs. beams. In the "real" world, the main point of
missiles is that they can deliver a punch at a range far, far beyond what
any "direct fire" weapon can. In this game as it stands now, combat always
starts at practically point blank range. It is really only a question of
beam offense vs. beam defense. If both sides have very powerful beam offense
compared to the defense/shield/armor/structure of their opponent, then the
first shot wins.
If you posit a different sort of hyperspace though, where you can't "pop
out" right next to a planet, then the situation changes drastically. _Just_
by increasing the size of the tac map and starting forces further apart, you
don't have to fool with who goes first, because both sides have the option
of attempting to close to beam range or avoiding such an encounter (except
for the fixed defenses in a starbase or planet).
[Steve Yancey <>] Shield-Draining or Ship-Disabling Weapons/Commands
There ought to be a weapon that drains power or shields. The boarding idea
is very nice, but all too often I accidently destroy a ship I was trying
only to immobilize and board [David Turriff <>]. I wish
you could order your ships to shoot to disable instead of firing off all the
weapons in the stack. [Doug Jacobs <>]
I would like to be able to hold down the shift key, and then tell my ship to
fire. Using the shift key would tell my ship to only fire only one of group
of weapons. This would make immobilizing ships much easier. It would also
let you spread your fire between opponent ships easier. If I'm in a close
battle, as soon as a ship is damaged to a certain extent I might want to
switch to a different target. [Nathan Eberhart <>] Initiative
A basic, simple system of initiative would be more initiative points for
smaller ships, less for larger ships. Obviously a frigate is going to react
and move faster than a Doom Star, right? Other modifiers would include
engine/computer tech, leaders, and a bonus for attackers IF their attack
could not be detected. (Stealthy ships, no Starbase, etc etc.)
[Walter <>]

Initiative exists in version 1.31 Faster Fighters and Projectiles
Another idea might be to increase fighter, missile speeds to approximate the
difference in todays navy of similar items. Fighters should be able to move
about 3 X the maximum movement distance of the fastest ship in the fleet.
[Silverlock <>] You could get the same effect by
decreasing the speed of ships, which also would solve problems and (larger combat grid / initiative). Beam Defense would have to be
enhanced, though (slower ships have less beam defense, making beams stronger
as they are already) [MCG] Various Other Suggestions
Double the beam range penalties already built into the game. Greatly
improve the movement & turning of small ships over the larger classes of
ships. Use the highest ship combat speed to decide the starting side for
ship combat. Weaken missile bases, they seem a little too powerful
currently. Strengthen ground batteries, they seem ineffective in my
games. [Nathan Eberhart <>] Multi-Racial Battles
Multi-racial battles. My Alkari allies and I should be able to make a
valiant stand together against an invading horde of Sakkra and Meklar ships
in one big, epic battle. Or, even if we're not allies, I could send some
ships to fight alongside theirs, and diplomatic relations would probably
improve. [Nicholas Jong <>]

5.5.4 Suggestions for an Even Better User Interface Larger Sliding Bar in Colonies Screen
The Sliding Bar in the Colonies Screen is very small - if you click
only some pixels to the left or right, you miss it. Since the slider is to
be used quite often and since there is nothing to the right of the bar,
please let the bar respond to all clicks directly on the bar as well as to
the right of the bar. Hotkey for "Next page of List"
Also there is no feature that shows the next/previous PAGE of colonies.
Please include a hotkey for this. PageUp/PageDown seem appropriate, as well
as Grey * and Grey / because you already used Grey + and Grey - for
scrolling up/down. Please reverse the latter two buttons, it is odd to
scroll down with a button that is on top of the scroll up button! "Repeat Build" for blocks
In the "Colony Production Screen" I would like to have the possibility
to "Repeat Build" more than unit, for example "Build 3 Fighters, 1 Titan,
Repeat" or - which would be VERY useful - "Build Artificial Planet, build
Colony Base, Repeat". Asteroids and Gas Giants in the "Planets Screen"
The "Planets" Screen should have another button with which I can add
Asteroids Belts and Gas Giants to the list of planets. This will be helpful
when I decide where to build an Artificial Planet. It will probably be too
difficult to let the user actually build the Artificial Planet from this
screen ... I would also like a button that allows me to iclude my own
colonies in this list. Display of Distance AND E.T.A.
When a fleet is sent to a planet, the Fleet Window shows either the travel
time (in green, when the system is in reach) or the distance (in red, if the
system is out of reach). In both cases the window should display both
values. This would make it easier to estimate the distances inside my empire
and to estimate the scanner ranges. Scanning fighters and missiles
In combat, it should be possible to "Scan" fighters and missiles to see
their speed and structure points. (At present only their number is
displayed) Refit Design Template
The most needed interface addition IMHO is a mechanism for refitting an
existing ship to a design template (one of the 6) rather than having to do
the upgrades, by hand, for each ship. [unknown] Refit Screen Button in Fleet Screen
It would also be nice if we could get directly to the refit screen from
the Fleet screen. [Silverlock <>] More Information on Planetary Construction Screen
For me deciding what buildings to build on a planet is based on three
things. Its location, the type of planet, and what race is on the planet.
Currently I end up going back to look at other screens for this information.
I then have to re-enter this screen to pick what to build. [unknown] Optional "Automatic Queue Update" when Tech Researched
Although I like MOO2's colonies screen, everytime I get some new technology
for a colony building (eg. robotic factories) I have to go to _each_ and
_every_ colony's production queue and add it manually. In the end game when
you generally have 20+ planets (or more if you're playing in a huge galaxy)
this takes a bit of time (CD read times notwithstanding).
[Patrick Scott <>]
When a new tech is acquired, I'd like the option to add the new building to
the top or bottom (or ask for each) of every colony's build queue.
[Louie Landale <>] Population Transfer Status Display
I'd like to have a way to find out the status of population transfers. I
would find myself forgetting who I had shipped where and how many more turns
it would be before they got there. [Steve Yancey <>]
It would be best if transferred population appeared in the population
windows of their destination planets (both on Colony Screen and Colonies
Screen) as soon as they are sent off. However they should be marked in some
way to show that they are not yet there, and they can't be transferred again
while in that state. A small line above them could show their ETA. [MCG] Go To Colony from Leaders Screen
You can get from a colony to its leader but not from its leader to the
colony. [Richard Wesson <>] Stick with the Fleet that hasn't received orders
When you give part of a fleet a destination, the main screen fleet display
stays with that part; this is confusing and annoying if you want to send
each of three frigates to a different destination.
[Richard Wesson <>] One-Click Access to Race Report
Why not be able to right-click on an alien races leaders picture to get the
'report'? [Richard Wesson <>] "Next Colony" Button
A "next colony" button and a "next colony where something is about to be
built" button should be added to the colony screen.
[Louie Landale <>] Deselect Buildings
Include the ability to deselect a building at a particular colony. It would
be similar to the way you turn off weapons during combat. Just click on it
until it turns red (maybe right click) and it becomes unavailable to either
the manual builder or the autobuilder. Click on it again to turn it green
and allow it to be built. [David Ramsey <>] Build ships based on slots rather than designs
One thing I wish the game would do is build ships based on their build slot
number, rather than design. That is, if I queue a "Scout" at a world, and
then (before it is built), change the design to a "Scout2" or whatever, I
would really like the game to automatically change all my build queues to be
building "Scout2"s. I spend a lot of time micro-managing build queues just
finding and replacing all "BB5"s with "BB6"s. There might be a *few*
situations where you really need more than 6 designs simultaneously in your
queues, but I would be willing to trade that off for smoother game play. As
things stand, you really cannot get very good use out of repeat because
there is always a higher tech to get that will make a better ship possible,
meaning redesign followed by click-fest. []
That could be easy to do if they just change ships with the *same name* in
the building queues. If you need different designs, just use a different
name. Example: if you change the "BB1" design, and *keep* the name "BB1",
then all build queue instances get replaced. But if you *change* the name -
say to "BB5", then current instances of the "BB1" design do NOT change.
[Timo Pietila <>] Autobuy
Allow each colony to automatically buy the next item in its queue, given
certain conditions. For each planet, Autobuy should have four controlling
variables: a boolean on/off switch; a number from 2-4 that will define what
BC:resource ratio autobuy will not buy above; a maximum BC amount that
autobuy can spend per purchase; and a percentage of the player's total money
amount that he will permit autobuy to use per purchase. Thus, in the early
game you should be able to specify autobuying only for 2 BC:resource
situations (that is, when the resources for the buy are at least half
there), and only for (say) 5% of the total money supply, and no more than 60
BC/purchase. In the late game, you could set most planets on 3-4
BC:resource, 20% of your money, and a max of 400 or so. It might be better
to simply have an on-off autobuy switch for each planet, while the other
three variables are set globally. [] Rename Ships
Also I would like to see an option to rename ships *after* they have been
built. This way I could see faster what ship contains what leader. Just
rename the ship with the leader on board. [Timo Pietila <>]

5.5.5 Suggestions for Even Better Descriptions Icons/Numbers for Hundreds:
There are no icons for Hundreds of Food/Industry/Research. Thus, when a
colony has already developed, the info boxes just show a mess of icons that
are so close together that no one can tell how many of them are there. (I've
had colonies with more than 1000 industry or research even without using a
leader or system special). I see four ways to work around this: a) include
icons for Hundreds (looks nicer); b) include an option that toggles the
display to show either icons or numbers (for the pragmatic type); c) let the
display switch to numbers at values above, say, 100; d) include an option
"switch to numerical colony output display at values >100". Artemis Damage Display:
The message "Attackers pass through Artemis System Net" is misleading
because it sounds as if they suffered no damage at all. A short overview
of the amount of damage inflicted could help. Re-Rename Size Classes:
The ship size classes should be re-renamed to Small/Medium/Large/Huge/Titan.
The current terms indicate specific purposes for ships of each size class,
but of course size class and purpose match only by coincidence. I often have
"Frigate class Scouts" or "Destroyer class Bombers" in my fleets - this is
very confusing.

5.5.6 Various Other Suggestions Galaxy Editor
I'd like a galaxy editor just like the map editor in Civ2 so that one could
construct galaxies that have a bit more personality. I'm talking about
making some spiral galaxies ... some sparse galaxies ... some galaxies with
a ton of nebula or wormholes, or some with neither. As it is I feel like I'm
playing the same game over and over again except for the race I'm playing.
[TVspace <>] Customized Game Values
Put all the crucial numbers (building costs, weapon data, research costs,
command point costs etc.) to a text file which the game loads on startup,
like in CIV2. Everybody can then edit the numbers to her/his own liking.
[Pekka Valve <>] Rename Systems after Discovery
I'd like to have the ability to change system names after discovery.
[Louie Landale <>]


- This part contains stories, reports of games and events that are a bit -
- different from the usual. -

6.1 Eel Colony

I had one game that had a space eel protecting a large/rich planet. The nice
thing about it was that the planet had a splinter colony on it. Since the
eel did not attack my ships the computer gave the planet to me. I was able
to colonize the other planets using colony bases, and was about to do almost
anything I wanted with the colonies, the only side affect was the planets
were affected by a blockade. [John Mueller <>]

6.2 Let's Kill This Eel Together!

I once had a space eel that blockaded one of my colonies, spawned, blockaded
one of the Bulrathi colonies. I kill the first eel, and the second eel
spawned a third, which hit another Bulrathi colony. Eventually I killed off
the other 2 cuz I was feeling generous, and the Bulrathi were defending my
flank :) [unknown]

6.3 Quantum Chain Reaction

Just got through with a battle with the Trialarians who had quantum
detonators in a number of their ships, and had a lot of fun. Seems I hit one
ship, the detonator went off, the explosion blew up a neighboring ship which
also set off its quantum detonator, which blew up another ship and its
quantum detonator went off. It was a veritable 'quantum chain reaction'. In
a blink the CP lost 3 ships and a number of others heavily damaged. ROFL it
was so funny! I thought it would never stop (g).
[Stephen C. Griffin <>]

6.4 Realistic Diplomacy

I found it quite amusing when the following occurred in a 5 player game: my
ally was rather powerful but surrounded by 2 other large empires. These
other 2 empires decided to declare war on me. When I tried to contact my
ally for help, he just kind of whistled and looked the other way, saying,
"We're, uh, tending to internal affairs at the moment." I can imagine him
thinking, "There's no way I'm getting involved in this." Then when I tried
to contact the 5th, neutral, empire and try to weasel some help, the reply
was "We don't think diplomatic communications are wise at this time" (or
something to this effect). I guess that would explain the arrival of his
fleet of Titans and Battleships to join in the fun....
[Jeffrey M. George <>]

6.5 Antaran Double-Agent

I had just taken the lead in my last game, and after having watched with
glee as the Antareans had sent about 8 or 9 raids against the Sakkras
(erstwhile leaders till I stomped them), wasn't too suprised to get word
that the Antareans were headed for one of my nicer colonies now. Of course,
this was a significantly bigger raid than the Sakkras had faced - 1 CA, 3
DDs, and 2 FFs. Amazing that the turn before they arrived, one of my
previously not-so-productive spies should just _happen_ to steal ion cannons
though. Coincidence? Hmmmm. Could Simtex really have been that diabolical?
[Steve Yancey <>]

6.6 Victory thru Self-Destruction

Speaking of self-destruct devices, I managed to win one battle at the early
stages by using the self-destruct button. I had attacked the Silicoid home
planet with my missile cruiser and my remaining scout (the other had
encountered a Space Hydra earlier). The Missile cruiser shot it's load of
missiles, damaging the starbase severely but leaving it intact. The cruiser
was nearing destruction from the constant Starbase missile fire. So I sent
the little Scout in right next to the Starbase, fired it's laser once, and
hit the self-destruct! Boom! One destroyed Starbase. Next turn, my telepaths
told the Silicoids to join me and rule the galaxy and they did. End of the
Silicoids. Anyway, I think the 'self-destruct' is probably the only thing
Scouts are good for after the first 50 turns or so.
[Walter <>]

6.7 Orphaned Orion

The Meklars attacked Orion. They killed the Guardian! Since I was playing
Impossible, it was in fact a long time before I found Orion myself. I then
colonized it, since no one else had. Further, the Meklars had not gotten any
tech from Orion! I guess their attack fleet and the Guardian were mutually
annhilated, muhahahahhaa! That must be hard to do.
[Rob C. Johnson <>]

6.8 Shield Capacitor With No Shields

I had one game where I was playing an uncreative race, and actually got
shield capacitors before I got any shields. During one battle I scanned my
base, and sure enough, there was a shield capacitor on board.
Starbase Commander: "Chief, what did you say this thing does?"
Chief Engineer: "Beats the crap out of me, sir."
[David Levin <>]

6.9 The Orion Homeworld

I gave my homeworld the name of Orion in a multiplayer game once. My
opponent was awfully upset that I found it so fast. Then he sent out a lone
scout to various planets, believing that the Guardian wasn't out there to
jump him and he got ... lucky. [Kagetora <>]

6.10 Rebels and Gifts

A Sakkra colony (actually, the homeworld) that the Elerians conquered and
then I captured from the Elerians rebelled and went back to the Sakkras,
whom the Elerians couldn't reach to annihilate because their only remaining
colony was safely in the middle of my empire. Of course, they immediately
offered the colony in my empire to the Elerians to make peace, the Elerians
broke the peace a couple of turns later, and annihilated the Sakkras.
Sometimes, the CP's are *SOOOO* stupid. Then the Elerians attacked me. As I
said, sometimes the CP's are *SOOOO* stupid. I must have been about 10x
their power level on the graph, and more than 3x on the fleet area of the
graph. [Richard Kenan <>]

6.11 Pyrrhic Victory
I was playing the Silicoids on a Large, Average Tech, Average Minerals
galaxy, and on the Average difficulty level. Things were going pretty well,
I had taken Orion, eliminated a few races, captured lots of planets, and
even captured an Antarean battleship. Then I turned to the other big guy in
the galaxy.

Now, I made a huge mistake. I didn't check what techs the Sakkra had before
declaring war, but we were the only two left so we'd be fighting soon
anyways. But most of my ships were at the top right of the map, whereas he
had planets in the bottom left, right beside my main centers in the bottom
center. Before I could say boo, the Sakkra had destroyed my homeworld
courtesy of Plasma Cannon equipped ships.

It became a race of annihilation. At one point, the war paused because we
couldn't reach each other's systems before I built colony ships. My capital
and income had been destroyed so I kept losing ships from attrition. It all
came down to a Titan and two battleships against a battleship and a
Battlestation at the Sakkra's remaining planet. It ended with my last,
immobile battleship finally destroying the battlestation. At the end of the
game I only had 5 planets, and NO Silicoid citizens. That's the definition
of a pyrrhic victory. :-) [Dean Gilbert <>]

6.11 Zero Population Empire

The Klackons were on the ropes, so I was experimenting with different
weapons for thrills. Just because I didn't like the 'ants', I built a ship
with a large number of Bio-Terminators, about 40. I sent this ship in tandem
with one of my usual phasor/heavy phasor vessels to the next-to-last Klackon
world, and attacked the world. I ran the Terminator up to the Klackon world
and dropped viruses over and over again. After about six bouts of the flu,
the world had dropped to 1 population, and wasn't getting any lower. By this
time I was tired of the Klackon battleship, battlestation, and ground
batteries etc trying to kill me, so the phasor ship knocked off the ship and
the station, and headed for the planet. A couple of zaps with heavy phasors
took care of the missile base fighter garrison etc, and also exterminated
the last point of population on the world, by accident. Ooops.

When the "Combat at the XYZ" screen came up, I didn't have the option to
INVADE, BOMB (despite 132 bomb hits), or MIND CONTROL (although telepathic.)
The Klackons had four buildings, no soldiers, and no colonists. The only
option was CANCEL. "Hmm!" So I went to another Klackon world and took it
over or blew it up or something.

The Klackons didn't die.

I build some transport ships and a colony ship and sent them over to
the 'ghost planet'. No options, just CANCEL. I did notice the pop
had dropped from 0/6 to 0/4 -- maybe the Klackons had sold a biosphere
or something. Two buildings left.

Not knowing what else to do, I gave the Klackons a bunch of technology, to
make nice with them. They loved me on the Diplo-Meter, but refused to make
peace. The next turn they hated me again. Getting angry, I set all of my
forty spies on Sabotage, and sent some attack ships back over to the planet.
The next turn, something flashed up on the screen (I didn't get what it was)
and then the winning video, where the emperor sits on his balcony
contemplating the twirly space thing.

I wish I knew what happened. Maybe my spies sabotaged all his remaining
buildings. Maybe the Klackons sold their remaining buildings. Maybe they
surrendered their 0 pop empire to me, out of love. Maybe somehow the game
realized that the Klackons really were dead, after they unloaded their last
transport ship or something (although I certainly didn't see that

Anyhow, so my questions:

What happened?

and, what are you supposed to DO with a 0 pop planet, if attacking it
is futile? [Richard Wesson <>]

Zero population planets can be made (hotseat) however, they can't produce anything (even with automated factories) and seem to spontaneously dissapear (I think they may automatically lose one building a turn and revert to uncolonized when the buildings are gone) [Peter DeVries<>]


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PART I: INTRO - Purpose, History, Necessities
PART II: FAQ - Background, Problems, First Steps
PART III: DATA - Lists, Charts and Tables for the Emperor
PART IV: STRATEGY - Hints, Tricks, Tactics, Strategies
PART V: BUGS - Bugs, Manual Corrections, Suggestions

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